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Obama Whines About Treatment In Debate

From the Obama campaign, via YouTube:

Barack Obama in Raleigh, NC

Barack talks about last night’s debate in a town hall meeting in Raleigh, NC on April 17, 2008.

“I will tell you it does not get more fun than these debates. They are inspiring debates.  I think last night we set a new record because it took us 45 minutes before we even started talking about a single issue that matters to the American people.

It took us 45 minutes — 45 minutes before we heard about health care, 45 minutes before we heard about Iraq, 45 minutes before we heard about jobs, 45 minutes before we heard about gas prices.

Now, I don’t blame Washington for this because that’s just how Washington is. They like stirring up controversies and getting us to play gotcha games and getting us to attack each other. And I’ve got to say Sen. Clinton looked in her element.

She was taking every opportunity to, you know, get a dig in there…. That’s all right, that’s her right, that’s her right to kind of twist the knife a little bit….

Look, I understand though, because that’s the textbook Washington campaign, because that’s the politics that’s been taught to be played, that’s the lesson that she had heard when the Republicans were doing the same things to her back in the 1990s…”

What a spoiled brat he is.

And, yes, Mr. Obama does seem to be “flipping off” Mrs. Clinton when he mentions her being in her element at about 1:19.

That it might have been accidental is undercut by Mr. Obama’s ostentatious “brushing off” the attacks later in his remarks at 2:29.

For it is clear he was here (as always) very self-aware about his body language.

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