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Obama Seeks To Project Presidential Leadership

From the Associated Press:

Obama seeks to project presidential leadership as storm shakes up campaign

Monday, October 29, 2012

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama the candidate stepped aside Monday so the commander in chief could take over.

In the waning days of his re-election bid, the president scrapped two days of campaigning and retreated from the trail.

In point of fact, Obama has not scrapped his campaign. Biden is still campaigning. Michelle is still campaigning. And his other wife, Bill Clinton, is still campaigning for him.

Meanwhile, Romney and Ryan really have stop campaigning. But Obama is getting all the credit for being so high-minded.

He hunkered down at the White House to oversee the government’s response to the East Coast superstorm — and to project presidential leadership.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real "presidential leadership," instead of a man who has to "project presidential leadership"?

“The election will take care of itself next week,” Obama said, speaking to reporters at the White House after hastily flying back to Washington from Florida, one of the handful of states the two campaigns are contesting the hardest…

After being shamed into cancelling a campaign event yesterday.

Now Obama has the opportunity — and the responsibility — to show the type of command in a crisis that only the president can offer. While Romney can make symbolic gestures, like canceling his own campaign events Monday and Tuesday, he doesn’t have the power to provide tangible assistance.

All any President can do at this point is pass out taxpayers’ money. Which, granted, is the one thing Obama excels at.

“The president has real responsibilities and those responsibilities come first,” said David Axelrod, the president’s chief campaign strategist….

Unless of course there is a fundraiser in Vegas or some celebrities to meet.

Of course, Obama’s response to the storm still had plenty to do with politics. And he used both his words and his actions to sharpen the contrast between a candidate running for president and a candidate who already is president.

After returning to the White House Monday morning, Obama walked through the rain straight into the Oval Office. He convened a meeting with top government officials in the Situation Room. And later, standing behind a podium bearing the presidential seal, he appealed to politically divided Americans to put their differences aside during the storm…

Yes, it’s quite clear by now that Obama likes playing at being President. It’s just too bad that he doesn’t have as much interest in doing the job of being President.

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3 Responses to “Obama Seeks To Project Presidential Leadership”

  1. mr_bill says:

    “projection” or in other words: optics.

    Just ask anybody from Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, the Gulf Coast, or Haiti how nerobama “handles” an emergency. Ask Ambassador Stevens.

    nerobama reacted faster to his Harvard buddy getting arrested than he has to any other event in his presentcy. (Yes, I meant to type presency. A president presides, nerobama is mearly present, as he so often voted).

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Simply put, he doesn’t know what being presidential means.

    To him, it’s the 1940’s-style comedy where the protagonist has all his dreams come true, but because they never held any real position of authority where they have a stake in the goings-on, he simply imitates what he’s witnessed; And badly at that.

    So he knows what authority looks like but he doesn’t know how to carry it, use it, or what it means.

    In short, he’s just pathetic.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Then get a golf club in your hands, bubba

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