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Obama To Blame Others For High Gas Prices

From Obama’s shameless flacks at Reuters:

Analysis: Obama goes on offense over high gasoline prices

By Jeff Mason
February 23, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As Republican presidential candidates toss barbs at Barack Obama over expensive gasoline, the U.S. president and his team are going on the offensive with a strategy to divert blame and prepare voters for higher costs.

The buck stops where?

But this is the Obama modus operandi. Shifting the blame and preparing the public for the new normal.

In subtle and not so subtle ways, Obama, a Democrat, is raising the issue of high prices to promote his own policy priorities and blunt criticism from the men vying to unseat him in the November 6 election.

His strategy is both politically- and policy-oriented. The president wants to advance his plans to increase renewable energy sources and reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil.

Policies which have worked so well before.

But he also needs to win the war of words to gain an upper hand over Republicans in Western battleground states such as Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico, where people drive a lot and feel the sting of rising prices acutely.

And if Obama can just win the war of words nobody will notice the price of gas.

Republicans see many weaknesses to exploit. They blame Obama for not doing enough to increase domestic production of fossil fuels and cite his decision to block a new oil pipeline from Canada as evidence that he is beholden to environmentalists.

What craven opportunists Republicans are. They try to exploit everything. Even Obama’s well intentioned efforts to prevent domestic oil production.

Rising gasoline costs have brought the issue to the forefront of the presidential campaign. So Obama has started to pepper his speeches with references to prices at the pump.

Thank goodness. Now everything will be better.

On Tuesday he cited the extension of the payroll tax cut as a welcome buffer for workers coping with the cost of gas.

That $20 dollars a paycheck is really being stretched to pay for all kinds of things.

On Wednesday he proposed — not for the first time — getting rid of tax loopholes that benefit oil and gas companies.

Yes, jacking up the taxes on oil and gas companies will really drive prices down. (By the way, there are no loopholes. Oil and gas companies get the same lower tax rate that all manufacturers get when they deplete their resources.)

On Thursday he’ll go a step further, using a speech in Florida to outline his own accomplishments in the energy arena along with a long-term strategy to keep fuel prices down

It should be a very short speech. Unless he wants to brag about how he has helped his campaign donors with loans for their doomed companies.

Some analysts say U.S. prices could hit $4 a gallon or more ahead of the summer when driving demand peaks

Er, no. Most analysts say prices will hit $5 a gallon then. And, in Florida, it already has. But as with most things, the news media is always the last to know.

Analysts say even if Keystone were approved, the increase in oil supplies would not affect gasoline prices for years, but the decision is nevertheless a key flashpoint in the election.

As we have often noted before, Reuters needs new analysts. Everything affects oil prices. And the price of oil is largely driven on the speculation of what will the future will bring.

When President George W Bush opened up more areas for domestic drilling, the price of oil immediately dropped.

"The juxtaposition of the high gas prices and Keystone has (the White House) understandably nervous, and even though those two … have almost nothing to do with each other substantively, they create a political narrative that Republicans could be successful in using to paint Obama as anti-energy and pro-high gas prices," a Democratic strategist said

Notice that Reuters quotes an anonymous Democratic strategist, probably an Obama campaign staffer, for their expert analysis here.

Charles Ebinger, director of the Energy Security Initiative at the Brookings Institution, said Republican candidates could gain traction with voters in that region by emphasizing fuel costs, though they — like Obama — had few options to suggest to bring prices down in the short term.

Brookings is another Democrat front group.

"If someone comes back at him and says, ‘What’s your policy Mr. Santorum, Mr. Gingrich, or whomever, to lower gasoline prices today,’ I don’t think they’ll have a good answer."

What a lie. Everyone of the Republican candidates will say the same thing. Open up more domestic drilling and permit the Keystone pipeline. It has worked before and it will work again.

This isn’t even slightly complicated, no matter how hard the media tries to make it so.

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4 Responses to “Obama To Blame Others For High Gas Prices”

  1. untrainable says:

    they create a political narrative that Republicans could be successful in using to paint Obama as anti-energy and pro-high gas prices
    All you have to do to paint the messiah-n-chief as anti-energy and pro-high gas prices is listen to his words from the last campaign, and look at his actions for the past 3 years. It ain’t a stretch.

    The man promised to bankrupt the coal industry. He said his plans for our energy future would necessarily increase energy prices. Everything he has done since arriving in office involving America’s energy future has been a concerted effort to crush it. No drilling in the Gulf. Pay Brazil to drill and offer to buy their oil… even though all that oil is going to go to China. Squelch the approval of new leases. Bog down already approved leases with useless regulations and then cut the oil companies off at the knees… sorry big oil. Does anyone remember Obama’s jack boot on the throat of BP, and the billions he swindled them out of for slush fund #3? No Keystone pipeline? No drilling in ANWR. No off shore drilling. No ON shore drilling. If Obie had his way there would be no drilling at all. He’d just take whatever money he could get his hands on and give it to another Solyndra. How could anyone paint him as pro high gas prices? Hell, you don’t need paint, just open your eyes. Gas at $4/gal, and the guy is beaming.

    He’s not trying to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. He’s trying to eliminate oil altogether. And while that may be a nice long term goal, you can’t force innovation to happen on a schedule. And trying to just puts more drag on the economy. We’ll stop using oil when there isn’t any more, or when someone comes up with “green” energy source that is viable, cheap, and that doesn’t need government assistance to stay ahead of the bank. Until then we should be taking advantage of every possible source of domestic energy we have. Domestic oil drilling, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power are all viable sources of energy. Why aren’t we USING them? Because Obama is against them all.

    Drill baby drill… at least until someone figures out how to fuel a car with unicorn farts and fairy dust.

  2. David says:

    Outline for a GOP commercial:
    1. Clip from inauguration speech- “The era of responsibility…”
    2. Clip from this about Obama not being responsible for the price of energy
    3. Clip from 2008 campaign – “Under my policy, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket…”
    4. Replay clip about the era of responsibility

    payed for by GOP

  3. canary says:

    Obama rising gas prices means GM Bailout will never be paid off.

    And this rise is really hurting the poor, who actually keep track of their gas to get back and from to work.
    Obama is hurting those in rural areas, which is what he wants. The Feds and EAP wanting people living on top of each other.

    Saw on E A P website they were studying WS Occupiers for space and how many people the spaces could hold.

    GM has really not come out with any fuel efficient vehicles. Mainly selling their back stock. Their new outrageous priced little economy truck looks like it’s missing an entire bottom panel leaving the bottom exposed. All the economy trucks by all the makers aren’t anymore efficicient than the full size, and they cost the same.
    More full size trucks & suv’s have been sold since Obama’s fuel & bailouts began. Either it’s people who believe it’s the last chance to own a decent safe auto or it’s the no interest offers and sales trying to get rid of the big autos.
    Once dependable, Buick’s new fleet is getting bad ratings. Ford sucks. The hybrids don’t get the promised fuel, and they rock your bones over tiny cracks.
    They are using cheaper material on autos. Brag 100 lbs lighter than last year’s model. b.s.

  4. Mithrandir says:


    Some of this information is a little dated, mostly because the economy is getting worse every single day but:

    Inauguration Day Vs. Today:

    Unemployment at Inauguration: 12 million. Now 14 million (depending how you count them and underemployed)

    Unemployment rate: Then 7.8%. Now 9%+.

    Gas Prices: Then $1.87. Now $4.00~$5.00. (120%+ increase?)

    Federal Debt: A mere 10.6 trillion. Now 15.4 trillion.

    Debt per person: Then $34,700. Now $48,000.

    Food Stamps: Then 32 million. Now 45 million.

    5 Worst Roman Emperors: http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/emperors/tp/070810-5-Worst-Roman-Emperors.htm

    U.S. Debt Clock: http://www.usdebtclock.org/

    Almost time for another Malaise Speech (blaming Americans, making false promises, begging for another term): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xivhdO_LbGw&feature=related

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