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Obama Wants To Help Republicans With Amnesty

From the Wall Street Journal:

President to Pressure House GOP on Immigration Bill

Plan Includes Visits to Battleground States With Robust Latino Vote

By PETER NICHOLAS | July 7, 2013

President Barack Obama plans to mount a more visible effort to push through an immigration overhaul that is heading toward an uncertain fate in the Republican-controlled House, marking a risky shift from the largely hands-off approach he has employed to date.

Obama has always wanted amnesty to die in the House so he can use this against the Republicans in his campaig during the midterms. And now we are seeing it.

Mr. Obama likely will travel in the coming months to some of the battleground states he won with the help of a robust Latino vote—possibly including Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida—to argue the economic case for passing the immigration overhaul. He will also try to convince reticent Republican lawmakers that the GOP’s viability as a national party with aspirations of winning back the White House is linked to the fate of the bill, White House officials said…

Mr. Obama is so noble he intends to save the Republican Party despite itself. Of course, a cynical person might say that the Democrats are just sending out their biggest liar to once again spread this big lie.

Some Republicans, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, have made a similar argument, citing the GOP’s need to listen to the growing Latino vote. But many GOP House members who are focused on their own re-election prospects may be unmoved by arguments about what’s needed to win back the White House in 2016. Their bigger concern may be potential primary challenges from the right, coupled with genuine misgivings about the legislation.

Or, to put it another way, these silly candidates might actually realize that amnesty is not all that popular with the American public, after all. And if they support it they will lose their jobs.

Mr. Obama’s strategy carries personal risks as well. Should he take on a partisan tone, he may antagonize House Republicans and scuttle a bill that is the centerpiece of his second-term agenda, feeding perceptions that he is a lame duck…

It is to laugh. The only reason Obama has pretended to not be calling the shots is so he can’t be blamed for its failure. Which he wants if he can’t get exactly what he wants.

Another of Mr. Obama’s imperatives is ensuring the momentum created by the Senate’s solid bipartisan vote doesn’t fade, White House officials said. To that end, the White House is enlisting business leaders in hopes of persuading House Republicans to back the bill. Last Tuesday, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough met privately with the American Bankers Association, the National Retail Federation, the Financial Services Forum and other business trade groups, to discuss ways to advance the bill…

The ‘cheap labor’ coalition.

In his travels, Mr. Obama will need to calibrate his message so as not to drive off potential GOP votes. Republicans warn that Mr. Obama could damage the bill’s chances if he paints Republicans as heartless obstructionists determined to keep undocumented immigrants in legal limbo.

What a laugh. Obama has been saying this for five years. And now he is going to ratchet up the rhetoric.

Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) said in an interview, "If he’s going to say that anyone who doesn’t favor this bill is bigoted or biased, it’s not going to get anywhere. It’s just going to build up resistance. You can legitimately say you shouldn’t be giving legal status to 11 million people who violated the law." …

Mr. King still does not understand that the only thing that Obama really cares about is gaining control of Congress for the last two years of his term.

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4 Responses to “Obama Wants To Help Republicans With Amnesty”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    If by ‘help’ he means an aluminum foil condom wrapped around a splintered stick .. sure, he wants to ‘help’ …

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    How gracious of him.
    Time for soap on the rope.
    First gay marriage, now this!

  3. untrainable says:

    …Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, have made a similar argument, citing the GOP’s need to listen to the growing Latino vote Why? Why should we listen to the wants and needs of people whose first act on American soil was to violate the law? Why should we listen to people whose only experience with America is to leach off of our welfare system… illegally!??? Do we really want the people who are responsible for the wonderful conditions in Mexico deciding how things should be done in America? In a word… NO!

    … heartless obstructionists determined to keep undocumented immigrants in legal limbo. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT IN LIMBO… OR IN THE SHADOWS! They are lawbreakers, and if our (in)justice department was actually doing it’s job – ENFORCING THE LAW – the only limbo would be where the ILLEGAL ALIENS are kept post-apprehension and pre-deportation. And frankly, that’s a limbo I can live with. It looks a lot like a PRISON CELL.

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