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Obama Tells Donors May Lose O-Care Ruling

From Bloomberg:

Obama Tells Donors Health-Care Fight May Loom After Court Rules

By Hans Nichols – May 31, 2012

President Barack Obama is confiding to Democratic donors that he may have to revisit the health-care issue in a second term, a position at odds with his publicly expressed confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold the Affordable Care Act, according to three Democratic activists.

As he previewed his agenda for donors at a May 14 fundraiser, Obama said he may be forced to try to revise parts of his health-care plan, depending on how the court rules later this month, said one activist, who requested anonymity to discuss the president’s comments. Guests at the $35,800-a-plate dinner in the Manhattan apartment of Blackstone Group LP (BX) President Tony James were asked to check their smart phones and BlackBerries at the door.

By all accounts, this checking of cell phones is completely unprecedented for campaign fundraisers. But Obama learned from his "bitter clinger" comments that he has to make sure what he tells his friends never gets out to the general public.

By the way, the Blackstone Group is one of those hated private equity firms.

The president has made similar remarks, usually in response to questions, at other fundraising events since the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case during the last week of March, according to two other activists, who also requested anonymity

In other words, this wasn’t a slip of the tongue.

Obama’s answers, which begin with the president repeating his contention that the high court will uphold the law, have led some contributors to conclude the White House is making contingency plans should the justices strike down parts of the law, which would give Republicans a powerful talking point about one of his signature issues

We would say that is a safe conclusion.

“While I won’t discuss in detail the president’s private conversations, I can say that your reporting, attributed to unnamed sources, inaccurately reflects the president’s views,” Jay Carney, Obama’s spokesman, said in an e-mail

Carney he thinks he can get away with saying this, since there was nobody with a cell phone to record Obama’s comments.

Yet a planning memo, including a reminder that it’s important “to continue projecting confidence that the court will uphold the law,” was discussed at a May 29 meeting hosted by a group called Protect Your Care, attended by officials from the White House and Department of Health and Human

“The best way to demonstrate public outrage or public celebration about the decision is to stage an event that shows average people actually responding to the news,” according to the memo, e-mailed on May 16 by an official at the Herndon Alliance, a coalition of groups that backs the health-care overhaul.

Isn’t it nice to see your tax dollars at work creating propaganda events designed to fool you?

But, of course, the White House has to project confidence on the constitutionality of Obama-Care. After all, it was rammed through Congress by the nation’s pre-eminent constitutional scholar, Barack Hussein Obama himself.

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