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Obama Tobacco Free, Michelle Inspires Staff

First from an ‘in love’ New York Times:

In this May 20, 2011 file photo, White House chefs, from left, executive chef Chriseta Comerford, Adam Collick, and Susie Morrison, prepare salads in the kitchen of the White House in Washington.

President Is ‘Tobacco Free,’ and ‘Fit at 50,’ Doctor Finds

October 31, 2011

WASHINGTON — Forget the rumors that he has been sneaking cigarettes; President Obama is “tobacco free,” the president’s doctor said in reporting the results of the president’s second physical since he took office.

Just out of curiosity how does one know if a patient is "tobacco free"? And how long does it take to become officially "tobacco free"? By his own admission, Mr. Obama has quit smoking on numerous occasions.

In a two-page report released by the “first doctor,” Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman gave the president a strong bill of health, saying he was a physically active 50-year-old who eats a healthy diet (the president regularly cites the influence of the first lady, Michelle Obama, for that one), stays at a healthy weight and “on occasion drinks alcohol,” in moderation.

Well, we know he isn’t suffering from overwork.

(But "First Doctor"? When will it stop?)

“The president is in excellent health and fit for duty,” Dr. Kuhlman said. “All clinical data indicate he will remain so for the duration of his presidency.”

So at least Obama can’t blame his health.

In addition, Dr. Kuhlman praised Mr. Obama — an avid golfer and basketball player — as “fit at 50” and “staying healthy at 50+.” He said Mr. Obama was current on all age-appropriate screening tests

Even though Mr. Obama does not always act ‘age-appropriate’ himself.

Not to be outdone, the Associated Press has this bouquet for our miraculous First Lady:

White House staff lose weight, credit first lady

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE – Associated Press
October 31, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Surrounded all day and most nights by delicious cakes, cookies, pies and more, Susie Morrison gave in to temptation too often during long hours at work in the White House pastry kitchen.

But no more.

Never a runner, the assistant pastry chef has finished her first 5K run. When the weather cooperates, she pedals her bicycle 26 miles roundtrip to work. She’s eating more vegetables, limiting coffee and drinking up to a gallon of water every day — dietary changes that Morrison says helped her drop 30 pounds from her 5-foot-5 frame in about 18 months.

One person gets most of the credit for Morrison’s lifestyle makeover: Michelle Obama.

While the first lady’s campaign to lower childhood obesity rates will need time to produce results, if ever, the White House is one place where her message about eating balanced meals and getting more exercise is not only resonating, but showing results, too.

"She is a great inspiration for me to focus every day to try harder, and I have," Morrison said.

Some of Morrison’s colleagues are also taking the message to heart — and the proof is in their waistlines.

Four members of the White House residence staff — Morrison, two chef colleagues and an assistant curator — have lost more than 110 pounds since July 2010. They have kept the weight off so far

Four people? According to the New York Times, the White House residence has a staff of 93. So it would appear that 89 of of the staff have not lost weight, despite the presence of this wonder woman. And we are supposed to be impressed with these results?

Besides, we thought you were never supposed to trust a thin chef.

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10 Responses to “Obama Tobacco Free, Michelle Inspires Staff”

  1. DW says:

    I can’t help but wonder if these people were badgered into doing this.
    Any POTUS and FLOTUS would be intimidating enough even when the economy is booming never mind when it’s crashing down around your ears.

    And you sure as hell wouldn’t say anything to the press about it.
    Not unless you knew for a fact that Joe the Plumber is hiring…

    • JohnMG says:

      If I had to work around these two specimens I’d probably soon suffer from involuntary bulima. It’s all I can do to keep from hurling whenever I see a picture of either of them. I can only imagine what it must be like to be in close proximity.

    • DW says:

      Well how do you think they’d feel???
      Haw haw haw haw….

      (just kidding John! ;-)

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “The president is in excellent health and fit for duty,” Dr. Kuhlman said. “All clinical data indicate he will remain so for the duration of his presidency.”

    What an idiotic thing for a physician to say.

  3. jobeth says:

    So, “…she pedals her bicycle 26 miles round trip to work…”

    Uhhh…she pedals to 26 miles a day to and from work every day and she credits Michelle with weight loss? Lordy with that kind of mileage she could sample every sweetie in the kitchen and still lose weight.

    But let me think about this too….She bikes 13 miles each way, each day, in DC TRAFFIC?

    Is she saying that with a straight face?

    Anyone who has ever driven in the center of DC, especially during RUSH HOUR, and during dusk or dark, knows that a daily bike ride in the center of that city, is the very definition of “Extreme Sports” and “Adrenaline rush”!

    Not to mention a low life expectancy or a death wish!.

    Oh my…a death wish…THAT’s has to be the explanation…It’ll look like an accident so her insurance will still pay off double!.

    Michelle may need to back off a tad or she may be noticing a spike in the suicide rate at the WH.

    • JohnMG says:

      By my calculations, that would amount to about two hours of pedal time each way, every day. And that would be on a GOOD day.

      Some “thinking” individual at the White House (maybe Michelle?) should figure a way to add a generator to that bike and donate the electricity generated to the goons at #OWS / Zucotti Park. Talk about alternative energy sources…….

    • jobeth says:

      How could I have missed this….

      She says she drinks up to a gallon of water a day That’s 128 ounces a day!!! Add that to her 26miles a day in the DC traffic, I venture to say she has to have a pee pee problem!

      Most of us who work hard at our daily water intake have to fight hard to get 64 ounces down a day. My hats off to her if she can double that. Ever hear of water toxicity lady? Especially when you remember the food nazis are demanding we stop using salt

      Now add a full 8hr work day to the at least 4 hours commute time and gallon of water and her bathroom breaks…How in the heck does she ever get time to eat all those veggies she said she eats now?

      I’m counting a minimum of 12 hours here, not counting on a bath time, applying makeup and dressing and undressing. So add at least 2 more hours there….total 14 hours. Does she sleep at all? Maybe 8 hours. (I’d be dead after all this)

      Soooo, we are we to assume Michelle’s life style plans for her “help” leaves no time for a family or even to grocery shop….because if it was me…I’d be needing to sleep my 2 days off.

      I’m envisioning her falling face down and snoring in a big bowl of Mousse’.

      Wonder if the WH ever thinks about the things they say. Kind of like Hillary and her being named after a man who didn’t accomplish anything until long after she was born

    • David says:

      I’ve only been to DC once, but coming from the west coast I was struck by how awful the city was for bicycling! Hardly anyone I saw biked compared to other major cities.

  4. Natural Born Citizen says:

    Normally the POTUS would release his health records, (physical checkup at the minimum) to the public. Since BHO has never done this and in affect has delivered a note from his doctor claiming good health. I wonder what he is really hiding? (Other than the fact he still wants us to believe he is tobacco free.) Unfortunately he could be caught smoking crack in the WH with Marion Barry and still get a 40% approval rating.

  5. canary says:

    Michele waving a large stainless steel cooking spoon: “If your going to be on my “Cooking for Michelle” reality show you’d better work harder! You’d better work faster! TV Regulations won’t let my WH plantation children do the growing, washing, and cooking
    those peas!!! I’m only picking skinny people to be on my cooking show!!!

    Lest we forget the top WH chef was the private chef who cooked for the Obama in Illinoise. Lest we forget Obama’s 2006 book made it clear Michelle didn’t like to cook nor have time to cook as she raised their daughters alone, and the doctor told them to stop the fast food. They quit paying the come to their home nanny, got grandma to do that and paid a chef.

    Susie: “She is a great inspiration for me to focus every day to try harder, and I have,” Morrison said.

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