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Obama To Drop Shield For Help On Iran

From Russia’s RIA Novosti:

An undated picture shows Russian "Iskander" missile on display during a military equipment exhibition in the Siberian town of Nizhny Tagil.

Obama ‘ready to drop shield plans for Russian help on Iran’

02/ 03/ 2009

MOSCOW, March 2 (RIA Novosti) – Washington has told Moscow that Russian help in resolving Iran’s nuclear program would make its missile shield plans for Europe unnecessary, a Russian daily said on Monday, citing White House sources.

U.S. President Barack Obama made the proposal on Iran in a letter to his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, Kommersant said, referring to unidentified U.S. officials…

The leaders have exchanged letters and had a telephone conversation since Obama was sworn into office in January, Kommersant said. The first high-level Russia-U.S. meeting will take place later this week, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meets with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Geneva.

Moscow has not yet responded to the proposal by Obama, the paper said, adding that a decision was unlikely to be made during Lavrov and Clinton’s meeting.

The issue is likely to be discussed when Obama and Medvedev meet in London on April 2 on the sidelines of the G20 summit of world leaders to address the financial crisis. Earlier reports said Medvedev had also invited the U.S. leader to visit Russia and the date of Obama’s first visit to the largest country in the world could be announced in the British capital.

In an interview on Sunday with Spanish media, Medvedev said he hoped to discuss the issue of missile defense with Obama in London. He also said he hoped the new U.S. administration would display a "more creative approach" to the issue than its predecessors.

"We have received signals from our American colleagues," Medvedev said. "I expect those signals will turn into specific proposals. I hope to discuss the issue, which is extremely important for Europe, with U.S. President Barack Obama." …

Of course any reports from Kommersant or any Russian news outlet should be taken with a mine of salt.

But if this is true, it is tremendously disturbing.

This isn’t just naivety.

This is knavery.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

39 Responses to “Obama To Drop Shield For Help On Iran”

  1. BillK says:

    Continuing on Obama’s National Security policy, from Fox News:

    Report: Obama Offers to Scrap Missile Shield If Russia Cooperates on Iran

    President Obama offered to consider scrapping plans for a missile defense shield in Europe if Russia helps rein in Iran’s nuclear program, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported.

    The article said Obama wrote to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to tell him Russia’s aid in resolving the threat from Iran would make the missile shield plans unnecessary, according to an account from Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

    A senior administration official told FOX News that Obama sent a letter to Medvedev but “we won’t comment on the specifics.” …

    Though the plans were put in place to deter nations like Iran and North Korea from launching attacks and developing nuclear weapons, Russia has interpreted the planned installation as a threat…


    Just as was the case with SDI, if, as so many of our top scientists say, any missile shield program would “never” work and would be completely ineffective, why is it that the Russians have been so completely afraid of such programs since the Reagan era?

    Is it perhaps that they know how effective such technologies can actually be, given they have similar programs of their own?

  2. catie says:

    Unfortunately I’m inclined to believe Medvedev before I’d believe our own president. This actually doesn’t surprise me at all because didn’t the Messiah mention something about dropping this shield during the campaign? But of course it’s easy to see why it wasn’t reported on, we had so many more important stories like the designer of the Belle’s frocks, where the punishments would attend school, what kind of pooch the family was getting-those my dear folks are the really important stories not this pesky shield things or the economy for that matter.

  3. curvyred says:

    Yes he wanted to not weaponize space – there is a You-tube video floating around:


  4. Alice L. says:

    And of course, we can trust the Russians! Ask the Ukranians about that one!

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Someone may want to tell Obama that it is the Russians building the nuclear plant and supplying nuclear knowledge to the Iranians. They are also most likely the source of the low enriched uranium recently “found” by the IAEA. Since we know all enrichment activities have been stopped for over a decade.

    It is sad that American foreign policy will be dictated by the will of other nations.

  6. Odie44 says:


    So Bambi’s diplomacy is to back down from a defense shield – that primarily protects against Russian, Chinese missles now – and is being built to thwart future nuclear ambitions of rogue Muslim nation-states, like Iran, Pakistan, etc. by getting help from the very lying nation Russia – who is Iran’s main supplier of nucler science, to stop Iran from further enrichment and nuclear development…

    Seems like a page taken out of the Detroit Lions play book.

    I imagine a vodka toast is occurring between Putin, Kruschev and Stalin right now. and we know how weel the press has covered Russias reversal into totalitarianism within the past 2 years, Putins rogue leadership, suspension of civil rights and liberties, that barely existed ( I am sure the hard core leftists are pissed by about now) combined with outright obstruction for anything concrete in the fight against terror globally. Russia has continuously not supported any embargos, economic, financial penalties (until Aug 2008) against any terrorist state – because it will hurt their black market bottom line and cushy oil/gas aggreements with said rogus nations.

    This isn’t diplomacy, it is madness.

  7. proreason says:

    Now we have 2 things The Moron is good at:

    1. We already new he was a world class liar.

    2. Now we have confirmation that he loves to beg.

    The “Obama Doctrine”……grab ankles, wave posterior invitingly in the air

  8. pdsand says:

    Oh sure, start your negotiations by generously offering to give away your most strategically important defense, in return for non-specific promises that Russia will “help reign in Iran”. I’m sure the only thing being discussed at those meetings will be Putin gently chiding Obama, “comrade, you’ve got to at least pretend like I had to work for this, next time”

  9. 1laidbackRN says:

    I think Al Capone said it pretty good when he said, “You can go along way with a smile, but you can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun”.

    I don’t know folks, but it almost seems like we are following in the footsteps of the French here. Next thing you know our illustrious leader will have “carbon copy” surrender papers with a blank space for “fill in the country or grassroots organization of choice”.

  10. pdsand says:

    To say nothing of the fact that the problem from the American perspective is that Russia has too much influence in the region, and that Iran feels safe from the U.S. because they are acting under direction from Russia. So you’re really not getting any ‘concession’ from Russia by asking them to exert more influence over Iran. What’s next, Obama is willing to shut down NORAD if Russia will be willing to administer Afghanistan for us?

  11. pdsand says:

    Plus, Obama already promised in his address to the joint session of congress that he would shut this shield program down purely as a budget issue. If I were the Russians, I would ask for something more.

  12. sheehanjihad says:

    A Ukrainian friend of mine told me last summer that all of the old Warsaw Pact nations saw a golden opportunity to neuter the United States by openly backing Obama. He emailed me last night saying that people in his area are now wishing they didnt, because Russia will successfully bully Obama into complacency via tacit threats.

    They are getting scared, because now they feel vulnerable to Iran’s nuclear strike capability, and Russia’s expansionism due to their feeling that the USA is powerless and way too timid to do a damn thing about it. The offer to remove the missile shield just sent shock waves through Eastern Europe….it was validated by another email from another contact in the Czech Republic this morning.

    My point being…..Everyone used to love to bash Bush….but they all depended on his not backing down. Now, the love affair with the messiah is being replaced with the sobering realization that all of the sudden, they are laying in the road and the bus is bearing down on them. They feel the threat that our left still tries to ignore. And we will let them all get run over too…we meaning our State Department, and our weak and ineffective administration’s reluctance to offend anyone.

    I am afraid that it wont be the left, the liberals, the foolish environmentalist fanatics that will destroy us. It is going to be Iranian backed terrorists tacitly approved by Russia and ignorantly allowed to enter this country and destroy an entire population of a major metropolitan area.

    Now, “they” know they can do it. And they are going to do it. What then? Organize a protest? Yeah, right….lets do that. It works so well for the left, why not conservatives? Oh, you have to work? lmao….I am just disillusioned by the turn of events that I am witnessing. It’s like a bad dream, only it’s real.

    God, all I can hope for is that the terrorists choose the right city to turn into radioactive rubble. Perhaps then we can start anew with a thoroughly cleansed government. But dont count on that either. The real world depends on a weak, cowardly and totally inexperienced administration to be able to get what they want.

    No, another city will be sacrificed to keep the rest of us concentrating on survival while we are being sold to the highest bidder. Those in power are safe. Useful idiots arent cheap.

    • Odie44 says:

      Sheehan –

      Interesting take, from your Ukraine frined that is. I am more interested in knowing why former satellite nations would be against the USA and want us to fail? Perhaps its that victim mentality (compared to Russia, Ukraine myself) that sullies their ability to actually see the forest through the trees. Sounds similiar to minorities in America, aligned with a “have / have nots” argument.

      I imagine the natural gas trick from Russia last month woke up a few Ukraines. But I would have thought the few hundred years of oppression from the Russians would foster a pro American stance, each and every day.

    • proreason says:

      Russia, China, Iran and Venezuala had everything to gain with The Moron’s election. And, of course, they feared McCain as much as they wanted the weakling.

      At some point, somebody will reveal that they had a major role in the economic collapse in Sep/Oct 2008 that handed the presidency to Obama.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Our only hope is that the terrorist nuke DC.

    • A Mad Pole says:

      The current attitude towards the USA in Poland is borderline schitzophrenic. On one hand, Poland appears to be the staunchiest USA ally in the whole of Europe (we did sent troops to both Afganistan and Iraq) and Poland almost begged to have the missile shield installations built on Polish soil (angering Russia to the point of nuclear attack threats).

      On the other hand there is a lot of resentment towards the USA, with main beef being the fact that the Polish are the only country in the Central Europe who still need visas to go to the USA. A lot of people expected that Bush would waive the visa requirement in return for the war-on-terror support and they grew progressively bitter when that did not happen. The Polish were hoping that “that one” would abolish the visas but now he seems to be retreating on the war-on-terror and willing to drop the anti-missile shield in the name of better relations with Russia. So the Polish are being screwed again and that trully shocked a lot of people. It all looks like Jalta all over again.

      Just my two cents.

    • 1sttofight says:

      If it is any consolation Mad Pole, there are a lot of us Americans who feel just like yall do.

  13. Steve says:

    An update from Reuters:

    Russia Willing to Talk Missiles But No ‘Swaps’

    Medvedev says he is willing to talk about missile defence and Iran separately.

    MADRID – Russia would be willing to discuss a new missile defense structure with the United States but sees Iran’s nuclear program as a separate issue, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

    Asked about a report in the New York Times that U.S. President Barack Obama had written to him offering to back off deploying a new missile system in Eastern Europe in return for help with the Iranians, Medvedev said signals from Washington were positive but the two issues were separate.

    “If we are talking about any “swaps” (Iran for missile defense), this is not how the question is being put. This would not be productive,” Medvedev told a news conference in Madrid, where he was on a state visit.

    But he added: “If the new (U.S.) administration shows common sense and offers a new (missile defense) structure which would satisfy European (needs) … and would be acceptable for us, we are ready to discuss it.”

    “I count on positive signals we are now receiving from Washington translating into agreements,” Medvedev said…


    In other words, Mr. Medvedev is graciously willing to allow the US to drop its deployment of a European missile defense shield.

    But he won’t do a thing about Iran. Which, after all, is a Russian client state.

    But, man, that Obama is a brilliant diplomat.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Obamas idea of “effective diplomacy” is to be greased up and ready to “negoiate” with any tinhorn dicktator who cumes down the pike..

    • pdsand says:

      Exactly, they caught all of Obama’s campaign promises to stand down from missile defense, so why should they give any consideration for something that he’s going to do anyway?

  14. MinnesotaRush says:

    o-blah-blah’s entire realm of experience and prespective is embodied in the spirit of “Chicago politics”. His HUGE ego won’t allow him to even consider the notion that he’s being played by our various enemies and moving this entire country into harm’s way (in a variety of ways).

    Pay-to-play antics and sweet talk aren’t gonna work on these things. Our enemies will smile and certainly take all that o-blah-blah gives; but they’ll still want to own us, or kill us.

    Boob Biden said we’d be tested within 6 months of o-blah-blah’s presidency. I’m concerned that that test is gonna make what we’ve seen thus far look small.

    • proreason says:

      It’s even worse MR.

      Do you recall that when somebody (who is probably now unemployed) had the audacity during the campaign to question his experience in foreign policy, The Moron’s answer was (paraphrased)……..I think it’s a strength, because I’ve lived and traveled in foreign countries.

      So the egomaniac actually believes that his very early childhood years in Indonesia and one trip to Pakistan with college acquaintances makes him more qualified to deal with our enemies and allies the lifetimes of experience that others have had.

      Of course, we only know about the one Pakistan trip. Who knows how many more trips there were that aren’t considered “relevant”.

  15. MinnesotaRush says:

    Right you are PR. He’s convinced he catches on quick, and everybody else is irrelevant. He’s enlightened!

    As I continued to think on this, the question came to mind as well .. I wonder how our NATO friends are viewing this whole thing? S’pose Poland is ordering another pallet of o-blah-blah “Yes we can” t-shirts??? I’m thinkin’ not.

    And I’m also thinkin’ not, that those thoughts have even yet entered into the “enlightened one’s” head. And they said Bush caused people to ‘hate’ us. Get ready!

  16. A Mad Pole says:

    MR “S’pose Poland is ordering another pallet of o-blah-blah “Yes we can” t-shirts??? I’m thinkin’ not.”

    You are right, I am sending in those:


    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Lemmee know if ya’ find any “Ooops, I Think We Did” stuff.

      Matter of fact, I KNOW the S&L gang is very capable of helping us with some more tag lines .. mottos.

      Whatta ya’ think S&L’rs??? Name that tag ….

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      The 2010 campaign slogan should be a retort to ‘Yes we can” as “Oh no they didn’t!”

    • proreason says:

      Not Distracted Anymore

      Yes we canned the producers

      I’m from the gubbamint and I’m here to take every freaking thing you own

      Nothing is certain but death and taxes and liberal lies

    • pdsand says:

      Change we can die from.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”Whatta ya’ think S&L’rs??? Name that tag ….”

      How about “Damned if we didn’t!”

    • 1sttofight says:

      Mine was deleted.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “He said he was for CHANGE…….
      ……but all he could do was PORK us!!

      Saw a bumper sticker today:
      “Don’t let America become an Obamanation”

  17. clifcrds says:

    Hold on thar pilgrims . . . n0bama now claims that “I . . . . uhrrr . . . . I mean . . . . uhmmmm . . . . well what I really said . . . . . I didn’t make a missle deal with Russia”

    So with Hillary as his SoS . . . our foriegn policy now comes down to trying to decide “what the meaning of is is?”

    • caligirl9 says:

      Haven’t we been thought this “what is the meaning of ‘is’ before?”

      So much for learning from history’s past mistakes …

    • caligirl9 says:

      Oh Lord I shouldn’t be typing while on heavy-duty prescription narcotics … should have read “Haven’t we been through this “what is the meaning of ‘is’ before?”

      I will take another pill and stop trying to communicate for the day!

  18. jrmcdonald says:

    WHen you make a deal with the Devil, who do you think get the better end of the bargin?

  19. Liberals Demise says:

    Now that he’s dropped the shield…..will he fall on his sword?

    • canary says:

      I think oOllah Obama, and his Clinton team want to run the world like Hitler. I think Obama plans on figuring at out how to get countries to bomb each other. Maybe he will keep the satelites over the white house. Anyone helping him plan this will eat at his table. Their families will be king of like Royality aids.

  20. artboyusa says:

    The Czechs and the Poles stick their necks out for us on the shield and then we let them down hard and then we wonder why other countries don’t trust us. Brilliant, just brilliant…our very own Munich Pact.

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