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Obama: ‘We Didn’t Know How Bad It Was’

From an unquestioning Politico:

Barack Obama on economic crisis: ‘We didn’t know how bad it was’


President Barack Obama said Tuesday he wishes he knew the full extent of the economic crisis when he took office, if only so he could have let Americans know just how tough the coming years would be.

"I think we understood that it was bad, but we didn’t know how bad it was,” Obama said in an interview with KIRO in Seattle. "I think I could have prepared the American people for how bad this was going to be, had we had a sense of that."

Well, we’re even. Even those of us who knew that you would be a bad President, didn’t know just how bad you would really be.

By the way, we seem to recall Mr. Obama claiming during the campaign that the economy was on the brink of a Great Depression. That the economy was worse than any other times since the Great Depression.

Of course, neither of those claims were true. So how can Obama claim that things were worse than he thought?

Obama’s comments came as he sat down with a string of local TV reporters on Tuesday morning to sell his proposal to extend the payroll tax cut while highlighting the end of the Iraq war. He also did brief interviews – all under 10 minutes – with WVEC in Norfolk, Va., WEAR in Pensacola, Fla., and KOAA in Colorado Springs, Colo.

You see, Mr. Obama is not campaigning. He is merely and desperately trying to extend the payroll tax cut. (Which he has threatened to veto if it does not include higher taxes on ‘the rich.’)

Obama is headed to Fort Bragg on Wednesday to speak to some of the final U.S. troops to return home from Iraq, and previewed his remarks with the local reporters, who all work in areas with large military populations.

“It’s important for us to express our thanks in words, but it’s even more for us to express our thanks in deeds,” Obama told WVEC, an ABC affiliate

And never mind that Mr. Obama has slashed the US military’s budget by a half trillion dollars. And that he hopes to slash it by another half trillion. And never mind that the vast majority of the Pentagon’s budget goes to payroll and pensions and healthcare benefits.

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6 Responses to “Obama: ‘We Didn’t Know How Bad It Was’”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Kipling’s “Tommy” comes to mind; “…the soldier slighted.”

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s just more “blame Bush”. Nothing new.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    “I think we understood that it was bad, but we didn’t know how bad it was.”

    What is this? The 10,000th time these people have been taken off guard about the economy?

    And how many times has the liberal news media had “UNEXPECTED” in their headlines concerning the same things?

    Couple this with the:
    *Hurricane predictors William Gray and Phil Klotzbach admit they have no idea what they are doing.
    *Recent polls showing more people distrust big government.
    *Congress (read: hated democrats who run to be lumped in with Republicans as “Congress”) poll ratings are at an all time low.
    *Our first, 1st term lame-duck president.

    Yet SOMEHOW these climate change summits keep happening, and the news media keeps reporting on them, even though there is ZERO ability to predict the weather beyond a 10 day forecast! and Discovery channel will probably continue to insert every 3rd line of dialogue as, ….”Because of global warming….”

    These people have fraud and ignorance written all over everything, yet they keep beating the drums.

    If the liberals are evolutionists, THEN WHY ALL THE FUSS? The Earth was a heck of a lot hotter 1 billion years ago, there was plenty of climate change, flooding, glaciers coming and going. How many hurricanes do you think it took to carve out the Gulf of Mexico? The Earth is ALWAYS CHANGING! If you believe in this evolution religion and pangaea, then there shouldn’t be any worried hang-wringing by all the enviro-nuts out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGcDed4xVD4&feature=fvwrel

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Either he was incompetent in dealing with the problem or incompetent in assessing the problem. Either way he is incompetent.

  5. proreason says:

    Well, first of all, don’t forget that he doesn’t say anything unless it’s a direct lie or a setup for a future lie.

    But just for grins, let’s assume that for the moment in time when he said it, he believed it to be true. If that is so, then it means that when his boss Soros tanked the economy in Septembr 2008, he must have mis-calibrated.

    And don’t forget the back-of-the-envelop prediction that unemployment would not go over 8%. That was obviously predicated on the simple observation that in the previous 10 recessions, unemployment was already improving at the point in time when the Moron was inaugurated. The timing of those previous 10 employment turnarounds varied from about 8 to about 15 months after the start of the recession, and the Moron took office about 14 or 15 months after the lying liars had declared that a recession had started. Perhaps they shouldn’t have redefined when a recession begins in order to sieze power. Or perhaps that shouldn’t have stolen 20+ trillions in wealth from Americans in order to jam the Moron into office. It appears the public doesn’t take all that kindly to having it’s net worth reduced by 30% or more, and then having the criminals who caused it increase federal spending by $1 trillion instantly. Who can blame anybody for hunkering in their financial bunkers in the face of the most concerted attack on wealth in human history? Frankly, the people who did it are lucky they are still breathing. The United States is probably the only country that could shake it off. Robespierre’s fate is the more common one for crimes of this nature.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    They didn’t know that the people they’re shafting were going to successfully challenge and reject their spin on history. The game plan was to be able to blame it on Bush, the bankers, and free markets while manipulating figures to support the narrative that their policies are bringing us back slowly. Cheers to hoping they continue to fail.

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