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Obama Wants To Curb ‘Don’t Ask’ Ruling

From a strangely forgiving Reuters:

Obama seeks to curb ruling on gays in military

By Dan Levine
Thu Sep 23, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Weeks after a federal judge struck down a U.S. military rule that bans openly gay men and women from the armed forces, the Obama administration sought on Thursday to keep the policy mostly intact while Congress debates the issue.

The administration’s stance, urging more time to gauge the impact of ending the ban and calling for a political solution rather than one imposed by the courts, also came two days after the U.S. Senate blocked legislation that would have repealed the policy known as "don’t ask, don’t tell."

The executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Kate Kendall, called the U.S. Justice Department’s court position a betrayal.

"It is offensive and contrary to the spirit of Obama’s promise to end (‘don’t ask, don’t tell’)," Kendell said in a statement.

It turns out that Mr. Obama’s highly touted ‘moral compass’ is really a ‘wind sock.’

Clarke Cooper, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay rights group that challenged "don’t ask, don’t tell" in court, added, "We are extremely disappointed." …

Perhaps it was just a knee-jerk reaction from Mr. Obama and his Department Of Justice. Once he saw that this was brought by Republicans, he had to oppose it.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips declared the law to be unconstitutional, ruling in an 86-page opinion on September 9 that it violates the First and Fifth amendments.

And who knows how many other ‘penumbras.’

Phillips said then that she intended to issue an injunction restricting the government from enforcing the policy.

But Obama’s lawyers asked in Thursday’s motion that Phillips refrain from applying her ruling nationally, or to the military overseas

Regardless of how broadly or narrowly Phillips ultimately applies her ruling, the administration asked for more time to assess the consequences of her decision.

"A court should not compel … an immediate cessation of the 17-year-old policy without regard for any effect such an abrupt change might have on the military’s operations," the department wrote, "particularly at a time when the military is engaged in combat operations and other demanding military activities around the globe." …

We suspect that Mr. Obama’s only real concern here is that he doesn’t want to offend the delicate sensibilities of our many Muslim friends around the world.

You know, the ones who like to lecture us on the importance of tolerance.

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15 Responses to “Obama Wants To Curb ‘Don’t Ask’ Ruling”

  1. We suspect that Mr. Obama’s only real concern here is that he doesn’t want to offend the delicate sensibilities of our many Muslim friends around the world.

    I think you are absolutely right. There is someone in the administration who is whispering in Obama’s ear, reminding him that gays often don’t fare well in Muslim nations, where the penalty for such (unless it’s an imam with an underage boy) is death in various ways.

    The thing with Obama, and most of the left, is this: they pretend they are so much more intellectual, sensitive, compassionate, world-knowledgeable than conservatives when, in reality, they don’t know a d@mn thing.

    All their policies, their arguments, are based on feeling. Irrational, and illogical feelings at that.

    This is why they go to the mat to defend Islam time and again even though they have no real grasp or conception of shari’a law and how liberalism would fare under Islam.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how people who support abortion, radical feminism, and homosexuality can be so willing to acquiesce to Islam. Do they really think being politically correct will earn them an exemption from the Islamic theocracy the jihadists are itching to impose on the world?

    • Right of the People says:

      English Queen,

      You got it. Those groups will be the first ones lined up to have their heads lopped off or be stoned to death.

      If anything the feminists and gays should be protesting their arses off against these Islamic clowns because if America goes down like England looks like it’s going to then they won’t have anywhere to hide.

    • proreason says:

      “I cannot for the life of me figure out how people who support abortion, radical feminism, and homosexuality can be so willing to acquiesce to Islam.”

      The aren’t acquiescing to Islam…..they are allied with Islam. To fight their common enenemy…conservative, middle-class American citizens.

      Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin hated each other….yet they formed an alliance because the alliance met goals they felt were important enough to set aside their hatred of each other.

      Once you understand that Progressives have strategically allied with Muslims (and Euro “elites”), many otherwise unexplainable mysteries become clear.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Freedom for me but not for thee.

      All that unites this alliance of discordant beliefs is each individual’s love of themself, their vision, and hatred for everything & everyone else that isn’t like them.

  2. hushpuppy says:

    “I cannot for the life of me figure out how people who support abortion, radical feminism, and homosexuality can be so willing to acquiesce to Islam. Do they really think being politically correct will earn them an exemption from the Islamic theocracy the jihadists are itching to impose on the world?”

    They probably believe the lie that it’s ‘a religion of peace’ as opposed to Christianity which teaches ‘love they neighbour’, bless your enemies and feed them, turn the other cheek, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Oh dear!!

    Either that or the women think all they have to do to be a moose limb is to wear a scarf on their heads. Hmmm. I wonder how many non moose limb women over the years wore a scarf over their curlers, a rain bonnet, or scarf out when it was rainy or windy? That didn’t make them homicidal nutjobs.

    I just had a funny thought – a moose limb female can be taken, whipped and then stoned to death if someone thinks they’re behaving like whores. How about all those rich, famous and brain dead Hollyweird type who’ll screw anything anywhere and at anytime?

  3. canary says:

    Yes, first posts was Steve’s reasoning. Plus, Obama has to downplay the gay rumors.
    Asking & telling would be discriminating and lead to hate crimes.

    I hate this subject because of memories of my own experience, violence, my being discriminated against because I was not gay. Unwanted passes by gay soldiers even though they knew I dated men. was dating with gay women in the military and I estimated in boot camp 1 out of 5 women because they didn’t hide it. Two literally got married in Alabama on our first off base pass. So, short story to avoid anger, bad memories.
    There are good gay people, and there are bad gay people.
    But, what do you do if you are discriminated against because your rebuke a pass by
    gay female officer? If you complain, you are the one that get’s punished. I doubt this is such a problem with men in the military, but at least I wasn’t the gay crybaby afraid to throw a grenade as her gay girlfriend comforted her. Everyone knew they were gay.
    Okay, so we’d try and catch them in the act for fun. It can be a joke, but it can also be very unfair to have gay. Then a higher ranking male soldier admitted he was gay, and everyone know one cared. He wife divorced him, then they got remarried two weeks later, which didn’t last and they divorced. No one cared. His poor wife with children was the one who suffered.

    Now here is a new dangerous problem with gay men in the military aside, if a muslim were to find out a soldier was gay.

    Relative of mine got a hospital infection called MRSA. It’s a staph infection, but antibiotic resistant. She almost lost her leg. So, I’ve been looking up learning about it, and on Johns Hopkins site it said that there is epidemic in military. Doesn’t surprise me. My dad against my advice was went to Va for appointment and got staph, but normal staph and antibiotics cleared it up fast.

    But, there is an epidemic in what they call community passing, and military is one of them. #4 was gay men did to get it. So, there is another worry, like aids. Someone with a MRSA infection touches someone, and the person can get it.
    Another leading epidemic cause is fitness gyms, locker rooms. This is becoming an epidemic and no longer just hospital based infection.
    I recall as a medic in the military that I washed my hands as trained more than the nurses or doctors. My hands were yellow for a long time, the disinfectant hard on my hands and stained cracks. Also, I when it was my job to soak, scrub, pack surgical
    sets to be backed, the doctors in surgery were always breaking the sterile field, out of being lazy or not caring. This happened at the start. I would offer to get another pack, and they would say no. Then there was an epidemic of staph infections, and they blamed it on housekeeping in the surgical room. My a**. Anyways, I started using the
    germ killing wipes walmarts has at their stores. I told the feeble old woman (they let the older disabled do the doors, and told her why, and she shows me where she nearly lost her leg to MRSA, and we had quite a talk. Hopefully, they will come out with a cure.
    It’s scary. This year the kids had to bring that anti-germ bottles to school. A young man at church lost most the skin on his entire body. But, he is better. My church, is not charismatic, nor pray out loud. They read a list, you pray, and some amazing healing has happened. So, again, the science of prayer works, as people don’t even know who they are praying for.

  4. Adam Moreira says:

    This ruling should not be appealed; as I see it, Congress had no business even enacting DADT. Let the military brains deal with the problem as they see fit…without interference.

  5. oldpuppydixie says:

    OK, I give up. WHAT is the THING in the picture….with the white/yellow hair and the big glasses?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      That…..my friend is what they call “Lady Ga-Ga”.
      This is dingleBarrys’ Twitter friend and main squeeze.
      She (?) is suppose to be a singer and entertainer who thinks we give a shiite about her lack of brain power.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Android demon succubus. A robot. A zombie. She’s not our generation’s voice, but I think the general public might be quite alarmed to know how many there are and how deep their values have penetrated the psyche of even the young people whose parents have worked hard to give them a real chance at a full life.

    • Steve says:

      “WHAT is the THING in the picture…”

      What part of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ don’t you get?

    • Steve says:

      “WHAT is the THING in the picture…”

      Ironically, the best argument FOR keeping ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Touche’ Steve!

    • tranquil.night says:

      Amen and nice Double Tap. Rule #2 of Zombieland.

  6. canary says:

    ahh! I am not gay. Just read my post and noticed a misprint. It is stressful for me to talk and when I’m stressed by bad memories it afffects my reading & writing, and that’s aside my bad eye problem. What I was trying to say, is aside of making it clear I dated men, female soldiers would make passes anyways. There are more gay women compared to gay men, I believed as I think some gay women wish they were man. And it was hard on women like me that were straight. A gay women made a major pass on me in boot camp, and my buddies pulled her off me, and reported to the female gay Lt. & male captain. They felt she should have been kicked out. Snitching is a no no. So, they brought me in for questioning do to other’s complaints, and when they asked if what she did was true. I said yes. I was demoted from squad leader. I knew it would happen, and don’t think it was fair. The pervert bragged that her Senator kept the military from discharging her. Then, I ended up getting a gay room mate, who would take a shower when ever I did. She left a letter on my desk saying she was gay for me to read. I was dating my future husband, and just started spending the night at my future husbands barrack as he had his own room. Anyways, she started dating this guy for his car, as many didn’t have cars. I wish I’d told him she was gay & dating girls, because there was a quarry soldiers would go to and dive, and her gay girlfriends followed them, slashed his sports car tires, put a rock on his head to hold him underwater, and my roommate was flattered. Law enforcement will tell you the jealousy between gay lovers is bad and morbid. What I’m saying is this was over 3 decades ago, and so I believe EVERY soldier ever kicked out for being gay tried to get kicked out, because they wanted out.

    I remember soldiers would come in with porno graphic pictures of themselves having sex to try and get discharged. Back then doctors considered it abnormal human condition. I think the people out of the military pushing this issue are selfish and endanger our troops. It’s all a crock to beech about, and none of them are doing it for the purpose to join the military.

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