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Obama Uses IRS To Overturn ‘Citizens United’

From a gleeful Associated Press:

IRS pushes to rein in tax-exempt political groups

By ANDREW TAYLOR | November 27, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is trying to rein in the use of tax-exempt groups for political campaigning. The effort launched Tuesday is an attempt to reduce the role of loosely regulated big-money political outfits like GOP political guru Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and the pro-Obama Priorities USA.

The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department said they want to prohibit such groups from using "candidate-related political activity" like running ads, registering voters or distributing campaign literature as activities that qualify them to be tax-exempt "social welfare" organizations…

The AP tries to portray this as wonderful news. Even though it is Obama once again using regulations and executive orders to bypass the ‘Law Of The Land.’ In this case, as expressed by the Supreme Court’s crystal clear ruling in ‘Citizens United.’

‘Citizens United’ has obsessed Obama since day one, and he has been trying to overturn it by hook or by crook. (Cf. the IRS’s Tea Party scandal. And the FEC’s recent ruling refusing to give Tea Party donors the same kind of privacy protection that radical leftwing groups get.)

The agencies say there will be a lengthy comment period before any regulations will be finalized. That means groups like Crossroads and Priorities USA will be able to collect millions of dollars from anonymous donors ahead of next year’s campaign…

How wicked of them. Meanwhile, tax exempt unions collect untold billions of dollars a year, which they will turn over to the DNC without anyone batting an eyelash.

Organized under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code, such groups are able to raise millions of dollars to influence elections. But they can also be small-scale tea party groups, many of which say they were harassed by the IRS after seeking tax exempt status…

The Tea Party just say that. But there’s no proof that ever happened. At least according to the AP.

The 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision lifted the limits on donations by labor unions and companies to 501(c)(4) groups, allowing Crossroads, the largest of them, to raise large sums outside the limits that apply to candidates’ campaigns and traditional party committees…

But Supreme Court rulings mean nothing if they hurt Obama or the Democrat Party. And the AP doesn’t bother to note that this move would reverse that decision.

Under current rules, social welfare organizations may conduct some political work as long as it’s not their main activity. The proposed new rules would block such things as running ads that "expressly advocate for a clearly identified political candidate or candidates of a political party" as fulfilling their tax-exempt mission. And ads that simply mention a politician to, for instance, urge him or her to vote a certain way couldn’t be run 60 days before a general election of 30 days before a primary.

And yet Organizing For Action, Obama’s former campaign and current online army will not be touched. Nor will any of the other Democrat front groups that masquerade as 501c4s.

The rules also would limit voter drives and voter registration efforts and distribution of literature…

Unless done by ACORN or the SEIU or Planned Parenthood or MoveOn or Obama-Care.

The idea behind the new regulations is to simplify the rules of the road going forward, proponents say. The current rules are confusing and prone to abuse, critics say…

Oh yeah, that’s the reason for sure. What other reason could there be?

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One Response to “Obama Uses IRS To Overturn ‘Citizens United’”

  1. Right of the People says:

    And the libtards thought Nixon was evil. He was a piker compared to the Destructor in Chief, Obie-I-Won Blowme.

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