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Obama Tries To Stop Execution Of Mexican

From the UK’s Guardian:

Obama tries to stop execution in Texas of Mexican killer

US president warns Texan authorities that execution would put America in breach of international legal obligations

Chris McGreal in Washington
Tuesday 5 July 2011

President Barack Obama is attempting to block the execution in Texas on Thursday of a Mexican man because it would breach an international convention and do "irreparable harm" to US interests.

And who can doubt that this is true? In fact, this is just another ‘get out the vote effort,’ by which Mr. Obama seeks to assure the loyalty of illegal alien rapists and murderers.

The White House has asked the US supreme court to put the execution of Humberto Leal Garcia on hold while Congress passes a law that would prevent the convicted rapist and murderer from being put to death along with dozens of other foreign nationals who were denied proper access to diplomatic representation before trials for capital crimes.

The administration moved after the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, brushed aside appeals from diplomats, top judges, senior military officers, the United Nations and former president George W Bush to stay Leal’s execution because it could jeopardise American citizens arrested abroad as well as US diplomatic interests.

Because Mr. Perry and Mr. Bush are heartless Republicans.

Leal, 38, was convicted in 1994 of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in San Antonio. Few question that he was responsible for the killing but the Texas authorities failed to tell Leal, who was born in Mexico and has lived in the US since the age of two, that under the Vienna convention he was entitled to contact the Mexican consulate when he was arrested.

So what could be more obvious than that Mr. Leal should have all the charges against him dropped and be paid reparations.

Leal’s lawyers argue that the lack of consular access played a role in the death penalty being applied because the Mexican national incriminated himself in statements made during "non-custodial interviews" with the police on the day of the murder. Had Leal had access to the Mexican consulate it would have been likely to have arranged a lawyer who would have advised the accused man to limit his statements to the police. As it was, the Mexican authorities were never informed of his arrest.

If only Mr. Leal had been told not to confess.

In a 30-page brief to the supreme court, the administration said that the carrying out of the execution "would place the United States in irreparable breach of its international law obligation" under the convention.

Yes. Mexico might retaliate by sending us all of their unwanted citizens.

The White House said it was in the US’s interests to meet its treaty obligations. "These interests include protecting Americans abroad, fostering co-operation with foreign nations, and demonstrating respect for the international rule of law," it said.

And Mr. Obama a stickler for following the rule of law. Just ask Judge Roger Vinson, for starters.

Carrying out Leal’s execution would cause "irreparable harm" to US interests abroad, the administration added

The legal situation has been complicated by earlier court rulings.

In 2004, the international court of justice (ICJ) ruled that the US authorities had failed to meet its legal obligations to 51 Mexicans awaiting execution in American prisons when they were not informed of their right to contact their consulates.

The then president, George W Bush, a former Texas governor who backs the death penalty, said the US would adhere to the ICJ ruling which, in effect, meant the death sentences would be reviewed or commuted. But in 2008 the supreme court ruled that while the US government was obliged to comply with the ICJ ruling it did not have the power to force individual American states to do so. Only Congress could require adherence by passing a law.

The Obama administration has told the supreme court that a bill has recently been introduced in to the Senate to do just that but it is unlikely to win the approval of both houses of Congress before next year.

So this is just grandstanding, at best.

The White House wants Leal’s execution put on hold until the law is passed but two courts have already ruled that pending legislation has no effect on the legal process.

You would think a Constitutional scholar like Mr. Obama would know this.

But he is just doing what the left always does. ‘Judge shopping’ until he gets the decision he wants.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “Obama Tries To Stop Execution Of Mexican”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “who was born in Mexico and has lived in the US since the age of two, that under the Vienna convention he was entitled to contact the Mexican consulate when he was arrested”

    Not if King Obama and court jester Reid had passed the DREAM act. The duplicity of democrats is sickening.

  2. Tater Salad says:

    We need to get this law passed before the Obama Regime has any chance to stop it from happening!

    Do you want Sharia Law to get a foothold in American courts throughout the United States? H.R. 973 has been introduced and needs to be advanced in Congress and made into law. Every Congressmen who does not vote affirmative for this law needs to be “exposed” to the American people.

    What is H.R. 973? This is a simple, short bill designed to protect Americans from being forced under laws which we did not enact, but were enacted by foreign powers or foreign peoples. The motivation for this bill is primarily that the sponsors do not want judges to use Shariah law, but this bill would apply to any foreign law which judges might use to subvert the Constitution or the will of the people of the United States. We are a sovereign nation.

    Please visit these websites and get the true facts needed to write your Senators and Representatives demanding them to support this Bill.

    1. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h112-973

    2. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.973.IH:

    3. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/112-h973/show

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    “President Barack Obama is attempting to block the execution in Texas on Thursday of a Mexican man because it would breach an international convention and do “irreparable harm” to US interests.”

    What about the “irreparable harm” to our U.S. interests?
    Such as the life of a 16 yr.old girl that was snuffed out by a border jumping
    mexican murdering rapist. Why is it that foreign criminals and law breakers
    have more rights than the rubes?

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    So a couple of college co eds kidnapped by North Korea are the same as a child rapist/murderer in Texas.

    Gee you gotta wonder what kind of a moron Garcia is to do something like that in Texas of all places.

  5. Enthalpy says:

    The Federal law prohibiting Humberto Leal Garcia from being in the United States in the first place has been completely ignored by Obama. He and his minions have done their best to see that we are not a sovereign nation, that we have no borders, and that Cloward-Piven is implemented in all of our border states. Besides, since when does Barack Obama worry about any kind of obligations? The Constitution of the United States means nothing to him other than it’s a stumbling block on his way towards totalitarianism.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    Prediction!!! Looking at Carlos (whatever!) mug shot – how long before Hollywood makes a movie (sorry film) about this poor suffering wayward soul, lost in a foreign country, frustrated & humiliated so far away from the home he left (er I mean he knew).

    And who does RB Casting put into the role?


    Check it out!

    I can see it now. Late night with Conan (is he still on), Telemundo & Letterman.

    I’ll pass on the fee – I’ll take points instead.

  7. Melly says:

    “… who was born in Mexico and has lived in the US since the age of two, that under the Vienna convention he was entitled to contact the Mexican consulate when he was arrested…” I thought law enforcement was discouraged from asking someone they apprehended whether or not they were a legal citizen. It such a policy was is place to discourage profiling then really all of this is moot.

  8. canary says:

    How does Obama have time to learn illegal Mexicans convicted of murder and rape on death row.

    How would he feel if it was his own daughter. Explain that to his daughters.

    Could he explain this to his daughters

    Or would it be the lifelong muslim culture, family, preacher, and friends, so embedded that this is Obama’s attitude towards little girls and women raped and killed.

    With notorious murderous Mexicans coming into out country it’s probably the death penalty that keeps the murders and rapes down. Even if we got rid of the death penalty, we could say with exception of illegals who come into our country will get the death penalty.

    I’m telling ya. Obama doesn’t care about U.S. soldiers getting killed, or blown up. He’s cold stone hearted.

  9. P. Aaron says:

    Fire up ‘Sparky’ & turn it up to high. Texas is reducing prison overcrowding. 50-50 compassion.

  10. MinnesotaRush says:

    So, I wonder, will o-blah-blah and holder be trying to help save this American (or any American) who appears to be being set up in Mexico???


    Hmmmmm??? Just askin’ ya’ know.

  11. beautyofreason says:

    If only Obama stood up for American interests as much as he stood up for that Mexican cretin who raped and killed a young girl. Of course the support will be veiled by obtuse language, but he consistently sides with the baddies against the interest of our country.

    “Carrying out Leal’s execution would cause “irreparable harm” to US interests abroad.”

    Not seeking justice for American victims of violent crime no doubt sends a bad message about our country, too. It says that we do not protect our own. It says that we place the laws of other nations above the interests of our own. It says that the bleeding hearts care more about illegals who commit crime than those who are the victims. It is a small example of the sickly self-interest of the left.

  12. canary says:

    Obama could have him tutor his girls on Spanish for his rehabilitation.

  13. oldpuppydixie says:

    So the Supreme Court should stop the execution so Congress can manufacture a law preventing it!!!! Gee…what could POSSIBLY be ILLEGAL/DISGRACEFUL about THAT!!!!! Any time Hussein doesn’t like a verdict, just put everything on hold and change the friggin LAW!!!!!

  14. jimreport says:

    Leal and his lead attorney (Presidunce Obama) get the smack down by SCOTUS.Let the irreparable harm commence.

  15. artboyusa says:

    “…who was born in Mexico”. Yeah, like that matters. In the new world that’s a-building there will be no countries or borders, no old fashioned national identities or suchlike. Just One World, full of happy One World citizens busily raping and murdering each other…

  16. Natural Born Citizen says:

    This animal has been on death row for 17 years! Where is the justice in that? They would be more logical in arguing for this being cruel and unusual punishment by having to sit on death row for 17 years than the BS they are trying to argue. Face it this un-American thug gives more credence to the UN which does not approve of the death penalty. At the same time pandering to illegal aliens whether they are violent criminals or not. Where is the concern for the US citizen victim and her family?

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