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Obama Sends Terrorist Murderer Home

From an elated Reuters:

U.S. sends Guantanamo detainee to Afghanistan: lawyer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Monday released a detainee from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to his home in Afghanistan, the latest departure from the controversial prison which is set to close in five months.

Mohammed Jawad was accused of throwing a grenade that injured two U.S. soldiers and their interpreter in Kabul in 2002. Jawad, one of the youngest prisoners held at the facility, was now with his family in Kabul, according to his lawyer Air Force Major David Frakt.

Yet another Ramadan present from Mr. Obama.

Alas, this is just as we have often foretold. (And just what the ACLU wanted.)

But let’s review.

As we have previously noted, Mr. Jawad was seen by an Afghan policeman throwing the grenade at the US soldiers, killing one and wounding another and their interpreter.

Mr. Jawad’s partner was grabbed while in the process of throwing another grenade.

And, Mr. Jawad had two more grenades on his person at the time of his arrest.

As we have also previously noted, the assertion that Mr. Jawad is 12 years old is based on an Afghan ‘rights group’ who claims it was told that by Mr. Jawad’s mother. (As the BBC article notes, the science says he is at least 17.)

Lastly, as we have also already noted, Mr. Jawad confessed to his crimes at least twice – once to the Afghan police and then to the US authorities.

There has been no suggestion that the Americans tortured him.

But never mind all of that.

One of the themes of the Obama regime seems to be ‘guilty as hell, free as a bird.’

Of course this is exactly what one should expect from a Justice Department headed by someone (Eric Holder) whose law firm defended Guantanamo Detaineespro bono.

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13 Responses to “Obama Sends Terrorist Murderer Home”

  1. proreason says:

    Oh sure, it looks bad.

    But were the grenades planted on the young scallion?

    Perhaps he thought they were toys and was just playing.

    Or maybe he had a harsh upbringing.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Maybe he meant to play hacky sack with said grenades. It is common practice for the youth of Afghanistan to play hacky sack with LIVE grenades.

      Silly kids!!

    • proreason says:

      LD, you’re getting into this compassion thing, aren’t you!!

      I’ll bet if we had the data, murders around the world (other than those induced for compassionate and economic reasons in old, feeble, handicapped, female and otherwise undesirable people) are down since The Moron took office.

      Or at least, we seem to hear less about the suicide bombings and other general mayhem than we did from 2001 to 2008. And that’s a good thing, all by itself, isn’t it? Out of sight, out of mind.

    • Liberals Demise says:


  2. catie says:

    What is the price of the life of a member of the US Military vs making your base happy? To paraphrase Malcolm X-By whatever means necessary to make my base and AG happy.

  3. GL0120 says:

    What? TCO sent this guy home without a medal after he threw a grenade at U.S. troops?
    What is this world coming to?
    I felt certain that TCO would give him a Silver Star at the very least!

  4. beautyofreason says:

    Just two days after Barry pleasantly admonished the terrorist lovers of Libya for publicly celebrating a mass murderer, The One™ releases a terrorist with condolences.

    Happy Ramadan, says The One™. Next time, please wait until you’re away from the cameras to relish in the mass murder of Americans…or else I’ll have to politely decline to participate in your unique cultural heritage.

  5. canary says:

    In Obama’s book he say’s he and his mother practiced Ramadan in Indonesia. And giving it 5 minutes is religious discrimination. (sounded like a commercial) but it’s more minutes than he has given in acknowledgement or thanks to our troops. Don’t think he’s spent 5 minutes talking about being a Christian. He believes in Jesus, but so do muslims. Sarcasim is about over at this point.

    • pdsand says:

      How long has he been looking for a church in DC? I think he might beat out OJ’s search for the real killers! Apparently he missed church in Chicago so much, he didn’t even know his preacher was a stark raving lunatic. I don’t know why anyone says he’s a “christian”.

    • canary says:

      Obama considers Jesus a historian figure. Never said Jesus was the son of God, and resurrected from the dead. That would offend muslims too much.

  6. thetimeisright says:

    Here we go again he is really defending the constitution an this nation.

    When will we be able to impeach the man.

    I say we do it if any Gitmo detainee attacks any military personal or the U.S. ever. His job is to defend us not get us killed.

  7. MinnesotaRush says:

    Enemies .. foreign and domestic.

    It really seems as though we have some domestic enemies running amongst us.

    • proreason says:

      You’re labeled a nut if you suggest the Moron is a Manchurian candidate.

      Ok, then. Call me a nut.

      Then explain to me who benefits from his actions and why I shouldn’t believe he is a creature of people who want to destroy the greatest country that has ever existed.

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