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Obama Wants Increased Foreign Oil Output

From a logic-free Reuters:

Obama urges oil producers to increase output

By Alister Bull And David Alexander Tue Apr 26, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged world oil producers to lift crude output, as he sought to deflect public anger over high gasoline prices that has hurt his popularity among voters.

U.S. motor fuel prices have become a heated political issue after pushing toward $4 a gallon. Gasoline futures hit 33-month highs on Tuesday.

You see, it’s not a real life problem. Something that is going to cause the cost of everything to skyrocket. It’s just a "political issue." Something the Republicans are just trying to use against our beloved leader.

The rising prices at the pump are fueling voter discontent with Obama’s leadership, opinion polls show, and could harm his re-election chances in 2012.

And, after all, that is all that matters. So what if you can’t afford to drive to see your ailing mother. Or you can’t afford to buy groceries.

"They need to increase supplies," Obama told CBS affiliate WTKR in Hampton Roads, Virginia. "We are in a lot of conversations with major oil producers like Saudi Arabia," he separately told WXYZ television in Detroit

Could someone explain the logic here? How come it will lower the price of gas for foreign countries to produce more oil. But it won’t lower the price of gas if we produce more oil domestically?

By the way, isn’t increasing oil production a "silver bullet"?

Calling on producers to pump more oil during times of high crude prices was a strategy also used by the administrations of former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton

Perhaps that is because increasing production has lowered the price of gas every time it has been tried.

Earlier on Tuesday, the president sent a letter to Congress urging it to end tax breaks for oil and gas companies. In the letter, Obama hailed what he called bipartisan support for ending the tax breaks.

Because if you want more of some commodity, like oil, the first thing you should do is tax it more. That always works.

But Republicans, who feel rising gas prices could help them defeat Obama in the 2012 election, said the approach would "raise taxes and increase the price at the pump." …

You see? The evil Republicans don’t care about what is good for the citizens of this country. They just want to hurt Mr. Obama’s re-election chances.

The selfish bastards.

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10 Responses to “Obama Wants Increased Foreign Oil Output”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Here again is a stark reminder that the MBM places the needs of one man, specifically chairman Obie, above the needs of an entire nation.

    So what if he’s the “first (half)black” president? In past presidencies considered failures, doesn’t the MBM allow that person to languish in solitary alone-ness? Yet somehow if this presidency is a failure (And it is a failure in every sense of the word) then we have, somehow “failed black America”? Is that what this is about?

    Because I can tell you, my political views see no color, except when it’s obvious that the socialists are using it to lay a guilt trip on we, the people. This is the only “presidency” where I’ve seen the news constantly spout that it’s all about him; How he does; How he looks. Yet they ignore how badly this severely flawed human being has wrecked everything he’s touched.

    So it comes down to this: Is the MBM just blind, or are they part of the “team” that wants us all to fail as a nation, sit in “time-out” and be punished for all those perceived transgressions against the poor, the sick, the brown, the yellow, the red people and that it will all set the world to right?

    The utopian dreamers miss one staggeringly obvious point….that even in their warped view of this planet, the United States has stood for freedom for all. Inasmuch as the left has polluted the issue of what that means by shutting Vietnam down at horrendous cost in blood and treasure, that letting communist nations thrive, we are now cutting our own throats with a rusty, dull knife. And somehow, I think the media is loving it.

    So I ask you: Who in this world is really flawed in their thinking? Capitalists who are very good at making money and expressing financial freedom, or those who sit in a newsroom, writing copy and using all the best 7th grade buzzwords and phrases to prop up a disaster of government?

    All the major newspapers are experiencing much lower circulation numbers. Newsweek sold for $1 when it was once a huge going concern. This is what socialist thinking does to commerce in microcosm. It destroys it; Makes it value-less.

    Oddly, the Chi-coms are getting in bed with capitalism to build up their wealth and to make themselves a strong military power. To what end is the potentially disturbing part. Will the history books show that when they finally went and took over Taiwan that the United States did nothing to help? I’m pretty sure that with this presidency, that’s exactly what will happen.

    Another thing that the socialists don’t realize in their myopic view of the universe, colored via a very warped prism, is that we are not liked as a nation, except for the money which we provide. Which we had thanks to our capitalist ways. Two things talk in this world: Money and power. We had both. But we chose to use money…and in a way that was invitational to other nations. This ridiculous “empire” BS that people spout. There was no “manifest destiny” involved with financial gain, as it was always up to the political power that the US business was dealing with. No one ever talks about the times that a major corporation spent millions to woo a nation in order to sell its products, only to be shut down.

    Or, is it that they do know that the United States isn’t liked, but fail to hit on the right reasons as to why that is. The socialists would have us believe it is due to “imperialism” but to use that argument is to fail to understand our nation’s founding principles as well as failing to understand imperialism. No, other nations resent the US because of our staunch independence, world-class military power, ability to refrain from using it, and the wealth that Americans enjoy. Even the “poor” in this nation are light-years ahead of someone who is “rich” in Zimbabwe.

    I suppose it’s not just the MBM that lies and distorts; It’s also about that which they choose not to report on. So, if you selectively tell the people about what’s going on in the world, you can better control what they think. This is why they hate the internet so much. People are finding out that there’s more to the truth than what is printed on newspaper. They no longer have a monopoly on “the message” that has worked so well for over 40 years. And information is power. And the conservative base is turning more and more to the internet for the real truth and finding out, also that the socialists have been playing them for idiots.

    Come November 2012, the whining and crying will begin. Chairman Obie is certainly no shoo-in for re-election. But if he’s not elected, barring some Casper Milquetoast of a republican candidate, which I think is highly likely, then the media will explode with an all-out accusation of “national racism”. But the fact remains that chairman Obie should lose and the answers as to why that is have been discussed here ad nauseum for over two years now. Indeed, it was this presidency that alerted me to become more involved in politics because I saw it for the danger that it was.

    Our nation is being systematically destroyed and the republican party is doing nothing to stop it. It is therefore academic that the two sides may be different at some fundamental level but they are also working to the same end. More government power; More government control; Less freedom for the people who they claim to represent. But how many times have I heard anyone getting a direct response to an e-mail sent to a congressman or senator? I myself get form letters from DeMint asking for more money to “fight the democrats”. Um….I’d like it better if you sat down, wrote a letter addressing point-by-point the concerns of people who send you e-mails every day. People who are disgusted with Washington and see the damage done by the democrat party and now, the complicit republican party.

    Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s rainin’, boy. Stand up and represent ME. My fellow citizens. My friends, my neighbors who work their asses from 8:00 on Monday to 3:00 on Wednesday just to pay your sorry asses. Tax on gas, tax on food, tax on a pack of frappin’ chewing gum, tax on this, tax on that. Override fees, usage fees, “offset” fees (whatever the f*** they are). Tax to register my vehicle, use tax, and on and on and on.

    In my young 50 years, I have seen how easy it is for “representatives” to vote on a new tax…but never to rescind one. Why is that? It’s not so complicated. The need for power and lust for same. Out of all of the things that politics entails…I never hear anyone discuss the crippling need for a politician to be accepted and voted into office. It is perhaps the most prevalent of human traits that transcends even the ego of a movie star or any other celebrity. The ultimate popularity contest. With dire consequences.

    I could go on about the dysfuntional nature of politicians in general from a psychoanalysis point of view but I am not qualified. Oddly, I never have read any books on the subject, published by anyone in the field of mental disorders. I must do a search on that.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”failed black America”…..?

      To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: I haven’t failed ‘black’ America……….’black’ America has failed me!

  2. Right of the People says:

    Nice rant Rusty. You bring up a lot of good points I’m sure we’re all thinking but haven’t taken the time to express.

    If Obie Wan O’Barry wants increased production, how about increasing domestic production? Shudder, that would actually help the US, can’t have that.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sorry. Had my “angry hat” on today. Fed up. Disgusted. Sorely disappointed. Etc., etc.

    • Right of the People says:

      That’s okay, it all needed to be said. When I start to type stuff like that I get so upset I get off track then it comes off as complete babble like I was a liberal and it’s too early in the morning for an adult beverage to calm me down.

  3. untrainable says:

    Obama urges oil producers to increase production? So what? I’ve been urging Obama to go back to whatever hole he crawled out of and never come back, but he’s still here. I have a feeling that my request is more likely to be heeded than Obama’s.

    The Saudis are pissed at Oblamer’s mishandeling of Libya. Their easiest course of action to make that known, and to force the US to change policy is to hold us hostage with low production forcing higher prices. Easy peasy. The proverbial boot on our throats. Now you know how BP feels eh?

    You want a silver bullet? Hold a press conference and tell the world that we are about to begin drilling in Alaska, fracking in the midwest, and issuing drilling permits for the Gulf as fast as the Fed is printing money. It would take about a week for the prices to start dropping like a rock. Just the threat of US oil independence would make the camel jockeys think twice, and OPEC’s production would immediately go up.

    Actually, that probably wouldn’t work for Obama. You’d have to believe what he says, and I think the entire world has come to the realization that it is virtually impossible for Obama to even speak the truth, much less do the right thing for the US.

  4. BillK says:

    Well, you know, oil production is apparently just another of those jobs that “Americans won’t do.”


  5. bobdog says:

    Now, let me get this straight. Obama wants to buy more oil from foreign producers.

    Gosh. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep those dollars in the US, pay US workers to produce the oil, and get the US oil drillers to pay more taxes on the income they would earn from drilling?

    I know I’m being horribly insensitive to the sand lizzards in West Texas, but what the hell is that man thinking?

  6. proreason says:

    Nothing happens in little lenin’s life that isn’t grist for political advantage.

    I expect that one day we will hear how wiping his ass prepared him for leadership and/or proves that republicans are evil creatures.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “I expect that one day we will hear how wiping his ass prepared him for leadership and/or proves that republicans are evil creatures.”

      It sure prepared him for what to do with the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

      The only problem is I’m not sure he’s even had to do that for himself.

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