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Obama: Victory Not Goal in Afghanistan

From ABC News (via YouTube) and Fox News:

Obama: ‘Victory’ Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan

President Obama has put securing Afghanistan near the top of his foreign policy agenda, but "victory" in the war-torn country isn’t necessarily the United States’ goal, he said Thursday in a TV interview.

"I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory,’ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur," Obama told ABC News.

The enemy facing U.S. and Afghan forces isn’t so clearly defined, he explained.

"We’re not dealing with nation states at this point. We’re concerned with Al Qaeda and the Taliban, Al Qaeda’s allies," he said. "So when you have a non-state actor, a shadowy operation like Al Qaeda, our goal is to make sure they can’t attack the United States." …

"We are confident that if we are assisting the Afghan people and improving their security situation, stabilizing their government, providing help on economic development … those things will continue to contract the ability of Al Qaeda to operate. And that is absolutely critical," Obama told ABC News…

Pressure from the public and opposition politicians is growing as soldiers’ bodies return home, and a poll released Thursday shows majorities in Britain, Germany and Canada oppose increasing their own troop levels in Afghanistan.

Europeans and Canadians are growing weary of the war — or at least their involvement in combat operations — even as Obama is shifting military resources to Afghanistan away from Iraq.

The United States, which runs the NATO-led force, has about 59,000 troops in Afghanistan — nearly double the number a year ago — and thousands more are on the way. There are about 32,000 other international troops in the country…

The leaders of the largest contributors to the coalition find themselves having to justify both their reasons for deploying troops and their management of the war effort

And yet, as we noted at the time, almost exactly a year ago Mr. Obama was singing a very different tune.

From the Associated Press:

Obama says Afghanistan ‘a war that we have to win’

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer

July 15, 2008

WASHINGTON – Contending that the U.S. is not pursuing a sound strategy for keeping Americans safe, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Tuesday that fighting al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan would be his top priority after ending the war in Iraq.

"This is a war that we have to win," Obama said in remarks prepared for delivery at the International Trade Center in Washington…

Of course Mr. Obama was campaigning for the Presidency back in July.

Also remember how the Democrats, including of course Mr. Obama, always claimed that we should be concentrating on Afghanistan. And, just as importantly, we should have  more of our allies fighting alongside us in the war.

Finally the Democrats have now gotten both of their purported wishes. The right war in the right place – with plenty of other Western countries helping us.

And yet, look at how poorly things are going. Any minute now our ‘allies’ will turn tail and pull out. Which will give Mr. Obama an excuse to do the same.

Which, come to think of it, was surely the Democrat plan all along.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 24th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

26 Responses to “Obama: Victory Not Goal in Afghanistan”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Try and Guess: WHO I AM?

    I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in another
    country. I was not his only child. He fathered several children with
    numerous women.

    I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me. My
    mother died at an early age from cancer.

    Later in life, questions arose over my real name.

    My birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a legitimate,
    reliable birth certificate.

    I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was
    widely accepted in my country, but I practiced non-traditional beliefs &
    didn’t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.

    I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising
    myself as someone who really cared about them..

    That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and I
    embarked on a new career.

    I wrote a book about my struggles growing up. It was clear to those who
    read my memoirs that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned
    me as a child.

    I became active in local politics in my 30’s then with help behind the
    scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office
    in my 40s. They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into
    anything. That reinforced my conceit.

    I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no
    experience in leading a single organization. Yet I was a powerful speaker
    and citizens were drawn to me as though I were a magnet and they were small
    roofing tacks.

    I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances. This bolstered
    my ego.

    At first, my political campaign focused on my country’s foreign policy. I
    was very critical of my country in the last war and seized every opportunity
    to bash my country.

    But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the
    country’s economy. I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could
    do better and every poor person would be fed & housed for free.

    I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess. It was
    the free market, banks & corporations. I decided to start making citizens
    hate them and if they were envious of others who did well, the plan was
    clinched tight.

    I called mine “A People’s Campaign” and that sounded good to all people.

    I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional
    path of politics & was able to gain widespread popular support.

    I knew that, if I merely offered the people ‘hope’ , together we could
    change our country and the world.

    So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the
    downtrodden, poor, ignorant to include “persecuted minorities” like the Jews
    My true views were not widely known & I needed to keep them unknown,
    until after I became my nation’s leader.

    I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out
    what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined
    those people I associated with.

    I’m glad they didn’t. Then I became the most powerful man in the world..
    And the world learned the truth.

    *Who am I? *



    Scary isn’t it?

  2. nuthingbettertodo says:

    “So when you have a non-citizen actor, a shadowy operation like MoveOn, our goal is to make sure they can’t attack the United States.” …

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory,’ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur,” Obama told ABC News.

    This is the most telling statement about what Blammo knows/thinks he knows about military ops.

    Sounds like he would actually PREFER that American GI’s lose their lives in order to attain non-victory.

    • Reality Bytes says:


      Try Pickin’ Up a Book Sometime!!!


      Note: According to Robert Harvey’s most excellent book, “American Shogun”, Macarthur purposely spared Hirohito the embarrassment of being summoned onto the desk of the USS Missouri as means of demonstrating the Japanese some level of respect & grace from their conquerors.

      For Cryin’ Out Loud! I didn’t get to go to college & even I know this most basic stuff. Who the Hell is running this country anyway??!!


    • catie says:

      Exactly RB! When I heard this I thought, and this clown came out of Punahou, Columbia & Haaarrrrvarrrd. What a freaking dope. Someone must have been stoned every time this was discussed in History class.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, along with the arabs inventing the compass and the automobile being invented in the US…he’s right on track with mainstream America. I only wish Leno had had him on “street-walking” at some point.

      Leno: ‘Scuse me sir

      Obama: Yesssss, wwwhat can I doforyou?

      Leno: We’re asking some questions and we’re trying to find out some things. Care to answer a few?

      Obama: (pulling out a hairbrush and some eyeliner): Why….certainly.

      Leno: First of all, what do you do for a living?

      Obama: I….uh…….am a communityorgainizer.

      Leno: A….com…….

      Obama: Community organizer….

      Leno: OK, well never mind. Can you tell me, where do french fries come from?

      Obama: Why…..uh….that’s easy…..from France of course.

      Leno: Well, actually I was looking for….potatoes…..

      Obama: Potatoes…..

      Leno: Yeah…..potatoes….see…that’s what they use to make french fries. OK…here’s another one….

      Obama: (bracing himself) OK

      Leno: Where is Hawaii located?

      Obama: Wait, I know this. Uh….it’s one of the 57 states…..

      Leno: (looking at camera) Fifty…….seven……states…

      Obama: Yes……but….

      Leno: But where is it? Is it somewhere IN the US…..or near Japan…or something?

      Obama: Uh…it has lots of water…so…..it’s in the water someplace…..maybe an ocean.

      Leno: The……PACIFIC…..ocean?

      Obama: PACIFIC….yesssss….uh….that’s correct. See? I knew that.

      Leno: OK one last question.

      Obama: Um…..alright…..asssk away.

      Leno: Where is Austria?

      Obama: Well, uh, you know….I don’t speak any foreign languages, least of all Austrian….and isn’t that the place where they “throw shrimp on the barbie”?

      Leno: That would be Aus-TRAIL-ia, and they speak English there…so….do you know where Austria is?

      Obama: Well, uh…..certainly it is one of the….uh……countries….that….uh….is…..ontheplanetEarth….and that….is….one of many.

      Leno: What?

      Obama: That…..is..uh….indigenous to the infrastructure of the nationsoftheworld.

      Leno: OK…thanks for playing Jay Leno Streetwalking…we’ll be back after this.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    LET ME BE CLEAR .. “I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory, …”

    Well, o-blah-blah, .. there’s more than a few Americans worried about YOU!

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    Our Next Contestant on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” is…

  6. proreason says:

    “worried about using the word victory”

    Of course, you prefer to rule the world through manipulating the electoral process.

    Military confrontation is high risk and dangerous, and there aren’t many second chances.

    And princes on pillows don’t take risks.

    Particularly when you are able to hypnotize the lemmings and convince them that up is down, and right is wrong.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    I was going to comment but I’m afraid I’ll be banned from this site and I do so much respect SG and the fab people who sound off. Soooooo ……. I must be content to say, “MMmmm Mmph MMMmmmm MMMMFFT!!”
    Thanks for letting get that off my chest.

    • Petronius says:

      LD, I was about to say Grrummmpfh, grrrrmummpfh, grrrrrrmummmmpfh, but you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      At last ……. someone who clearly understands where I’m coming from. Thanks Petronius!
      I think you owe me a “HARUMPH” though.
      (Blazing Saddles)

  8. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    So if victory was never the objective in Afghanistan then all our boys who died there gave their lives in vain. Damn you Mr. President.

  9. catie says:

    I thank God I am no longer active duty military having this man as my CIC. Why would he say such a thing with men and women putting their lives on the line for this country? He really hates this country doesn’t he? It should come as no surprise though but it is disgusting that this man is the CIC isn’t it?

    • neocon mom says:

      Yes, it must be such a consolation to the families of those serving and those who’ve already given their lives in this struggle that it wasn’t to actually win any type of “victory” over Islamofascism.

    • Celina says:

      This makes me want to vomit. My husband is out there. 3 weeks ago, I spent the morning with 2 wives of Airborne husbands who were trying to piece together information to make sure it wasn’t their husbands who were killed or injured in Afghanistan. But apparently it is okay if their sacrifices are for nothing.

      My prayers for everyone out there and everyone having to endure their loved one being deployed under this hack.

    • catie says:

      Well we just got word my husband is going to be going back this time to Afghanistan in about 8 months. So, it means nothing to this person who is the CIC that he sends men and women over there for nothing in his mind. Yet, his wife makes the military her “pet project”. I think not. Of course, they only meet with people who are on his Facebook page or those blue stars for obummer. Wonder if he ever speaks about victory to his fan club.
      God, I despise this man.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Catie, My prayers and thoughts are with your husband. Thank him for his service on behalf of my family.

      There are a number of men in my Future Soldiers unit who are going to go to Afghanistan as well. (I’ve started with reserve service and we meet daily at 0500 for drills. I thought I was going to die the first day but as it turns out I’m in pretty good shape for 38.) Most of them are doing their best to keep morale up, feeling ambivalent at times about the current administration. I hope Mr. Catie comes home soon, and alright, for your and our sake.

    • Celina says:

      Prayers for your husband and for you Catie, as well as the rest of your family. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I don’t know what a good way is to give you my contact information but I would be willing to give you my email address.

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well, its’ been six months and I think Blammo’s word mill (the one in his skull) is starting to get the message that it’s failing. From stupid cops to “I hate the word ‘victory’ ” we are getting more a sense of his real self.

    And watch that space because, as has been pointed out, he LOVES the limelight and LOVES to “articulate” so much…and now that he’s been told to ween off the teleprompter, look for more off-the-cuff, idiocy from his mouth. However, we the people will get more of the truth.

    It’s not just Pelosi and Biden who have this problem…it’s pretty much every democrat who gets surrounded by people who think like them and then are shocked to find out they huddled up with the other team.

    (If you’ve ever done that, you know what I mean)

    Look for more foot-in-mouth disease as the weeks slowly, agonizing, painfully wear on.

  11. GetBackJack says:

    We can win in Afghanistan in 60 days. Period.

    DARPA has developed a micro-herbicide spray that delivers a fungus lethal only to poppy crops.

    Story over.

    But rather than hear me say it, let’s hear from Dr. Jack Wheeler, a guy who humped Stingers over the mountains when the mujahadeen were fighting the Soviets. (excerpted from TO THE POINT NEWS)

    (snip) Mr. Bush refused to order Afghanistan’s
    poppy fields be wiped out via high-altitude spraying of a micro-
    herbicide developed by DARPA. And so has Zero.

    The poppy-killing fungus will cause the entire Afghan poppy crop
    (which supplies 90% of the world’s heroin) to disappear for decades –
    with no other crop being affected. Doing so would wipe out the
    Taliban and the ISI financially. But as it would also wipe out lots
    of powerful folks on the take in the Afghan and Pak governments, it
    will not be used, and the Taliban will expand its power until it takes
    over both governments. (snip)

    You know and I know that the underground drug economy keeps many political parties in business, and the only reason we don’t win the Drug War is that prominent powerful families in America are made wealthy by it. If it were not so, this plague would have ended back in the 60s.

    But let’s get Biblical to boot. Let’s look at the fall of Babylon and what God has to say about merchants, drugs and the end of their kind.

    Revelation 18:23 – … for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    Sorceries; Greek; pharmakeia, in this one instance. In short, drugs. At the end, when deception is working full blast and darkness rules everywhere the business of drugs, the profit making of drugs, the culture of drugs and the great merchants of the earth, the great men of the earth will be brought to ruin.

    I don’t think there can be any doubt in this forum that The Won is a shibboleth for deception, he is deception made flesh. My personal opinion is that drug trade profits fuel every marxist, liberal, socialist activist movement worldwide, and I have Dr. Joseph Douglass’ word on that in his seminal work RED COCAINE. As night follows day it’s obvious that The Won and those he fronts for cannot abide a “win” in Afghanistan because drug profits must flow regardless of anything else.

    And the Creator of this world has already caused us to know what the end of that is.

    • canary says:

      GetBackJack, maybe the chemical hasn’t been tested like agent orange. but Bush has been burning the poppy fields. Obama just put a stop to that, it because it was making the taliban angrier. Our soldiers are going to teach them to grow food. It was the in the news. The DEA is expanding and going over there. The mission was changed a few weeks ago, not to destroy, but to aid. More and more troops are going to help their impoverished country. Maybe Obama is going to buy the opium, for universal health care. Thanks to Obama the trafficking will get worse. Things are going to get worse.

  12. canary says:

    2006 Obama wrote once Obama escaped we should have pulled out. And then he wants to cut down on satelites and missle defense.

  13. canary says:

    Obama is just a radical black panther hippie type spit and throow stones on our soldiers. Obama is evil. I don’t know why the zombie obombies have become such “yes” boys.

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