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Obama Vows To End Evil GOP Cuts To The Military

From a completely oblivious New York Times:

Obama, Before a Military Audience, Vows to End Across-the-Board Cuts

By JACKIE CALMES | August 7, 2013

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — President Obama stood at this desert base on Wednesday before nearly 3,000 Marines, sailors and their families — and a captive audience of two Republican adversaries from Congress — and vowed that he would fight to end across-the-board budget cuts that have shaken the military.

“Here at Pendleton, you’re feeling it,” Mr. Obama said. “Hard-working folks are getting furloughed. Families getting by on less. Fewer ships available for your training exercises. The commissary your families rely on closed a day a week.”

“We can do better than that,” he added to applause. “That’s not how a great nation should be treating its military and military families.”

In a wide-ranging address, the president focused particularly on the cuts in military and domestic programs, known as sequestration, that took effect in March when he and Congressional Republicans could not agree on alternative deficit reductions…

This from the man who came up with the idea of the sequester.

“What makes me frustrated is sometimes the very folks who say they stand with our military proudly are the same ones who are standing in the way of fixing the sequester,” Mr. Obama said, without further identifying whom he had in mind…

It’s a wonder a bolt of lightning did not strike him down. Lest we forget, Congress has tried ‘to fix’ the sequester. The Republicans in Congress have been trying to lessen the effect on the military. But Obama has vowed to veto any attempts to ‘fix it.’

Even as Mr. Obama promised to see an end to the across-the-board spending cuts this year, he said the military must inevitably face reductions now that the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan, as it did from Iraq.

Lest we forget, Obama campaigned on cutting the military by at least a trillion dollars. And he has surely done so. But he wants to do even more.

“Our military will be leaner. Budgets will be tighter, and that’s only natural. Part of ending a war responsibly is moving off a perpetual wartime footing,” he said, adding to cheers, “It’s time to use some of the money we’ve been spending on war to do some nation-building right here at home.” …

"Nation building at home" means giving more money to his constituents. So they will, in turn, plow some of it back to the coffers of the Democrat Party.

Expanding on comments he made the night before on “The Tonight Show” on NBC, the president acknowledged that Al Qaeda remains a danger demanding military vigilance…

“As I’ve said before,” he added, “even as we decimated the Al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, Al Qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threaten our homeland, still threaten our diplomatic facilities, still threaten our businesses abroad. And we’ve got to take these threats seriously and do all we can to confront them.”

In reality, Obama has decimated our military, not Al Qaeda. All the while pretending that ‘his right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing.’

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3 Responses to “Obama Vows To End Evil GOP Cuts To The Military”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    All from the perpetual motion machine that is “War is bad, therefore warriors are bad”.
    But he can’t say that to their faces (yet).

    And…what cheers, exactly is the article referring to? Did military members actually cheer anything he said or, (more likely) did the article’s author cherry-pick some gratuitous platitude the guy said and write the article to make it seem that the military members are all for cutting & gutting?

    The goal of a socialist is to gain and keep power.

    However, in Obama’s world, his goals are significantly different. Perhaps he is the greatest con-man ever discovered by virtue of the fact that he wants to DESTROY this nation and it would please him no end to have it in ruinous decimation. After all, the end-scene that I see is him wandering off with any ill-gotten financial gain he has accumulated while in the white house, dumping his wife after his term is over and running off to the “world stage” to run the UN.

    But the subtext is that he’ll be patting himself on the back for a “job well done” as he leaves behind a crippled US.

    The good thing is that the world does turn and events do occur that highlight the damage and the devastation and cause people to realize that it was all a wrecking job. We’re just not there yet. There are still the Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddows in the world who broadcast the “greatness” and the other BS that is the Obama administration in a nutshell.

    However, the ratings have shown that such personalities are losing their viewers, losing their minds and losing their paychecks. Crap may sell for a short time but it cannot do so indefinitely. As predicted, their lies, amplified over time, are heard and understood to be what they are by everyone save the most devout fellow-travelers.

    In other words, the boiler is losing steam. It’s still running but it’s not as powerful nor as fast.

    Acts of journalistic desperation have occurred and the sensationalists are still at it but losing ground to the internet media.

    Long gone are the days when any thinking US citizen chose their favorite news anchor on the TV screen. I believe over time that the American Idol viewers who want to be thought of as “aware and astute” will be left behind as they seem to be the least informed when it comes to the news.

    That pernicious lack of self-doubt on the part of socialists is actually easy to bring to the surface. Or, rather, it’s always there because it’s the very nature of a socialist to be incredibly insecure. This is why we have PC words and why they change so frequently. So…the real treat is when you ask a socialist why they support socialism. The blank stares are classic.

    The lies eventually get uncovered and they can’t hide the stink. ie: They can try to hid Detroit all they like but the fact remains that for half a century, it was run by democrats. It did everything that democrats have dreamed of doing and it spent the place into oblivion. Though kids don’t learn about capitalism and socialism in school anymore they DO learn about macrocosm/microcosm and the example set forth with Detroit is stark, glaring and loud.

    Excuses won’t work.

    Republicans can’t really stand in the way of anything.

    Even the average idiot is aware that democrats have controlled the spending. All that remains now is that the average idiot has to realize they were wrong about a lot of things and that’s the hardest part of all. Just try it sometime, even with all the evidence in front of them. They refuse to ever admit their wrong-ness. Just won’t do it.

    And that’s where we are as a nation; Elected idiots who refuse to understand they are wrong.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I’m truly surprised Obama hasn’t burst into flames from lies of this caliber

  3. bousquem25 says:

    I wonder how many more ships, planes, tanks, and boots we could have in the military if we cut his constant vacations and cut alot of the departments in the goverment. And get rid of the many people assigned to “diversify” or educate the rest of the machine about racial/gender/homosexuality/transgenderism. Of course these people would probably never be able to find a productive job in the private sector so they’ll go on to be community activists who then become scum sucking lawyers to litigate their views and/or become politicians to remold the system to enforce their views via fiat like the king/queen they view themselves to be.

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