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Obama Skips Out On Bill After Mocking GOP

From ABC News:

White House Forgets to Pay Father’s Day Lunch Tab

By Mary Bruce
Jun 14, 2012

Amid the bustle of President Obama’s surprise stop for barbecue Wednesday the White House apparently overlooked one key detail: the bill.

Celebrating Father’s Day early, the president had lunch with two service members and two local barbers at Kenny’s BBQ on Capitol Hill.

Apparently, focus groups think ‘lunching’ with white service members (the blue collar vote) and black barbers (the black vote) makes for ‘good optics.’

As the group chatted about fatherhood, the president enjoyed a steaming plate of pork ribs with hot sauce, collard greens, red beans and rice and cornbread.

The bill for the president and his four guests was $55.58, but was left unpaid at the point of sale, according to pool reports.

The White House corrected the oversight and settled up the tab by the end of the business day.

And you can bet it was the taxpayers who paid for this PR stunt, and not the Obama campaign.

But, of course, Mr. Obama didn’t ‘forget’ anything. He is simply used to someone else picking up the tab for him. That is the story of his life. Celebrities don’t have to pay their own way.

Besides, actually ‘paying for things’ is a foreign concept for Democrats. In fact, it’s a small miracle that he didn’t hit these people up for a campaign contribution. Since that is usually the only reason he eats with anyone.

Still, this was a bit ironic, given how Obama had just accused the Republicans ‘dining and dashing’ the night before:

“It’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, a martini and all that stuff, then just as you’re sitting down they leave and accuse you of running up the tab.”by ordering a steak dinner with martinis, and then sticking him with the bill."

Talk about instant karma.

By the way, notice that Obama also forgot to leave a tip. Such is his concern for the little people, like waiters and secretaries.

Also, notice what Obama eats whenever he manages to slip Michelle’s leash.

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9 Responses to “Obama Skips Out On Bill After Mocking GOP”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    So much win in this article

    Visual Reference

  2. captstubby says:

    he always leaves the working guy stuck with the tab.

  3. dasher says:

    C’mon guys…don’t you know the private sector is doing fine??


  4. courtneye says:

    Ha! Here in WI, Tom Barrett is notorious for not wanting to pay for food when he goes out and being a rotten tipper.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Is there a montage somewhere of all the crab cakes / lobster / pizza / ice cream / hot dogs and other expensive or unhealthy food these people have eaten, while telling others to watch their diet? While government official send kids home when they don’t agree with the contents of their sack lunch?

    The expensive vacations while they tell others not to go to Las Vegas?

    The running up the debt, while campaigning that we “can’t keep running up the debt!”

    The “responsible government for our children” while they haven’t passed a budget since 2009 (which is CLASSIC Obama, voting “present” so they can’t be accused of doing anything controversial)

    Get ready to pop the champagne corks folks 100th round of golf coming soon!
    “I’m a little lazy” B. HUSSEIN Obama. —no kidding….

    What bothers me is that liberals have some built-in defense mechanisms when their sacred cows are caught in-the-wrong, like Obama wolfing down greasy ribs and fatty cornbread:
    1. The source is always biased, so therefore the incriminating evidence is suspect.
    2. It was taken out of context, misquoted, the ENTIRE speech was not heard, it’s black hyperbole.
    3. It simply didn’t happen.
    4. I didn’t hear him say that! (Ok, I just told you now, so what do you think?)
    5. One individual does not make a case, BUT any other time, grouping people together is good for voting, protesting, or when they look good. A few individuals make the group look bad, “Aw naw, you can’t group people together like that!”
    5. Everyone does it! (guilt by association)
    6. “Well! As hard as he works, sweating day and night to fix our economy George Bush broke, he deserves some unhealthy food!”
    7. Why do you HATE this man so much? What is YOUR problem? (reversing the focus of the argument)

    And on it goes…..

  6. canary says:

    Obama’s lunch is environmental unfriendly, except eating with his fingers instead of plastic utensils.

    At least the Michelle’s birthday with $80 tiny test plates were washable and reusable. .

  7. Tater Salad says:

    The Obama Girl is not on the side of Barack Obama these days but The President still has his “Obama Boy” waiting a willing for him!


  8. Tater Salad says:

    America’s Cocaine Snorter-in-Charge:

    Ever wonder why our country is in “Destruction Mode”? Ever wonder why there are NO jobs? Ever wonder why there are terrorists within the government while we have open borders? We have a cocaine snortin’ and dog eating President to deal with for 6 more months.


  9. canary says:

    Tater Salad,/ What a sick way to show your gay by wearing crushes on Obama. Surely, the most liberal
    people are sick of the gay trend. Are there some people whose imaginations stop with the kissing. How does one not think of the most disgusting vile sex.

    Obama did brag in writing he’s done every drug but “smack”. Not sure what smack means, but think he never came down from an acid trip.

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