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Obama Wants SEIU On His Deficit Panel

In the rush of events, this bit of hilarity almost slipped past us, from the Washington Post:

Eclectic trio of candidates considered for Obama deficit panel

By Lori Montgomery
Sunday, February 21, 2010; A13

Republican David M. Cote, the chief executive of Honeywell International, has emerged as a top contender for a slot on President Obama’s commission to bring the nation’s soaring debt under control, a senior administration official said Saturday.

The White House is also considering appointing two Democrats: Andrew Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, and Alice M. Rivlin, a budget expert and former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve who recently launched a separate, independent effort to draft a bipartisan plan to stabilize government borrowing.

Obama has given himself six appointees to the 18-member panel, which is tasked with producing a plan to balance the primary government budget — outside interest on debt — and deliver it to Congress by Dec. 1. Obama has already named former Clinton chief of staff Erskine B. Bowles and former Republican senator Alan K. Simpson to co-chair the panel. Cote, Stern and Rivlin could be appointed in the coming days, the official said, leaving one slot to be filled. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The other 12 seats are apportioned to sitting lawmakers, three from each party in each chamber. Those appointments could come as soon as this week, when lawmakers are to return from the Presidents’ Day break…

Stern and Rivlin are well-known in Washington. Stern is president of the 2.2 million-member SEIU and an ardent supporter of Obama’s health initiative. Rivlin was founding director of the Congressional Budget Office and White House budget director under Bill Clinton. She has long called for a mix of new taxes and changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to bring budget deficits under control

This a great idea.

If the deficit panel doesn’t call for hirer taxes across the board — which, after all, is their only purpose here — then Mr. Stern can threaten to knee cap them.

Of course he doesn’t even have to actually threaten them. His mere presence should be enough.

Meanwhile, we have this press release from great man himself:

SEIU Statement on President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Proposal

February 22, 2010

Washington, DC – Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andy Stern released the following statement after the release of President Obama’s proposal for health reform:

"This Thursday, Congress has an opportunity to break the gridlock that has denied American families the health insurance reform they are so desperately calling for and need."

"Our elected representatives need look no further than their own communities to see people hurting. All around this country, we are watching the health insurance industry jack up its premiums. We hear every day about another colleague, another friend, another family member losing their health care coverage. And because our system is broken, we are even losing loved ones.

"We are losing people like Melanie Shouse, a health care activist who passed away from breast cancer and at the time was still fighting with her insurance company that refused to cover her chemotherapy.

"Health insurance reform was the cause of Melanie’s life, and now hundreds of citizens inspired by her bravery and courage are marching her message forward. For the past week, women and men from all walks of life have braved the cold to march from Philadelphia to Washington DC to make sure Congress finishes the job.

"The President recognized with his proposal today that people like Melanie should not have to lose their life because of an insurance company refuses treatment. That insurance companies cannot be allowed to gouge Americans with rate increases that force them to pay up to 39% more for the exact same coverage. And that working families deserve health insurance that covers more and costs less.

"With the President’s leadership and thoughtful consideration that the only way forward is with comprehensive reform, there is a guarantee that reform can and will be meaningful. And, it is because of that commitment and that of Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi, that every American will soon have a renewed sense of security and a healthcare system that works for them.

"This Wednesday, I will be in Washington DC standing with Melanie’s marchers and hundreds of others to remind Congress there is but one choice: pass comprehensive health insurance reform. After more than a year of debate and more than a century of talk but little action, there is no doubt, the time is now."

Clearly, Mr. Stern is a perfect choice to tackle the deficit.

Maybe he can do for the federal budget what he has done to state budgets all around the country.

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8 Responses to “Obama Wants SEIU On His Deficit Panel”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’m glad Janet Napolitano put us on notice that Domestic Terrorism is HS’s number one priority. A clear signal she intends to root out and prosecute SEIU.


  2. Right of the People says:

    Stern is the perfect choice for this sham, I mean panel, he knows how to run up a deficit probably better than anyone.

    Don’t forget about ACORN too. (sarc)

  3. canary says:

    “We like to say: We use the power of persuasion first. If it doesn’t work, we try the persuasion of power” —- Andrew Stern

    Stern was a student leftist in the 1960s. 1971 a B.A. in education and urban planning.[16][17] After graduation, trained in the tactics of radical activism at the Midwest Academy…to teach leftist community organizers

    Stern led SEIU out of the AFL-CIO and founded Change to Win
    Obama who who wrote corruptive or not, he owes the SEIU..

    Through Stern’s initiative, a New Media team was formed at SEIU in the late summer of 2008.

    Stern is the author of the book, A Country That Works, in The book calls for unions to be the dominant vehicles for the promotion of social reforms,

    The SEIU and ACORN have had joint bank accounts with Wells Fargo bank.
    Copies of their bank statements were retrieved in documents thought to be lost in Hurricane Katrina.


  4. proreason says:


    Oh the sense of humor our little boy king has !!

  5. canary says:

    Won’t Andrew Stern have to quit the SEIU entirely, positions, salaries, any activities with the SEIU in order to hold any type federal position, as it is in violation of the Hatch Act. ?.

    • Right of the People says:

      Silly girl, the rules don’t apply to The Won™ and his minions. I’m sure they can find an exemption for Mr. Stern’s patriotic service.

  6. bousquem says:

    Wow, it’s like putting a bank robber and alcoholic on a panel to improve bank and bar security. I can’t believe people are getting stupider every day and believe that putting the people who caused the mess and only interest is in fattening their own wallets by sucking tax payer money into their slush funds is going to be appointed to a panel on stabilizing goverment spending. It just strikes me as one huge conflict of interest.

    I also have to wonder if all the new taxes and legislation will have exemptions for unions and their ilk. Taxes and such are already sky high and they think raising them more is going to do it. Watch them expand medicaid and push medicare to 75 or 80 before you get benefits, unless your a union memeber, then it comes at age 50 with full salary pension and benefits. Then they can leech of the system even more and whine when the system accelerates into breaking down quicker despite all the new taxes on the “rich”.

  7. jobeth says:

    My jaw just keeps dropping. What can I say?

    “Barack Hussein Obama…Ummm Ummmm Ummmm” she says saddly while shaking her head.

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