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Obama Wants To Push More People Into Medicaid

From a cheering Politico:

White House pushes Florida, Louisiana on Medicaid

By BRETT NORMAN | November 7, 2013

The Obama administration again called out states that have refused to expand Medicaid on Thursday, calling it a “reckless” play to undercut Obamacare at the expense of their constituents’ health.

For the record, ‘expanding Medicaid’ just means forcing the states to lower their income requirements for eligibility. But this article never once mentions that minor detail.

Naturally, Obama wants to do in order to 1) redistribute more income, 2) to get more people dependent on the government, and 3) buy more votes for the Democrat Party.

The White House held a conference call featuring officials in Florida and Louisiana who made the case for expanding the program and attacked those holding it up…

Given the astronomical rates that people are currently signing up for Medicaid via the Obama-Care exchanges — over 80% –  there doesn’t seem to be any problem growing the Medicaid rolls.

But Obama won’t be satisfied until he does for Medicaid what he has done for the Food Stamps rolls. Which have increased over 70% under Obama.

The administration will keep pressuring states on Medicaid because “we believe that it is reckless that some governors are so determined to see the law not succeed, that they are willing” to block expansion of coverage for millions of people, David Simas, an Obama health adviser, said on the call.

He said 848,000 people stood to gain coverage under Medicaid in Florida and 265,000 in Louisiana…

And if all these people don’t get put on Medicaid, they will die like dogs in the street. Just like all the illegal aliens who die every year because they can’t get treatment.

Thursday, the White House published a map of states for and against Medicaid expansion, but the map appeared to paint some potential allies as foes and at least one expansion resister as a friend…

You expect the Obama brain trust to bother with such niggling details?

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2 Responses to “Obama Wants To Push More People Into Medicaid”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I repeat my earlier question … isn’t Medicaid ‘needs’ based? Or, are we redefining ‘needs’ to include people of substance all the way up to Joe Biden Estate size?

    • canary says:

      GetBackJack , The Affordable Care Act has led to several changes to Medicaid and Medicare which every state has different laws in regards to.

      I think Obama is misleading Americans once again against Republicans being Florida and Louisiana have Republican Governors

      I googled the site again and there was a new bulletin which announced new “Long Term”
      Medicaid on Oct 22, 2013

      I reads in part:

      SUBJECT: Long Term Services and Supports Delivered Through Medicaid Managed
      Care Programs – Continued Technical Assistance

      The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is pleased to announce the availability of
      another new resource on Medicaid managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS) to
      support states and other partners in enhancing the quality of these services. MLTSS offers states a broad and flexible set of program design options, and may be used as an overarching structure to promote initiatives such as ……

      “Money Follows the Person”

      “Balancing Incentive Program”

      States and stakeholders have expressed an interest in learning
      more about MLTSS, and how new long-term service and support opportunities in
      the Affordable Care Act may be incorporated into an MLTSS program.

      Today, CMS has posted a road map for states to use in interpreting and applying existing
      External Quality Review (EQR) protocols when assessing MLTSS program compliance.

      Federal law requires state Medicaid agencies that contract with managed care organizations (MCOs) to develop a state quality assessment and improvement strategy consistent with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) standards. It also requires HHS to develop protocols for use by independent, external quality review organizations (EQRO)…”.

      It goes on to mention PIHPs, EQROs, MCOs (released in 2012) MLTSS, KTSS, EQR, etc etc.
      and I’ve no doubt the Affordable Care Act will continue to change and add rules at a rapid pace.

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