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Obama To Donors: ‘I Don’t Have Time to Waste’

From the Weekly Standard:

Obama: ‘I Don’t Have Time to Waste. The Clock Is Ticking.’

By DANIEL HALPER | March 12, 2014

President Obama knows that his time is almost up. It’s a point he’s making to liberal Democratic donors to get them to donate generously in this year’s mid-term election.

At a Democratic fundraiser last night in New York City, President Obama said, "I hope you will all step up because, although I’m very optimistic about our long-term trends, the notion that we would waste two years in further inaction rather than move boldly on a path that I think all of us in this room agree on — we don’t have time to waste."

Note that Obama sees any opposition to his radical agenda as a waste of time.

The president continued, "I don’t have time to waste. The clock is ticking. There’s less than two years left — less than three years left. I want to squeeze every last little bit of work that I can during the remainder of my term so that, looking back, I’m going to be able to say that we left everything on the field and every single person I could help in this office — which is such an incredible privilege — I helped."

In other words, Obama wants to finish his job of transforming America. There is still too much of the ‘old America’ still standing.

By the way, bombs also tick.

But before that, Obama also took an opportunity in the middle of the fundraiser, to tweak Democrats. "And the fact of the matter is that Democrats are not without our flaws. We have our blind spots and we have our dogmas and we’ve got our crazy folks," Obama said as the crowd laughed.

Actually, Obama sounds a little crazy here. Hysterical even. And Allah knows he is nothing if not dogmatic.

"But as a whole, this is a party that is serious about making sure that America is growing and offering opportunity to everybody. And the story many of you here in this room have lived, the success that you’ve lived out, what we’re about is making sure a whole bunch of kids behind us can live out that same success. And if I have just a smidgeon of a cooperative Congress, think what we can do these next two and a half years."

And never mind that, thanks to Obama and the Democrats, the "bunch of kids behind us" are facing the worst economic future any generation of Americans has ever faced.

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4 Responses to “Obama To Donors: ‘I Don’t Have Time to Waste’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    “Get out of my way! It’s time to golf!”

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “… the notion that we would waste two years in further inaction rather than move boldly on a path that I think all of us in this room agree on — we don’t have time to waste.”

    Said Adolph to the brownshirts in the Hasenheide Beer Hall speech in 1923:

    “…You can see that what motivates us is neither self-conceit or self-interest, but only a burning desire to join the battle in this grave eleventh hour for our German Fatherland…”

    2 days later, he was arrested. Which both curiously and unfortunately provided added octane for his fuel to gain power.

    So….to my fears of all this, add that even if president pants-on-fire leaves office, don’t doubt for one minute that he hasn’t acquired the needed allies to circumvent the US government entirely. They will never stop. They are a rash, a virus and will never recede. They beliee they are right and just like the movement that created the Nazis, they will not ever stop until the eventual collapse, perhaps 20-30 years from now.

  3. captstubby says:

    President Obama said,
    I think all of us in this room agree on — we don’t have time to waste.”
    i think his handlers are swiping stuff from…
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ;

    “I don’t like it,” he whispered, putting his lips to my very ear. “I can’t quite make it out. Anyhow, we have no time to lose.”
    “Can I do anything?”
    “Yes; stand by the door. If you hear anyone come, bolt it on the inside, and we can get away as we came. If they come the other way, we can get through the door if our job is done, or hide behind these window curtains if it is not. Do you understand?”
    The Return of Sherlock Holmes
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    ” no time to lose”

    Steve, you got to get this site wired for sound.

  4. yadayada says:

    “and every single person I could help in this office … I helped.”

    says it all

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