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Obama Sends 130 More ‘Boots On The Ground’ To Iraq

From the Associated Press:

Officials: US to send 130 more advisers to Iraq

By ROBERT BURNS and LOLITA C. BALDOR | August 12, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is sending 130 more military advisers to northern Iraq to help local forces in their escalating fight against Islamic militants, officials said Tuesday.

The move shows the Obama administration is weighing the impact and implications of several days of targeted airstrikes on the Islamic State fighters and how that has affected U.S.-backed Kurdish forces opposing them in northern Iraq.

Unfortunately, the impact seems to have been minimal at best.

The additional U.S. advisers are not combat troops, and President Barack Obama has said repeatedly he will not send ground forces back into Iraq.

And lord knows he has never broken a promise.

So the new total of U.S. military advisers is 380. They are in addition to about 455 U.S. security forces and 100 military personnel working in the Office of Security Cooperation in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Vietnam 2.0? (After all, we went in after the French had left.)

Meanwhile, from Fox News:

Officials: Pentagon considering rescue mission for Iraqis trapped on mountain | Fox News

By Justin Fishel | August 13, 2014

… The deployment [of these 130 new US soldiers] comes as Defense officials openly voice doubts about the impact airstrikes alone can have, and as Kurdish forces struggle with the rescue mission. ..

Officials say any relocation [of the Yazidi] likely would involve international partners. The planning, though, is complicated by the administration’s directive not to send ground troops. Absent that, the U.S. would have to pursue an airlift mission…

One official told Fox News that even the most "Herculean effort" to lift the refugees off the mountains would take hundreds of flights and 10 days or more of constant missions.

An airlift of this sort would also come with considerable risk. To date, the U.S. has not encountered any anti-aircraft fire, but that could change given the heavy weaponry the Islamic State has at its disposal. Earlier Tuesday, one Iraqi helicopter crashed shortly after picking up refugees…

Hey, if the Israelis can rescue thousands of ‘Falashas’ from Sudan during a famine in 1984, we ought to be able rescue 500 Yazidi off a mountain top.

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