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Obama To Cure Cancer, Make Blind See

First, this heads up email from my old friend Joe:

You’ve got to read these

Friend —

A few weeks ago, President Obama asked you to share your personal story about how the health care crisis has affected you and the ones you love. Hundreds of thousands of stories poured in from every corner of the country. The President and I have read through many of them ourselves — and now I’m encouraging you to do so as well.

Read these powerful, personal stories from people in your area and around the country.

And after you do, please forward this note on to as many people as you can.

For folks who don’t yet understand why health care reform is such an urgent priority, these stories make the case far better than any statistics ever could.

For those who support health care reform but haven’t yet found the time to join our campaign, these stories provide more motivation than any speech any politician could ever give.

So please read these stories, pass this note on to everyone in your address book, and help us show everyone in America why fixing our broken health care system is a necessity that just can’t wait:


Thank you,

Vice President Joe Biden

(And of course this email included a solicitation for a donation.)

And behold the stories, from BarackObama.com:

Altadena, CA

Blue Shield of California is denying me life-saving and life-prolonging treatments. I am 36 years old and have Blue Shield HMO health insurance coverage through my employer. In January 2009, I was diagnosed with metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer. When discovered, it had already spread to my bones, lungs, liver, and brain. My doctors prescribed a medication that targets and removes the cancer throughout the body like a "smart bomb"; however Blue Shield of California denied coverage of my doctors’ recommended treatment. Blue… (more)

Danville, KY

* 23 year old * Mother of a 2 year old daughter * Wife of an amazing husband * Former Medical Student * Fighting for my life due to a disease that affects 1 out of 1 million people and has no known cause. I have never voted for a president, based on their political party association, or status. I vote for who I believe truly stands for the most important issue, which to me is health. I voted for Obama, for many reasons, but most importantly because he seems and is proving to be one of the most… (more)

Arvada, CO

My wife was dying from cancer. Her oncologist prescribed an expensive pain killer for her to reduce her suffering. Our insurance refused to cover it and it was to expensive for us to pay for ourselves. She suffered with her pain for the next few days before she passed away. I’ll bet the person with our medical insurance that refused the coverage of this pain killer got a bonus for saving them the cost of the prescription

Olympia, WA

I was diagnosed with cancer 19 months ago, and I am about to be unemployed. What will I do for health coverage? Will anyone hire me in the current job market? Canadians pay no more taxes than we do here in the U.S. …. and they are 100% covered for health care. These same Canadians have voted the man who designed their health care system as the greatest Canadian who ever lived! There’s something wrong here in the U.S. … and it’s spelled PROFIT. Insurance companies take 31% of every medical care dollar. Please help us,… (more) 

Chapel Hill, NC

I am a pediatric physical therapist and every month I see families have to choose whether or not to get recommended therapy or equipment for their child because of high costs and these are the people with insurance. Medicaid does a much better job covering therapy and equipment than insurance does. I think that we nned single payer.

Cincinnati, OH

Had a baby at a young age. Worked full time to support my child. Small business provided no health coverage. At the time there was no Children’s Insurance Plans…she got a kidney infection and I was put $36,000.00 in debt at age 19. My husband also works full time. Because we were in debt and lost our credit rating we couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket for a dentist and could not get a loan. His teeth have rotted and now we can’t afford to have them pulled and get dentures even with insurance (over 10K if you have dental insurance). … (more) 

Sanford, FL

I’ve had 2 strokes and epilepsy. I am only 39 years old. I am on disability at the moment, and have to wait 2 years to be seen and get Medicare. I desperately need medical care now. I have no money to go get an MRI or any female checkups that I need. And I think I could be going through menopause with alot of pain. Medicaid won’t approve me in Florida because my child support is still in Texas because it goes direct deposit into an account there and I OWE THE BANK MONEY! So I cannot transfer child support order over to Florida yet. (we… (more)    

Santa Cruz, CA

I am a psychotherapist and find that coverage for mental health dismal. I have encountered people suffering such as depression where they have difficulty functioning. Often times insurance companies limit sessions to unreasonable limits and some won’t cover but the most severe diagnosis. People I encounter want to be productive and lead healthy lives. They sometimes need help in overcoming obstacles caused by mental misdirection. I ask that reasonable mental health services be a part of your health care reform.    

Centennial, CO

I moved from Canada to Colorado 15 years ago and love this state – but still struggle with the dismal results of the US health care system. The unfortunately successful propaganda campaign by the US health care lobby industry is nothing short of shameful. My father, Gene, a retired automative worker who lives outside Windsor, Ontario, has suffered from diabetes for 30 years. Beyond the management of his diabetes, he was amazingly healthy until his late 70s. At that time he suffered a series of health challenges; he needed – and RECEIVED – in… (more)  

North Hampton, MA

I’m a physician and have been providing primary care for 27 years. For the first time, I recently had a patient break down in tears and say, "The medicine you prescribed is really helping. I’m feeling better than I have in years. And I can afford the prescription – but not if I’m also going to have to buy food for myself and my grandchildren." I managed to get her a few weeks’ worth of samples. I don’t know what will happen when they are used up

Riverside, CA

My father is a navy veteran, has worked all his life, is a wonderful father, and believes in an honest days work for an honest days pay. This last year he has been in and out of the hospital due to his diabetes and just recently suffered a heart attack. Because he was unable to work, his job had to let him go which left him without health insurance and a way to pay for health insurance. His doctors refused to see him because he did not have insurance, his medicine bills took whatever little money that was being brought in by my mother, leaving… (more) 

Sacramento, CA

I have been without health care for several years. Although it is available through my employer, I spent several years caring for my ailing mother and because of this was unable to meet the minimal hours needed to qualify. Meanwhile, I have not been able to afford my medications. I have not had a physical examination, Pap smear, or mammogram in years– basic care to keep me healthy. I am slowly losing my vision. It is easily correctable, but I cannot afford the care to keep me from losing my sight altogether. Eventually, instead of… (more)

Upper Jay, NY

I’m an RN working on a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit in a hospital. Our Unit Director, our Discharge Planner, our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, our Physicians, and all our RNs spend multiple hours on the phone with various private (ie. corporate, for-profit) insurance company personnel trying our best to keep sick kids in the hospital to prevent harm to themselves and others. The only kids who don’t require this dreadful waste of caregiver time are the ones covered by Medicaid, a government-run coverage that allows kids to get… (more)

Were you able to read all of these tragic stories through your tears?

It really is a shame we don’t have Medicaid for the poor. Or a SCHIP program for children (under the age of 30).

Or any veterans benefits for those who have served. Or any Medicare Part D to help pay for prescriptions.

Of course it is all the fault of evil private insurance companies – which are run for PROFIT!

Needless to say, none of these horrible tragedies will occur under Obama-Care.

No one will ever get sick, because of all of the preventative medicine it will contain. And even if they do, no one will ever be denied even the most expensive procedures. And no one will ever have to wait for treatment.

And, just like in Canada, we won’t have to pay any more in taxes.

It’s all so simple, really.

By the way, speaking of stories, does anyone remember the healthcare horror story that Hillary Clinton told throughout her campaign?

The one that turned out to be completely mendacious?

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, June 27th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

28 Responses to “Obama To Cure Cancer, Make Blind See”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    Health Care Stories from Canada:

    1. Natasha Richardson

    2. Jim Doe (to protect his identity and respect his privacy) went snow mobiling in Canada, had an accident, was awake after the accident, under went surgery, survived the surgery, died anyway, in Canada. He used to warn people that he hoped he never got hurt in Canada because he had heard bad stories.

    I’m just saying…

  2. jobeth says:

    “My father is a navy veteran, has worked all his life, ”

    Hey..He’s a….VET. We give ‘free’ health care already (and rightfully) to our vets!

    I read each of these with an eye to the back story. I see lots of poor decisions through out. These people have to understand that if you don’t repair the roof with the sun shines (spend your $$ on health insurances instead of that flat screen tv) the roof leaks when it rains.

    The back story of nearly all of these is poor preparations and decisions on the writers part.

    First I saw that some and I’ll wager more of these stories come from HMO holders. You think THEY are bad…just wait…the government will make the lowly HMO policy look like a gold mine. (Anyone who has an HMO needs to have their head examined anyway)

    Yep…that government will have to fix it all for you…like the woman who’s BC wouldn’t pay for a woman’s pain right before she died. I will wager that she was already getting all the morphine the doctors could give. How her pain could still break through is hard to believe. In end cases like that I don’t know of any doctor who holds back morphine.

    While it’s so hard to watch a parent die…it doesn’t mean the government will “ease” any pain. In fact…with Obalmy’s plan…it will likely hasten the death long before she gets to the point this lady was. Obalmy’s plan would not only refuse such expensive pain meds to one who is already dying…he will have cut off medical help long before that. Say…about the time a doctor says she is terminal. That could be months or even years before the end. But no care for you…you’re dying anyway. Costs too much!

    I won’t go through each of these but its easy to understand their problems if you read with an eye to the back story.

    Sorry to sound so hard hearted but I am so angry and fed up with the “fix my life for me Obalmy” ’cause I want to live in a house I can’t afford and have tvs I don’t need etc., etc., etc.

    These pathetic lemmings are jumping from the proverbial frying pan right into the fire…stupid people!

  3. proreason says:

    Anybody who thinks government-run health care will be more compassionate than privately-run health care is a fool.

    There’s a simple fact about anything the government does. It all has to be prescribed in a law.

    And of course, it takes an Act of Congress to make an exception…..literally.

    That’s why government agencies are always always intractable.

    It can work reasonably well for something like Social Security, which is about one-millionth as complex as “health”. But what about unknown future conditions resulting from windmills, or lightbulb poisoning, or new carcoginians, or new strains of viruses, or or or or or or or or …..haha.

    And in addition, it’s not like the government exactly needs to maintain “good customer relations”. Just as one simple example….try getting a non-canned response from your congressman.

    So good luck talking your “friendly government client-service beaurocrat” into making an exception when your child comes down with that mystery illness.

  4. U NO HOO says:

    Yeah, vets get medical care except for the 50,000 that didn’t make it through Viet Nam alive fighting a GOVERNMENT war.

    That’s all.

    • jobeth says:

      Exactly right!

      That’s why Obalmy should leave the generals alone.

      They have done a great job prior to Obalmy in Iraq. If he will just stay out of it they can continue. But I won’t hold my breath. He has to control everything and will just like Johnson and crowd.

      From community organizer to a general’s boss. Want to wager who knows more?

    • Liberals Demise says:



      War veterans get their treatments but retirees’ pay into Tri-Care for theirs.
      Just goes to show you, “Nothing is Free!!”

  5. GetBackJack says:

    I have a Powerful Healthcare Story. Several, in fact.

    Every relative I had was killed by over-medicating doctors and lousy care in-hospital. At the time of my father’s death he was on 21 different medications. He was so chemically messed up his brain shut down as his heart gave out and his liver went south. At the time of my mother’s death she was so heavily medicated she became chemically disoriented, fell, broke a hip and several bones and then died in-hospital during a shift change.

    The latest in a longer tale than just those two is my wife’s ex-husband with whom I was on good terms. On his motorcycle a Ford Ranger turned into him and collected him head on @ 30 mph. He lived to get to the hospital where massive surgeries continued his life, but without any of the several surgeons or anesthesiologist administering crucial blood thinners required during major orthopaedic surgery to prevent throwing clots. Of course a clot found it’s way north and he stroked out severely. Since he was on Medicare the hospital dumped him on a secondary facility which in turn shipped him across the Continental Divide in an ambulance where he promptly died. Badly. Autopsy demonstrated numerous blood clots in his lungs from … transporting him through high elevations.

    But my best hospital stories come from my university days when I put myself through college by handing instruments in surgery, a Surgical Tech. Fascinating work and a hideous eye opening education. Like the gynecologist who, because of cash flow problems, did three total hysterectomies 5 days a week whether anyone needed it or not because he needed the billing. Or, the general surgeon I closed for one night because he was too drunk to close the patient after an appendectomy. Or, the lung biopsy I scrubbed for where somehow the Chief of Thoracic Medicine managed during the biopsy to puncture a lung and snip in the aorta. Patient bled to death before we could crack her chest. The surgical record recoded that as Operative Complications. And then damn, if he didn’t do it again a year later!

    I have hospital stories to curl your hair, so My Powerful Healthcare Story is Run as far as you can from modern medicine and learn traditional old school ways to care for yourself. That other stuff, especially what Barry Otero is peddling is Alternative Medicine.

    But the worst of it is … Barry is determined to force me to sign up for it, then force me to pay for it when I absolutely despise it.

    This is not the Nation I signed up for.

  6. VMAN says:

    I don’t want to make any of our brave veterans mad but what I have heard of VA medicine is a horror story. That is run by the government and completely free and who thinks that universal health care will be any better? Another thing that concerns me is that there will be NO consideration for alternative and natural medicine. Let’s hear the stories of how people have gotten cancer under control by diet and exercise or diabetics who have controlled their illness by natural means. I know a couple with 2 ADHD children that controlled it purely by diet. What about Jim Carey’s son with autism? From what I hear they pretty much cured him with alternatives. I could go on about such alternatives to those drug pusher that call themselves “doctors” or as I like to call them “glorified mechanics”. And can somebody tell me how many cancer patients die from chemo therapy? Not the cancer. Of course there are probably no stats on that because after all they had cancer and were terminal. I found an inflation calculator on the web and input the cost of a doctors visit from 1964 and by today’s cost it should be only $30.00. Do you think someone could afford that? Once the government got involved with medicare and medicaid medical costs skyrocketed and I think anyone should be able to prove that. This whole thing just pisses me off.

  7. ClueMan says:

    Quick show of hands…How many of you have or can afford health care insurance?

    I just love how you neocons pick the parts of those stories that serve your interests. Right off the top of my head I can think of 47 million reasons we need health care reform.

    • proreason says:

      of the 47 million, 10 to 20 are illegal aliens.

      Another 10 million make over 70K annually.

      Another 10 million qualify for free programs but are too stupid or lazy to sign up.

      And of the remainder, all they have to do is walk into a hospital to get free treatment, as millions of illegal aliens do every month.

      What exactly is your point?

      (and one other thing…..the CBO says the number is 31 million, not 47 million. The 47 million number is a Census Bureau guess).

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And why, ClueMan, on what do you base your argument, please?

      You said, “reform”. Am I to understand then that you would prefer a plan that you can afford?

      Do you know why healthcare prices are out of control?

      Do you pay taxes?

      Are you in a position where you are of need of healthcare now? Or are you safe for the moment?

      Where did your 47 million number come from?

      What about this plan the government is proposing; What about it do you like/dislike?

      Have you witnessed government-run healthcare in other countries. I have. Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany.

      Do you ever go to the DMV? And if so, imagine yourself being “served” by an equally competent counter person who has authority as to whether or not you can see a doctor. Is this what you think will work? That the government will make the healthcare situation so much better? Or do you have a better idea?


    • proreason says:

      “You said, “reform”.

      Health care in the U.S. doesn’t neet to be reformed. It is the best health care in the world. So much better, in fact, that the U.S. develops almost all the new treatments and medicines that extend the lifespan of people everywhere. Of course, there are abuses, as GetBack spelled out earlier…..but in a system so complex, there will always be low spots.

      Health insurance, on the other hand, can use some reform……but not because people don’t have it or can’t afford it. Only 3% or so of US citizens can’t afford health insurance. Personally, I’m in favor of helping those who really can’t afford it and don’t qualify for existing programs.

      The correctable problems with health insurance are mainly due to government intervention, which prevents the free market from holding costs down. Another good reform would be to make trial lawyers pay court costs for all parties when they lose. That would probably cut the cost of health care insurance by about 10% all by itself.

      And then of course, there is the factor that nobody wants to talk about. A big big reason that health insurance (and health care) costs go up regularly is that new treatments are always being developed that make it possible to live longer. Wow, what a problem!!!

      ClueMan, if you are having problems paying for health care or insurance, I suggest you simply refuse any treatment or medication that has been developed in the last 20 years. Your costs will be chopped in half at least. But if you want the new life-saving treatments, I suggest that YOU give up your drugs or pornograpy, or toys to pay for them, because I’m NOT WILLING to buy those new treatments for you.

    • jobeth says:


      Rusty ask you…”Have you witnessed government-run healthcare in other countries. I have. Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany?”

      Let me know if you want to talk to me about my British father in law…whom the socialized medicine KILLED simply because he was 85. He only needed nourishment to stay strong enough to accomplish rehab. But at 85 he was a waste of resources. I’ll be more than willing to tell the story to you.

      Either you are a starry eyed young socialist or completely stupid. One thing to remember dude….someday YOU will be old…I know you are “invincible” now but it will happen if you are lucky.

      If not and you are injured or have a Downs Syndrome child or have a premature child or have to watch a loved one die who could get treatment…but alas…too expensive so tough luck.

      THINK. New concept. But there are consequences and ramifications to everything we do.

      I have a difficult time understanding people who so willingly give up their rights to make their own choices to some mind numbed deadbeat who only shows up for a paycheck. Is that who you want to make your choices for yourself.

      Think of the fun you will have thinking of what your life might be like if only you could get to the medical treatment and/or medications that some numb skull won’t OK for you. The road to your early death will be filled with laughs.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      (It’s the answer I expected.)

    • ptat says:

      Uh-Oh! Reason’s in da house—facts and logic are about to blow your little mind, CluelessMan!(BTW–do you even know what a “neocon” is? Because we ain’t it….)

    • jobeth says:

      PTAT, Perhaps he thinks everyone starts with a far left mind set. LOL

    • U NO HOO says:

      “Quick show of hands…How many of you have or can afford health care insurance?”

      My hand is up.

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Obama To Cure Cancer, Make Blind See.

    Looking over Blammos’ “to-do” list.

    Crossed off are :

    Kill capitalism
    Own the people

    Left to do are:

    Walk on Water

    Turn said water into (non-alcoholic) wine

    Feed the world (*note will need more trillions of those dollar thingies)

  9. bronzeprofessor says:

    This confirms what I’ve been saying a lot lately — The Obama Way is simply irrational pathos, served up in quantities so large that nobody has time or energy to sort through the logic. Steve, good job pointing out how absurd these narratives are. Why not go to the VA if you are a veteran? Why, because you don’t like the VA’s level of treatment? Isn’t that the way ALL public health care will work out?

    When I went in for my Army physical, the doctor who was inspecting me was 87 years old (I kid you NOT) and had a sty in his eye, so he could barely see what he was writing down. He found out I was an English professor and chatted about great books he read in the 1930s, for over 75 minutes, while 40 or 50 other recruits were sitting outside waiting to get approved. I wanted to interrupt him and ask about everyone else waiting outside, but he was so excited to talk to a literature teacher, he couldn’t contain himself. Finally, he delivered a long oratory about the problem of homosexuality and how he thinks it is the sign we are in the end times.

    If you want universal, free or cheap health care for everyone, you want what I described above. You will spend a whole day or longer waiting to see a doctor, and the doctor won’t feel particularly urgent about treating you, because whether you live or die (or in my case, whether I have hemorrhoids or bad lungs or whatever he was supposed to check me for) he will be getting the same little crappy fee and will have to face the same annoying faceless crowd of desperate people tomorrow. Any doctor you see will be one of the few who remain in the profession, perhaps against their better judgment.

    If you don’t like your care, the doctor will probably tell you what the Army doctor told the recruits who started to complain about their wait: “Write to your congressman.”

    Good luck with that.

    Ask people who deal with the VA or Army doctors a lot, and you will hear a lot of stories like that.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Ah …….. the stories I could tell but I’ll need a drink first!

      I don’t use the VA just for that reason………3rd class treatment and they still believe in “BAD” blood letting and leeches. There is “NO” reason why the people who stood at Hells Gates while you all slept should be treated like this for any reason but you won’t hear them bitch about it. When my time comes I’ll probably be there……..maybe!

      I implore all Americans to visit a VA Hospital and talk to the Veterans who trod the halls. Make their day and say, “Hello and Thank You!!”

  10. Chinnubie says:

    “I’ve had 2 strokes and epilepsy. I am only 39 years old. I am on disability at the moment, and have to wait 2 years to be seen and get Medicare. I desperately need medical care now.”

    I don’t know if these stories are made up or not, but I know for a FACT if you qualify for disability you automatically get food stamps and medicare. The guvment is now taking care of you so, they throw you on the guvment insurance. I have to believe, since this story is BS then the rest of these so-called sob stories are more than likely made up as well. It is like being in the witness box, if you tell one lie how on earth can the jury believe anything else you say??

  11. Celina says:

    In my house, the TV show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” is a fascination for my older daughters who saw me go through a few difficult pregnancies. They can’t understand how someone could go through a pregnancy and not know. They are smart enough to know that denial is probably a major cause of this “not knowing”.

    Anyway, one of the stories recently was about an women who had gone through IVF in Britain. She was told she had miscarried and for months she went back and forth to doctors to see why she was feeling so exhausted and bleeding chronically. Now I am no political genius but birthing and, unfortunately loosing, babies is something I know plenty about. In any hospital or clinic in the US, pregnancy is one of the first things, if not the first thing that is ruled out when a female who has reached menarche and has not yet reached menopause presents with any sort of abdominal complaint. Further, an ultrasound would probably be done next to determine the cause of the bleeding especially if the mother has recently miscarried, after all, it could be retained tissue that could cause serious complications that place the mother at risk of things up to and including death.

    This woman was not given a basic blood test for pregnancy nor an ultrasound that is pretty easily obtained in the US and didn’t know she was pregnant for more than 6 months. That is absolutely ridiculous.

    Don’t even get me started on military medicine.

    • jobeth says:

      Do you know that when my Brit husband went to his first American Dr’s visit, he couldn’t understand why they did a weight/BP/Temp/pulse when he first when in.

      I explained why to him but he said they don’t do that unless you have high BP. I couldn’t believe it. How are you going to know if you have high BP if you never take the pressure.

      Of course now…understanding socialized medicine better…If they don’t know you have it they don’t waste money treating it.

      Of course that went further when his father began to have Mini strokes…They didn’t want to see him until he could get an appointment weeks later. And even then they didn’t do anything about the mini strokes. Just kept sending him home…of course he had the massive one a few weeks later and again…age…prevented any kind of treatment.

      It all works together for the common good …not yours…the state’s.

  12. proreason says:

    Thomas Sowell’s column should be required reading for the country:


    1. There is no health care crisis .
    2. The reason costs are higher now is there are more life-saving procedures and drugs.
    3. Other country “contain” costs by limiting (rationing) access to medical care.
    4. The “rush” is so politicians can gain power, not to improve health care

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