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Obama To Waive ‘No Child Left Behind’ Rules

From a relieved Associated Press:

Official: 10 states get ed waiver

February 9, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Thursday will free 10 states from the strict and sweeping requirements of the No Child Left Behind law, giving leeway to states that promise to improve how they prepare and evaluate students, The Associated Press has learned.

The first 10 states to receive the waivers are Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Tennessee. The only state that applied for the flexibility and did not get it, New Mexico, is working with the administration to get approval, a White House official told the AP

Oddly enough, many of these states are very crucial to Obama’s re-election. And he certainly doesn’t want to tick off his foot soldiers in the teachers unions. Especially, when they are also his biggest donors.

So who can doubt that by election day, every state will have been given a waiver?

A total of 28 other states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have signaled that they, too, plan to seek waivers — a sign of just how vast the law’s burdens have become as a big deadline nears

Actually, this is a sign of how horribly our education system is failing our students, despite all of the money that is thrown at it. The standards for NCLB are pathetically low. And they don’t even kick in until 2014. (The law was enacted back in January 2002.)

No Child Left Behind requires all students to be proficient in reading and math by 2014. Obama’s action strips away that fundamental requirement for those approved for flexibility, provided they offer a viable plan instead. Under the deal, the states must show they will prepare children for college and careers, set new targets for improving achievement among all students, reward the best performing schools and focus help on the ones doing the worst.

In September, Obama called President George W. Bush’s most hyped domestic accomplishment an admirable but flawed effort that hurt students instead of helping them. He said action was necessary because Congress failed to update the law despite widespread bipartisan agreement that it needs fixing.

The standards are racist, of course.

Republicans have charged that by granting waivers, Obama was overreaching his authority.

How preposterous. Mr. Obama is a Constitutional scholar. He knows that he can make anyone exempt from any law that has been passed by Congress with the stroke of a pen. He ‘can’t wait’ for Congress.

The executive action by Obama is one of his most prominent in an ongoing campaign to act on his own where Congress is rebuffing him. No Child Left Behind was primarily designed to help the nation’s poor and minority children and was passed a decade ago with widespread bipartisan support. It has been up for renewal since 2007. But lawmakers have been stymied for years by competing priorities, disagreements over how much of a federal role there should be in schools and, in the recent Congress, partisan gridlock

And Obama ‘can’t wait’ to lower the educational standards.

For all the cheers that states may have about the changes, the move also reflects the sobering reality that the United States is not close to the law’s original goal: getting children to grade level in reading and math…

Clearly, we need to spend more money on education.

In states granted a waiver, students will still be tested annually. But starting this fall, schools in those states will no longer face the same prescriptive actions spelled out under No Child Left Behind. A school’s performance will also probably be labeled differently

In other words, there will still be tests. But they will now be meaningless. There will be no performance standards. Which is a great lesson for students.

Still, it is just the way the teachers unions like it.

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One Response to “Obama To Waive ‘No Child Left Behind’ Rules”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Thank you God that my parents schooled me at home long before it was en vogue.

    And that, in the main, like many of us here, my real education has been self-taught.

    Don’t want, don’t need and reject “Government Schooling”.

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