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Obama Is Still Offering ‘Dialogue’ To Iran

From an always hopeful Reuters:

Obama to Iran: U.S. offer of dialogue still stands

By Jeff Mason And Ross Colvin Sat Mar 20

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama renewed his administration’s offer of dialogue and diplomacy with Tehran on Saturday, a year after his offer of a new beginning with Iran failed to achieve concrete results.

Obama, who addressed Iranians in a new videotaped appeal to mark the observance of Nowruz — a festival celebrating the arrival of spring — has pledged to pursue aggressive sanctions to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

"We are working with the international community to hold the Iranian government accountable because they refuse to live up to their international obligations," Obama said in the address released by the White House.

"But our offer of comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue stands."

During his first year in office, Obama marked Nowruz with an unprecedented message offering Iran a "new beginning" of diplomatic engagement with the United States.

But Tehran rebuffed the gesture and relations soured further when Iranian authorities cracked down on opposition protesters after a disputed election last June, drawing U.S. condemnation…

Obama said the United States was increasing opportunities for educational exchanges for Iranian students to study at U.S. colleges and universities as well as working to increase access to Internet technology so Iranians could "communicate with each other, and with the world, without fear of censorship."

Obama’s openness to engaging diplomatically with Iran if it "unclenched its fist" broke with the previous administration’s policy of seeking to isolate the Islamic Republic, which President George W. Bush branded part of an "axis of evil." …

The United States has agreed with Britain, France and Germany on a draft proposal for a fourth round of sanctions that would place new restrictions on Iranian banks and target the Revolutionary Guard and firms linked to it.

Washington has been struggling to win over China and Russia, both veto-wielding members of the U.N. Security Council and key allies of Iran, to agree to more aggressive sanctions…

Certainly importing more Iranians to this country and giving those still in Iran more access to the internet is the course to follow.

Look how similar efforts brought down the Soviet Union.

And, as we can see above, Iran’s Supreme Leader has already responded to our supreme leader.

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2 Responses to “Obama Is Still Offering ‘Dialogue’ To Iran”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The self-imposed leader of the world is extending the olive branch, the way he sees it, I’m sure. But he has no idea what that means, nor of the responsibilities involved or the mechanics of same. It’s all gesture.

    For this plastic man is all about appearance, thinking that the appearance of a thing and the thing itself are one and the same. He doesn’t know any better, nor any different.

    He is about labels. The kind of labels you find on products that are expensive and designed for those with a more sophisticated pallet. He likes Armani suits. Not because of the craftsmanship, the cut, the fit, the overall superior design but because he was told once that that’s what people with real class wear.

    He likes fine foods but cares not about the presentation as created by the chef. He wants to get down to the eats. He is unsophisticated. And for the record, so am I. But I can look at a painting by Gauguin (Gogan) and appreciate the use of color and light and perspective and wonder what he might have been thinking when he was painting it. Barry looks at it, strikes an “observant, studious pose” and thoughtfully sticks his hand to his face while thinking “This is painting? My daughter can do better….hell I can do better”. Then says, “I like the five women on the bench. Looks like they’re having fun talking together. http://www.overstockart.com/tamaweshnotg.html

    And, although I’m not into impressionism, I can appreciate the work and the bright, ultra-hued colors etc. And I could certainly come up with something to say that let people know I appreciate the art.

    But there is little beneath Barry’s un-subtle surface other than anger. And again, as I have said before, it’s an anger that is not personal, but perceived. An anger that he was trained into. Sadly, given better mentorship, he might’ve turned out a totally different kind of person. One who knows the value of hard work, not just paying lip service to what he thinks “hard work” is. But we will never know that Barry.

    He has cast his lot in with the devil and now is taking the ride. Any free people must be able to identify the clever and crafty liar. This is his true talent. But it is a talent that is easily discernible if one takes just a moment to examine it. Because he is only consistent in his lying, not the actual lies themselves. And when one takes all the lies into account, the obvious question becomes, “What is he trying to do?”

    And the answer is as obvious: He is trying to fool you. He therefore must not be listened to, or if he is, then he must be disbelieved, mistrusted and avoided.

  2. proreason says:

    The thug’s strategy gives his thug conterparts in Iran all the time they need to develop the weapons they want. It’s deliberate.

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