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Obama Will Confront GOP Over Tax ‘Loopholes’

From an unquestioning New York Times:

Obama Tells House Democrats He Will Confront Republicans on Taxes

By JEREMY W. PETERS | February 7, 2013

LEESBURG, Va. – President Obama vowed Thursday to confront Republicans over the issue of closing tax loopholes, saying that he would relish a debate with those who insist that Congress has done all it should to get more tax revenue from wealthy individuals and corporations.

Speaking to a group of House Democrats here who are gathering for a policy retreat, the president sounded defiant at times as he sketched out his positions ahead of the looming deadlines that will force Congress and the White House to negotiate a series of complicated fiscal deals in the coming weeks.

Mr. Obama said the key to avoiding the across-the-board spending cuts that would go into effect on March 1 was for Democrats and Republicans to resolve their differences over how to replace those cuts.

There are no cuts. There is a minuscule reduction in the increase in spending.

He went on to suggest that compromise must come from Republicans.

Haven’t the Republicans already compromised by allowing a tax increase? Which, we were told, would make the news media demand that Obama come up with some real spending cuts.

“What they’ve suggested,” he added, “is that the only way to replace it now is for us to cut Social Security, cut Medicare and not close a single loophole, not raise any additional revenue from the wealthiest Americans or corporations who have a lot of lawyers and accountants who are able to maneuver and manage and work and game the system.” …

How about we do away with the ‘loopholes’ that unions enjoy? They pay no taxes. Zero.

Lest we forget, according to the The Center For Union Facts, the annual dues paid to US unions is: $8,209,113,955. The tax on $8 billion dollars is a lot of money to ‘steal’ from the government.

How about we do away with the ‘loopholes’ that all those Democrat 501c3s and 501c4s get? In fact, Obama’s campaign organization has just formed itself into a 5014c ‘non-partisan’ nonprofit, to exploit this tax loophole and to enjoy a taxpayer subsidy.

From the Politico:

New Obama group Organizing for Action says it’s non-partisan

By TARINI PARTI and KENNETH P. VOGEL | February 7, 2013

President Barack Obama’s new nonprofit Organizing for Action insists that promoting the White House’s legislative agenda can’t be counted as “partisan political activity.”

The organization on Wednesday quietly posted new guidelines on its website formally declaring its intention to stay out of campaign politics.

“Neither OFA nor its chapters will be involved in any way in elections or partisan political activity,” OFA wrote. “Its exclusive purpose is public policy advocacy and development, and in particular, both enactment of President Obama’s legislative agenda and the identification and advancement of other goals for progressive change at the state and local level.

The freshly articulated mission language mirrors that of similarly structured conservative groups that have played heavily in recent elections and have drawn criticism from Obama and his allies for corrupting democracy and abusing the tax code.

It also mirrors MoveOn.Org and Planned Parenthood, and thousand other liberal Democrat front groups whose numbers dwarf anything conservatives have.

They also do not pay any taxes. What about their loopholes? Where is the outrage at taxpayers being made to subsidize Big Propaganda?

Organizing for Action — like the Karl Rove-conceived Crossroads GPS and the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity — is registered as a non-profit under section 501(c)4 of the tax code. Such groups are able to accept unlimited and secret donations from corporations, lobbyists and political action committees – cash streams that Obama attacked bitterly when GOP-allied groups tapped them.

Yep, these are the only 501c4s out there.

The primary requirement for 501(c)4 groups like OFA is that they spend a majority of their cash pursuing a so-called “social welfare” mission, so their applications for tax exemption often downplay politics — even when such groups go on to engage in overtly partisan political activity…

Organizing for America would not say whether it has already filed its tax exemption application with the Internal Revenue Service. But it told POLITICO that, when it does, it will answer “no” to a question that asks “Has the organization spent or does it plan to spend any money attempting to influence the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of any person to any Federal, state, or local public office or to an office in a political organization?”

Additionally, OFA indicated on its website that it will not directly lobby elected officials on behalf of the policies it supports, nor will it hire lobbyists to do so…

Which is also what MoveOn and Planned Parenthood claim not to do under penalty of perjury. And nobody turns a hair.

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