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Obama Warns Of ‘Hand To Hand’ Combat

From the Los Angeles Times:

GOP takeover of Congress would mean ‘hand-to-hand combat,’ Obama warns

A Republican majority would threaten policies to stabilize the economy, the president says during a radio interview, part of an effort to rally key Democratic constituencies.

By Michael A. Memoli, Tribune Washington Bureau

October 7, 2010

A Republican majority in Congress would mean "hand-to-hand combat" on Capitol Hill for the next two years, threatening policies Democrats have enacted to stabilize the economy, President Obama warned Wednesday.

Speaking on Michael Baisden’s syndicated radio show, Obama also made a direct appeal to African Americans about the importance of the November vote, even though he’s not on the ballot himself.

"The reason we won [in 2008] is because young people, African Americans, Latinos — people who traditionally don’t vote in high numbers — voted in record numbers. We’ve got to have that same kind of turnout in this election," he said. "If we think that we can just vote one time, then we have a nice party at Obama’s inauguration, and then we can kind of sit back and suddenly everything’s going to change – that’s just not how it works."

Obama called into Baisden’s show, syndicated to 71 radio stations in 21 states, as part of his effort to rally core Democratic constituencies with less than four weeks before the election…

"Everybody in the barbershops, the beauty shops, and at work — everybody’s got to understand: This is a huge election," he said.

Once again, Mr. Obama is using racial code words, as he is wont to do. "Barbershops" and "beauty shops." If a white candidate (who was not a liberal Democrat) for dog catcher did this, they would be called out.

But somehow it’s perfectly acceptable behavior from the President of the United States.

"If we turn out in strong numbers, then we will do fine. If we do not, if we are depressed and decide, well, you know, Barack’s not running right now, so I’m just going to stay home, then I’m going to have my hands full up here on Capitol Hill."

Bizarrely, Mr. Obama is still convince he is ‘The Won.’ He thinks the Democrats are going to lose in November because he is not on the ticket.

When, in reality, the Democrat Congressional candidates are going to go down in flames precisely because of him – and what they have done together. Obama is on the ticket, as far as most voters are concerned.

Obama said a big voter turnout was vital, both to counter millions of dollars being spent by outside groups and the enthusiasm Republicans have demonstrated.

"They are fired up. They are mobilized. They see an opportunity to take back the House, maybe take back the Senate," he said. "If they’re successful in doing that, they’ve already said they’re going to go back to the same policies that were in place during the Bush administration. That means that we are going to have just hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill."

Isn’t this the same Barack Obama who cavalierly said during the height of the ‘healthcare reform debate’ — "that’s what elections are for"?

He and his fellow Democrats have rammed through hugely unpopular legislation, and now they are going to have to pay the piper. That’s what elections are for.

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39 Responses to “Obama Warns Of ‘Hand To Hand’ Combat”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    They are panicking…..no question about it.

    1. Trying to fire up the college base.

    2. Arm twisting black people to vote.

    3. Scaring people into believing that Republicans will undo all the recent ‘progress’ in the last year and a half.

    4. Threatening gridlock and combativeness.

    The Republicans may (gasp!) shut down the government!…we should be so lucky!

  2. Chase says:

    Seems like Obamanoid is openly courting a minority base, with full acknowledgement that race played a major factor in his election, and that without that racial factor as voter stimuli, the mid-term elections are going to go the other way.

    He can say it.

    Anyone of another color (who is less than 6.25% black, that is) who says it is ‘racist.’

    (The rest of us are just told that we should not travel to Europe, as ‘possible militants’ might be planning bad things. A pretty lame October Surprise that would throw us into Obamanero’s protective arms…)

  3. JohnMG says:

    For his own sake he’d better hope he’s better at Kung Fu than he is at throwing a baseball!

    What an absolute shithead. Go back and re-read the quotes and see how many times this egotistical POS refers to himself by his first name…..I…..me, etc. People should be laughing their ass off at this panty-waist (or is it panty-waste?), but considering his targeted audience (young voters-black voters-college students) he knows they are all too stupid to think for themselves and see it for what it is.

    So bring it on, chump! You want hand-to-hand, you better hunt up Bruce Lee (forget Chuck Norris) and get down on your muslim knees and beg for some hasty lessons. Because we already KNOW whose ass needs kicking, and we DEFINITELY know how to get the job done.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Hand to hand combat? Obama? Is this a headline from the Chicago bath house scene?


  5. untrainable says:

    …we have a nice party at Obama’s inauguration, and then we can kind of sit back and suddenly everything’s going to change – that’s just not how it works.”

    But that’s exactly what he said would happen. His entire campaign was based on that very claim! His mere presence in office was not only going to change the politics as usual in Washington, but bring back warm fuzzy goodness to the hearts of our enemies and even LOWER THE FREAKIN’ SEA LEVELS!

    Please, Obama in a fist fight? The guy couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. And politically, without the teleprompter, the guy is just a marxist in a $2000 suit trying to sell a bundle of “uhs”, “errs” and “ahhs” as if they were actually thoughtful commentary on America. His words mean nothing, but now his adgenda is clear and major dumb-o-crat losses in this election are very likely if not certain. The man-boy-child is acting out against those who are beginning to understand him for what he is. Like a 6 year old standing in a parking lot screaming “OH YEAH?… Well… Your mother is fat too… so there.” If he weren’t intentionally destroying my country I’d almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

  6. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “Everybody in the barbershops, the beauty shops, and at work — everybody’s got to understand: This is a huge election,”


    Black men, black women, and white people – everybody’s starting to understand: I’m a huge failure.

  7. proreason says:

    This is the most significant news of the year.

    Rush explained it yesterday. Other than the magnitude of the Tea Party triumph, the biggest open question is whether the Moron will move to the center in order to be re-elected in 2012. Apparently, a lot of people believe that, including many rinos and rinos pretending to be conservatives.

    Rush says that is wrong and he has a lot of reasons….but this comment about hand-to-hand combat is one of the key ones. No president has ever said such a thing, and it is a clear window into his mind, or rather a clear window into his manias. He isn’t going to listen to the people or mitigate his policies in any way.

    Just think about that for a moment. We are on the verge of one of the two or three most significant political uprising in this country’s history. The Democrats (i.e., marxists) have made their case….in spades. The people are making their opposition known….in spades. And what is the intent of the president? Not to listen. Not to incorporate some of the peoples’ ideas. Not even to mitigate in some small ways. Oh no. The intent is to enter into ‘hand-to-hand’ combat to force his will down our throats. The will that is going to wipe-out your children’s’ futures.

    Nothing like this has happened in this country since the Revolutionary War. It could not be more clear that this man, who conned his way into a position of power by lying about his true intents, fully intends to rule as a dictator. He not only doesn’t agree with the people, he is contemptuous of the people. He is contemptuous of our country. He is contemptuous of our traditions. He is contemptuous of our laws. He is contemptuous of our system of government. He is contemptuous of our shared morality. He is contemptuous of anyone who disagrees with him in any way. He is contemptuous of YOU.

    He doesn’t intend to let anything ANYTHING stop him.

    The ball is in our court.

    Don’t even begin to think that November is the end of it. It’s just the beginning. But also don’t think that the outrage you are going to express in November is ineffective just because one arrogant narcissist intends to defy you. The rage must continue because the theory that he can’t be stopped without a super-majority is a myth. If your intensity is high enough, it will move the bowels of many Democrats who somehow manage to be elected or Senators who have the good fortune of not running this year. MOVE THEIR BOWELS. They are not all Marxist ideologues. Probably few are. MAKE THEM FEAR FOR THEIR SINECURES. These are greedy, self-consumed, power-mad bureaucrats. Some of them can be peeled off to vote with the Tea Party Senators and their trembling rino associates. We could win 50 to 52 seats in the Senate. We will only need 20 to 25% of the remainder to form a majority that can stop the madness. The key is INTENSITY. Now, in November, and for the next 2 years.

    • Petronius says:

      pro : excellent post.

      “He doesn’t intend to let anything ANYTHING stop him.”

      Yes! The survival of Nerobama and his Ruling Elite is at stake. Eventually, anything that extends their rule will be attempted.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yup, Rush also mentioned that he became aware that the presidential cabinet is seeking methods by which they can achieve authority without having to deal with congress…to increase the power of the executive order and to make law simply by saying so.

      This is very bad. I can only hope then, that a correctly-acting congress would stop him and put him in check. Not politically but actually. That is, if he tries those kinds of tactics, like “passing” cap-and-trade by fiat, then he is a usurper and defying the law of this nation as to due process of legislation.

      As Pro mentioned, he has no intention of being accommodating to conservative will, or even republican will, he has stated it clearly and the sound bites of what he’s said in the past and currently indicate that he is in no way sane.

      “The Consitution only tells the government what it can’t do.”
      “I need to know who’s ass to kick”
      “We can absorb a terrorist attack”
      “The cops acted stupidly”
      “I support a single-payer system for healthcare”
      “I will stand with the muslims, if it comes to that.”

      And so much more.

      He hates this country and is delighting in its disassembly while the rest of the nation and world watch. This is no different than some sick bastard raping your wife and taking the sick pleasure in doing so while forcing you to watch. THAT is what this guy is about. “I’m wreckin’ it ….and you can’t do anything….nanner nanner boo boo! Cuz if you yell at me, I’ll call you a racist and you’ll be in sooooo much trouble”. It is, perhaps the perfect cover for what he’s doing…and he has a large contingent of other socialists and blacks and mexicans who think it’s great.

      But they always give me the blank stare when I say, “OK, so in the end, we’re ALL living in the dirt, is that a GOOD thing?”

      They have no idea what I’m talking about.

      November is only the beginning…a concerted effort must be made to not only stop this megalomaniac but to attach severe and unrelenting scrutiny on everything he does. He hates being under the microscope and he hates intelligent debate so I say make sure his actions are noted on everything AND, put him in positions where he’ll have to both explain himself as well as discuss it with those evil, nasty republicans.

      If by “hand-to-hand” he means he’ll use all those billions in TARP money to destroy conservatives in the form of investigations and negative media coverage….well that will most assuredly backfire. Even Americans tire of that very quickly.

      Either way, this guy is in for a huge surprise.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Hand-to-hand combat. . .I would laugh if this was not the (faux) Leader of my country – The Greatest Nation in the World – he knows nothing of any type of combat and if he thinks that this faux threat is going to make anyone on the Right/Conservative side be scared or back down – it won’t work.

      I do believe that this faux POTUS would try to go into ruling by fiat – he is that narcissistic, that dismissive of everyone not him. His ‘compelling life story’ is a lie, his campaign was a lie, his Presidency is a lie and his legacy will be only one thing – He is a failure.

      This quote just shows how pathetic this poser is – he thinks he can sound tough but he can’t deliver – a good speech (without TOTUS) , a campaign promise, a bi-partisan government, or even the truth. He has never delivered.

      As I said – I would laugh if the future of my country, my children, my grandchildren – hell even our old age – weren’t at stake and the only joke is that lying liars who cheated got this despicable petty little man-child into the Greatest Nation in History and the msm which ‘speaks truth to power’ has looked the other way the entire time. I’d love to hear what the foaming at the mouth leftists are saying about this idiotic remark but like all gaffes Dem – it won’t be seen or heard again.

      God Help America
      A Proud American Infidel

    • tranquil.night says:

      “The ball is in our court.”

      I’ve heard the popular chorus lately as well of “Obama surely is going to triangulate after seeing the wave of voter anger that’s about to hit him.” It’s always from some oblivious moderate/centrist decrying the extended hyper-partisanship they know nothing about since they started paying attention to politics a couple weeks ago when they heard about Christine O’Donnell.

      My immediate response is “That’s what we said after Scott Brown. He was signing autographs as ‘#41′ against ObamaCare. Little good that did. No, the regime burned that bridge to triangulation when they burned our Constitution. They’ll try anything if they’re desperate enough but this is a one way road from which they can’t turn back only we can, nor will it honestly ever be their intent to permit such a shift.”

      Pro – you are right – this is the significantly definitive evidence that DingleBarry has a complete understanding of the consequences of his tyranny. He might be an ignoramus in the mechanisms of economics and capitalism, but he sure is a master at presiding over their agitation and destruction without miraculously ever having his thuggery or policies being connected to it.

      So in the end it is all these amoral economic and political “gurus” (not to mention peasants and centrists out in the voting class) who are ignoramus’ to who he and his legacy are, things which couldn’t be clearer to the engaged people who can’t afford to live in a value-less bubble for decades on end.

      Missing Trillions

      Rush was on the offensive and nailing touchdowns pretty much all week. You guys have covered many of his gems, but he also voiced Pro’s popular theory here that Bam’s original endgoal might well have been after the 2012 UN Secretary General gig. He also doubled down on how the market’s faux-climb is basically just the Fed nailing another rickety floor onto the house of cards and then dumping raw fuel into the house and hoping no one lights an errant match.

      He also went out into no-man’s land with the Big Lie by bringing up the missing $2 trillion from the Fed dating back to the Subprime bailouts: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_100810/content/01125106.guest.html

      “The imminent financial collapse, we were told. Unless we had these bailouts, immediately the whole world financial .. system would collapse, the Federal Reserve lent $2 trillion to somebody, and we still don’t know who got the money. That’s above and beyond TARP.”

      Actually that number itself is in dispute, and Rush probably went with it because it’s the most frequently used and most Conservative estimate of what was shelled out as of last year. In reality $2 trillion is probably the minimum that the Fed has eaten just in losses on its Subprime portfoilio. Remember, they basically just created programs through which private investors (mainly their printed money for a lack of anyone else but China via treasuries/bonds) could buy the toxic assetts off the banks that were still deemed healthy enough to survive. The problem was never solved, the weight of burden was merely shifted onto the strength of our currency. The problem since has only gotten worse fundamentally.

      The real number of total taxpayer commitment on behalf of the Fed probably approaches somewhere closer to the monstrous amount of $9-12 trillion, as reported over Spring of last year by Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aGq2B3XeGKok

      This led Alan Grayson of all people to grill Inspector General of the Fed Elizabeth Coleman about who’s gotten money and who’s being guranteed it. She couldn’t provide a single detail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXlxBeAvsB8

      You might be asking yourself: Why is it the hardcore Liberals (besides Ron Paul) who are the most aware and pressing the Fed about this when it’s really at the root of Obama’s entire faux-recovery currently going on?

      The complexities of the fraud are hard to follow if you don’t understand the role of the fed. The media has been pretty effective in blacking this out. What little chatter this topic got immediately got co-opted by politics. Some Ruling Class Republicans may be in on it. The bulk of them, including most Conservative pundits, were forced into an argument premised on big government versus big business without realizing that some of the banks and hedge funds they were defending on principle were complicit with the government in exacerbating the situation and the rest are already under the control of the government via policy and the Fed’s ownership, much to the extent that it had been policy (not irresponsible bank lending and bets) that caused the subprime bubble at all. Grayson probably knows and understands the scam, but he’s notoriously Liberal, the class warfare variety. The one thing the nutroots Left can’t understand about Obama is why he’s so in bed with Wall Street and big business with the bailouts and everything. What they aren’t realizing is that he’s just holding a gun to them under the bedsheets while publicly playing them all off one another (by blaming Wall Street and the rich – the one lie which still enjoys popular belief) long enough for the snake’s poison to run it’s course through our economic veins. Grayson’s playing the “true believer” role for the sake of political image and consistency.

      Anyway, the Fed’s lack of transparency led Bloomberg News to sue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloomberg_L.P.#Litigation_against_Board_of_Governors_of_Federal_Reserve_System

      “Bloomberg L.P. News brought a lawsuit against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to force the Board to reveal the identities of firms for which it has provided guarantees. Bloomberg, L.P. won at the trial court level. On August 24, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals refused to revisit a request by the Fed to review an earlier Court of Appeals decision requiring the agency to release the records. On August 27, 2010, the court agreed to delay implementation of the ruling until Oct. 19 so that the Fed may appeal to the Supreme Court. As of September 2010 the Fed has indicated it will do so.

      So there you have it. The Fed argues that disclosing the recipients of all that aid might trigger panic and a run on those (zombie) banks, who still only have to carry 10% of their (taxpayer backed) assets in the form of cash. Otherwords, mass awareness of the truth may trigger the paranoia which collapses the system (a perfect way to try and frame the rich and Republicans). So, to conclude, if we have another rapid destabilization and all these dead banks that were zombified by the Fed go wayward again – the US taxpayer is going to be on the hook for trillions of dollars.

      For a man so seemingly out of touch with his backyard barbeques and talk of cars in the ditch, this metaphor struck me as so acutely relevant it was almost surprising. In the 112th Congress, they’ll be fighting to “defend the change.” We’ll be fighting to defend our constitution by revolting against their revolution. Meanwhile it frighteningly looks like they’re rigging it all to blow. Those with enough wealth are already ditching equities, treasuries, and currencies for stable commodities. They’ll be able to leave the country at crunch time as we’ve all predicted, whereas everyone else gets smothered by the new international elite who’ve pillaged all the world’s wealth (much like they accuse the United States – what a shock!) to refound a multinational bureaucratic complex of economic and social command and control. The old ball and chain.

    • proreason says:

      The thing that makes Rush the man among conservatives is that he is fearless. If he thinks it’s true, he will say it, and his track record is pretty amazing.

      The $2 trillion is probably the amount spent so far from the Bloomberg chart that isn’t specifically assigned to one of the bailouts (of which there have been about a dozen so far). The chart shows that there are trillions spent and many more trillions uncommitted for which there has been no publicity whatsoever. The numbers don’t come to $2 trillion, but the chart was produced from data that is about 3 quarters old. This is a crime of the highest order. The entire administration should be impeached and jailed because of it.

      But there are many other areas where only Rush has the guts to speak. He is the only one to have said the obvious about the 2008 meltdown. He is the only one who declared he wanted the Moron to fail. He is certainly the most forthright about saying the Moron is deliberately dismantling the country. He has spoken recently about the mysteriously stable gasoline prices while oil steadily climbs. He has also spoken recently about what true wealth is and how the truly wealthy write the tax code to exempt themselves from it.

      Of course, even Rush has his limits. He has never said anything about his Gayness, and doesn’t really say much about the communist cesspool the criminal swims in or how Communists who have defected to the West have openly described the methods they used to undermine the US. For those facts, you still need the blogs.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “The chart shows that there are trillions spent and many more trillions uncommitted for which there has been no publicity whatsoever.”

      Exactly, thanks for clarifying that.

      The banks aren’t making any money off of real estate loans – the market is depressed – which originally accounted for in upwards of two-thirds their revenue. Debit fees and the like were reformed by Congress, so now most of their operations are in personal credit and the stock market. That’s part of what’s been directing all this wall street momentum – if you check the stats professional traders and institutions typically ratio 2:1 activity to individuals and amateurs. Through the Spring and Wreakovery Summer there were a lot of chaotic economic news days and the ratio would flip, and the markets would be down a hundred. Bank closures were accelerating again and the Fed started taking some significant pre-emptive steps. The professionals respond positively because they’re reaping the profits off the short-term stability. More bad news, more anticipated Fed action.. rising oil prices, stable gas prices. Boom, market is off to 11k.

      Not much of this is real. The Fed keeps pumping printed money into the economy to keep these underwater entities afloat and the professional traders working for the banks backed by the Fed (some owned or partially-owned by the government) are essentially getting printed money to keep the whole system looking good. They can’t hide it much longer. They said this week that controlled inflation is going to have to be adopted to keep the currency from tanking. Beck seems so unnerved by us officially being in the Weimar Republic it’s actually unwinding the fiber of his being. It’s seems to be literally unnerving him, pardon the pun.

      Dittos regarding Rush. He’s looking to get the ball downfield. He’s got a great factual playbook and strategic mind on top of it, sometimes it’s just up to the men in the trenches to kick up the dirt.

      Lil’ Timmy on TARP. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/07/AR2010100705081.html?hpid=topnews Oh wow is it a monster lie.

    • proreason says:

      “The Fed keeps pumping printed money into the economy to keep these underwater entities afloat and the professional traders working for the banks backed by the Fed are essentially getting printed money to keep the whole system looking good.”

      I’m not aware of this but it doesn’t sound like it’s out of the range of possibilities. They are willing to do anything to retain their power.

      But it’s a genuinely scary thing, at least as you describe it. If true, it means that the economy is like a dozen elephants balancing on a 2-legged stool….which makes me wonder why somebody like Jim Demint doesn’t expose it. Perhaps Beck has been trying. I don’t catch his show very often, but I haven’t heard Rush hammer it or any of the Fox shows I see.

      It makes me wonder one of two things: 1) maybe it’s too complicated for lay people to understand it, or b) even the Republicans are too scared of the risk to be willing to expose it or else they think they have a lock anyway so why rock the boat.

      In other news, the rumors have arisen again that the feds are going to seize 401K’s in order to keep the Unions’ pension scams alive.

      We live in a world where the most dangerous criminals run the show and they get a special thrill out of rolling dice that weigh about 50 mega-tons.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I simplified the process but don’t think I mischaracterized it. To fix the credit markets and raise the funds for TARP (and everything else since), the Fed has kept bank lending rates at 0-0.25%, and Treasury flooded the market with T-Bills. The banks take the money and aren’t really turning to risky real-estate or business loans in this climate like proponents of TARP tout, but rather put it right into T-Bills for the guranteed profit (although 1 years notes took a hard slide at the end of this week from 0.25 to a net-loss value of 0.19: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui). Treasury keeps to get monetizing the debt as long as they can find buyers (other nation’s Central Banks). But which even the Federal Reserve has stepped into the T-Bill market through the shadows at bad auctions to keep the public illusion up that there’s infinite demand for US securities. Meanwhile, the banks get to use the marginal profits from the essentially free treasury notes as assets to leverage themselves more credit. Therefore what you really got going on is a redistribution scheme using market and currency manipulation. The Fed is keeping the government and financial sectors liquid at the massive price of monetizing and selling our debt to other nations, the banks which we amassed the debt to bail-out in the first place, and itself. Additionally, all of this is devaluing the currency, the worth of everyone’s earning and savings.. and fundamentally uprooting the core stability of the private sector.

      They can claim as they do that it’s what they HAD to do to keep the credit markets from totally seizing and the whole financial system from collapsing. To that extent TARP may have been necessary had it been administered with benign intentions and correct oversight as Bush and the Conservatives that voted the bailouts thought it would and similar to the bond-drive that funded World War II. But instead what we did essentially is shackle our entire financial and economic engine to a high stakes gamble that our government could spend us Keynesian/FDR style back into solid economic growth before everyone investing in it lost confidence in our ability to keep paying the massive debt to fund the bloated state.

      But, understanding this, I then look at where the world is and how counter-active what this regime does truly is, even compared to what typical Progressive’s do. Europe’s in a debt crisis because of their obscene public sector. And yet the stimulus and its offspring didn’t even help our public sector despite being political slush funds largely designated to bail them out. It merely kept state and federal union employee pension problems away from taxpayer scrutiny for another year. Add to this the sheer breadth of private sector destruction in the form of public debt, added regulation, fees, bureaucracy and taxes with which the Obama regime seriously accomplished in heaping onto businesses and individuals and I have to conclude that economic growth was never the real goal, economic enslavement was. Although, as they’ve said weekly, it was “unexpected” that it happened so quick and (effective?). The plan was to have more time to fundamentally transform the rule of law here, without jeopardizing so much political capital. They underestimated the intelligence and strength of the resistance as well to that degree.

      Reference: “How The Federal Reserve Is Monetizing Debt” from 2009 http://seekingalpha.com/article/158330-how-the-federal-reserve-is-monetizing-debt

      “There are three major tripwires strung across our landscape, any of which could rather suddenly change the game, if triggered. One is a sudden rush into material goods and commodities, that might occur if (or when) the truly wealthy ever catch on that paper wealth is a doomed concept. A second would occur if (or when) the largest and most dangerous bubble of them all, government debt, finally bursts. And the third concerns the dollar itself.”

      Thought this part was poignant too:

      “A fair question to ask here is, ‘If there are green shoots everywhere and the stock market is racing off to new yearly highs, why is the Fed continuing to pump money into the system at these mind-boggling rates?’ One answer could be, ‘Because things might not be as rosy as they seem.'”

    • tranquil.night says:

      Pro, I went back and pulled up some of our old insights on Government-Sachs, the Fed and the Financial Crisis:

      “It isn’t big business – it’s big businesses run by big liberals who love the idea of marrying big liberal business with big liberal government.” 07/03/09 http://sweetness-light.com/archive/wall-street-may-give-record-bonuses#comment-152831

      (My Fav) “To call these things the actions of idiots is wrong. The actions are DELIBERATE FRAUDS to trick the citizens into thinking the government is solvent. They are CRIMES. Our elected officials are CRIMINALS.” 01/12/10 http://sweetness-light.com/archive/federal-reserves-record-profit-46-1b#comment-170463

      Part of me says it’s always been the secret objective of these groups [the Ruling Class] to expose “the dark side of capitalism” by living it – with the desire having always been to run themselves and the system into the ground in the end. It certainly seems to correspond with that marxist idea of “revolution through financial exploitation.” 01/22/10 http://sweetness-light.com/archive/seius-stern-theres-no-reset-button#comment-171466

      “Fascism is defined as controlling the means of production, but not specifically owning the industries.” 04/17/10 http://sweetness-light.com/archive/goldman-sachs-charges-drive-mkts-down#comment-178260

      “In the end I realized that roiling about the criminals in GS was missing the point. It was the abusive power of criminal lawmakers that hatched and incubated the financial meltdown, from beginning to end; and the same criminals are still there hatching new disasters. That is truly how the dicussion needs to be centered in the public forum.” 07/18/10 http://sweetness-light.com/archive/sec-shakes-down-goldman-for-550m#comment-184370

      It’s all still in play. We even prophesied they had to get Financial Reform done to secure control over lenders.. back when we thought ObamaCare was dead – in August 09!

    • proreason says:

      “It’s all still in play”

      Chris Christie is rising up on the list of Presidential candidates. He may well be drafted.

      imho, the two most likely tickets at the moment are Pawlenty / Bolton and Christie / Pawlenty.

      The key for all three will be to demonstrate enough conservative social values to stave off a revolt by socialcons.

      I urge anybody reading this to think deeply about the following:

      1. 2012 is the most important election ever. If we lose, the damage by 2016 will be irreversable.
      2. To win, our candidate must appeal to the middle. The turnout of left wing nuts in 2012 will be monstrous.
      3. The msm is not dead. They will attack Republicans even more vicously than in 2008.
      4. The Republican candidate must be free of scandals, even media-created scandals.
      5. Obamy is a masterful, ruthless, glib liar. The Republican MUST be a very effective speaker.

  8. hushpuppy says:

    “November is only the beginning…a concerted effort must be made to not only stop this megalomaniac but to attach severe and unrelenting scrutiny on everything he does.”

    Rusty, here’s one for you from Corruption Chronicles – A Judicial Watch Blog:

    Stimulus Funds African Genital Washing Study

    On the heels of a scathing report exposing incessant waste in President Obama’s scandal-plagued economic stimulus, a news agency reveals that nearly $1 million in recovery funds have gone to a genitalia-washing program for uncircumcised African men.


    If this seems like an inconceivable prank, just take a look at the public university study that received $823,200 in stimulus cash to encourage Africans to undergo voluntary HIV testing and counseling. Specifically, the taxpayer dollars will be used to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex.

    *Public University Study


    It’s interesting how many lawsuits, inquiries and FOI requests are aimed at Obama, his cronies and czars!


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yup, was aware of that some time ago. Certainly where I want my tax money to go. Just another thought experiment since the blacks like to lay the blame for their “plight” in Africa on everything white…..imagine…..

      Slavery never happened. No ships to the coasts of Africa, or if they did, they realized there was nothing of any trade value except ivory, exotic animals and perhaps a sketching of precious metals. But the Europeans found no interest in the slave trade.

      Zoom ahead to today. Would any of these so-called “nations” look or act any differently? Or, would they still be clamoring for international aide? How many people would have, or even know what electricity is?

      You does the math…and you comes up with an answer…

  9. Coco Q. Rico says:

    Haha, well I did my part to add to this absurdity:


    I got the perfunctory liberal reader visiting my site and trying to talk the Dems out of the obvious appearance that they’re desperately searching for an October surprise.

  10. canary says:

    To think I wondered if bin Laden might one day give the word for muslims to take to the streets and fight to the death. It could come from our own president. Obama’s thoughts on nationalism, progressiveness, revenge at even the innocents cost, & his Nation of Islam.

    Dreams From My Father –
    by Barack Obama 1994

    (excerpts from pgs 198-200}

    For when the nationalist spoke of a reawakening of values as the only solution to black poverty, he was expressing an implicit, if not explicit, criticism to black listeners: that we did not have to live as we did. And while there were those who could take such an unadorned message and use it to hew out a new life for themselves – those with stolid dispositions that Booker T. Washington had once demanded from his followers – in the ears of many blacks such talk smacked of the explanations that whites had always offered for black poverty: that we continued to suffer from, if not genetic inferiority, then culture weakness. It was a message that ignored causality or fault, a message outside history, without a script or plot that might insist on progression. For a people already stripped of their history, a people often ill equipped to retrieve that history in any form other than what fluttered across the television screen, the testimony of what we saw every day deemed only to confirm our worst suspicions about ourselves.
    Nationalism provided that history, an unambiguous morality tale that was easily communicated and easily grasped. A steady attack on the white race, the constant recitation of black people’s brutal experience in this country, served as a ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair. Yes, the nationalist would say, whites are responsible for your sorry state, not any inherent flaws in you. In fact, whites are so heartless and devious that we can no longer expect anything from them. The self-loathing you feel, what keeps you drinking or thieving is planted by them. Rid them from your mind and find your true
    power liberated. Rise up, ye mighty race!
    This process of displacement, this means of engaging in self-criticism while removing ourselves from the object of criticism, helped explain the much-admired success of the Nation of Islam in turning around the lives of drug addicts and criminals.
    But if it especially well suited to those at the bottom rungs of American life, it also spoke to all the continuing doubts of the lawyer who had run hard for the gold ring yet still experienced the awkward silence when walking into the clubhouse; those young college students who warily measured the distance between them and life on Chicago’s mean streets, with the danger that distance implied; all the black people who, it turned out, shared with me a voice that whispered inside them – “You don’t really belong here.”
    In a sense, then, Rafiq was right whenhe insisted that deep down all blacks were potential nationalists. The anger was there, bottled up and often turned inward. And as I thought about Ruby and her blue eyes, the teenagers calling each other “nigger” and worse, I wondered whether, for now at least, Rafiq wasn’t also right in preferring that that anger be redirected; whether a black politics that suprressed rage toward whites generally, or one that failed to elevate race loyality above all else, was a politics inadequate to the task.
    It was a painful thought to consider, as painful now as it had been years ago. It contradicted the morality my mother had taught me, a morality of subtle distinctions – between individuals of goodwill and those who wished me ill, between active malice and ignorance or indifference. I had a personal stake in that moral framework; I’d discovered that I couldn’t escape it if I tried. And yet perhaps it was a framework that blacks in this country could no longer afford; perhaps it weakened the black resolve, encouraged confusion within the ranks. Desparate times called for desperate measures, and for many blacks, times were chronically desperate. If nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on it’s promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence.
    If nationalism could deliver.

    • proreason says:

      canary, is there an online version of Dreams?

    • ptat says:

      Honestly, this clap trap is so tortuous to read! it could actually be used as punishment, maybe in the schools-thank God for the audio version–you can’t force somenone to read, but you can force them to hear!

    • canary says:

      Pro, you can find a lot of his excerpts on line. Now you can find people posting his audio book version and listen to the extreme profanity and “n” word slide of his tongue. I check to make sure it’s as the book.
      Our schools here bought a world culture book, with an Obama excerpt in which he tells of his being a pathological liar and pushing the only other little black girl on the ground in front of his classmates. No remorse. I checked it for word for word. Imagine this at a private school.
      And we still have the younger geared book version coming out. I can only think it’s minus his drug use & profanity, and writing porn poems with his mentor in Hawaii; communist “Frank”.

      “Rise up, ye mighty race!
      This process of displacement, this means of engaging in self-criticism while removing ourselves from the object of criticism, helped explain the much-admired success of the Nation of Islam..”

      this part disturbs me, but not as much as his admitting he became a muslim, and hid it during high school, do to school mates making fun of Islam as to it’s strictness. Of course Obama didn’t give up the things required.

      A little more on Rafiq, who was a former imprisoned gang-banger that Obama said Islam had turned his life around. The organizers he left to work with Rafiq, warned
      Obama he was still a thud. Just what Obama was looking for.

      Obama joined Rafiq’s organizing. Former gang leader Rafiq found religion when he met and started following Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, Rafiq & his skull cap formed a new type gang Obama saw as militant enough to work. Rafiq had body guards and they would go to stores and threaten them to give money to their organization or the community.
      Rafiq’s idea was as folks moved to the suburbs to get away from the violence, the blacks were buying up the property cheap, with the idea that those who moved would be forced to move back into the city someday, and the blacks would own the city.
      So, the militant type & gangs have a reason to run people out. An example explained by Rafiq.

      Dreams From My Father -Barack Obama 1994
      pg 197 excerpts

      … “I tell you one thing I admire about white folks,” he continued. “They know who they are. Look at the Italians. They didn’t care about the American flag and all that when they got here. First thing they did is put together the Mafia to make sure their interests were met. The Irish – they took over the city hall and found their boys jobs.
      The Jews, same thing…you telling me they care more about some black kid in the South Side than they do ’bout they relatives in Israel? Shit. It’s about blood, Barack, looking after your own. Period. Black people the only ones stupid enough to worry about their enemies.”
      That was the truth as Rafiq saw it, and he didn’t waste energy picking that truth apart. His was a Hobbesian world where distrust was a given and loyalties extended from family to mosque to the black race – whereupon the notions of loyalty ceased to apply. This narrowing vision, of blood and tribe, had provided him with a clarity of sorts, means of focusing his attention. Black self-respect had delivered the mayor’s seat, he could argue, just as black self-respect turned around the lives of drug addicts under the tutelage of the Muslims. Progress was within our grasp so long as we didn’t betray ourselves.
      hobbesian by Hobbs: English philosopher and political theorist best known for his book Leviathan (1651), in which he argues that the only way to secure civil society is through universal submission to the absolute authority of a sovereign.

  11. Petronius says:

    Great photo, Steve.

    What a sissy.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Hiding behind his wife. “YOU DA MAN!!”
      The only hand to hand combat this girly man ever encountered was a slap fight .
      Complete with high pitched shrills and screams!

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      No crap Petronius, damn he’s effeminate. Thunderbutt is wearing her trademark scowl as usual.

  12. Chase says:

    ” a people already stripped of their history…”

    A victim? How many Americans of any race know anything about their history going back more than 4-5 generations? He is mourning 1/16th of his ancestry?

    “If nationalism could …deliver on it’s promise of self-respect…”

    He relies on others to deliver his self-respect?

    “…people like me…” Is he referring to his 6.25% ethnic negro heritage?

    Plaudits for Nation of Islam? Sympathy….admiration…community?

    Very telling. What a waste of education dollars. Another reading of ‘black hole.’

    That’s all I had time to get out of it….

  13. Mae says:

    I am in awe of the comments posted here. Daammmnnnn, boys and girls, but we got some intelligentsia among us. It’s an honor to be in your midst. Truly.

    My low class comment is that Sissy’s next paying job after he loses the Presidency in 2012 (if we still have a country by then, that is) should be teaching those Africans to wash themselves after sex. Who better to do it?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Really Mae, there are no low class comments when it comes to challenging the dingleBarry.
      Honestly………….the thing that counts is punctuation, capitalization, proper spelling and comical wit when it comes to calling one a shiite. (sh*t)

      Play nice and have fun!

  14. Mae says:

    And anyone who doesn’t think this “Dreams” merde isn’t Sis’s “Mein Kampf” isn’t of a discerning mindset.

  15. misanthropicus says:

    Very suggestive, photo (not the fighters, but Barry giggling) – last time when I saw someone doing his footwork was at Nordstrom in West Hollywood, a guy (?) loudling cheching his image in the mirror “Should I wear this this way? Or this way?”
    No wonder Michelle has a boozing problem –

  16. proreason says:

    Why did the con work? How did Obama trick the country into thinking he was a man who wanted to represent the American people? How could the country have made such a mistake?

    It had more to do with the con of personality than even the con of ideology. Yes, he lied through his teeth about his intentions, and he lied through his teeth about his entire life history, but most people vote with their hearts and not their brains, so his handlers designed his personal characteristics explicitly to con the people about the kind of person he is.

    Aside from policy, there are 6 characteristcs that Americans want in a President: Intelligence, Experience, Confidence, Empathy, Calmness, and Flexibility. Consider the presentation (the Con) and his actions in office:

    INTELLIGENCE: The Con: Harvard graduate, Columbia graduate, Constitutional scholar, brilliant man. The reality: Rigid Idealogue with academic credentials he refuses to publish. If he is smart it doesn’t matter because he does not consider alternative viewpoints

    EXPERIENCE; The Con: Senator, State Senator, Constitutional Law Professor, Noted Author. The reality: no real-world experience whatsoever. He is informed only by his rigid world-view and a Marxist view of world history. He has no experience to draw on and his knowledge is limited and distorted.

    CONFIDENCE: The Con: Unflappable in debates and interviews. Masterful at presenting his policies. The reality: Arrogant, narcissistic, isolates himself from people with alternate points of view. Virtually incapable of making a decision about anything that doesn’t fit his narrow and rigid world view. Attacks and belittles his opponents.

    EMPATHY: The Con: Man of the people. A regular guy, just like you. The reality: Bloodless. Unconcerned with what anybody thinks or feels. No crisis should go to waste. Lives like an emperor without a hint of embarrassment.

    CALMNESS: The Con: A Thinker. Cool evaluator all options. Unflappable. The reality: He has indeed been calm with his inviolable political majority, except for now, as he stridently promises “hand-to-hand” combat to thwart the will of the people.

    FLEXIBILITY: The Con: A man who will listen to all sides and before making rational decisions. A natural academic and conciliator: The reality: The most rigid idealogue in US history. Doesn’t even grant audiences to anybody with a counter opinion.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “Why did the con work?”

      Let’s also throw in the MSM. IF they had and would actually do their job, the moron wouldn’t
      have made it to Senator.

      The falling of our republic could very well be attributed to the MSM.

    • Mae says:

      There is a certain “person” who’s called “the Father of Lies.” If you’re of the supernatural persuasion, perhaps the Big S had more than a little to do with it.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “…perhaps the Big S had more than a little to do with it.”

      Yes, the Big S and his right hand man, the little s, Soros.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Running with that supernatural theme a bit, what you’ve described here essentially is textbook black-magic. It was a seductive, hypnotic blend of just the right mixture of executive vision, illusionary wisdom and intelligence (sophistry), and professional presentation. All of it lies tailored to the political climate of ignorance and disgust with Washington that the MSM had manufactured for them through Boosh onward. Lies.. That’s what makes it Black Magic, not White – like those piercing gems of prophetic wisdom that echo through time from the likes of Reagan. And no I’m not being racist, that is the ironic official nomenclature for thousands of years.

      Plus it’s a near certainty now that they knowingly incubated a time-bomb in the economy which opened the door for this massive government takeover.

      Anyone who falls for some faux-attempt to triangulate now is truly a useful idiot and a dangerous fool.

      Great primer Pro. That includes your preferred credentials in the upcoming 2012 election. I’ll only say that I personally hope we get an over-abundance of over-qualified competition that steps up.

      But the Tea Party and this new Congress are hopefully going to be the ones to set the tone for that battle. We can’t afford to wait for a superhero – we need a tax policy.. we need a budget. Several whole fronts of investigations are going to need to open up. The Fed probably needs to be audited. We can’t override vetoes so they might need to go straight for the pensions purse strings. Investigate and defund TARP and stimulus. Defund and get a constitutional court ruling on Obamacare.

      Gonna be a busy 48 months!

      “Yes, the Big S and his right hand man, the little s, Soros.”

      Ooh you’re quick.

  17. Mae says:

    Not at all sure the Big S and the little s aren’t one and the same.

    Years ago (like maybe 40) there was a cartoon in the Saturday Evening Post which pictured the Big S sitting on his throne, pitchfork in hand, and lecturing two of his minions, one of whom held a travel case with the notation “Earth.” S says, “Be sure to quote plenty of Scripture.” Not exactly applicable here, but the same characters are in both scenarios.

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