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Obama Signs Automakers’ Death Warrant

From the Gaia acolytes at Reuters:

President Barack Obama signs executive orders on combating climate change during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, January 26, 2009. Watching on is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (C) and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

Obama begins reversing Bush climate policies

Mon Jan 26, 2009

By Jeff Mason

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama began reversing the climate policies of the Bush administration on Monday, clearing the way for new rules to force auto makers to produce more fuel-efficient and less polluting cars.

The president told the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider immediately a request by California to impose its own strict limits on vehicle carbon dioxide emissions, blamed for contributing to global warming.

The Democratic Obama took over last Tuesday from former President George W. Bush, whose Republican administration had denied the request, prompting California and other states to sue.

"The federal government must work with, not against, states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Obama said at the White House, taking a stab at his predecessor’s policies.

"California has shown bold and bipartisan leadership through its effort to 21st century standards. And over a dozen states have followed its lead."

Obama’s directive, which is likely to result in a formal change in coming months, could prompt as many as 18 states to follow California’s lead by putting into effect tailpipe emissions standards that are tougher than federal requirements..

The president directed the Department of Transportation to move forward with setting vehicle fuel efficiency standards for model year 2011 by March, giving automakers an 18-month period to prepare.

The rules piled pressure on an ailing car industry struggling to survive in a deepening recession with the help of federal bailouts…

Obama said the policy shift would help carmakers in the long run.

"Our goal is not to further burden an already struggling industry, it is to help America’s automakers prepare for the future," he said

So why did we spend billions bailing out the automakers, if Mr. Obama is just going to turn around and kill them with stricter emission requirements?

Oh, that’s right, the TARP bailout was not for the auto industry. It was for the auto workers union, who helped to get Mr. Obama into power.

These are completely separate things.

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50 Responses to “Obama Signs Automakers’ Death Warrant”

  1. jobeth says:

    From our dimple headed “friends” at the Dailykos


    Another victory: Obama EPA to Allow States to Cut Emissions
    by Populista

    Sun Jan 25, 2009 at 04:48:42 PM PST
    Yesterday we got the news that Obama’s EPA would block a coal plant. Just breaking from the NYTimes. On Monday among other things President Obama (!) will direct federal regulators to move swiftly to grant 14 states the right to set stricter emissions and efficiency standards then the feds. The Bush EPA rejected this request in December of 07. California and other states have sued over this and now Obama will be taking one more step to reverse yet another bad legacy left by the Bush Administration.

    The California standards will reduce overall greenhouse gas emission from passenger cars 18 percent by 2020 and 27 percent by 2030. They will (I believe) go into effect later this year in California, Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Washington and Massachusetts. In addition Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota Iowa and Utah are considering implementing the standards.

    Populista’s diary :: ::
    But there is more

    In a White House announcement scheduled for Monday morning, Mr. Obama will also direct federal agencies to immediately begin work on making all government buildings more energy efficient, with an eye toward saving as much as $2 billion a year and reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for the warming of the planet.

    He will also direct the Department of Transportation to immediately begin drafting automobile fuel-economy regulations to comply with a law enacted in December 2007. Former President Bush delayed implementation of the law and left office saying there was not sufficient time to write the rules.

    Polar bears of the world rejoice!

    (picture here, a photo of a cute fuzzy polar bear cub…against a friggin’ BRICK WALL! Guess his ice floe melted. see link – my comment- Jobeth)

    More as it comes.

    Don’t you just love the term “will grant the states the right”- Nice of of the King don’t you think? …and I just love the “polar bears of the world rejoice!”

    And I wonder how many states are “requesting” or being “forced” to use this “right”

    Get ready to dig deeper in your pockets for energy folks…

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  2. The Redneck says:

    If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. When it stops moving, subsidize it.

    I think it’s deliberate. Keep laying on the weight, and eventually they’ll crack. Then, it’ll be a vital necessity for the government to step in and take control of the industry–and our production lines can run with the smooth efficiency of Amtrak trains….

    More important, the government-supported monopoly can drive all those pesky Japanese and Korean capitalists out, which is one of the major things the Unions want.

    There’s a reason the Communist Party USA requires all their members to either be part of a union, join their local union, or agitate for one.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    It’s a win-win only for feeling good, which is what the Democrats are all about, although I think this latest mess got started with Schwarzenegger writing a letter to Obama asking for it.

    “Tougher” emissions don’t mean a squat of beans (I made that up) if you’re being tough but the people in the next state aren’t. What it does make is a legislative/regulatory maze for the lowly drivers to keep falling into.

    Buy a new car in one of “easy” states, get transferred by your job to a “tough” state—can you take it with you? Today you can, but tomorrow?

    What about keeping even more lines of parts and repair options available for cars that will differ in pollution controls?

    And what about testing for compliance? “Sorry ma’am, your car has only 20,000 miles but it failed the smog test, you either have to buy a new one or spend a few thousand replacing stuff until it does pass.”

    And last but not least, the nightmare car enthusiasts have worried about but so far has been kept at bay, older cars being bought up or forced off the road. Used to be you’d say things like that would never happen, but today, who knows?

    It does make more jobs for people in the bureaucracy punching out the red tape……..hope and change……..

  4. proreason says:

    Step 1 of the Depression Perpetuation Act

  5. bill says:

    The failed Soviet Union proved the Axiom, we can build Volgas, but will they buy Volgas. The Soviet Union’s answer was, that’s what the gulags are for.

  6. BillK says:

    Yet another law in the “but it’s for their own good!” policy category that will backfire horribly.

    But that’s OK, does it matter how much cash the industry hemorrhages when the Government will just keep throwing money printed out of thin air at the companies?

    Eventually when Chrysler, Ford and GM are nationalized it won’t matter anyway – you’ll have to buy yourself a Volkswagen, er, “people’s car.”

  7. sheehanjihad says:

    anyone who has ever driven a Trabant knows what’s coming. But of course, the limos will be reserved for those who are caring for “our needs”.

    • A Mad Pole says:

      Wrong analogy. Trabant had noisy and pollution spewing two-cycle engine that ran on mixture of engine oil and gasoline. That “car” would have never made through even the most lax EPA standards.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      The point I was trying to make was when the state mandates how things will be built, the end result will always be a cheap piece of junk that costs the normal person a year’s pay. The engines on the Obamabile will be total zero emissions and under powered electric green chunkers that nobody wants…all to save the planet for those who can afford to dodge their own legislation and drive expensive gas guzzlers……the Trabant was produced for the “people” with no regard for what they wanted, by socialized workers who didnt have to care about quality…..which is what we are going to end up with. Remove competition from the marketplace, and everything ends up drab and predictable….like our goverment.

  8. JohnMG says:

    …..”Obama’s directive, which is likely to result in a formal change in coming months, could prompt as many as 18 states to follow California’s lead by putting into effect tailpipe emissions standards that are tougher than federal requirements…..”

    Here’s what his directive will eventually lead to. Any state that doesn’t adopt the stricter standards for emissions will have their share of the federal highway funds withheld–those monies which are collected from taxes at the pump. Extortion is alive and well in Washington D C.

    Or, put another way, the Chicago-style mob shakedown has moved to Washington, and will be coming to your neighborhood soon!!

  9. Steve says:

    Our friend Jake Tappar at ABC News adds some more Obama quotes:

    In a subtle criticism of presidents past, Obama stated in his remarks today that alarms about energy dependency have been sounded, but that no concrete measures have been taken.

    Year after year, decade after decade, we’ve chosen delay over decisive action. Rigid ideology has overruled sound science. Special interests have overshadowed common sense. Rhetoric has not led to the hard work needed to achieve results,” he said. “Our leaders raise their voices each time there is a spike in gas prices, only to grow quiet when the price falls at the pump.”


    Mind you, this is the same man who was just telling us that we had to give up ideology.

    Of course by that he meant that we have to give up ours. He will stick with his.

    • Dangerous says:

      “Sound science?” As a student thereof, I am offended by this statement. Who do I go to for my cheque?

    • proreason says:

      “common sense”

      From the man who suggested resolving the oil crisis by inflating tires. Now he wants to use California as a template.

      There’s no way around it. He is a moron beyond even Jimmy Carter. You have to go back to Roosevelt to find a person so confident in himself without cause.

      We have never had a national figure so subject to the kook fringe as this dangerous fool. There’s no sense reasoning with him because he has little voices in his head.

      It’s worse than we feared.

      He is literally capable of anything.

    • take_no_prisoners says:

      Even worse, Roosevelt at least had some real experience running things. He was secretary of the Navy and Governor of NY before becoming President. I would advise Obama to crap in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first but he seems to be crapping in both of them and regarding the mess as great gifts to the general public.

  10. Reality Bytes says:

    Somewhere deep inside Obama, there’s a Jimmy Carter trying to push his way out!

  11. TwilightZoned says:

    Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Out of one side he approved the auto industry bail-out and out of the other kills the business with this patchwork quilt approach. Can you imagine the auto makers trying to make cars for 15 different states all having their own standards? Hang on to your wallets folks…your next vehicle purchase just went. And the hits just keep on coming…

    • Reality Bytes says:

      He’s not talking out his mouth TZ.

    • Dangerous says:

      Something that constantly amazes me is liberals’ apparent inability to understand that killing a goose that lays golden eggs impacts the future supply of golden eggs.

      Now, I’m not saying that these companies are the shining examples of capitalism we want them to be, but if the government would kindly get out of the way and let them tell the unions to screw off, they could be.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Barry drops his pants to clear his throat, TZ!!

  12. proreason says:

    “I’m not saying that these companies are the shining examples of capitalism we want them to be”

    Everywhere the Big 3 operate where there is no UAW, they are profitable. Which also means they must be building cars prices people are willing to pay.

    But connecting those 2 simple dots is impossible for the liberal brain, which is too busy seething with fantasies, hatreds and revenge to be able to understand the simplest kind of logic.

  13. VMAN says:

    So what’s the future going to be? Will we have to stop at each state border and have our cars checked to see if they pass emissions standards for that state? “Divide and conquer” those words are starting to give me a chill. For all those that remember “We will bury you” doesn’t that send a chill up your spine also?

    • proreason says:

      The future will be public transportation.

      Unless you are a member of the Marxist Aristocracy.

    • pinandpuller says:

      You have to stop at the AZ border and declare any fruit or vegetables you might have-then promptly dump them (unless they are human be’ans from the south).

      Speaking of beans what if you have the right kind of car but the wrong type of gas?

  14. Arctain says:

    If I remember last week’s news with any clarity whatsoever, California is exactly the kind of economic template that must be avoided. And, contrary to what the current presidential administration thinks, we do live in a cause-and-effect world – vis-a-vis, if you increase regulation on a consumable, the cost of the consumable increases and is passed on to the end-user.

    And that appears to be one of the goals of the administration – to restrict the end-user via an ever-increasing cost. To borrow a phrase, cars don’t “cause” emmisions, people “cause” emmisions. If you were to take a car and park it in your driveway and never drive it again, it would produce zero emmisions. It’s only when a person actually uses the car, are emmisions produced.

    And what are those people using their cars for? Even if all they are doing is going for a Sunday drive, they are pumping money into the economy through the purchase of gas (which is manned by an employee, in a store built by construction workers, approved by an engineer, designed by an architect, fueled by oil field workers and distillers, transported by truck drivers on roads paved by highway workers, designed by engineers, etc…). Restrict that, by increasing the cost of the tool, and you put a lot of people out of work – because only the elite can afford it. Which is EXACTLY what has happened in the template-of-choice praised by the current President.

    And another thing… Since when did we decide that the Republic was to be governed by Imperial decree? Do we not live in a representative republic, where domestic laws are issued from the legislative body rather than the executive body?

    Obama’s first days look more like an Empire with a token Senate than anything closely resembling our democracy…

  15. BigOil says:

    Our Moron in Chief is implementing his radical left wing ideology in rapid fire fashion – with no regard for consequences. Take a look at the link to see one of only three cars that currently meet the fuel efficiency standards that will be imposed to meet these emissions criteria.

    In the 35 MPG Future, Which Cars Make the Cut?

    Now that the Obama administration is reconsidering California’s plan to increase the fuel economy of cars sold in the Golden State and 13 others to 35 miles per gallon by 2016, we wondered how close the automakers are to getting there.

    The regulations being proposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) — the same organization that brought to life then killed the electric car mandate in the state — do not regulate fuel economy directly like the EPA does, but instead set standards on carbon dioxide emissions, which effectively does the same thing.

    The Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid and Smart Fortwo are currently the only cars with an EPA combined rating of better than 35 mpg.


    These laws will effectively outlaw the top selling vehicle – the pickup truck. I’m sure the majority of Americans will be thrilled when they find out they no longer have a choice in vehicles. After all, what could be more important than saving the planet?

  16. agape says:

    Years ago, during the initial development of the airplane and related operations, each state decided to “improve” various aspects of aircraft or operations with “common-sense” rules and laws. The various states went off in lots of different directions, since law-making is a political act, not an engineering science. It became obvious rather quickly that 48 states of various aviation regulations would soon become unworkable and unsafe.

    The Federal Aviation Administration came out of the original Air Commerce Act of May 20, 1926, where the Federal Government reserved to itself the right to regulate all issues of air flight operations and aircraft regulatory requirements. It has always been possible to go to the Feds and get a single answer (eventually) to an aviation issue, without the unweildy cost, delay and changing politics of polling every one of the several states.

    Obama has now, in my opinion temporarily, relinquished Federal control over auto emissions in order to create the inter-state chaos necessary to justify a new, larger and more powerful regulatory regime “to save the planet”, etc.

  17. sheehanjihad says:

    “We” are saving this planet for those who will enjoy our legislated and enforced by law sacrifices, mainly, our current government and the moron climate control freaks and their sponsors. Money and power for them, nothing but sacrifice for us. It’s the golden rule effect: “he who has the gold, rules”. Period.

    • JohnMG says:

      Well, I ache to give them the rude awakening they are fashioning for themselves. I’ve done without plenty in my lifetime and survived in spite of it. If I have to go back there, I know I can emerge once again stronger than ever. I wouldn’t like it–but I can, and I will, do so.

      Those assholes don’t have a clue, the guts, or the gumption to pull it off. I would delight in showing them the error of their ways, for they have far more to lose and a greater fear of losing it than do I.

      Nor do I fear them. I detest them! I’ve played by rules the likes of which they can’t even imagine. To quote Inspector Callahan; “You won’t believe what happens next–even while it’s happenin’.”

    • sheehanjihad says:

      You are so right JMG…those of us who know the meaning of doing without, and of not spending money we dont have on things we dont need will not fall into the maelsrom of obamy’s socialism plan. I will be doing exactly what you said, albeit from another part of the country….but I cant even spell captitulate, much less entertain it. Rude awakening indeed. They have no idea what is coming.

  18. David says:

    The only liberal solution to the problem of each state coming up with its own emission standards (or insurance, education, marriage, ect) is that the states will have to be absorbed into a single giant democracy. When the states borders are lost and the electoral college destroyed every election can be determined by the large bastions of liberalism called cities. Obama has the exact same reason for ending DOMA. In the pursuit of power it does not matter to them if the economy, people’s lives, and this very republic are lost.

  19. Fergurg says:

    I remember a season of Survivor when in the final rounds, Team A worked to eliminate Team B, leaving most of the Team B players on the jury to decide who would win in the end between the final 2. At one point, the 4 members of Team A were asked about the feeling of the Team B players who would not want to vote for a Team A player. The response was this:

    They’re going to have to vote for a Team A player. That’s all that’s left.

    Americans have shown time and time again that they want cars with power that can pull a boat. Americans want a car that is not made out of Tupperware. They do not want a hybrid car. So by nationalizing the auto industry, the plans are in place to force people to choose between a crappy car and no car.

    • proreason says:

      figure out how to pull your boat behind a city bus, cause you ain’t gonna have even a Tupperware car in a few years.

      on second thought, you’ll probably have to make do with watching old movies with boats in them on PBS

    • JohnMG says:

      You’ll be able to view a picture of a boat in a jar of urine, courtesy of the NEA and your tax dollars.

  20. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The hippies of yesteryear who raged against the establishment have now given up their long hair, jeans, sandals, and tye dyed shirts in favor of suits and a cleaner appearance. But to me they’re still, stupid, vulgar, and contemptible hippies who now run the establishment. And through their stupid laws and decrees they won’t make the world any better of a place than the one they once cried foul over. If California is such a sterling example for all states to follow then why are they in such a tremendous deficit? The Golden State is only golden because they tax the living hell out of their residents for every Tom, Dick, and Harry little thing. And they’ve squandered all that hoard through carelessness but yet seek to set the emissions standards for all states to follow. Isn’t it about time that politicians stop looking to California to set national precedents and let each state decide it’s own path?

    • proreason says:

      Well 12, the Constitution does provide for little gizmos called federalism, separation of powers, and enumerated powers, but The Moron has declared that document to be flawed and obsolete.

      I think it has something to do with the fact that it restricts his puppet masters’ ability to screw us at will.

      They like it better when the serfs can be controlled from central command.

    • JohnMG says:

      Central command, eh?

      Well, it’s a mighty big country.

  21. TickTock says:

    Ford didn’t take a bail-out, so they aren’t beholden to Obamy’s nationalization program. These standards though may strong arm them into taking money or fail. Ford also had the audacity to build the most automated plant of the Big 3, perhaps in the world… There is an intersting video about it at the Ford site I believe, and it’s worth the few minutes to watch it.

    It is a model of efficiency. Jobbers are in-plant. All parts are manufactured in-plant and supplied on a “as needed” basis according to order. The parts enter the general production line by conveyors on time and specific to the vehicle that is up next. They use more robotics than any plant in the world, I believe. The cars are modular, and it takes a bare minimm of assemblers to put them together. No one getting $50 an hr to stand around screwing in a light bulb once every 3 minutes. I believe the plant is in Bolivia or Bunoe Aries. Ford would like to build them here, but the UAW, of course, will not let them. The vehicles would be much cheaper to assemble and big savings would be passed along to consumers. Trouble is, robots can’t be coerced or extorted, and of course they make no wages. They SAVE MONEY.

    Ford is going to be targeted one way or the other because their manufacturing philosophy flies in the face of Obamy’s love for anything union. Obamy will not tolerate such innovation and successful free capitalization thinking in Obamy Land.. I believe the “California Standard” just might be applied elsewhere in all US manufacturing, squeezing companies great and small to accept federal dollars thereby making them beholden to the feds and forcing them to build what Obamy deems fit for the world. Of course this will include mandatory unionization. Take the money or fold.

    A personal side note:

    My mortgage lender called today and asked how we are doing financially and if I need money for anything. I said I was under the impression that credit was frozen and banks have no money to lend. He said “We didn’t take any of the bail out SO WE HAVE MONEY TO LEND! (???)

    This wasn’t a home equity/second mortgage scam loan he was offering. It was a straight forward simple interest loan for anything I needed.. Of course I declined the offer. I told him that right now we SAVE MONEY for the expenditures we need to make. “You SAVE for your needs?” he asked, somewhat shocked. “Yes.” He laughed quietly and said “You’re the first person I’ve called today that didn’t want or need a loan.” The caller was from Wells Fargo.

    I am by no means wealthy, not even by Obamy’s standards, nor is my credit “perfect”, but I pay my bills on time, and I don’t want the latest hot gadget out of China…

    I found this incident curiously paradoxical to the constant “Great Depression” drumbeat coming out of Obamy Land and MSM…. This stinks to high heaven.

    What do I and Ford have in common? We SAVE money.

    I’ve got a spooky feeling…

    • caligirl9 says:

      Oh my TickTock, my daughter’s boyfriend works for Wells Fargo and calls (former) Wachovia mortgage holders with refi offers. You wouldn’t believe how many people take that offer … there is still no sense of financial responsibility whatsoever.

  22. canary says:

    One Universal auto? Customizing auto’s to different states regulations will be impossible for any car maker to adhere to.

    Today, I learned another way my states taxes $$$ went towards Obama’s campaign and biased our children towards Obama, which is now robbing my child’s education and future.
    right smack after the election I find out my middle school child has been given English lessons from an over 1000 page literature book (approx 9×12) under the guise of our state (each state is Customized when it has nothing to do with the states literature or state) by McDougal Littel, that was only used for them to read an excerpt from Obama’s book Dreams of My Father and Obama’s speech titled Out of Many, One.!!! I paid for his book. Not one excerpt from John McCains book. If everyone had read the part of his book, they’d be appalled at his admittance of being a snob, a habitual liar, and confession how he ostrasized and shoved the only other Afro-American little girl in his elite school. I guess the book was to get all of his skeletons out, so know one else would profit or go to media. The books aren’t used. This book was purchased by our schools May 2008!!!! But, when it came time that my son is having problems in Grammer, there were not enough Grammer books to take home. I requested he bring it home, because he could not explain to me what he didn’t understand. Low and behold, another 2008 McDougal Littell Grammer for Writing. It is only approx 6″x10′ 1/2 inch thick. So, they paid for this huge worthless book the children don’t use, but so each child could have one. But, the little grammer book that is a necessity for our child to learn, they can not take home. If they don’t understand the teacher, they are out of luck. And I could go on and on about the garbage books now in our schools, found only in the “young adult” section of a book store so that I could see last year what they were reading, and the books were shocking. Spirit Bear, and The Giver. So, I have to buy another McDougal Littell (who contributed to Obama campaign) book not to see what our children are reading, but so that my child can learn the grammer, which I notice that comma’s aren’t used as much. My son came home prior to the election, baffled, because they had a secret vote at school and McCain won. He won in our state. He couldn’t believe it, because he thought he was the only one that voted for McCain, and was called a racist for this. I told him, his friends were to chicken to say they were for McCain, because of the reversal racism my son experienced.

  23. sheehanjihad says:

    The Soviets tried that Universal Auto thing, and turned out a superbly rotten piece of crap called the trabant. That’s why everyone walked or rode a bike, or took the trolley. That car was the product of the “people”…designed by aparatchiks and that was it for a vehicle. UNLESS you were a party member. Or a higher up. Then you got a real car. Kind of reminds you of what is going to happen, doesnt it? Yeah, one car fits all socialist bullshit. It wont work. This isnt the Soviet Union. This is America. Something the current administration is going to learn the hard way, obviously.

  24. ballawana13 says:

    “Manmade global warming” is a hoax and a plot by liberals to take more control of government and get more tax money. The changes to regulations will kill domestic auto production and further push the US economy into depression.

  25. U NO HOO says:

    Just pass a law that repeals the law of gravity and there will be no more airplane crashes.

  26. U NO HOO says:

    Volkswagen, the people’s car, if you want to travel no more than four people at a time without adequate luggage.

  27. U NO HOO says:

    Trabant, wasn’t that also an amusement park/carnival ride?

  28. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The good news: They’ll make a car that runs on grass clippings.
    The bad news: Cutting your grass will be outlawed in deference to “plants are people too” activist groups.

    Ya just can’t win.

    What awaits is a huge stagnant nation, at the hand of a magic negro who actually believes he can align the planets to suit his whims. He is a turtle on a fencepost for one thing and an arrogant fool who is in way over his head for another.

    We will have FDR style rhetoric, with Jimmy Carter style policies, Bill-Jeff style mannerisms and attitudes all wrapped up in an Arsenio Hall package that liberals want to get on their knees and service orally. I wonder if the “American Idol” style of moron-worship will end…and if it does, will those who voted for this ass-hat acknowledge that they made a horrible, horrible mistake?

    I kind of doubt it.

  29. pdsand says:

    As far as the liberals go, the kind of people who will care when trucks are de facto outlawed can just lay down and die.

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