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Obama Wants Another $50B Union Bailout

From those diehard Keynesians at the New York Times:

Michigan artist Alfred Castagne sketching WPA construction workers, May 19, 1939.

Obama to Call for $50 Billion Spending on Public Works

September 6, 2010

WASHINGTON – President Obama on Monday is to call for as much as $50 billion in government spending to start up a long-term public works plan emphasizing transportation projects – roads, rail and airport runways – over the next six years.

Wasn’t that what Mr. Obama’s first $800 billion dollar stimulus was supposed to do? If $800 billion dollars didn’t do the job, what good will $50 billion do?

Mr. Obama will lay out the plan, which is intended to promote the creation of construction jobs over the coming year and beyond, during a trip to Milwaukee on Monday afternoon, where he will observe Labor Day by attending a union festival

Are union members the only people who do labor?

It would require Congressional approval, as it envisions extending and revising a broad transportation policy bill that is usually renewed every five years or so, but has been stalled in Congress.

Despite its uncertain prospects, the White House is highlighting its proposal as one part of a broader economic recovery package that Mr. Obama is to unveil during a speech in Cleveland on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Grover Cleveland was the first American President to kowtow to the unions.

With Democrats looking at a bleak election season, in large part because of high unemployment, the White House has been scrambling to find ways to jump-start the sagging economy.

And by “jump-start the sagging economy” they mean “buy votes with taxpayers’ dollars.”

Mr. Obama’s plan would call for investment over six years, the White House says it would be front-loaded with an initial investment of $50 billion in taxpayer money, to help create jobs in as early as next year.

In other words, $50 billion is just for the first year. And this will become a permanent subsidy to the construction unions, etc.

The administration says it would work with Congress to find ways to pay for the plan, so that it would not add to the nation’s rising deficit.

What a laugh.

One possibility would be to cut existing subsidies for oil and gas exploration and production. Historically, transportation projects have been paid for largely with dedicated taxes such as those on gasoline.

Yes, skyrocketing energy and transportation prices will “jump-start the sagging economy” for sure.

White House officials said Mr. Obama wanted to rebuild 15,000 miles of roads, construct and maintain 4,000 miles of railway – enough track to span the continent — and rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of airport runways while putting in place a system that would reduce travel time and airport delays.

Where are the environmentalists? Do the unions trump the environment? (Just kidding. –Of course they do. Especially on Labor Day, during an election year.)

The president will also call for what the White House is describing as an “infrastructure bank” that would focus on paying for national and regional transportation projects

Oh, joy. More capital to be put in the hands of the state.

And of course this is nothing like fascism. It would be absurd to even think such a thing.

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8 Responses to “Obama Wants Another $50B Union Bailout”

  1. proreason says:

    It’s getting obviouser and obviouser.

    As Steve says, if 800+ billion isn’t enough, what good will 50+ billion more do?

    The answer, as any child can quickly state, is it won’t do any good for the economy.

    So it isn’t about doing good for the economy.

    It’s about political payoffs. It isn’t enough that we are forced to support the Black underclass in dozens of ways. At least for them, you could make a weak case that some might need it.

    Oh no, now we also have to support the Union Class that is in the upper 20% of compensation in the country…again, in dozens of ways already, and now this OUTRAGEOUS POS LEGISLATION BARF BAG.

    Gee, I sense myself beginning to get a little bet peeved about it.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    “One possibility would be to cut existing subsidies for oil and gas exploration and production. Historically, transportation projects have been paid for largely with dedicated taxes such as those on gasoline.”

    Just me or has it seemed oxymoronic to pay for rail, road, and air upgrades – all consistently in dire straights since we started doing so – by stymieing energy development and hiking energy taxes, their biggest costs in relation to the consumer?

    Steve: “Where are the environmentalists?”

    Sadly it looks like they and the unions both always win. Business and the industry in general are on the verge of government control. Rail already is. Which is the point. A replay of the GM and Chrysler restructuring. For the environuts, an inefficient and expensive tranportation system only useable by the elites, completely subject to whatever Green regulation (fees, taxes) they want to hike on people..

    Steve’s noted the rise of the fatcat fascist thug & CPUSA contributor Richard Trumka forever. Michelle had a great collumn on him this week: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/09/03/big-labors-legacy-of-violence/ My guess is it doesn’t look like he’ll be happy (& Obama can’t fully count on the whole force of their campaign warchest) ’till he gets his boys the same luxury treatment as the UAW and SEIU.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “The president will also call for what the White House is describing as an “infrastructure bank” that would focus on paying for national and regional transportation projects…

    This, along with all of their other actions is disturbing, to say the least. It smacks of, “Well, we can’t exactly overthrow the nation yet, but when we do, all the stuff we’ll need will be in place already”. Can you say Reichsbank? And who will man this “infrastructure bank”? More jackbooted bureaucrats who’ve sworn allegiance to der fuhrer, no doubt?

    People seldom realize that overthrowing a system is not as cut-and-dry as portrayed in the history books; It’s all a series of events that are fluid and chameleon like when they are happening until, ultimately you find yourself at the point of no return. I fear that the socialists here have no scruples and I dread October. Hopefully, there will be nothing of any great significance that will happen but I dread the devious, criminal minds that truly relish power. It’s not like anyone will come out and say, “Hi, I’m a confirmed fascist and I’m gonna do my best to ruin your life”. Nope…they are always “socially acceptable” up until that moment they put you in the railcar and send you to the camp.

    I firmly believe that Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod, Dodd, etc are all capable of it. And if not, quite capable of turning away and living in denial. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    They have it and they want to keep it. It’s “king of the hill” time for them and they are on top and do not see any pleasantness in being unseated. None of them will be noble, gracious losers. None of them have any character or self-respect. Can you picture November this year, Nancy Pelosi saying, “Well, we fought the good fight but the people have spoken. I wish my former opponent every success” No. You will not hear that. Not from any socialist currently in power.

    You’ll hear scathing attacks, blame, vitriol, swearing, condemnation. Kind of like that middle-finger cheek scratch that the boy gave us on at least two occasions.

    So the goal now is to accelerate the destruction, make sure the money disappears so it can never be found, possibly cover tracks, hide evidence, etc. The sub is captured with the secret code machine on board and the crew is just in denial mode….but soon will be in “scorched earth” mode.

    You watch.

    • mr_bill says:

      Absolutely correct, Rusty. The “infrastructure bank” is far more frightening than the political class squandering another $50 billion. This “infrastructure bank” will no doubt be headed by Bawney Fwank and will be looted by the unions, instantly. It will live on as a zombie bank, taking ever more liabilities with no assets to show for it until its insolvency is obvious to grade-school children and requiring a bailout of trillions, financed on the backs of productive Americans.

      Its deceitful, dangerous, and destructive, the liberal trifecta.

  4. Mithrandir says:


    Our politics has come down to, “Who did you vote for?” -As redistributing resources in this country. The stimulus is going for DEMOCRAT JOBS. This new bailout will go to DEMOCRAT JOBS! The same with health care, it will come down to back-scratching and payoffs for supporters……as it always has.

    You can name a bill, “PROTECTING BABY KITTENS ACT” but that is a ruse to funnel money to voting blocks.

    It’s all a shameless street-fight for resources and votes……time to split the country down the Mississippi, and bid each other ‘adieu.’

    • Petronius says:

      “When are people going to learn….?”

      I’m afraid it is not what they need to learn. It is what they have forgotten.

      Americans have lost their political heritage, their political culture, their civic virtues.

      By political culture I mean a tradition of citizenship and political literacy, of citizen understanding of, appreciation for, and participation in politics, and an instinct for political and social cohesion.

      The ancient Greeks and Romans had it. They had a political culture by which they developed their civic virtues of freedom, moderation, justice, rule of law, piety, respect for tradition, respect for gods and ancestors, practical judgment, economy of resources, courage, loyalty, civic friendship, and the military duty of the citizen-soldier.

      The first American colonists also had this. They had it thanks to their centuries-long English heritage, and from their experience in self-governing German religious communities. From the start it was evident –– evident in the Mayflower Compact, in the Puritan experience and communities, and through participation in the New England town meetings, the Virginia Burgesses, and the colonial militias. Thus any important political measure always went forward with full popular support. If they went to war, they went full throttle, because the men who made the decision were the men who would fight the war. And their women stood beside them, as the shapers of citizens, and as the sustainers of citizen households.

      The founders of the American republic had the tremendous advantage of building on this centuries-long tradition of political culture.

      Modern America, on the other hand, lacks all of these advantages. The pathetic products of our public schools have nothing to offer, only a rudimentary indoctrination in Marxist-Liberal ideology.

      We fill up our country with Third World immigrants who have absolutely no political culture or tradition. And they have little or no capacity for — or interest in — developing one. Most of them have no instinct for well-informed self-government. What they want is the next disability check, more room at the trough, more redistributions, a chance to wet their beaks.

      In certain cases, such as the Muslims, they treat their women like animals; as a class, their women are wholly unfit for the role of shapers of loyal citizens. Wherever Muslim culture has spread, there follows decline and darkness.

      Needless to say, the American institution of universal military service, of the citizen-soldier, is a thing of the past.

      Yes, split it down the middle. But in a few months the Liberal half will be knocking on our door, demanding handouts.

    • proreason says:

      “It is what they have forgotten”

      Not so much forgotten as deceived.

      As a culture, we remembered perfectly well into the late 50’s or early 60’s. That is the time when the massive re-education program began in earnest. Everything anybody has learned since then has been filtered through an extreme far left prism.

      And there is more than enough blame to go around for it, but let’s not put too much on the people themselves. We shouldn’t blame black people 100% for the failure of their subculture, and we shouldn’t blame ordinary Americans 100% for forgetting.

      We have been subverted, and not in a part-time casual manner. It has been organized and relentless. In some ways it’s a credit to American culture that with the wolf at the door, there are still enough people who are not yet completely hypnotized to make a stand.

  5. canary says:

    Obama is a travel addict. He said Chicago would become the hub for the speed trains.

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