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Obama Still Addicted To Tobacco Nicotine

From a selective Associated Press:

Medical checkup: 48-year-old Obama `fit for duty’

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s doctor says the commander in chief’s first medical checkup since he took office finds the 48-year-old is in "excellent health" and is "fit for duty."

The physician, Navy Capt. Jeffrey Kuhlman, says he saw nothing in his examination of the president on Sunday that would prevent Obama from fulfilling his term as president.

He recommends that Obama "continue smoking cessation efforts" and modify his exercise regimen to strengthen his leg muscles to overcome occasional pain from chronic tendinitis in his left leg.

Obama uses a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory for the tendinitis and "nicotine replacement therapy" — believed to be nicotine gum — in his bid to quit smoking.

The details are in a report the White House released after the checkup.

Imagine the headline if it turned out that Mr. Bush had been addicted to a dangerous drug like nicotine.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, February 28th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

29 Responses to “Obama Still Addicted To Tobacco Nicotine”

  1. proreason says:

    He’s sticking with what he’s been doing and thinking for the last 35 years, no matter who it kills.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Step 1: Admission.

    The rest doesn’t matter for now.

    Don’t worry, Bam. We’ll be here waiting.

    By the way, isn’t that HealthCare nice?

  3. TwilightZoned says:

    “Obama Still Addicted To Tobacco Nicotine” and still deranged.

    He’ll be fit for duty right up until the time he’s diagnosed with lung cancer.

    • jobeth says:

      And if that happens after his health care plan gets in…I say we do for him as he said he would do for us.

      Deny him care , give him a pain pill and plan a funeral..

  4. puhiawa says:

    Maybe Michelle, who is a bit over-weight herself, can take up a campaign against smoking also. Just bundle the family’s faults.
    Actually this ass could be smoking crack-cocaine and the media would extol his cleverness for knowing when he needs to be alert.

  5. P. Aaron says:

    “Fit for Duty”? How about: “Fit for a community organizer perhaps, but as a President of a major Republic? Obama is out of his league”.

  6. beefeater says:

    I wonder if he uses the Laura Bush Memorial smoking deck that the barking MOONBATS went on about?

  7. canary says:

    Obama’s WH renovated secret smoke-break panic room for he and his buddies does not allow cameras or cell phones.

  8. crate says:

    Remember when the press asked him if he was still smoking? He did not like that question AT ALL!

  9. philmarlowe says:

    I wonder what brand he smokes?

    If he buys them in NYS, he will pay at least $7.40 a pack for a name brand, thanks in part to the one dollar per pack tax that he and the democrats added just about this time last year. Now Paterson wants to add another dollar or two tax on top of that.

    This is in upstate New York. Not too long ago, I saw them going for ten dollars a pack in NYC.

    The irony is that his presidency is probably causing more people to smoke more cigarettes. People who can least afford them.

  10. Mithrandir says:

    Well well well, the chosen one smokes, and apparently smoked marijuana, and may not be a citizen, who was a member of a raging racist church for 20 years, who said racist things against white people in 2 of his published books, who was rubbing elbows with terrorists like Bill Ayers, who quotes marxist Saul Alinsky, whose aunt has been living in Boston for the last 4 years on welfare, on our dime….

    I am sure the media is going to pick up on this stuff aaaaaaaaany minute now.

    • jobeth says:

      So what’s not to love? (/sarc) lol

      Oh, and don’t forget his brother, liviing in a shack in Kenya, and those nasty rumors of his “roommate” and their “special” relationship.

  11. artboyusa says:

    I used to smoke so much I was up to five lighters a day, so I have a certain degree of sympathy for those still in thrall to this disgusting, pathetic and expensive addiction but if I can quit there’s hope for Bary too…from the Artboy Archives, its “Barry Lights One Up”!

    As the cameras and flashbulbs of the watchdog media whirred and popped, as reporters, their underpants soaked with adoration, called out their softball questions and affirmations of loyalty, Barack Obama, praise junkie and President of the World, settled into the back seat of the limousine.

    Idly, he rubbed his nicotine stained yet still elegant fingers over the rich Cordoban leather of the gleaming and spacious interior, with its fluffy carpeting, fully stocked minibar, color TV and overflowing ashtrays.

    “You used to have to be a pimp to get a car like this” he mused, lighting another Kool with practiced ease. “Sweet wheels”.

    Obama blew a heavy cloud of mentholated smoke into the face of his top aide, Rahm “The Raccoon” Emanuel.

    “Thank you Mr President” gagged Rahm. “That smoke (aak) smells so (urrgh) sweet when it (cough) issues from your eloquent lips. Like meadows of wildflowers on a summer’s day”.

    With a casual nod of his unusually narrow head Obama acknowledged Rahm’s servility and put a match to his his favorite Merschaum. “So, how’s it going?” inquired the lanky Kenyan or Hawaiian or Chicagoan or whatever the hell he really is.

    “How’s what going, Mr President?”

    “It! How’s it going?”

    “It, sir?”

    “Yes, it! It! It! It! It! IT!” reiterated Obama, just like that time the teleprompter got stuck. “It!”

    “Um, I’m not with you Mr President. What is ‘it’?”

    “It’s the only thing that matters! My approval rating, that’s what ‘it’ is! How’s my approval rating?”

    “Um…well now. Yes. You must understand, Mr President, that polling is an inexact science…more of an art form really” temporized the Raccoon. “We can’t put too much faith in these things, sir. So many, um, variables. Besides, a lot of those Americans are racists, you know”.

    “Hmmm. That bad huh? Bush 43 bad?”

    “NO SIR! Nothing could be that bad!”

    “Well, Allah be praised for that! So, how bad is it? Nixon bad? Carter bad? ‘Godfather 3’ bad?”

    “I’d say somewhere between Nixon bad and ‘Blair Witch 2’ bad, sir”.

    “That’s not good, is it?”

    “No sir, it’s bad”.

    “I’m glad we cleared that up, Rahm” said the president, drawing deeply on the gurgling water pipe “but we still need some bigger and better approval numbers and we need them fast!”

    “Yes sir” concurred Rahm. “Now I’ve got a resume here from a senior professor at the Unit for Climate Change Evidence Fabrication at the University of East Anglia who may be able to help us. He’s available to start right away too”.

    “Excellent! Let’s get this Limey brainiac onboard and cooking the books for us pronto. His faking of data on the greatest imaginary crisis we’ve ever faced will just have to wait”.

    “I’ll get right on it, sir!”

    “But don’t let him send any emails though. You tell him ‘ix-nay on the emailsay’”.

    “No sir! Eyes only, Mr President”.

    “Good boy. You have pleased your president. Here, you can breathe some more of my divine smoke as a reward”. Obama inhaled deeply on his Monte Christo before huffing heavily all over the half choked Rahm.

    “Thank you (gag) Mr President” gagged a grateful but semi-asphyxiated Raccoon from within a reeking cloud of hand rolled Cuban goodness. “Thank (aak) you”.

    “And help yourself to one of these Medals O’ Freedom too”.

    “Thanks again (strangle, gurgle) Mr President. You’re much too (splutter) generous…”

    • jobeth says:

      Artboy…as always you are right on top of the back-story in American Politics.

      I was wondering if you might be kind enough to search deeply within your archives to find the back-story of what was actually said when Pelosi told all the dems in DC they would be required to fall on their swords for the health care bull (typo intentional).

      This had to have been an historic, behind the scenes, story where I would love to have been a fly on the wall.

      Inquiring minds want to know.

    • proreason says:

      5 stars.

      and it has the ring of truth.

      you are really an insider, aren’t you Artboy?

    • artboyusa says:

      Thanks friends, for your generous support of the important work we do here at the Artboy Foundation. Very kind of you. Say, jobeth – is this what you were looking for? NANCY PELOSI, AMERICAN MUMMY, stars in “Motivation”!

      Pablo, Paco, Pabletta and the rest of the white jacketed stewards bustled around the conference table, dispensing coffee and cakes to the gathered Democrats.

      “They’re doing the jobs Americans won’t do” smiled one sybaritic progressive to his companion.

      “And how” agreed his companion, snapping his fingers for service.

      “Sssshh. Here she comes”.

      As Speaker Pelosi was carried in seated on a golden throne borne by sweating Nubians and fanned by slowly waving ostrich plumes the assembled caucus erupted into applause. Clap, clap, clap they clapped; on and on as the Speaker slowly inclined her carefully assembled and artfully contrived head in gracious acknowledgement of the tribute offered by her colleagues.

      “She still looks great, doesn’t she?” whispered one Congressman.

      “I’ll say” agreed his fellow. “The team in Robotics have outdone themselves this time”.

      “Look at that facial rictus; amazing”.

      “That expression of perpetual surprise – truly Tussaudian”.

      “And that fibreglass hair; that’d stop a bullet any day”.

      “My arms are getting tired” complained another legislator in an anxious whisper. “Is it safe to stop clapping yet?”

      “Not yet” advised another. “Keep going”.

      Madame Speaker slowly raised her arms (actually the Nubians raised them for her) to call for order. “Order, order” she gritted between her semi-paralyzed lips. “Order”.

      Obedient as always, the congresspersons dropped their aching arms and fell silent, their eye turned to the Speaker in anticipation. Why had she called tham all here? What was up? Where they in some kind of trouble?

      “Colleagues and slaves” barked Speaker Pelosi. “I have called you here to discusss the greatest threat facing our country today, a threat so dark and dire, so menacing…”

      “Iran” whispered a congressperson. “I knew it”.

      “No, it’s the economy” said another.


      “Energy independence”.

      “Health care reform!” barked Speaker Pelosi, as every Democrat groaned inwardly. “Health care reform is our number one priority; it’s what the American people are crying out for and we have to deliver!”

      The Congressperons glanced at each other in confusion; their polling suggested otherwise, way otherwise.

      “I know this bill is a piece of shit and everybody says they hate it but it’s OUR piece of shit, it’s the glittering jewel in the shining crown of our progressive agenda and we have to get it on the books!” cried the excitable San Franciscan. “It doesn’t matter if our plan sucks, we can tinker with it later, but we have to get something, anything, passed pronto or we’ll lose all legislative credibility!”

      “And we’ll lose our jobs” muttered one Congressperson. “Nice”.

      “I know some of you are wavering, going cold on our reform plan, I know some of you are worried about the elections but let me tell you something; if any of you people pussy out on me over this I’ll make you wish you’d never been born!”

      “Uh oh” mumbled several dozen Democrats. “Uh oh”.

      “I shit you not!” ranted Speaker Pelosi. “You let me down on this one and I’ll take away your Congressional health plans and make you and your families and your girlfriend’s families wait in line with the ordinary people! No more free check ups at Walter Reed for you – any of you! You want that? Huh? I didn’t think so. Now get out there and go ram this thing down the American people’s collective throat – or else!”

    • jobeth says:

      Thank you Artboy. Your contribution to S&L and to the world can not be overstated!

      And yes…This was the report I was looking for.

      Your archives are so deep and rich with knowledge, we are surely kept informed of all the most important, behind the scenes back stories that are so critical for making good political choices.

      BTW, Artboy…what’s in the water where you live? I love your though patterns. It HAS to be the water…lol

  12. Steve says:

    From the Associated Press:

    Obama walks to White House to improve cholesterol

    By NATASHA T. METZLER (AP) – WASHINGTON — Poll results, congressional head counts and federal deficits aren’t the only numbers President Barack Obama has to worry about. Now, he’s trying to walk off a marginally high cholesterol count.

    Although Obama took the presidential motorcade to a speech Monday morning, he decided to walk back through Lafayette Park. A day earlier, his doctor recommended that he lower his cholesterol. The president told reporters he needed to “make sure that I’m walking off some of that cholesterol. That’s a year of campaigning right there.”

    Obama had a physical exam Sunday morning, where he learned that his total cholesterol and so-called bad, or LDL, cholesterol had both spiked into the borderline high range since his last reported exam in 2007.


    Thank goodness we are a republic and not a monarchy. Otherwise we would obsess on every movement of our ‘ruler.’

    • jobeth says:

      “Otherwise we would obsess on every movement of our ‘ruler.’”

      Oh, lordy…I don’t think we ought to use that word…we don’t want to give them any new ideas…or we will have that woman on the commercial at the airport calling on all who have “constipation, diarrhea” heading for the WH to tend to the dear leader.

      There are too many who already obsess on him now without adding THAT to the list! lol

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, it’s good that he’s in sufficient health were he won’t have to start thinking about grooming his successor. I guess.

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Now, he’s trying to walk off a marginally high IQ count.”

    There, I fixed it.

  14. tranquil.night says:

    “That’s a year of campaigning right there.”

    Which year is he talking about? Because as we all know “We’re not campaigning anymore, John.”

  15. BigOil says:

    So we now know our athletic president smokes too much, drinks too much, and eats junk food.

    Reminds me of the reporting on JFK. It took us 45 years to find out the king of camelot was lucky to be alive.

  16. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Obama Still A Dic(k), Tied To Tobacco, Nicotine

    There, I fixed it.

  17. Liberals Demise says:

    Q : What’s a smoke without an adult beverage?
    A : A lonely, unused weapon. (ATF)

  18. Rickb says:

    This is classic symbolism. Every time the tobacco tax is raised, the cries come from the left that it will hit the poor and the minorities the hardest. Thanks to the Bamster, America is becoming increasingly poor – spending like a drunken sailor, debt up to our eyeballs, soon to be a Third World country ourselves. The fact that BO can’t stop smoking shows to the world that America is a weak nation. He probably discovered during his community agitator days that by having a few drags and puffs on his cancer stick made him feel more important. Those were the glory days and he’s not going to shed that personna. Ironic that he wants cheaper health care for everyone and he’s doing his part by being the tobacco industry’s poster boy and role model by doing the one thing that can instantly cut health care costs. Stop Smoking … Just great! Hail to the Chief. Maybe we need a few more beer summits at the White House and can designate a wing of the White House a smoking section where Barry can sit down with a few tall cool ones and puff away to his hearts content and discuss with his advisers the next step in the socialization of America.

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