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Obama Wants To Restore Decency To Politics

From CBS News’ Sunday Morning:

Obama: Still more change needed in D.C.

By Lindsey Boerma
July 15, 2012

(CBS News) President Obama won’t be caught criticizing Mitt Romney for arguing that his administration hasn’t pulled the economy far enough out of the hole it was in four years ago, the president told CBS News in an exclusive interview, "because if I was in his shoes, I’d be making the same argument." …

And never mind that Obama has constantly complained about this criticism. Which is why he constantly tells us he inherited this economy from Bush.

Sitting down recently with Charlie Rose in the Blue Room of the White House, Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama reflected on lessons learned during their first term, one of the biggest being, "In this office, everything takes a little longer than you’d like," the president said.

"I think it’s important to know we did an awful lot in the first four years," Mr. Obama told Rose when asked why he was seeking reelection. "But when I think about the next four years, what’s undone?"

For the record, every other recovery in the history of the United States has been stronger and quicker than this one. Primarily because Obama is doing the opposite of what pulls economies out of recessions.

But it looks like Obama wants the the bad economic times to ‘take longer,’ so that he can grow government dependency. Which is exactly what he has been doing.

The president argued that another term would help congeal policies he’s put in place to make sure the middle class is "strong and growing," and said, "The question right now for the American people is, which vision – mine or Mr. Romney’s – is most likely to deliver for those folks?" ..

And who can deny that the middle class is better off now than it was four years ago? Apart from everyone.

But the president said what has frustrated him most since coming to office is "not the hard work. It’s not the, you know, enormity of the decisions. It’s not the pace. It is that I haven’t been able to change the atmosphere here in Washington to reflect the decency and common sense of ordinary people – Democrats, Republicans, and independents – who I think just want to see their leadership solve problems. And, you know, there’s enough blame to go around for that."

But look at how he has brought us together and reduced the divisiveness.

Just look at what he is doing to restore an atmosphere of “decency and common sense” and common sense.

"And do you blame yourself for that?" asked Rose.

"Well, I think there is no doubt that I underestimated the degree to which in this town politics trumps problem-solving," Mr. Obama replied

How humble of Mr. Obama to admit that he is partially to blame for the problems in DC because he had not realized how wickedly partisan Republicans are.

But that’s probably because he always tries to see the best in everybody. And he would never try to do anything for political advantage.

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9 Responses to “Obama Wants To Restore Decency To Politics”

  1. untrainable says:

    “I think it’s important to know we did an awful lot in the first four years,”
    I think it’s important to know we did a lot of awful in the first four years. – Fixed it.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    “YOU LIE”

  3. GetBackJack says:

    “Obama Wants To Restore ‘Decency’ To US Politics”

    spits coffee onto monitor

  4. Right of the People says:

    “I think it’s important to know we did an awful lot in the first four years,” Mr. Obama told Rose when asked why he was seeking reelection. “But when I think about the next four years, what’s undone?”

    Translation: I still haven’t completely destroy the economy yet. I need more time to be sure the damage is irreversible. Who knew the people in the red states would resist so much?

  5. Enthalpy says:

    Then, get out!

  6. canary says:

    Obama’s celebrities and rapper friends are the most in every aspect indecent people on the planet.

  7. fallingpianos says:

    So, it turns out that not even the Magic Negro can restore decency to Washington. Which right there tells you where the messiah’s capabilities stop.

  8. Chingasso says:

    So he is quitting?
    That’s the ONLY way he can accomplish his deceptive daydream.

  9. chainsaw says:

    Restoring decency…..The Unifier in Chief

    “and if I had a son, he would would look like Trayvon.”

    “Cambridge police acted stupidly.”

    Love this site but every time I come here, or any news site for that matter, my brain explodes.

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