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EPA To Regulate Carbon Dioxide Pollution

From an elated BBC News:

Obama to regulate ‘pollutant’ CO2

By Richard Black

April 17, 2009

The US government is to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, having decided that it and five other greenhouse gases may endanger human health and well-being…

Carbon-cutting legislation is being proposed in Congress, but the EPA decision – known as an "endangerment finding" – will allow the agency to mandate some cuts without waiting for the draft bills to become law.

"This finding confirms that greenhouse gas pollution is a serious problem now and for future generations," said EPA administrator Lisa Jackson.

"Fortunately, it follows President Obama’s call for a low-carbon economy and strong leadership in Congress on clean energy and climate legislation; and… the solution is one that will create millions of green jobs and end our country’s dependence on foreign oil." …

In 2007, the Supreme Court instructed the agency to review the evidence on climate change with a view to reconsidering its stance on the possible threats of climate change.

In the endangerment finding, the EPA now cites a number of impacts that it believes may impact significantly on US citizens, including:

    * an increased risk of droughts and floods
    * sea level rise
    * more intense storms and heatwaves
    * harm to water supplies, agriculture and wildlife

Ms Jackson concluded that these impacts would fall disproportionately on people who were poor or in ill health, and on indigenous groups.

The EPA quoted a 2007 report by a group of retired generals and admirals who said that climate change presented "national security challenges" for the US.

Environmental groups said this was the latest sign that the Obama administration is taking a very different line on climate change from its predecessor.

"This reclaims the US role on the international stage as a leader," said Phyllis Cuttino, director of the US global warming programme at the Pew Environment Group in Washington DC.

"The EPA’s next step will probably be to grant the ‘California waiver’, which would allow states to restrict tailpipe emissions, and that we expect to happen very soon," she told BBC News…

The endangerment finding also empowers the EPA to regulate the other five greenhouse gases included in the Kyoto Protocol – methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride.

Now we are breaking the law by just exhaling.

This is nothing more than another government power grab, once again disguised as being for our own good.

[T]he solution is one that will create millions of green jobs and end our country’s dependence on foreign oil…

And there is no lie too big, as long as it advances their agenda.

We are galloping down the road to fascism.

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34 Responses to “EPA To Regulate Carbon Dioxide Pollution”

  1. Media_man says:

    I think this is the Democrats version of invading Russia. This is where the step in it big time. People who drank the free healthcare Kool Aid will have second thoughts once they see what “being green” actually costs. Even the corrupt one party media won’t be able to cover that up.

    So I say “bring it on”. It’s their funeral.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sadly M_m, liberals will never back down from a pointless argument. It may start out with a logical, progressive argument but will ultimately end with them calling you a racist or just mean. And the corrupt one-party media is doing a hell of a job covering up everything. For them to not report on something is to simply state that it doesn’t exist or is not happening. Goldberg’s book, “A Slobbering Love Affair” points this out in a few places as it does inform the reader that the MSM, by virtue of living in a fishbowl, has no idea what they’re doing wrong.

      In my opinion, there is a multi-front attack that is in progress. One, the gubbmint wants you to buy “green” autos. Now, knowing that Americans are a savvy lot and will avoid going to the GM dealers and buying one of their up-and-coming $40,000, runs-on-cat-shit cars, will then figure out ways to get you there by forcing legislation that will steer the public to their GM car lots.

      There are only so many ways to do this.

      1)Make people who have cars PAY and pay dearly for not having the latest, up-to-date, low emission vehicles. (this, of course, affects the poor mostly, who cannot afford a new, or newer, vehicle)
      2)Not happened yet, but will–Place hefty regulations on the number of imported vehicles to the US…and also ….that would include some slick lawyer-esque garbage that would cause foreign cars made in the US to either adopt the US standards or be forced to shut down the US plants….again…affecting the working man. The people that the gubbmint and his holiness SAYS he embraces so much.
      3)Import taxes and other taxes on any/all vehicles that don’t comply with “green” standards.

      Once again it’s all carrot and stick mentality. So….since I rarely have bought any new cars in my lifetime…I am comforted in the fact that I can still drive vehicles past 100,000 miles that have a lot of life left in them and I can do mechanical work myself so I don’t need to succumb to the ridiculous rules/regulations that I would if say, I took my car in to a heavily regulated dealership or repair jobber.

      California emissions are the strictest on the planet. I will say that smog since the 70’s has decreased dramatically but that is mainly due to unleaded gas and catalytic converters.

      And, though I agree that some things need to be done….there are those regions of the nation that have a higher problem than others. I think it would be ridiculous to punish people in, say, Wyoming or Montana to have to suffer the same as those who live in LA. In fact, one of the reasons people DO live in WY or MT is because they don’t have to put up with such buffoonery.

      I live in SC. Our air quality is always pretty good. Charlotte is not far away and they occasionally dip into a region of lesser AQ but not so’s you’d notice.

      So on that basis alone, I disagree with the black stick’s plans. And, of course, by virtue of the fact that he’s an idiot, etc., etc.

      And yes, being green, just ask Kermit. Not as easy as it looks. Americans need a reason, usually economic to be more green. But again…Obama…etc etc etc…..

      He’s gonna make everybody hurt. And he’ll love it. While he’s stokin’ a filtered KOOL menthol cigarette (which all the fly bruthas smoke) he’ll be jazzed that he grabbed the car-drivin’, truck-lovin’, SUV-embracin’ masses by the collective ‘nads and made us all criminals with the wave of a pen.

      But, I have a 1994 pickup with 280,000 miles and I expect it to last another 280,000 by which time Obama will hopefully be a distant unpleasant memory. Maybe he’ll be the first president to contract lung cancer…wouldn’t that be “KOOL”?

  2. David says:

    I have heard numbers like 830 lbs of CO2 are exhaled every year by an individual. In 2007 Planned Parenthood recorded 300,000 abortions. That works to 124,500 tons of CO2 a year that they saved from Mother Earth. Looks like they stand to make an even greater profit with c(r)ap and trade!

  3. proreason says:

    Now they are mandating a fantasy.

  4. RightWinger says:

    You can also say good bye to anybody who is raising livestock for food…..

    “The endangerment finding also empowers the EPA to regulate the other five greenhouse gases included in the Kyoto Protocol – methane…”

    There have been a number of reports over the years on how cows, pigs and other livestock are responsible for a great deal of the methane released into the atmosphere. Since livestock is a big methane producer, expect the meat and dairy industries to get crushed with higher taxes and regulation.

    Unless they of course contribute heavily to high ranking Democrats campaigns, then I’m sure there will be a few “waivers” granted to make sure industry does not get too over burdened.

    • canary says:

      Rightwinger, this may sound funny, but I’m being serious, there was a recent article about the methane induced from the over-population of ancestorial cows in India. 300 million now, and do to poor feeding they are letting off more methane. There are nearly 300 million other animals, goats, etc. The article said the cows needed anitbiotics, but I guess they forget the streams in India are full of anitbiotics. Still, as the cows are sacred?
      U.S. has already been pointing out the pollution created from transporting livestalk in the U.S. the pollution caused from grain mills etc.
      Poor India, once Obomi takes over the world, they will lose their beloved sacred cows,

  5. Odie44 says:

    Isn’t it grand that the BBC got this interview. Coincidence? I think not.

    You have to love a foreign outlet for a domestic “cause”.

    I won’t even get into the blatant ignorance of these people and the intentional power grab going on.

  6. JayDickB says:

    I can’t believe intelligent people fall for this man-made climate change crap. Earth’s climate has been changing continuously since it was formed, why should that natural process stop now?

    Why do the climate alarmists think the way they do? They believe the computer models are good enough to predict the climate based on human activity. Did it ever occur to them that the climate is too poorly understood for reliable modeling? Seems pretty arrogant to me.

    I agree that the bottom line is a left-wing power grab. Problem is, too many people, especially the media, are drinking the left’s Koolaid.

    • proreason says:

      JD: “too many people, especially the media, are drinking the left’s Koolaid”

      The media and the left are synonymous.

    • Odie44 says:

      Jay –

      Good points – Dr Richard Lindzen, from MIT has been saying the same thing SINCE THE 70’S, when the 180 of science decided, based on poor man made models – that the earth was cooling.

      Essentially Lindzen has shown how inept their “models” are – including the narcissim you described. He even back dates their models over the past 1,000 years – all to find zero correlation or causation – as to their “findings.”

      When the movement is led by a lawyer from Tenn with zero scientific knowledge – that is the smoking gun of this policy junta in America – and abroad.

      Oddly enough – if these clowns get their way and start charging humans for human behavior – I hope cities like NY, LA, etc pay a much higher % of any tax, being (using simple logic here) – the more humans, the more pollutants. Of course, they factor in animals – as to level the “American playing field” – but 3 states currently have the 3 highest populations AND the highest amount of agriculture: New York, Texas and California. Its states vs federal, agricultural vs manufacturing – the same 250 year debate in America, yet they are either a) too dumb to know they will tax and charge the hell out of already sinking state economy’s (sans Texas – odd, eh? as to the political makeup) and or b) through cap and trade will sink the common American farmer, beef industry, etc here in America – while boosting foreign agricultural shipments, at a much higher cost. These costs will be passed through – and picked up by the government – to those massive urban populations that depend on both the dole and Democratic votes.

      All in all – the ignorance of people to allow this to happen, combined with the money and power grab from “fly by scientitsts and environmentalist” from the left – will spell disaster to everyone in America, regardless of political, ideological or theological leanings.

    • DoctorRock says:

      Well said, my brothers. The best they have is “a consensus of scientists”, and last time such a consensus had its way, the Earth was understood to be then very center of the Universe, surrounded of course by “The Firmament”, “The Heavens” and “The Ether”.
      This past week The Press took yet another step, from being simple advocates to being adversaries of the American people, The One has buddied up to Cuba and Venezuela, and we’ve learned that the DHS is watching our veterans very closely. NBC ran a Janeane Garofalo interview about how the tea parties were all racist retards, activist judges endorsed gay marriage – and I could go on.
      It’s time we used our two parties against each other, and we’re smart enough to do it. It’s common knowledge that they’re both for sale, and that money and power are their only concerns. Fine. Our entire House of Representatives is up for re-election on the second of November 2010, and anyone we can’t vote out of office can be impeached, just so long as the new majority understands that their primary directive is to administer the will of the people. “The Peoples House” or The Big House”, see?
      And any rep who endorses the global warming scam can find out for themselves just how hot it gets in Leavenworth Kansas in the summertime. I’ll bet it gets even hotter than Cuba. From treason to malfeasance to negligence, as one lawyer will make work for another we should have no problem throwing their arrogant asses in the slammer.
      FYI – I’m in my fifties, I live all of 50 miles from NYC, and I have no idea what “teabagging” is. I’ve asked some friends and they don’t know either. I know I could just go to the Urban Dictionary and find out, but I’d rather not. When Nazis tried to infiltrate at Bastogne, they were foiled with such questions as who was pitching for Brooklyn, or how does one pronounce “Schenectady”. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. So if things ever get that nasty, you’re standing watch one dark night, and some strangers know what teabagging is – shoot the bastards.

  7. canary says:

    The EPA must be happy for another excuse to be worthless as they are, when it comes to fixing true poisonous and dangerous problems in this country. The EPA is so worthless they should do away with it.

  8. U NO HOO says:

    I used to feel guilty for the world my children and grandchildren were going to inherit. Then I realized that I’m not to blame. Wackos are to blame, those that overt react by reacting.

    My granddaughter wanted Hillary, maybe I should blame my granddaughter.

    I tried, maybe not hard enough.

    Just venting CO2, while I may.

  9. wstuga says:

    I love the picture that came with the article. Every story about global warming and co2 emission always show a picture of a plant with this whitish gas coming out of the plant. Great scare tactic. Of course the funny thing is co2 is colorless. The picture shows steam! This chemical steam is also know as h2o. Should we outlaw h2o as well?

    • take_no_prisoners says:

      Thousands of people a year are killed by this dangerous chemical, H2O. It’s especially dangerous combined with alcohol. People have been known to get liquored up and swim out too far or fall out of the boat and drown. Some people are just minding their own business when they are overwhelmed with a flood of the stuff. If the EPA doesn’t try to regulate this stuff, some other branch of the government, perhaps the FDA, will surely step in. I have no doubt.

  10. Alan_Speakman says:

    Sadly, this is only one of the many ways in which the Obama administration is usurping the power of the Legislative branch and pulling it to himself. See http://grandrants.wordpress.com/2009/04/18/obama-gerrymanderer-extraordinaire/ for more egregious — and frightening — examples.

  11. BillK says:

    The EPA quoted a 2007 report by a group of retired generals and admirals who said that climate change presented “national security challenges” for the US.

    Yeah, those climate scientists who beiieve this is so much B.S. are big industry-paid charlatans, but retired military?

    Why they know everything.

  12. toosmart4you says:

    Finally. The beginning of a comprehensive strategy to actually do something useful. What a welcomed shift from the oil company dictated policies of the former administration!

    Love Obama…Glad I voted for him…Can’t wait to do it again..

    • take_no_prisoners says:

      Yes, we will be so much better off with the cap and trade company dictated policies. Did you, by any chance, invent the internet? No matter, the overwhelming majority of the people in all 57 states will gladly pay an extra 5 or 10 dollars per gallon of gas equivalent if it is the will of Obama.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Oh goodness, another Obama fan reveling in how smart they think they are.

      Back on topic, this whole thing reminds me of the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. It began when the government allocated land to farmers and encouraged them to grow wheat during a time of abnormally high rainfall. The farmers tore up the hardy prairie grasses and made tons of money on wheat.

      But then the rainfall patterns changed, and right on cue with the Great Depression the area went into a drought. The wheat died and with nothing to keep it down the top soil blew off into dust storms. High temperatures and high winds made it worse, but then the area already had those before the Dust Bowl.

      It took one huge storm that reached Washington in 1935 before Congress took action. (So much for the lightning fast response of the super-intelligent Dems.) They listened to the experts and planted trees to make windbreaks and told famers to plow along the contours of the land so the wind wouldn’t be as likely to pick up the soil.

      All that helped, but the Dust Bowl didn’t end until normal rainfall returned in 1939.

      The point to the story? We have a hand in things, but nature does it’s own and we can’t control it. Also, the responses back then (once goaded into action) were rational. If Obama were president instead of Roosevelt he’d be fining farmers for the dust blowing off their lands and encouraging people to live off prairie grass.

    • proreason says:

      anon: “n when the government allocated land to farmers and encouraged them to grow wheat ”

      I didn’t know that, but it is very interesting.

      It’s another example of what happened with the “loans to deadbeat” program dictated by our loving paterfamliasses in Congress.

      When a business screws up, people lose perhaps up to a few billion dollars and a few thousand jobs.

      When the government screws up, we get Depressions, massive devastation of savings, and millions of people are thrown into unemployment.

      And we are told that the ONLY Solution is MORE government!!

      And oh yeh, when was the last time the government did something right?

      It’s surreal.

    • RightWinger says:

      Yes a comprehensive strategy. Think nothing of the consequences, its the good intentions that only matter to libs.

      Let’s look at the examples of what will be affected with this cap and trade nonsense.

      1)Travel Industry – this will kill off most of the airline industry because the average person will no longer be able to afford to fly. There will be no more $200 round trip fares from New York to Orlando as the cap and trade taxes will cause ticket prices to double or triple on the cheap ones. Business will curtail its flying and that is where airlines make their yield. Say goodbye to jobs at resorts, cruise ships, hotels, national parks etc. States that get most of their money from tourism will be in big trouble. Since gas will be back to $4-5 gallon, not many people going to do a lot of driving. Well, so what if we lose millions of jobs and even more in lost revenue, the environment will be so pristine.

      2) Meat and Dairy – Might as well say hello to $5+ gallon for milk. Forget the .99 simple hamburger from McDonadls, that price just tripled. Of course, since all our kids are getting fat on fast-food, getting rid of a few chains (which mostly employ high school and college kids) won’t be such a bad thing on our overall health will it? Another good thing is since steaks will be priced so high, we won’t be using those environmental killing outdoor bar-b-ques to cook them in as often.

      3)Sanitation – Since gas/diesel prices will be through the roof, watch your payments to have your trash picked up go a lot higher. Maybe you have a big garage to store your trash in, so you can afford to have your garbage picked up every 2 weeks instead of twice a week. Live in a big city? Then get used to all the trash lying in the streets since the city can no longer afford the cost of a consistant trash removal service. You can also forget about your road service doing a better job during snow storms since the budgets will be too strained to afford the salt and trucks needed to run 24 hour service with fuel prices so high.

      4)Cost of All Goods – Since your cap and trade has put big bad oil in it’s place, the shipping costs for all goods will head back up. Your fresh produce that you get at the store? The clothes you buy in the store? The shoes for your feet?

      I guess you are not worried about any of that, since you have obviously thought everything through. Did you stop to think though that with every household struggling to get by, that the video game industry will go kaput. No average working American or even those on the dole will be able to afford to buy anymore games. That finishes off the video games.

      I guess that last paragraph got your attention, huh?

    • proreason says:

      Rightwinger: “the video game industry will go kaput”

      Great post, RW

  13. Enthalpy says:

    The Left’s blind zeal is never altered by the truth. In fact, much of what the Left believes isn’t true, but their story gets better and better with the telling. AGW is no exception.

  14. toosmart4you says:

    You know Anymoose and RightWinger, I really enjoy reading Righty responses to exceedingly complex problems as they generally fall between three distinct, yet intersecting poles;

    A: Let’s get together with the corporations and build unrealistic models of what changing a problem could potentially cost us, so that we can delay actually doing anything about it until it’s too late.

    B: Well, since its’ an act of God and it’s going to happen anyway, we might as well just sit back and throw feces (like caged primates) at those “stupid enough” to try…

    And my all time personal favorite:

    C: Cut Taxes.

    As for the rest? Well, they’re just an incoherent mishmash of marginally similar situations that, again, propose to real solutions to actually FIX anything.

    Better to do something and fail than stand back and do nothing.

    Love Obama…Glad I voted for him…Can’t wait to do it again

    • proreason says:

      The climate models predicted the world would be 1% warmer in 2010, but it’s cooled since the models predicted that toosmart.

      Do you read anything besides libwit propaganda?

      BTW, the icecaps are expanding, and polar bear populations are growing.

      If the globe was warming, it would be a boon to mankind. Longer growing seasons, more arable land, etc. Unfortunately, 2008 was the coldest year in a long time. We are in a period of recurring ice ages you know….oh, I guess you don’t know.

      But that’s just common sense, not book learning. No liberal would ever believe it.

      Another fact you may not have heard is that the climate has self adjusting mechanisms, like many natural processes. But that doesn’t fit the propaganda either, so it must be ignored.

    • BigOil says:

      “Better to do something and fail than stand back and do nothing.”

      Exactly the type of inane statement I’d expect from a liberal.

      Banning DDT without data indicating any harmful effects to humans has only led to the death of millions from malaria in Africa. At least we did something.

      Stagnating our economy in an attempt to solve a non-existent problem is beneficial to whom? Al Gore and the Chinese?

    • VMAN says:

      Hi toosmart4you. I’m just wondering if there is a point that you would be willing to silence people like those on this blog? I would also like to know if there is a point where you would condone imprisoning these people? You don’t seem willing to even consider any position but your own and anyone who disagrees with you is just simply wrong.
      Can’t stand Obama and I’m glad I won’t have to vote for him again.

    • Anonymoose says:

      I’d say better to do figure out the right thing to do than do the wrong thing and screw it up. Or to put in current terms, applying an unrealistic and artificial method to “increase” the cost of fossil fuel to make it so expensive we’ll take alternatives, none of which have proven completely capable of the job. And more than a few countries are going to take the assumption, “hey, we’ll just keep on using fossil fuel.”

      Nothing I said mentioned getting together with corporations, but you couldn’t resist the dig, could you?

    • JohnMG says:

      What an asshat! You’re too smart by half. The moron you helped put in power, if left un-checked, will see to it you won’t have an opportunity to vote. There is a reason people like you were/are referred to as “useful idiots”. You’re just like toilet paper–necessary at the moment yet expendable once you’ve been used. If you weren’t such a simpleton you’d have already figured this out. Instead, you think you’ll be spared the rude awakening you’ve helped call down on us all.

      ……”Love Obama…Glad I voted for him….”

      That’s what I call ‘stupid-proud’….but then, as Larry says, “You can’t fix stupid”.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Sweet moniker – did your Mom help you with that? I love how you exchanged a number for a word! Or should I have said ‘a number 4 a word!’. Awesome, dude!

      But enough ad hominem…

      AGW is allegedly science. Science requires the application of the scientific method, not consensus. (Please, stop me if I’m going too fast.) 1. Hypothesis: carbon dioxide is responsible for/related to temperature variations on Earth. 2. Collect data. 3. Examine data using math and gnarly Latin phrases. 4. Confirm or refute your hypothesis.

      So, the data is in, the analysis complete and there is no correlation (let alone causation) between carbon dioxide levels and the temperature of the Earth. QED. Am I missing something, dude? The scientific debate is over. There is no AGW.

      Have a nice day!

    • RightWinger says:

      You know toosmart, I really enjoy reading lefty responses to complex problems as they generally fall between three distinct, yet intersecting poles:

      A: Consquences of our actions don’t matter, it’s the thought that counts.

      B: Republicans are Nazis

      And my all time personal favorite:

      C: Bu$hitler and Cheney lied and people died for big oil.

      My post listed examples of what to expect once Lil Barry runs amok with his Cap and Trade tax scheme. Since you obviously have no clue about basic economics 101, your rebuttal is unsuprisingly nothing more than the equilvant of a 5 year old child putting his hands over his ears and humming a tune so as to not hear what is being told to him.

      You say….“Better to do something and fail than stand back and do nothing.”

      So with technologies that are at best 20 years away from being affordable enough for mass usage, the solution to do something now is to tax greenhouse gas emitters into oblivion? Explain how this benefits the society as a whole, since the consquences of this action will be a ruined economoy and mass unemployment that makes 8.5% look pretty good. Better to go forward with this plan, already seeing it will fail miserably?

      Oh, just in case you missed it, environmentalists are tying up a massive solar power project in the Southwest because of an endagered Pupfish that can only be found in some isolated spring hole of water. The fish cannot be bred outside the spring hole as other attempts have failed. Your solution to this is?

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      Just think of all the CO2 he saves by living in his mom’s basement. I mean, the wood for a new house, the extra heating and electric. He is real humanitarian. Maybe he will try to cut back on CO2 output by holding his breath. Probably won’t work, but hey, it is better to do something and fail than nothing at all.

      And smart, under Obama, we are, or soon will be, caged primates.

  15. take_no_prisoners says:

    Obama has absolutely no experience in anything but campaigning. He grew up in Indonesia and Kenya which is why he doesn’t know the most basic facts of U. S. history and geography–things which are taught in elementary and junior high school. At least, they used to be. The flat earth theory, the earth as the center of the universe, evil spirits causing disease and any number of now disproven theories were once the prevailing consensus. Many things that were once thought to have good scientific support have been proven wrong by people who looked closer and bucked the conventional consensus. The only way to prove a scientific theory is to duplicate it, computer modeling doesn’t count. At best, a computer model can lead you to the most promising paths of inquiry. The problem with computer modeling is you have to make some assumptions and if the assumptions aren’t right the result can’t possibly be right.

    He was propped up and promoted by big money interests led by George Soros and his buddies and 52% of the voting population fell for it so he now claims an overwhelming mandate. Who else do you know who could sell millions of dollars worth of autobiographies based on absolutely no noteworthy accomplishments and a razor thin resume? Someone knew history and took a page out of post world war I history to put this scam together.

    Obama wasn’t around when all the things he thinks are brilliant were tried and failed miserably, and since he didn’t get his basic education in the U.S. he is blissfully unaware of his ignorance. He doesn’t know history, geography, business, science or economics–and he doesn’t have a lick of common sense. He’s never had to make executive decisions in any size business or government until now. As far as I’m concerned he is a slick talking, naive, ignorant fool. Merely a puppet of the George Soros group of rich international hedge fund managers. If we are lucky, we will survive and live to repair the damage he is doing in fairly short order.

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