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Obama: Socialize Medicine To Cut Deficit

More taxpayer funded agit-prop from Mr. Obama, via YouTube:

Weekly Address: Health Care Reform, the Key to Our Fiscal Future

Anyone who has been sitting up and taking notice for the last forty years or so must realize that the current high cost of healthcare is entirely the fault of the federal government’s intrusion.

The costs of Medicare and Medicaid have sky-rocketed. And they have driven up costs in the private sector as well.

So, naturally Mr. Obama’s solution is to intrude even more. He wants to give us all the opportunity to enjoy Medicare or Medicaid. And, like the night the day, spending trillions of taxpayers’ dollars more on national healthcare will lead to fiscal responsibility.

Just like his pork-laden record-busting budget introduced “A New Era Of Responsibility.”

After all, words are just tools.

They are merely means to power.

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42 Responses to “Obama: Socialize Medicine To Cut Deficit”

  1. katmeredith says:

    1. If more Americans are insured, hospitals can cut the costs of treating the uninsured.
    >>Americans who pay thier taxes are already paying for the costs of treating the uninsured, so if we set up a government (taxpayer funded) insurance program that the currently uninsured can afford then we’re just shunting the cost sideways.

    2. If drugmakers pay thier fair share, consumer drug prices will go down.
    >> The drugmakers MAKE the drugs, that is thier ‘fair share’ of the process. And anyway, high drug costs are a symptom of years of R&D costs and FDA approval costs for developing drugs in the USA, not a problem in and of themselves.

    3. If doctors concentrate on better more instead of more care, we’ll spend less on unnecessary hospital stays, etc.
    >> Again, this is a symptom of current government intervention, namely: unfair and improper litigation supported in part by the Judiciary. Doctors have to cover themselves 10 ways to Sunday so that they can afford being friviously sued and either losing ($$$) or having thier malpractice insurance go up ($$$). And just like with any sound business, either of these costs ($$$) is passed on to the patient (consumer) in higher costs ($$$$$$). The only way to solve this one is to put an end to frivilous lawsuits, which is the job of the Judicial, not the Executive, branch.

    So, what exactly is Obama planning to do to fix all of these ‘problems’? He doesn’t say, other than apparently throwing several BILLION dollars at heathcare as a whole and then claiming it all evens out because of his wonderful ‘savings’ from things which ‘common sense’ tells us don’t save money at all.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Could not have said it better – brava!

    • wardmama4 says:

      You hit it on the nose – only leaving out one other cause of the rising cost of healthcare – the insurance scam of forcing everyone to have to have insurance to even get into the door at most drs offices, hospitals (for anything beyond the ER) etc.

    • neocon mom says:

      “>>Americans who pay thier taxes are already paying for the costs of treating the uninsured, so if we set up a government (taxpayer funded) insurance program that the currently uninsured can afford then we’re just shunting the cost sideways”

      It will more than shunt the cost sideways, it will create a new government bureaucracy to administer yet another welfare program. How efficient are welfare programs? Something like 73 cents of each tax dollar we spend on welfare programs goes to administrative overhead. So it will not shunt the cost sideways, the cost will explode.

      They key to lowering the cost of healthcare at this point lies in a couple of measures the government could take. “Loser Pays” rule in med. mal. suits would help keep more docs in badly needed specialties and wouldn’t make the cost of being insured as outrageous as it currently is. Secondly, there are 12 million illegals in this country who have the door open to come and receive free healthcare and give their children U.S. citizenship. People who have private insurance pay for those costs that will never be recovered from people who will never pay. Citizens who receive healthcare and don’t pay are at least held liable for those costs.

      Lastly, health insurance does not give you healthcare, doctors do, and there’s a shortage. Nationalizing healthcare and capping what talented doctors can make will not only discourage people from going into the field but will also send many of those who are talented offshore to places where they can still practice private medicine. Doctors are scarce, that is part of why medical care is expensive, period!

  2. bronzeprofessor says:

    This is, I admit, a very stupid question. But I will ask it: Is there anyone in America who is not, by now, sick of listening to Obama talk? Honestly, I don’t hate him, I just don’t understand why I have to hear his voice and see his face 15,000 times a day. It seems as though his advisers think that if we don’t see Obama constantly, we might forget that he exists. Don’t worry, I say — I know he’s there! I know he’s my president. I just don’t need to see him and hear him at every waking moment of the day.

    Fortunately, I am not dreaming about him at night. I’m not as bad as Judith Warner at the NY Times who dreams about him showering.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”This is, I admit, a very stupid question…..”

      I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, professor,—maybe even used it a few times yourself; “There are no stupid questions. If there were, however, the one you just asked would come dangerously close to qualifying.” ;-}

      Now, to paraphrase; I don’t hate anybody. If I did, however, Obama would come dangerously close to being the first such recipient if my ire.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “I just don’t understand why I have to hear his voice and see his face 15,000 times a day.”

      This is a signature symptom of the megalomaniac/micro-manager. They see themselves as absolutely essential to the whole process that they are in charge of. Thus, they must be finger-deep in the pudding at all times. This naturally annoys others as well as the spoiling the pudding.

      Also, it is due to his insecurity. He believes that if he’s “out there” with his message all the time, then the message will stick and people will see it as a good thing. Again, this lends itself to the false premise that people think like he does. He was bombarded by constant messages from Ayers and Wright and he found them to be sound, thus others will too if only they hear it enough.

      You will note that the typical dictator in our world’s history made very careful but frequent appearances before the public. This is how to turn a nation, 21st century style.

      You might get a kick out of an old Star Trek episode, “Patterns Of Force” where the method used to keep a civilization under control was the constant message being broadcast all over the place.

      But in any society there is a certain percentage of independent thought no matter WHAT the message and the megalomaniac at first feels that they aren’t getting the word out enough. He does operate under the “say it enough times, it’s fact” method. So in his few working brain cells, he must convince the lower-downs (I won) how to think correctly.

      To the rational thinker, however, he’s just a puerile joke. Everything he says, does, all of it–a grandiose Broadway act almost Tony Award-worthy, were it not so criminal, low-brow and disgusting.

      I never thought it could happen but he’s made a sophomoric mockery of the office. But, to be fair, as the liberals hold him in such a glowing light, it stands as testimony as to how they view the office and what America means to them…Truly that the president DOES run the country for the betterment of the people, in spite of the people, regardless of the people.

    • neocon mom says:

      Reminds one of the state run radio in NoKo and China–you can turn it down but you can never turn it off.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I don’t watch network news and if for some reason I trip over/hear “that voice,” I change channels or leave the room.
      I have tried to pretend he’s not there.
      I’m not even sure of his kids’ names (Malaria and the other one?)…

    • wardmama4 says:

      bp – you are not alone – I turn him off or down if I am near the volume dial – I could not stand his talking when he was campaigning and I can’t stand it even more now – because it is all lies, just lies oops, my bad, this is supposed to be words, just words!?! I also can not stand someone who will not look directly into the camera as if he/she is speaking to me. Obamadingdongy knows he can’t speak to me, because I’ve never, ever bought into his hopenchangy bs.

      And yes, it is a form of indoctrination – to constantly drum into the heads of people who don’t think, don’t do research, don’t investigate, don’t care, aren’t patriotic, don’t have a clue about how and why our form of government came about – to believe the most inane, destructive and simplistic bunch of sos ever peddle in this, the greatest Nation in the World – by a fake, empty suited arrogant moroon.

      And sadly in this American Idol worshipping World – they buy into to it.

  3. K1r0ft says:

    One of the biggest gripes is the price of care. It defies logic that we would be willing to allow the government create a whole nother bureaucracy on top of paying for health care.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I said it months ago and the thought has caught on, “If you like going to the DMV, then you’re going to love the way the government handles your healthcare”

  4. tranquil.night says:


    Basically he’s going to start throwing around hundreds of billions of dollars here and there, maybe chop a bit of the unnecessary like military spending out the window, maybe raise some taxes slightly on those greedy rich people, and voila, universal medicare. It’s that easy, guys! Geez, now not only do you Hospitals, Doctors, Insurers, and Politicians look dumb but it’s your fault for not getting this done years ago! Now look at this deficit! Look what you did! Bush! Cheney! What stimulus? Oh – har har, you conservatives, you just haven’t given that enough time yet! har har But here since you’re so worried about the economy I’ll speed up all this spending for ya, and nothings more important to the oconomy than universal medicare. What omnibus? Oh see now you’re just being radical. Shoo and let me get some real change done.

    I lost track of all the different monetary figures he threw around. I’m sure the “savings” are just as damaging as the spending though.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And, t.n, the one big factor in the equation is that the money has to come from SOMEwhere. If everyone is working for the government, money will be in bloody short supply…a la Soviet Union.

      Kind of puts a damper on everything. Not to mention it may be his plan all along to, over time, kill off whitey, since the vast majority of the medically uninsured are….guess who. But, when whitey gone…who be payin fo’ all diss?

      (light bulb, please)

    • tranquil.night says:

      Well then, I suppose the plan is to turn a bit more water into wine, err, debt into cash, err – yuan, because by that point we’ll be owned by China. Which, who knows, by then they might be tired of the United Pimps of America and decide that, y’know, their people are the real ones that’re down for the struggle.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Watching Barry is like watching an eight-year-old boy who has a bag of grapes. He gets the magnificent idea to make grape juice. He takes the bag, places it on a table, finds a huge mallet and whammo. Then, he’s shocked to find the splatter of grapes and juice all over him.

      But unfortunately, that moment never arrives because somehow someone is there to use the mallet in his place. Or put some sort of shield in the way. Thus he never sees the consequences.

      And, as you quickly pointed out, China owns our asses. Many Americans are unaware of this. Though they like our money, if we go against their collective grain, they stop sending us underwear, appliances, TV’s, DVD’s, everything. You hit the nail on the proverbial head, my friend.

  5. proreason says:

    A brief history of medical advances:
    100000 bc: Luck
    20000 bc: Trepanning
    15000 bc: Amputation
    10000 bc: Herbs
    8000 bc: Witch Doctors
    5000 bc: Praying
    200s ad: blood letting
    800s ad: leeching
    1500s ad: Amputations with bullets to bite on
    1700s ad: Magic Elixers
    1800s ad: Hospitals
    1810s ad: Medical schools
    1830s ad: Nursing
    1850s ad: Introduction of Medical Cleanliness
    1870s ad: Pasteurization
    1880s ad: Ability to control gangrene
    1890s ad: Radiology
    1890s ad: Psychology
    1880s ad: Morphine
    1880s ad: Anestheseology
    1920s ad: Penicilan and anti-biotics
    1930s ad: Surgical instrumentation
    1930s ad: Aspirin
    1940s ad: TB eradicated
    1940s ad: Ability to measure blood pressure, cholesterol, blood chemistry
    1940s ad: Medical Insurance
    1950s ad: Polio eradicated
    1950s ad: Aspirin substittues
    1960s ad: Smallpox eradicated
    1950s ad: Childhood immunizations
    1950s ad: Treatments for Cholera
    1950s ad: Prevention of Tooth Decay
    1950s ad: Medical Specialties
    1960s ad: Explosion of Pharmaceuticals Inductry
    1970s ad: Imaging
    1970s ad: Heart Surgery
    1970s ad: Artificial Hearts
    1980s ad: Cancer Treatments
    1980s ad: Treatments for diabetes, heart diseases
    1990s ad: Depression medications
    2000s ad: Artificial limbs
    2000s ad: Medical databases
    2000s ad: Remote diagnostic aids
    2000s ad: Laser surgery
    2000s ad: Hundreds of new pharmaceuticals with reduced side effects
    2000s ad: Treatments for ED
    2000s ad: Treatments for Breast Cancer

    2010 MEDICAL ADVANCES STOP ON A DIME (private medical research stops, pharmaceutical companies fail, medicine becomes a second-class profession)

    I’m just saying.

    (apologies for spelling and timeline. Wanted to make a point, not become an expert in medical science).

    • wardmama4 says:

      PR – I can add another advancement that most people (until it becomes personal) know nothing about – prior to 1989 Dow Chemical held the formula for an artificial dermis (skin) – they did nothing with it because they did not think it would be financially feasible (even though in the US alone, about 50,000 people are burned a year). Researchers and real scientists who saw this as a wide open field persisted and a company purchased their formula in 1989. And the field of regenerative medicine exploded onto the scene with the development of Integra – an artificial dermis. In 2001 when my son and had Integra applied (since he had almost no skin of his own unburned) – there were 2 options on the market Integra and Bio-Derm. Now just a mere 8+ years later – there are 10 artificial dermis products available plus a company in Britain that is developing a variation that can be applied to any open wound (i.e. no scaring or surgical closures).

      This is just one example of what will come to a screeching halt (as I know that in 2001, the Army (Ft. Sam Houston) i.e government controlled medicine was still using pig skin as the ‘artificial’ skin) if this universal healthcare scam goes through.

    • proreason says:


      A story likes yours gives goose bumps. Your son is alive because of a medical advance that was inconceivable 100 years ago.

      A government that had our best interests at heart would never put an end to the golden goose that has created such miracles.

    • amber says:

      TB was not erradicated in the 40s. My granfather died of TB in the late 60s. He moved here from the netherlands about 30 years before that. When I got pleurisy I had to be tested for TB since I had been in Pakistan. The military tests for TB as well.

    • proreason says:

      Again, I didn’t research each detail on this list. It would have taken days. No doubt there are many other advances not listed, dates out of order, and broad-brush statements that are not 100% correct.

      It makes the general point that medical advances have increased logrythmically since free market businesses saw opportunities for profits in medicine……and that those advances will slow to a crawl, and possible go in reverse, if any version of the Democrats dangerous universal health care is implemented. Simply because our smartest citizens will be more strongly encouraged to become beaurocrats than they will be encouraged to dedicate their careers to a demonized, price-squeezed, overworked profession with no better financial rewards than driving a truck.

      And yes, I’m also aware that there are other factors contributing to medical advances and that there are idealistic doctors and researchers who would dedicate their lives to medicine even if they had to eat dirt.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Yes, but even bigger PR – not only was most of the ground work done on private investment – my son’s treatment (other than the ER & Rehab) was done solely on private donations (Shriners Burns Hospital).

      In the (well my math is off, it should have been 7+ years, as Nov will be 8 years, sorry) 7+ years we have paid very little for a catastrophic medical event – I know that we have been extremely fortunate for that fact. And we are extremely grateful to the millions of people who keep Shriners going. [Btw, they are caring for children from all over the World, not just America]

      I also know that hospitals/charities like this stand to be eradicated (i.e. controlled) under Obamacare – as government does not like competition at all. And that is what scares me most.

      It is not regulation that keeps any entity honest – it is their business conduct. People will not go to rude, overcharging, shoddy or thug businesses – at all.

      Government sees it self (well politicians, since government is an institution) as the be all, end all. But it is people and their goodness or badness that drives the world, keeps us fed, healthy, dressed, hopeful, protected, and alive. And I really don’t think that self-absorbed people who have corrupted a system – should be in charge of even more systems – most especially healthcare.

  6. VMAN says:

    So what government program is there that hasn’t turned into a bloated, money gulping bureaucracy. Just curious. Even the constitutionally mandated government departments are bloated, money losing monsters. The military, which we must have, has been known to spend money like a drunken sailor (no pun intended). But the O Hole says we need to spend billions to save billions. Somebody needs to tell this tool that if you spend a trillion and that saves a trillion you haven’t saved anything.

  7. Petronius says:

    What preposterous plans and unintelligible goals. Notice Nerobama’s whole emphasis here is on lowering medical costs and reduced spending on medical care, including elimination of “unnecessary” hospital stays, “unnecessary” medical treatments and “unnecessary” tests.

    This program will accomplish three things: (1) enslavement of medicine, (2) government rationed health care, and (3) increased taxes. The end game will be precisely as Proreason has so aptly illustrated in his brief history of medical advances.

    If you now spend, say, $600 a year for medicine that saves your life, isn’t that cost worth it to you? If your physician recommends an MRI that might save your life, isn’t the cost of that MRI worth it to you?

    Obviously the answer to these questions is Yes. But under Nerobama’s plan, you will not be asked those questions. You won’t have any choice. You get government rationed medicine, take it or leave it.

    Patients in Britain and Canada who can’t afford to wait in line now come to America for their surgery or treatments. When Americans nationalize medicine, where will Americans go?

    Nerobama will obtain economies in medical costs by rationed care, and by limiting physicians’ fees, the wages of medical personnel, the prices charged by hospitals, laboratories, testing and diagnostics, and by reducing the margins of manufacturers of medical supplies, medical equipment and devices, and pharmaceuticals.

    Thus Nerobama’s reining in of costs results in the enslavement of physicians and other medical professionals and medical manufacturers. The second part of his plan results in enslavement of taxpayers, who will shoulder the remaining costs not absorbed by the providers of medical services and products.

    All three parts of his plan will damage the economy. Unless Nerobama can repeal the law of supply and demand, the wage and price controls imposed on the medical industry will reduce the supply of medical services and goods. It will also reduce the incentive to invest in private medical research. It will reduce the incentive to study medicine and become a physician.

    Currently the lion’s share of research is generated by US companies because the US is the only significant medical free market left in the world. Innovations and discoveries made by American medical companies benefit people in other countries, whose governments are unwilling to pay the price premium that supports American R&D. Generally these foreign governments fix the prices that they are willing to pay for new drugs or medical devices or equipment. It often occurs that these countries––and I am talking about so-called advanced countries such as Britain and Canada––will not even offer new medicines, equipment, or treatments to their citizens because the health benefits from newly patented medical products are deemed by government bureaucrats to be too expensive at any price. But back to my original point: under a socialized US medical system the R&D premium built into product prices of US companies will disappear, and as a result privately funded R&D will virtually cease.

    In time there will be no place left for the rest of the world to sponge or mooch from. In time, the supply of medical goods and services will simply be milked dry.

  8. amber says:

    I think there is more to the rise in health care costs than just the government. I think it also has to do with the rise in people needing care because they eat crap, don’t move, and just want a pill to make them “normal.” If you take care of yourself there would be less need for the pills and the constant doctor visits. I would much rather pay for their health care (zero dollars because health comes from a healthy lifestyle) than pay for their sick care.

    • proreason says:

      Health care costs are mainly due to two factors:
      – all the new advances in medicine.
      – insurance masks off the true costs, so people readiuly agree for somebody else to pay for everything a doctor suggests, much of which is cya because so many have been ruined by lawsuits. Nobody shops for medical care, so their is no incentive for the costs to decline.

      Cut your costs by 60% overnight by refusing any treatment that has been developed in the last 20 years.

      But it seems that most people prefer to live than die.

      They just want somebody else to pay for it.

    • amber says:

      I just do not think most people would need all of that new medicine if they took care of themselves. ADD, ADHD, Adult Diabetes, heart disease, …. studies have shown that 4-8oz glasses of water a day will drastically cut a person’s chances of developing colon cancer; healthy sexual practices (monogomous) will cut out STDs and lower the instance of PID and get rid of the “need” for abortions that can have serious consequences to a woman’s health later on in life; eating a combination of fresh vegis, fruit, grains, dairy, and meat in the amounts to keep you trim will also greatly reduce your health care costs; exercize will increase bone density… Unhealthy, overweight, sedentary people are the majority of people who are at the doctor’s office. I only go to the doctor once a year for my anual physical and I take zero meds, my husband too, his mother too, …

    • proreason says:

      I agree with what you say Amber. Lifestyle has a lot to do with medical costs, but I’m leery of anybody dictating how somebody lifes their life…..if The Moron gets to do it, we’ll all be insolent angry racist cigarette and drug-addicted queers.

      But it gets more complicated if you or I has to pay for somebody else’s neglect. The solution to that, imho, is for everybody to pay for their own health care (with the exception of the small fraction of the population who are genuinely needy).

    • amber says:

      I agree with you as well. I want to be sure everyone is paying for their healthcare and not someone else’s. All of us share in the cost of insuring unhealthy individuals and we probably will have no way of getting around that, but, health care is not a right guaranteed under the constitution. Fine, get emergency care, fine, have medical schools do early childhood check ups as a part of their education. Just don’t make me pay for Bertha’s diabetes, gastric bypass, blood pressure, heart, pulmonary issues, OBGYN and her children’s sugared up ADHD because Bertha can not afford health care. I know we agree. Sigh, I know it is a fantasy.

    • Petronius says:

      Amber: “Unhealthy, overweight, sedentary people are the majority of people who are at the doctor’s office.”

      That could be because the elderly––who make up the vast majority of patients––tend to be unhealthy and sedentary almost by definition. Fortunately the elderly will no longer be a problem under the new regime. This is for the simple reason that, under rationed health care, the American lifespan will plummet. Ergo fewer and fewer elderly patients will be around to drain the precious, dwindling resources of America’s nationalized medical industry.

    • amber says:

      ugh, I know. (I don’t think a majority of the sedentary people are elderly, though, at least none of the ones I know. My 86 year old grandmother is in an exercize class at the elderly condos where she lives and my husband’s 70+ mother walks all of the time. My great-grandmother died when she was 102. She walked with a cane and pretended to be deaf so we would talk freely around her, really she did. Stubborn German.)

  9. U NO HOO says:

    Perhaps I’m beating a dead horse or looking up a dead mule’s…

    But, regarding ““unnecessary” hospital stays, “unnecessary” medical treatments and “unnecessary” tests”

    Is there any (significant) number of people that volunteer for ““unnecessary” hospital stays, “unnecessary” medical treatments and “unnecessary” tests”?

    I’m just aksing.

    • dulcimergrl says:

      But the $64,000 question is: who gets to determine what is “necessary” and what is “unnecessary”? I’m sure it won’t be doctors, or patients.

    • amber says:

      lawyers. they already do.

  10. Petronius says:

    I couldn’t make this stuff up. Here is a taste of things to come under Nerobama’s nationalized medical industry.

    The British National Health System implanted a 40 year-old woman’s last IVF embryo into a different woman by mistake. Since the woman who got the embryo didn’t want it, she asked to have it aborted, and of course the NHS was happy to oblige. (The NHS gets a lot of abortion business, as you might imagine.) Tragically for the intended mother, she has lost her last opportunity for another child.


    Adjutorium nostrum, Domine.

    • amber says:

      how selfish! I would have carried that child, I would have asked for some compensation due to dietary needs and inability to do some jobs, but if she said no, I would still cary that child to term and give it to them. I would feel blessed to be able to do that for someone, how amazing would that be?

    • Petronius says:

      “how amazing would that be?”

      The gift of life! That would be truly amazing, Amber.

  11. canary says:

    Obama is brazen in the excuse of not leaving debt to our children’s future. He plans on killing old people off, early with an unaccountable, less treatment, less tests, statement. He is a monster. He looked really evil. He’s no doctor.

    ooting out waste and overpayment to medicare and medicaid? They already get discounts. Replace “more” health care with the “best” health care by cutting out more tests treatments, and hospital stays?
    First of all, hospitals stays are shorter than ever do to insurance not paying as well on inpatient care. Reducing tests and treatment would mean more deaths. Quite a turn around from his campaigning promising more tests for prevention, and better treatment, using his mother that he did not visit while dying, as an example of how better health care would have helped her, instead of her socialistic, healthcare.

    My health insurance has co-pays and deductables and that’s enough incentive
    for me not to get “more” health care than I need. And no one likes being in a hosptial any longer than necessary, and neither do the hospitals.

    What is sooo bizarre is his spinning the leaving debt to our children’s future, after that’s already done.

  12. proreason says:


    304 million citizens. 47 million uninsured, but that includes illegal aliens (about 15 million people).

    Therefore, 89.4% of American citizens are insured. Of those that are not, about 20 million are estimated to be people who can afford insurance but chose to not pay it (mostly young people in good health). That leaves about 4% of American citizens who actually cannot afford health insurance. Almost all of them can be covered under existing government health insurance programs.

    Whatever the problems with health care are……..lack ofhealth insurance is NOT one of them.

    (Disclaimer, the numbers were from before the Obama-induces financial catastrophe that has thrown about 10 million Americans out of work).

    • canary says:

      Pro, a government study out of California estimitated between 20 – 38 million illegal immigrants are in the U.S. Plus, Democrats feel many aren’t accounted for, and with dictator Obama running the census, the figures may rise.

    • proreason says:

      Canary, the count of illegals is going up, for sure. We may never know the true count, and it probably fluctuates a lot anyway, depending on the economy, the season, the weather, the border danger, and the political climate in Mexico and in the US.

      But there’s definitely millions of them, and every one of them draining citizens of thousands of dollars in services every year per head.

  13. canary says:

    Another reason I think Obama’s nut’s to say patients are ripped off by unnecessary testing, treatments, and hospitals stays, is a major growing problem suchh a shortage of doctors and nurses, and their long working long hours, cutting down on these things, is that they don’t even like dealing with insurance, and I just think his statement is insane.
    Obama can only be going by all the testing he get’s because he is the president. Or his wife with no medical experience, yet I suppose some type legal department in her hospital may have been to reduce, reduce, which apparently her turning away patients shows this to be the truth. I think the people who get 1st class medical treatment are people that have alot of money, and they are fortunate. They can pay for the best. Life isn’t equal and it never is going to be. Obama’s plan is that the government health care be competitive, and make money, and there is no way the federal government will have a plan, that everyone will recieve the “best” health care. It’s impossible. Just like Obama’s 1st class free school from birth to end of college. It’s impossible. And he knows it.
    Maybe Obama keeps promising “the impossible” once a week, to make it appear that all failures will be everyone elses fault.

    Is that photo really Obama watching himself on TV.

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