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Obama To Sign 2 ‘Gender Gap’ Executive Orders

From the Washington Post:

Obama to sign two executive orders aimed at narrowing gender gap in wages

By Juliet Eilperin | April 7, 2014

President Obama will take two executive actions Tuesday aimed at narrowing the wage gap between men and women, forcing federal contractors to let their workers discuss their earnings with one another and to disclose more information about what their employees earn.

How many times has the ‘wage gap’ been done away with by Obama now? The first bill Obama signed into law as President was the so-called Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. How many times does he have to fix this terrible problem?

The push by Obama, who also is commemorating Tuesday as “National Equal Pay Day,” is part of a broader effort by Democrats to increase turnout among female voters during the 2014 midterm elections, which party strategists consider critical to limiting Republican gains this fall…

Oh, now we understand. This is being done to whip up the phony ‘Republican War On Women’ and get out the women’s vote.

One of the new measures is an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from retaliating against workers who discuss their salaries with one another. The other is a presidential memorandum ordering new rules for contractors to file data with the federal government showing how they compensate employees, including by sex and race…

So the federal government can start to force companies to pay according to race and gender quotas.

Obama and his aides often say that women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn, which compares the annual earnings of women working full-time jobs over the course of a year with the earnings of men working the same amount of time. Some academics argue that the gap between the sexes is smaller if you account for a number of variables, including an employee’s length of time in the workforce, specific occupation and education level.

Even the most conservative estimates, however, suggest that women earn 5 to 12 percent less for doing similar jobs as men…

Not how even the WP is dialing back on the supposed gender gap in wages. But even this smaller gap is a lie. And how do we know that? Because it is against the law to pay people different salaries for the same work based on their gender.

In fact, it is against the law in several way (including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which the Democrats opposed), to discriminate in pay based on gender. — So anyone who has such a complaint has plenty of recourse to sue their employer.  But they don’t because it is just a Democrat fantasy.

Meanwhile, we also have this from the Washington Post:

The White House’s own wage gender gap

By Juliet Eilperin | April 7, 2014

As President Obama prepares to unveil two new executive orders aimed at narrowing the wage gap between men and women, press secretary Jay Carney defended the fact that women at the White House earn, on average, 88 cents for every dollar that men do.

During the White House briefing Monday, reporters asked Carney to explain why an analysis by the American Enterprise Institute found the median salary for female White House staffers was 12 percent lower than those of male staffers.

In fact, according to the Washington Free Beacon, back in 2012 the White House paid women 18% less than men. Which is 82 cents for every dollar. And, as we have also noted before, the Democrats in Congress have even worse disparities.

"What I can tell you is that we have as an institution here have aggressively addressed this challenge, and obviously, though, at the 88 cents that you cite, that is not a hundred, but it is better than the national average," he said…

Meaning the myth that women are only paid 77% of what men are paid. Which is a long since debunked myth.

What accounts for the wage gap at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? It is probably part of what accounts for the broader discrepancy between men and women’s salaries: Women often take time off or scale back their hours to take care of children, and make up a disproportionate share of employees in lower-earning professions…

The. Hell. You. Say. You see? The Washington Post will even resort to an inconvenient truth to defend Obama’s White House.

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