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Obama Is Courteous To ‘Hecklers’ (He Probably Invited)

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Obama meets with Hispanic hecklers who interrupted Texas economic speech

By David Martosko | 10 July 2014

‘Sit down,’ President Barack Obama begged – not ‘get out’ – after two Hispanic hecklers interrupted his economic speech on Thursday with shouts about illegal immigration.

Then, for the first time in his presidency, the Secret Service stood down and Obama promised to meet with them before he left.

‘I’m sorry, what are you yelling about now?’ Obama said amid the sudden yelling. ‘Sit down, guys. I’m almost done.’ ‘Come on, sit down. I’ll talk to you afterwards, I promise. I’ll bring you back. I’m wrapping things up here.’

We thought Obama didn’t ‘do theater.’ But if this wasn’t theater, we will eat our hat. (And we  haven’t got a hat.)

Besides, when has Obama ever showed similar courtesy to taxpaying citizens who criticize him, like Tea Party supporters?

The White House’s transcript of his remarks in the liberal enclave of Austin, Texas omits what the protesters said, but Obama replied, ‘I understand. See, everybody is going to start – I’m on your side, man. Sit down, guys, we’ll talk about it later, I promise.’ …

Who can doubt that he is on their side? He or his staff undoubtedly invited them to this expensive fundraiser and paid for their tickets.

Before returning to his teleprompter, the president told his security force to take a step back. ‘You don’t have to escort them out,’ he ordered. ‘They’ll sit down.’ …

If they were actual protesters, actual critics of Obama, they would have been dragged away in handcuffs, while Obama mocked them.

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3 Responses to “Obama Is Courteous To ‘Hecklers’ (He Probably Invited)”

  1. untrainable says:

    Did anyone check the teleprompter for references to the “hecklers”? I hope they were all working off the same script, or someone might notice that is was all staged. Oops. Simple common sense told us all that.

    Obama couldn’t respond to anything unscripted without quickly falling into a downward spiral of “Um, Uhhh, I, Uhhhh, Uhhhh, We, Uhhh Ummm, UhhRuhhh” and we all know it. It happens every single time. If the guy comes off looking like he even understood what he was reading, the inside staffers consider it a victory.

    • canary says:

      untrainable, actually he started out like a drunk monkey all the uhh duhhh ummm, and finally threw his arms over the podem to hold himself up and started squinting, and turning his head side to side determined to focus on the teleprompter. .

      He actually apologized to the youths for all his umm duhhing and swaying and and explained he had not gotten enough sleep the night before.

  2. yadayada says:

    so they went from staged fainting to staged heckling. what next?
    doubtless someone will throw a shoe at him so he can catch it and show how he is more manly than Bush or shillary.

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