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Obama Still Claims Libya War Is Not A War

From the newly hatched hawks at the Associated Press:

Lawmakers mock Obama claim on Libya hostilities

By Donna Cassata, Associated Press Fri Jun 17, 2011

WASHINGTON – Republicans and Democrats on Thursday derided President Barack Obama’s claim that U.S. air attacks against Libya do not constitute hostilities and demanded that the commander in chief seek congressional approval for the 3-month-old military operation.

In an escalating constitutional fight, House Speaker John Boehner threatened to withhold money for the mission, pitting a Congress eager to exercise its power of the purse against a dug-in White House. The Ohio Republican signaled that the House could take action as early as next week…

The administration, in a report it reluctantly gave to Congress on Wednesday, said that because the United States is in a supporting role in the NATO-led mission, American forces are not facing the hostilities that would require the president to seek such congressional consent under the War Powers Resolution.

Because for this administration words have no meaning.

The 1973 law prohibits the military from being involved in actions for more than 60 days without congressional authorization, plus a 30-day extension. The 60-day deadline passed last month with the White House saying it is in compliance with the law. The 90-day mark is Sunday

If the 1973 War Powers Act does not apply to events like Mr. Obama’s attack on Libya, then it applies to nothing.

Instead of calming lawmakers, the White House report and its claims about no hostilities further inflamed the fierce balance-of-power fight.

"We have got drone attacks under way, we’re spending $10 million a day," Boehner told reporters. "We’re part of an effort to drop bombs on Gadhafi’s compound. It doesn’t pass the straight-face test, in my view, that we’re not in the midst of hostilities."

In a letter to Obama this week. Boehner said the commander in chief will clearly be in violation of the War Powers Resolution on Sunday, and he pressed the administration to state the legal grounds for Obama’s actions. The House speaker said Thursday that the White House report failed to answer his questions and that he expects a response by his Friday deadline…

Maybe Mr. Boehner should hold off on his golf outing with Mr. Obama until the President gets right with the law.

Countering the criticism, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California said Obama did not need congressional authorization, but she acknowledged the congressional frustration.

How is that for irony. Clearly Ms. Pelosi is a woman of principle – through and through.

"It’s like a marriage," Pelosi said. "You may think you’re communicating, but if the other party doesn’t think you’re communicating, you’re not communicating enough."

Apparently, we will have to finish the war in Libya to find out why we were in it.

By the way, according to a Reuters article from way back on October 14, 2007, Speaker Pelosi said to ABC News: “Any president, if we are attacked, if our country is attacked, has even under the War Powers Act very strong powers to go after that country. But short of that, he must come to the Congress.”

But we should know by now that words mean less than nothing to Democrats. They are simply tools to power. Means to an end. And that goes double for any so-called laws.

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13 Responses to “Obama Still Claims Libya War Is Not A War”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    As a Veteran, may I suggest that Mr. Obamao visit Tripoli ASAP and witness
    the rockets red glare up close and personal. Then get back with we who are in the know (combat vets) and adjust his statement then.
    Book smarts doesn’t not equate to Common Sense.
    Ignorant POS we got for a president. (small “p”)

    When is a war not a war?
    When there is Peace but you practice for war!

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Pelosi said

    Whenever Pelosi speaks, I just ignore it. I have found that this works very well.

  3. pilgrim1949 says:


    The same sniveling, overcooked-linguine-spined Libs that wail and moan that we can’t be the “World’s Policeman” and can’t go in, cowboy-like, with six-guns blazing where our national (read, their own personal) interests are not threatened…

    …are now quite content to let the U.S. be the UN’s lap/attack dog. “Go get ’em, America! Sic ’em! …while we UN-o-crats sit back here, safely on the (US-paid-for) veranda, sipping our martinis.”

    In spite of his galactic-sized arrogance, at least we now know the only person/entity that The One considers higher than his over-exalted self — He has clearly declared the UN to be his (and our) “massah” and we exist to do their socialist-leaning bidding.

    Bow subserviently to your soon-to-be-Overlords, Winstons everywhere.

  4. DANEgerus says:

    Why didn’t OJ try that defense? “No Judge I didn’t kill them, I simply displaced their conscious presence in this dimension” and then there wouldn’t have even been a need for a trial.

    And if you disagree with that you’re clearly a racist.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Obama still claims Libya is not a war?

    OK, I still claim that Obama is not a president.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  6. Kytross says:

    If we aren’t out of Libya by Sunday, it is our duty as Americans to impeach the president, remove him from office and try him for high crimes

  7. Mae says:

    Since Obama is Pinocchio, just who is Geppetto?

    Agreed, Kytross. Impeach his wooden arse.

  8. canary says:

    How can Pelosi compare the lack of communication within a government bombing another country at 10 million a day, to that of any marriage of any communication.

    She seems to thought up this bizarre response herself. Perhaps it’s a spill over from giving Wiener
    marital advice, being difficult for him to communicate with his wife, while she’s in another country?
    I’m serious. There is something wrong with her.

    “It’s like a marriage,” Pelosi said. “You may think you’re communicating, but if the other party doesn’t think you’re communicating, you’re not communicating enough.” …

  9. Airmail56 says:

    Where are the antiwar Hollywood folks? Where are the code pink nut jobs? Where is the LMSM call for a UN mandate?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. They are all corrupt.

  10. Tater Salad says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well in our White House. It is quite evident that President Barack Obama has a love affair with this terrorist orgainization with all of his close associates who have ties to this group of terrorists:


  11. Chase says:

    Sen Reid made a comment I saw in passing earlier about there are no troops on the ground, so this is not a war. Guess the guys flying tankers, or recce craft are just training….

  12. Not so fast says:

    From the same people who tell us we are not unemployed and in a recession/depression. I’ve always wondered what it was like to live in a Communist country, I wonder no more!

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