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Obama To Begin Iraq Surrender On Day 1

From a joyous ABC News:

Obama to Order Iraq Withdrawal on Day One, Axelrod Says


Jan. 18, 2009 — Incoming White House senior adviser David Axelrod said this morning that President-elect Barack Obama will fulfill his campaign promise and begin on Wednesday the process of withdrawing America forces from Iraq within 16 months.

"He believes that that is a reasonable timetable. We’ve moved a great distance from the time he started talking about that, and now we’re in an area where everyone agrees that we should be on a path to withdrawing those troops. And he is going to begin that process, as promised, on that day," Axelrod said in a "This Week" interview with George Stephanopoulos.

On Wednesday, Obama will call in his military commanders and ask them to come back with a plan for withdrawal

Inauguration Speech to Focus on Responsibility

Finally, Axelrod offered some insight into Obama’s highly anticipated inauguration speech on Tuesday, hinting that Obama’s address will be themed around the concept of personal responsibility.

"One thing about Barack Obama, his themes have been consistent not just through this campaign, but through his public life," Axelrod said.

"From his convention speech in 2004 through today. So I don’t think you’re going to be surprised by what you hear. I think he’s going to talk about where we are as a country, but also who we are as a people. And what responsibilities accrue to us as a result of that. And what we have to do to move forward. I’m not going to handicap whether it’s going to be a great speech, a good speech or — but I have confidence in the message that he wants to deliver and I don’t think you’ll be surprised by it."

Apparently, Mr. Obama just cannot wait to give away our troops brave victory in Iraq.

Never mind the cost in blood and treasure.

And never mind that this ‘victory’ will re-invigorate Al Qaeda and the rest of the terrorist world. Just as Somalia did.

What a great way to begin the Obama administration.

And what a tribute to Mr. Obama’s sense of “responsibility.”

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29 Responses to “Obama To Begin Iraq Surrender On Day 1”

  1. JohnMG says:

    ….”On Wednesday, Obama will call in his military commanders and ask them to come back with a plan for withdrawal…”

    Notice how subtle. He won’t convene a meeting with his military commanders and seek their counsel before deciding on a course of action. No, he’s wasting no time in posting notice that “I’m in charge here”.

    This slime-ball will have it both way’s, just hide and watch. When he squanders all that might have been, he will lay the blame for his own malfeasance at the feet of the military. None of this will be his fault. None!

    Yes, his themes have been consistent (to anyone who was listening and paying attention), and no, I won’t be surprised at what I hear. Disgusted? Thoroughly. But not the least bit surprised. Infuriated? Without a doubt. Pessimistic of the future? Absolutely!

    What else, from an absolute jerk!

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    We are witnessing the Fall and this man(?) is in fact a traitor on the scale of Benedict Arnold and John Murtha. Twist in all the naysayers and you have a run on the Nation from the inside.

    United we stand…..Divided…….they do!!

    • JohnMG says:

      Maybe he can confer with Colin Powell before hoisting the white flag.

      Just like in VietNam, this egotistical halfwit will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And our military will be asking themselves the same question I did. What happened? We were winning when I left!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Semper Fi John…….what we are seeing ….AGAIN…..is “Brave soldiers; gutless politicans”
      I thought I’d never see this happen again to us (veterans) after ‘Nam but here we go again!! I pulled tailend charley in ’72-’73, I witnessed the last of the combat Marines in country (being one) and then the treatment imposed on us was enough to make one a closet case. Never again will I allow this to happen to fellow Veterans as long as I bear witness to the under pinnings of Washington. Alot of people here may not understand what a few of us here lived through after Nam but we survived. This upcoming prez is once again wanting to undermind those that will stand in our foes faces. Will we ever learn?
      To those who know….”I AM MY BROTHERS’ KEEPER.”

    • proreason says:

      “here we go again”

      It wasn’t just the hate spewed on our own brave soldiers.

      3 million Cambodians died after that tragedy. But our “humanity loving” liberals didn’t care then, don’t care now.

      And they won’t care about the millions of Iraqis who will die if we leave that country, or our injured who will suffer forever.

      All they care about is themselves. period. They were and are only interested in protecting their own hides.

      Thanks for standing on that wall, LD. Lot’s of us know what heroes you were to this day.

      But to the LD’s of today, I would say……don’t bother risking anything to defend the idiots who stole the country. Save your powder for your families and neigbors you can trust.

  3. 1sttofight says:

    On Wednesday, Obama will call in his military commanders and ask them to come back with a plan for withdrawal…

    What part of “We already have a plan” do these idiots not understand?

  4. TickTock says:

    This Affirmative Action Hero is a yellow-bellied cowardly puppet of Soros Inc.

    He’s cowtowing to Iranians throwing shoes at his posters, and pandering to the hard left moonbat deviants.

    I wonder what concessions he’ll make to Bin Laden after the next massacre of Americans on American soil?

    Of course he’ll grease those palms after he makes reparations to his people.

    Remember: When the Affirmative Action Hero says “we” he isn’t talking about you and me.

    • JohnMG says:

      ……”the Affirmative Action Hero…..”

      I like it, TickTock, albeit a bit awkward. Why don’t we shorten it to “Affirm-Action Hero”?

  5. LewWaters says:

    And once again, America prepares to abandon another struggling ally.

    Bay of Pigs, Viet Nam, Somalia, Lebanon, First Gulf War, and now Iraq and soon to follow Afghanistan. Little wonder those in other lands distrust Americans, especially when Democrats control us.

  6. crosspatch says:

    I believe Obama’s main priority is to completely destroy the US military. He is going to raid the treasury to such an extent with bailouts that the military can’t be funded. He will raid development projects for things such as strategic missile defense for more social give-aways. He will destroy morale in the force by using it for socio-political experiments. Obama will do in 4 years what Russia couldn’t do in 40.

    I pray for my country.

  7. proreason says:

    maybe Petraeus will resign in protest

  8. caligirl9 says:

    Lemme get this straight:

    TCO wants to start withdrawing from Iraq.

    Yet some num-nuts senator wants to reinstitute the draft?

    Meet TCO’s “public works” plan: the military. They will be the ones doing the busy work, infrastructure repairs, etc., and the welfare recipients will stay at home and wait for the check and government cheese. Nice.

    Emasculating America the messiah’s way. Nice.

  9. crosspatch says:

    “some num-nuts senator wants to reinstitute the draft”

    That would be one of the experiments needed to destroy morale and to justify not sending troops into harm’s way. Since they would no longer be volunteers, things like desertion would take on a different shine.

  10. 1laidbackRN says:

    Just meaningless words, nothing will happen that has not already been planned for months. He’s just looking for some positive press as soon as he takes the job, and this and Gitmo will satisfy some of the moonbats for a day or two.

  11. joeblough says:

    This is just the beginning.

    We’re in for an avalanche of crap. A veritable Niagara of raw sewage.

  12. Media_man says:

    dinnerjacket can’t believe his good fortune. After getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter by Petraeus, Obama will hand the victory right back to Al Qaeda & their Iranian sponsers. I suppose this means Iran will annex the southern Iraq oil fields, after much chaos, mass executions of Sunnis, Christians (what few remain), & everything not Shiite. From what I understand dinnerjacket was on his last legs so this is a gift from Allah or Obama. Same thing I guess. Iran could sure use the oil revenue.
    Will Russia into Ukraine be the next big event. Dow will drop to 5,000.

    Time to convert everything to precious metals? Or as iowahawk wagged, go long on “Sterno, GunMart, American Hobo Supply stock shares”

  13. crosspatch says:

    “Destroying morale won’t take a special effort. If there’s any morale left.”

    Huh? Are you crazy or just drunk? Morale in the services has been at much higher levels that I ever saw back in the 1970’s and 1980’s when I was in. Re-enlistment rates are at record levels and our services have managed to meet recruiting demand while the services were expanding in size.

    • proreason says:

      Oh yeh. The military loves Obama. They love soft power. They love chatting with dictators that are funding the ieds that blow them up. They love the way Obamy dialgues with Petraeus, the respect he shows his tactical brain vs Obamy’s strategic brain. And they will love retreating from Iraq and Afghanistan after sacrificing for years. Gtcha. Morale is through the roof. I didn’t realize it. I see the “journalist” friends you have so much respect for are keeping you well informed. Thanks for letting me in on the scoop.

    • Phil Byler says:

      Morale is high after eight years of a Republican Administration that genuinely honored the military. Let’s see what morale is like after two years of Obama left wing rule.

  14. retire05 says:

    I have been sad for my nation before; during Vietnam, BlackHawk downed, 9-11. The feelings I have now are the same feelings that I had on the day of 9-11. My nation is no longer. It has changed forever and my grandchildren will never know it as I have.
    People tell me “Don’t be depressed. He is only one president. How much harm can he do in 4-8 years?” Then I realize that all the things that were done by FDR with his socialist views on economics, Carter with his Community Reinvestment Act that just cratered our economy and his attitude toward Iran, Clinton with his treatment of terrorism as a “criminal” act, not an act of war, all things we are still paying for as much as 70 years later.

    J. Edgar Hoover once said that it was the enemy from within that would destroy us.

  15. wardmama4 says:

    General Petraeus will never resign – even for a ‘protest’ – he gives a damn about his soldiers – all of them.

    And that ladies and gentlemen is going to be the burr in The One’s ™ grand plan – the exact position that General Petraeus is in – control of Southeast Asia (translation: the Middle East).

    To do what The One ™ wants – they will end up having to defund the DOD, VA & the two Wars – think about it – how well is that going to fly after 8 years of bellyaching and boohooing about how evil bushitlerburtonco has been ‘treating’ the Troops and ‘underfunding’ them – sending them off to war with no armor and not enough equipment. Yeah they are going to try it – but 2 million in uniform and all the Veterans out there – aren’t going to let them get away with this particular page from the Vietnam War playbook.

    And Proreason – sorry but the msm and the Dems lie about the military – morale is as high as it ever was. And we will need those fine young men & women given the moroon who was just elected and the path he wants to drag us down. They will be our defense, our protection and our salvation.

    Read the book – Good always wins – Doesn’t mean we aren’t in for some tough times (never forget – When the times get Tough, the Tough get going) but I still believe that America is indeed the beacon to the World, the light in the dark and the shining city on the hill. And that We The People will come together and stand together and keep our country, our values and our way of life safe – from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • proreason says:

      We’ll see what happens to recruiting, and how long the general staff hangs around with these idiots in charge.

      Interesting that you can speak so authoritatively for Gen Petraeus. Want to wager on his patience with the Fool pressing his buttons? I’ll take 2 years, outside.

      Young guys are just guys. Many join because they just want to be soldiers or for adventure. For the most part, they aren’t political. But officers are generally patriotic and care about the country. And the older non-coms who have years under their belts are managing a career and family responsibilities as well. Many officers and non-coms will stay until retirement age, no matter what. Camraderie is also a big part of it. So there are a lot of factors motivating the troops. But even the msm polls show that 80% of non-Blacks dislike and distrust Obama, and they will be watching carefully to see what he does. There is a very good chance that the retirement rate will rise rapidly. The average age is way above historical levels already. To say morale is high with an anti-military president coming in and the likely attempt to snatch defeat from victory certainly shows enthusiasm for your mates, but it doesn’t jive with the facts.

      To your point about all the veterans out there, there were many more veterans after Vietnam. About 20 million were still alive from WWII. It’s easy to talk strong, but there is no reason to believe there will be a mobilization of veterans as a political force. (but I wish there would be.) Clinton downsized and downplayed the military, and the current cast of fools are going to do the same thing, despite your passion. That’s what 53% of the country voted for, and that is what they are going to do. This kind of person wasn’t moved by the shameful treatment of Vietnam veterans and the deaths of millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians, and they aren’t going to be moved by anything that happens to veterans today or the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in the coming bloodbath. They care only about themselves. There will be lip service and flowery language. That’s it.

      That assumes no major confrontations. If Putin or the Chicoms decide to test the waters in a significant way, or Akmanutjob gets his nukes, then all bets are off. Even limp-wrist Obamy would be forced into action if something major happens. But that isn’t a good thing to hope for, is it?

      And in case you want to jump me like Crosspatch, I come from a military family and served myself, 05c20 Viet Nam era. I grew up on army bases and have been around the military most of my life. I wasn’t a careerist but have as good an understanding of the military as many, and a better historical perspective than most.

  16. My07Altima says:

    My name is Aaron Layes I am a Veteran of the United States Army. I seek Change not from some Politician, but from those not motivated by Politics and padding of their pockets with the Tax Paying Public’s money. Let it be known that I will give my life in this Endeavor if need be. I hereby evoke my rights as a Citizen, and I will push forward Until they know me by name, I will not hide in a dark corner, I will not hide my face or who I am. I am here to take a stand on behalf of the people and I not only have the legal right, but I pray I have the people to back me up, I have several speeches that will be posted on youtube, and from their I do not know what will happen, but as it was said by Thomas Jefferson, In the Beginning the Patriot is a fierce, and Scarce man, but when his cause succeeds however, even the timid will join him. let come what may, I will not live forever, but my enemy will know me by name when I Die.

    The State of the Union

    My friends, My countrymen I come to you today to give you the state of the Union. This Nation has entered its death throws, and as its last breaths for air expire, it is our task as Americans to re-ignite the Flames of freedom, when it comes to our National finance we are at the worst point in History with the Worlds Largest Debt, and yet we have given more loans than any other nation, so our debt has come from our foolish spending and lack of wisdom concerning the world stage.

    We have allowed our Governing body to attack our people and destroy our Constitution, by ignoring the actions our leaders past and present have taken, in direct opposition to the founding ideals, and morals this nation was built to protect.

    we have failed to hold not only our leaders responsible for poor fiscal spending but ourselves as well, many of us in this nation have invested poorly and would rather blame something or some one else for our mess.

    This nation is more divided now than any other time in History, and even if you do not believe in the Bible the words written in it that reference a house divided can not stand are accurate to the letter.
    We need to come together on our own because we are fools to seek change from any politically motivated individual and our only recourse is to realize that our enemy is not each other, but those who attack our people, and our way of life, those who attack our constitution or insist on unethical experimentation’s on our people or any other. our enemy is where our anger should be directed, as well as ourselves for our part in this mess.

    It is time we hear the bitter truth and accept the bitter truth. Rather than to hear sugar coated lies from those who speak as if our nation is doing well. In some places we are exceeding but in many more places we are falling behind, weather it be in our learning, in our study, or even in our ability to work, we want to hear sugar stories of this nations state, because we are to afraid to admit the True State of the Union, we must clean house and I intend to do that starting with the White House, Starting with those who have federal money and a federal job that Motivate them into feeding us lies, I have heard them both speak and both have changed there point of view more times than I can count. I can not stand some one who feeds a lie or breeds a lie to gain for their pocket book.

    This is the state of the Union and we are in decay this nations last breath is not far off, weather it be caused by an artificial Gas Crisis, Or the Idea that the Planet will come to an abrupt end due to global Warming even though what we conserve is a far cry compared to the waste produced by the rest of the world its like trying to prevent a flood with one Gallon size bucket it is wise to conserve and we should because it is good for our country and our health but to think that the United states is going to stop this mess alone is shear foolishness it is just a manufactured lie to fear monger our people into a crisis so we will be willing to believe anything they tell us. we have failed in our part to hold them to the truth or seek out the answers ourselves, or at the very least to take what is said with a grain of salt rather than rush off and believe what ever they speak in the public arena!

    This is the True State of the Union!

    • proreason says:

      100% correct and very well said.

      “We have allowed our Governing body to attack our people and destroy our Constitution”

      The best government framework ever created has been twisted by liars, thieves and lawyers to acquire power so they can line their own pockets and control the lives of the people who once made the country great.

    • Dangerous says:

      Incredible. Thank you, sir, for being a better man than those who control your nation.

      The truth is a powerful thing. Please, use it and use it well. You have allies, both within your nation and without.

      While there’s life, there’s hope, because while there’s life, someone can choose to act and to make a difference. Here’s the real deal, unlike the corrupt fool taking center stage in the States. How about the rest of us?

  17. Kytross says:

    Here’s what I found interesting:

    Finally, Axelrod offered some insight into Obama’s highly anticipated inauguration speech on Tuesday, hinting that Obama’s address will be themed around the concept of personal responsibility.

    “One thing about Barack Obama, his themes have been consistent not just through this campaign, but through his public life,” Axelrod said.

    Personal responsibility? Like your responsibility to your family. Like fiscally helping your brother or your aunt? Like labeling your grandmother, the woman who raised you and paid for everything you needed, a racist for a political gain. Or does he mean keeping your word? Like giving a tiny school in Africa, named after you, the funding you promised them. Or does he mean telling the truth? Like embelishing your autobiographies.

    So much for leading by example. Of course, having seen his example, I didn’t expect him to.

  18. BillK says:

    This man’s going to have a busy, busy day if he actually does all the things that have been leaked to be scheduled for “day one.”

    Let’s see, announce a pull-out from Iraq, the closing of Gitmo, the renunciation of the Patriot Act, an end to “warrantless wiretapping” and oh so many other things.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      The only bright spot in an otherwise dismal future, and this may sound a bit maudlin, but when the islamic terrorists successfully detonate a suitcase nuke, or spread some sort of biological agent and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, a lot of those killed will be the foolish ignorant liberals who gave them the open door ability to pull it off.

      While I dont relish the thought of innocents dying for the glory of islam, I take heart in the knowledge that at least some of the appallingly naive self centered idiots who insisted that you could live with a stone cold viper will be amongst those who die. The faster people as fantastically myopic as they are eliminated from the gene pool, the faster the rest of us can get to the matters at hand.

      There will be a lot of converts from the liberal standpoint when they realize that their relatives have been vaporized in the name of allah, and that crashing realization that they were responsible for all of the innocent people who were butchered by the very people they prevented us from discovering. Live with that blood on your hands democrats and liberals! Your lust for power will now have a more sinister price tag.

      Your voter base will be rendered incapable of hearing your lies and half truths…..and your district will be nothing more than a smoking pile of radioactive rubble, or you will be able to smell the stench of the thousands of corpses that lay where they died because you were more interested in your congressional seat than in the thousands of lives you were directly responsible for.

      You wont stop until you are finally held responsible for allowing the inevitable. Like a virulent cancer, islam will end up being responsible for it’s own demise by killing the host that feeds it. Once they are successful, no amount of finger pointing and blaming everyone else will be acceptable to those of us who are left.

      We already know that Islamists are going to attack, but also knowing that you willingly and arrogantly traded American lives for your seat of power will be glaringly obvious. Once the terrorists are eliminated, Americans will be coming for you. And you wont be able to buy your way out of it this time either. Count on it.

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