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Obama To Stay Away To Help Dems In Fall

Some surprising admissions from the New York Times:

To Help Democrats in the Fall, Obama May Stay Away


July 31, 2010

WASHINGTON — As lunch was served in the Roosevelt Room of the White House one day last week, President Obama assured the nine Democratic members of Congress sitting around the table that he would do anything he could to help them survive their fall elections.

Even, he said, if it meant staying away.

“You may not even want me to come to your district,” Mr. Obama said, according to guests, nearly all of whom hold seats that Republicans are aggressively seeking.

Three months before the midterm elections, the president is stepping up his involvement in the fight to preserve the Democratic Party’s control of Congress. But advisers said he would concentrate largely on delivering a message, raising money and motivating voters from afar, rather than on racing from district to district.

It is a vivid shift from the last two elections, when Mr. Obama was the hottest draw for Democratic candidates in red and blue states alike. And it highlights the tough choices Democrats face as they head toward Election Day with the president’s approval ratings depressed, Republicans energized, the economic slump still lingering and two veteran House Democrats now facing public hearings on ethics charges.

The Democrats aren’t facing disaster just because of the economy or their own obvious venality.

It’s the socialism, stupid.

Democrats who are on the ballot hope to make the election about issues other than Mr. Obama, including the benefits to their constituents of the health care and stimulus legislation and the argument that voting Republican means a return to the policies of President George W. Bush.

You know, those hateful policies of lower taxes and high growth and full employment.

That line of thinking is largely shared inside the West Wing, where advisers are trying to determine the balance between using Mr. Obama to inspire voters and keeping him from becoming a defining negative presence. Already, Mr. Obama is popping up more as a target in Republican campaign advertisements than as a positive presence in Democratic ones.

Gee, how could that be? Still, they have nothing to worry about. They can still trot out the rest of their leadership, who are wildly popular, like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

The president has taken several steps to ease tensions [sic].

He is headlining a dozen fund-raisers in August, and he has purposefully sharpened his rhetoric against Republicans to help lead the political debate

To "ease tensions" the great unifier will continue on his mission of bringing us all together — by lying about half the country.

The White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is a point person for members of Congress and governors seeking campaign help or advice…

It’s nice to see what the White House priorities are.

But several Democratic candidates and party leaders said in interviews that they were not sure Mr. Obama’s political operation was focused on the 2010 fight, and they questioned whether the president sees himself as the head of the party.

What a laugh. What else has Mr. Obama done as President, but campaign and fundraise?

A huge database of people who supported Mr. Obama’s presidential bid remains off-limits to other Democrats, unless special exceptions are made. Several elected officials have complained that requests for fund-raisers and other types of help get lost in the bureaucracy and are not granted until repeated appeals are made. And members of Congress have raised objections for not being notified that grants or federal projects would be announced in their districts…

For all the questions about whether the White House is doing enough, the Democratic National Committee, under Mr. Obama’s control, is investing $20 million in campaigns for the House and the Senate…

And the committee has pledged $30 million to turn out voters. The party has built an extensive modeling and targeting operation, where an individual score is assigned to every voter in a Congressional district, giving strategists the ability to find supporters (particularly those first-time voters who backed Obama) and make sure they cast ballots…

“We have to close that enthusiasm gap that exists around the country,” said David Plouffe, who managed the Obama campaign in 2008 and is the president’s top political strategist.

In other words, the Democrats will fill the gap left by ACORN.

Three high-profile Democratic defeats — governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey last year, and the election to choose a successor to Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts early this year — taught the White House at least one thing that is being applied to the midterm elections: Mr. Obama cannot swoop in at the 11th hour and turn a local race

They sure are quick to catch on, aren’t they?

It’s only taken how many elections for them to figure this out?

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8 Responses to “Obama To Stay Away To Help Dems In Fall”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Any chance he leaves CONUS to ride it out until 2012?

    Kenya, Sudan, Liberia, Chavezland?
    We the people, need a vacation from Jumbo the Dumbo.

  2. wstuga says:

    Does anyone actually think that Mr. above all the divisive talk aka the most thin skinned president in the history of the USA, can actually not campaign for democrats? I don’t think his ego will allow him to stay away.

  3. proreason says:

    This is an important story.

    It means that the Moron isn’t just a guy who got lucky and is now happy to spend a few yeas as our Oprah presient.

    It means he is a committed idealogue willing to set aside even his galactic ego for a few months to further his mission of destroying the country and plowing the ground to plunder it and rule the serfs in eternity.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I see what you mean. It’s been a lingering fear recently that the Dims are going to hold the Bush tax cuts ransom to get some Republican converts to the bigger items of the comin’ Lame Duck session. If they don’t just deem it all passed that is.

      DingleBarry won’t be able to run from the public fury when our finances collapse again next year. Porkulus is just too obvious of a ball and chain. Hashing out a high-profile compromise of say Tax Cut Extensions mixed with Crap and Tax could be a way of stabilizing revenues for a couple years while accelerating the overall destruction of the private sector. It also gives an out to blame when businesses continue to inevitably fail – “See tax cuts weren’t the answer.”

      Cynical politics that I can’t still have trouble accepting it’s come to. But you’re right. They’re subverting while we sleep.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “It means he is a committed idealogue willing to set aside even his galactic ego for a few months to further his mission of destroying the country and plowing the ground to plunder it and rule the serfs in eternity.”

      Pro, you are spot on. Barry’s ideology is and will continue to be a real threat to our republic. I keep thinking of the Newsweek cover, “We’re All Socialists Now”. Barry and his ilk’s new world order is actually Communism. The fact Barry is able to “set aside his galactic ego for a few months” shows how calculating and conniving he and the puppet master are.

      “…rule the serfs in eternity.”

      Just happened on a blog regarding Barry’s View visit last night. Someone wrote in favor, wish I could remember the exact word, of what meant Barry the dictator. I was shocked, disgusted and ALARMED an American would think this way.

  4. canary says:

    The NY Times was privy to the secret meeting, or did one of the 9 in the room leak, or make sure the NY Times knows the discussion as
    Obama keeps announcing “We shouldn’t be campaigning all the time”. We should be governing. Obama makes it sound like the Republicans are the ones that shouldn’t be campaigning forcing him to campaign. He is such a narcissist.

  5. P. Aaron says:

    We can count on one of the networks to air a special the weekend before the election; sports or some such that will feature an Obama interview to remind everyone that he’s still a wreckin’ ball.

    As if the rapant foreclosures, unemployment and BIDEN aren’t enough to remind us.

  6. BigOil says:

    Better to get the word out publicly that it is a strategy to voluntarily stay away than showing up for appearances and having the candidates run away. Barry’s massive ego couldn’t handle the rejection.

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