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Obama Has His Very Own ‘Presidential Seal’

From New York Daily News:

Barack Obama appears with personalized presidential seal

BY Michael Saul and Celeste Katz

Friday, June 20th 2008

Barack Obama introduced his own take on the presidential seal on Friday.

Yes, he can. But, really: Oh, no, he didn’t!

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign raised eyebrows and elicited snickers Friday when it unveiled the Obamamania version of the presidential seal…

Featuring an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, the seal contained a Latin phrase for a touch of gravitas that roughly translates to "Yes, We Can." …

Snarked John McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, "I think we can all agree that we need presidential candidates that are serious enough not to play make-believe on the campaign trail."

"It’s laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing all at the same time," Bounds said.


It truly is all those things. And it is also illegal, but who’s counting?

Just remember, Mr. Obama has no experience, no record.

All he has is his famed "judgment."

So he obviously has nothing.

And no, as the article notes, the Latin "vero possumus" does not translate to "truly we are possums."

Though it should.

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