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Obama To Call For More Gov’t Spending In SOTU

From an unfazed New York Times:

In Address, President Will Focus on the Middle Class

By MICHAEL D. SHEAR and JACKIE CALMES | February 9, 2013

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Tuesday will seek to move beyond the politics of the moment to define a second-term agenda built around restoring economic prosperity to the middle class, using his State of the Union address to unveil initiatives in education, infrastructure, clean energy and manufacturing.

What an ‘honest’ headline and lead from the ‘newspaper of record.’

Having secured four more years in the White House by arguing that the nation’s economy is tilted against ordinary Americans, Mr. Obama will vow to use the power of his office to recapture robust job growth and economic expansion, according to White House officials who have seen the speech. Both eluded him during his first term.

And yet he is going to propose the exact same things he proposed in in his first and second, third, fourth SOTU addresses, which failed miserably.

Mr. Obama will insist that only “a thriving middle class” can stimulate long-term growth and that Americans must be given the tools to succeed, according to the officials, who discussed the speech on the condition of anonymity.

And never mind that the middle class (as well as everyone else) has been worse off under Obama’s four year ‘recovery’ than they were during Bush’s one year recession.

And never mind that every single Obama initiative always ends up harming the middle class more. For instance, Obama-Care is merely a wealth transfer from the middle class to the lower class. The ‘upper classes’ will not be harmed.

His call for new government investments — many of which Republicans successfully blocked in his first term — is an effort to shift the emphasis away from simply reducing the deficit and will serve in part as an answer to Republican criticism that he has not focused enough on jobs.

What government investments did the Republicans block? In fact, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for the first two years of his Presidency. But The Times intends to repeat this lie until it becomes an historic fact.

“I think you will hear him talk about some new proposals that build on his earlier efforts to help middle-class Americans,” said Nancy-Ann DeParle, who until recently was Mr. Obama’s deputy chief of staff. “I think his message will be — as he is — very positive and optimistic: ‘We’re strong, and we’re moving in the right direction. The economy is improving, but we have more work to do to ensure that all Americans can take advantage of a stronger economy.’ ”

The economy contracted in the last quarter. A single contraction under President Bush was declared to be an official recession. (Even if they had to re-define what constitutes a recession.)

White House aides declined to describe the initiatives in the four subject areas, and said there would be other proposals in the address as well. But the officials familiar with the speech said that any proposed spending would be offset by new savings or revenues to avoid adding to annual budget deficits.

The president is structuring his fifth annual address to a joint session of Congress around three main economic points: making the nation a “magnet for jobs and manufacturing”; providing Americans the “skills they need” for those jobs; and ensuring that “hard work leads to a decent living,” officials said…

Yes, Obama’s endless tax hikes and punitive regulations and protection of unions will make us a magnet for jobs and manufacturing.

Mr. Obama will try to summon the nation’s support for two major initiatives that are already consuming the first weeks of his second term: the passage of stricter gun laws in the wake of the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., and an overhaul of immigration policy that would allow 11 million illegal immigrants to eventually become citizens…

Yes, we are going to criminalize law abiding citizens. And make citizens out of people who are in our country illegal. Isn’t it beautiful?

But the main focus of the address, the officials said, will be on finding a new balance in the economy by expanding opportunities for average Americans without saddling the next generation with enormous debt…

And this won’t trigger hysterical laughter? Obama is calling for more government spending, which will saddle our descendants to the government for generations.

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2 Responses to “Obama To Call For More Gov’t Spending In SOTU”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    You mean I can get rid of my credit card debt by spending more??!!

    Wow … honey grab yer coat! We’re going shopping!

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    OK, it’s way past time to call him for what he is. He is the destroyer and he does this while lying his ass off to make it sound palatable.

    He hates the middle class because that is where the core of his enemy lives and breathes. He is dead-set in destroying the ability of the “white cracker” from ever making money ever again. He aims to take our 401K’s, tax the crap out of us and scold, scold and scold until he’s satisfied that we have nothing. He’s seeking an upheaval. He’s seeking vengeance against a litany of perceived injustices.

    The problem is he cannot and will not see the injustices as the result of the very same policies that he is currently pursuing, or if he does know, it furthers the notion that it’s all just intentional anyway. Knocking the US down a peg or five from the inside. Making us like other nations; Heavily dependent on government largesse to just survive. Meanwhile he stuffs his face and goes on another junket with his junk family.

    Well, sadly, the people I grew up around never did get much from Western Civ class. They believe that who ever is in authority has the obligation to provide for them, care for them, protect them from the nasty bogeyman known as personal responsibility.

    Like Charlie Brown has said in many a frame, “We’re Doomed”.

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