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Obama To Use BP Fines To ‘Restore Gulf’

From a shamelessly brazen Associated Press:

Obama urged to use spill fines to restore Gulf

By Dina Cappiello Tue Sep 28, 2010

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s point person on the Gulf coast’s restoration will recommend paying for it with some of the billions of dollars in civil penalties that could be collected from companies responsible for the oil spill.

That recommendation by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus will be in a report released Tuesday in New Orleans, a portion of which was obtained by The Associated Press.

"In order to help address the damage inflicted upon the region, dedicated recovery funds are absolutely essential," the report reads.

What “damage” was that? Haven’t we been told that the beaches are practically pristine. And that the actual damage to the Gulf coast was minimal.

So where would these billions of dollars go? (Just kidding. We know where.)

A senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the announcement was not yet made, said the White House has already endorsed the proposal and President Barack Obama will ask Congress to dedicate "a significant amount" to the region’s recovery

Who didn’t see this coming? Mr. Obama and the Democrats are past masters of using other people’s money to buy votes. And there is an election coming, you know. That ‘walking around money’ has to come from somewhere.

Dedicating fines levied against BP PLC and other companies involved in the April 20 accident to restoration and directly to Gulf states, which the report also calls for, will require a change in law. Currently, Clean Water Act fines go into a trust fund to pay for oil spill cleanups.

But if successful, it would go a long way to solving what has been a critical problem in past efforts to restore the coast — money.

Do you think these people will bridle at changing the rules in the middle of the game? Don’t be ridiculous.

Not only is a ‘crisis a terrible thing to waste,’ they must wring as much money as possible out of a ‘crisis.’ Democrat foot soldiers don’t come cheap.

And Mr. Obama didn’t teach ACORN how to ‘get out the vote’ for nothing.

The report intentionally doesn’t say how much of the penalties should be used, leaving it to Congress.

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and other Louisiana lawmakers are pushing legislation that would require at least 80 percent of the civil and criminal penalties charged to BP, and possibly other companies, to be returned to the Gulf Coast.

That could end up being tens of billions of dollars. Maximum penalties under the Clean Water Act could be up to $1,100 per barrel of oil spilled. If BP is found to have committed gross negligence, those fines could rise to $4,300 per barrel. That means BP, along with other companies found responsible, could face total penalties of $5.4 billion to $21.1 billion under the law

There is that magic number of $20 billion again. Lest we forget, these penalty caps were just jacked up by a factor of ten.

And why not? BP and the other oil producers have an endless supply of money.

Still, if the Gulf coast officials and Congress and Mr. Obama are determined to make sure no oil company ever drills in the US again, they are sure doing exactly the right things.

And that is clearly their real purpose.

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6 Responses to “Obama To Use BP Fines To ‘Restore Gulf’”

  1. bill says:

    Another slush fund to reward Obama’s useful idiots.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    3 card Monte with dingleBarry as the card sharp.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Proof that the petulant man-child is in no way done with his freight train of destruction. The impending lame duck session is another example. Punish the nation, punish the citizens, become the overburdening fools that they are, only in the most obvious sense. The no longer care about being subtle, it’s “in-your-face” time and they are going to really show us how ugly they are.

    Most of us here at S&L were already acutely aware of the trait but now they are not only desperate, they are also angry. Anger has a way of ripping the veneer off and showing the construction underneath. If they can’t be in office, then dammitall, they are gonna make us PAY!

    And, that completes the scenario. They have been angry all their lives. From the day they were told no by their parents to the military wanting them to register for the draft, to the “man” messing up their feng shui and killing their buzz. Spoiled children acting out. Partly, it’s our own fault for letting them have their head in their youth. But it is also fixable. So, after the tantrums are over, a sensible, adult congress can vote to defund and dismantle their little time-bombs. Then, truly, we can move ahead again as a nation.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      They knowingly try to destroy us so why can’t we return the favor after the end of January with a term or two in the Slammer? Not Club Fed either.
      Strip them of their wealth and reduce them to the mass of the unwashed.

      Justice will be served in my eyes!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      LD, I hear and I understand but there may be a better way. Out and out persecution of them is a bad idea. What needs to be done is to conduct criminal investigations on the entire crew and give barry a look-see as to what he’ll be facing once his term is over, if there are no impeachment proceedings.

      Always, elected members of the government get great leniency in what would amount to criminal trials for you and me. I have heard it said that it’s because they are elected, the people themselves are partly responsible. In years past, I may have given that a slight head-nod but I feel now that it’s utter poppycock.

      And here’s why: If anyone in this nation intentionally subverts the government for their own gain, or for the purpose of making the populace suffer, they are therefore criminals. I think with the correct line of questioning, the conclusion that Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd and many others had rotten intentions from the start. For example, the pointed questions that they have never been asked like, “What did you intend to happen by forcing banks to provide loans to bad credit risk home-buyers?” Or, “Ms. Pelosi, you are on the record as stating that you did not read the helathcare bill before it was voted on, yet you pushed it very hard and I have here sworn affidavits that you coerced other members of congress to vote for it by bargaining and backroom deals. You yourself had said, ‘We have to pass this bill in order to find out what’s in it’. Now please tell the board what, exactly you meant by that.”

      If nothing else happens, I want them to have the questions put to them that should have been addressed last year and the year before. TARP, Housing meltdown, The Oil Spill, Fighting Arizona, all of it. Like Tom Cruise said in “A Few Good Men”, “I want the truth”. And, going a step further, failure to answer is grounds for criminal investigation and charges levied upon them.

      Never in my young life have I seen this government so dysfunctional. So petty. So self-serving. And it is criminal.

      And certainly I’d love to see them have to pay crippling penalties for feathering their own nests, cutting corporations off at the knees, but only those things that are expressly illegal. I’m quite sure there are laws and statutes that cover everything they’ve done. But…to do it clearly, openly, in such a way that when they are asked a question, they are given every opportunity to answer without interruption and let them just explain themselves, if they can.

      I am reminded of the movies I watched about the Nuremberg war trials and how many of the officers and especially Goering were so visibly insulted at being questioned; So put upon.

      But for our government elite, They owe us answers. They intentionally ignored what the electorate was telling them and the answer “I vuss chust followink orderz” will not float just like it didn’t float in Nuremberg. No, the architects of this debacle have to be held accountable. They have to be put on record, in their own words so that when it is referred to 100 years from now, the justification for why the people removed them will be obvious.

      Prison time? Hard to do that, much as I would like to see it. The worst that can happen is fines levied, their careers ruined.

      I really hope the republicans who are elected into office move to have hearings. The people are pissed and we deserve to know what they were thinking.

    • proreason says:

      Remember this name. Darrel Issa.

      You will hear a lot from him next year.

      He’s filthy rich, a powerful Republican congressman and he hates marxist criminals just as much as we do.

      For a laugh, read his Wiki bio. You’ll see how an ‘objective’ encyclopedia describes a strong Republican.

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