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Obama Was Impressed With Illegal Lion Killers In Dreams

Obama’s father also proudly told Obama’s elementary school class about how the men in Kenya killed lions to prove their manhood. Naturally, he also had to drag slavery into his spiel to the kids.

From the Daily Caller:

Obama Was Impressed By Lion-Killing

By Patrick Howley | August 1, 2015 

President Obama was really impressed by lion-killing years before his administration started investigating the killing of Cecil the Lion. Obama, whose administration is assisting the Zimbabwean government in an investigation into Cecil’s killing by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, didn’t used to have a problem with lion-killing, according to his 1995 book “Dreams From My Father.”  Obama detailed his conversation with Masai guardsmen protecting him during a visit to Kenya. Obama explained that the guardsmen “had each killed a lion to prove their manhood.” The guardsmen engaged in illegal lion-hunting…

For the record, here is the passage in question from ‘Dreams,’ page 192:

"At night, after dinner, we spoke further with our Masai guardsmen. Wilson told us that both he and his friend had recently been moran, members of the bachelor class of young warriors who were at the center of the Masai legend. They had each killed a lion to prove their manhood, had participated in numerous cattle raids. But now there were no wars, and even cattle raids had become complicated -only last year, another friend had been shot by a Kikuyu rancher.

Wilson had finally decided that being a moran was a waste of time. He had gone to Nairobi in search of work, but he had little schooling and had ended up as a security guard at a bank. The boredom drove him crazy, and eventually he had returned to the valley to marry and tend to his cattle. Recently one of the cattle had been killed by a lion, and although it was illegal now, he and four others had hunted the lion into the preserve.

“How do you kill a lion?” I asked. “Five men surround it and throw their spears,” Wilson said. “The lion will choose one man to pounce. That man, he curls under his shield while the other four finish the job.” “It sounds dangerous,” I said stupidly. Wilson shrugged. “Usually there are only scratches. But sometimes only four will come back.” The man didn’t sound like he was boasting-more like a mechanic trying to explain a difficult repair…"

In fact, earlier in ‘Dreams’ (page 42), Obama also wrote about how proud he was when his father came to his elementary school school in Hawaii. His father also spoke to his class about killing lions:

“We have a special treat for you today,” Miss Hefty began. “Barry Obama’s father is here, and he’s come all the way from Kenya, in Africa, to tell us about his country.” The other kids looked at me as my father stood up… He spoke of the wild animals that still roamed the plains, the tribes that still required a young boy to kill a lion to prove his manhood…

And he told us of Kenya’s struggle to be free, how the British had wanted to stay and unjustly rule the people, just as they had in America; how many had been enslaved only because of the color of their skin, just as they had in America…

Naturally, Obama senior had to bring up slavery and his hatred of the British.

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