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Obama To Morsi: Democracy More Than Elections

From an irony proof NBC News:

Obama to Egypt’s Morsi: ‘Democracy is about more than elections’

By Charlene Gubash and Ian Johnston | July 2, 2013

CAIRO – Barack Obama urged Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to listen to "the voices of all Egyptians" amid widespread protests calling for the Islamist’s ouster, the White House said Tuesday.

Has Obama ever tried to be listen to "the voices of all Americans"? Even a little? Instead, he tells the voices to shut up. He ‘won.’

Obama made the comments in a phone call to Morsi on Monday, when Egypt’s military issued Morsi with a 48-hour ultimatum to meet the demands of the people after 16 people died and hundreds were injured in anti-government protests.

The military said in a statement that if its deadline was not met, it would step in and impose its own road map for the future. It was unclear whether the army was actually calling for Morsi to stand down

It seems clear to us. But we aren’t in the news business.

The White House statement said Obama told Morsi during the call that the United States was “committed to the democratic process in Egypt and does not support any single party or group.”

And never mind the billions that Obama and Hillary and Kerry have given Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, on top of the usual billions we give Egypt.

But the president also “stressed that democracy is about more than elections.”

Really? Why doesn’t Morsi just say, ‘I won!’? That seemed to work for Obama when he was asked to listen to the opposition.

“It is also about ensuring that the voices of all Egyptians are heard and represented by their government, including the many Egyptians demonstrating throughout the country,” the statement said.

Unless they are Tea Party supporters. Or conservatives. Or Republicans.

Obama encouraged Morsi “to take steps to show that he is responsive to their concerns, and underscored that the current crisis can only be resolved through a political process.” …

Really? That’s not what he said about the Mubarak crisis. Back then he demanded that Mubarak step down. But then again, Mubarak was a friend to the US.

Morsi rejected the army’s ultimatum early Tuesday, with his administration saying it was “going forward on its previously plotted path to promote comprehensive national reconciliation … regardless of any statements that deepen divisions between citizens.” …

On the call with Obama, Morsi’s office said the U.S. was “working with the Egyptian leadership elected by the Egyptian people and supports peaceful democratic conditions in Egypt.”

“The president confirmed that Egypt is moving forward in a peaceful democratic transition built on constitution and law,” Morsi’s office said.

The constitution that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood wrote.

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2 Responses to “Obama To Morsi: Democracy More Than Elections”

  1. captstubby says:

    U.S. says Egypt’s leaders must listen to its people
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Egypt’s leaders must respect the views of the Egyptian people, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in a call with Egypt’s foreign minister on Tuesday, according to a State Department spokeswoman.

    In the call, Kerry told Mohamed Kamel Amr: “It is important to listen to the Egyptian people,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters in a briefing.

    “Democracy is about more than just elections. It’s about ensuring that people can have their voices heard peacefully,” Psaki added.

    The call was made amid reports that Egypt’s foreign minister had resigned.

    President Mohamed Mursi, Egypt’s first freely elected leader, was clinging to power with tens of thousands of people on the streets of his country from rival factions

    how about this …
    in the above article,
    substitute a few words with” America” and” Obama”.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Obama and Kerry; thy name is “HYPOCRIT”.

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