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Obama Will Ignore ‘Health Care Ruling’

From ABC News:

White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod (R) talks with Assistant to the President for Special Projects Stephanie Cutter as Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett looks on during U.S. President Barack Obama’s news conference, the day after Republicans gained 60 seats in the House of Representatives in midterm elections, in the East Room of the White House November 3, 2010 in Washington, DC.

White House Calls Ruling Striking Down Health Care Law ‘An Outlier’

Sunlen Miller
January 31, 2011

Senior White House officials called today’s ruling striking down the health care law “an outlier” and are confident that it will be overturned on appeal.

And this White House should know. After all, who can out-lie them?

A federal judge in Florida  struck down the Obama administration’s health care law ruling that because a central provision of the law is unconstitutional the rest of the law cannot stand without it…

Noting that the judge did not order the government to stop implementing the law, a senior administration source said "implementation will proceed at pace."

Doesn’t any further government action to implement Obama-care constitutes contempt of court? Of course, an administration that has shown so much contempt for the American public shouldn’t have any trouble showing contempt for a measly district court.

Still, it makes us wonder what Mr. Obama used to teach as a lecturer at the Chicago University law school.

Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Senior Advisor to the president, issued a blog statement pushing back at the judge’s ruling that Congress cannot force individuals to buy health insurance. She said the Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate commerce.

"Individuals who choose to go without health insurance are actively making an economic decision that impacts all of us," she wrote. "As Congress found, every year millions of people without insurance obtain health care they cannot pay for, shifting tens of billions of dollars in added cost onto those who have insurance and onto taxpayers."

Has it ever occurred to anyone that any laws requiring hospitals to treat people without hope of any payment might be un-constitutional, as well?

In any case, Ms. Cutter’s argument could apply in any number of other situations. For instance, when people refuse to pay rent and end up homeless, they eventually shift their costs to the rest of us who end up paying for their care and shelter. And yet, as Judge Vinson reminded us, even Mr. Obama has concluded that the federal government cannot mandate that everyone have housing.

Similarly, it can be argued that people who are unhealthy because they don’t eat enough broccoli shift the cost of their healthcare to us, the taxpayers. By the Ms. Cutter’s logic, the government can mandate that everyone eat broccoli at least twice a week.

Of course Ms. Cutter and the rest of the White House would probably find no problem with federal mandates in either of these scenarios. Which is the real problem here.

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23 Responses to “Obama Will Ignore ‘Health Care Ruling’”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    “Individuals who choose to go without health insurance are actively making an economic decision that impacts all of us,” she wrote. “As Congress found, every year millions of people without insurance obtain health care they cannot pay for, shifting tens of billions of dollars in added cost onto those who have insurance and onto taxpayers.”

    So IF people obtain healthcare without insurance – ummm, why have insurance at all?. Isn’t that just one more hand in the pot contributing to the higher cost of healthcare?

    Why not simply remove insurance – or more sensibly go back to Major Medical – and the individual patient and doctor negotiate costs/payments?

    Yes, yes I know – there are too many welfare queens, drug addicts, gang bangers, illegal aliens and elderly abandoned by family and simply living on their pathetic Social Security payments – who need to have the taxpayers cover their housing, food, and of course healthcare costs. So anyway you cut it – until the scum of society are denied any entitlement/financial assistance and the elderly are forced back into their children/grandchildrens home – the taxpayers are going to pay one way or another. It’s just with Obamacare – they are scr*wed every single way imaginable within both the government and healthcare ‘systems’ – forever.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      wm4, you make a very salient point.

      Not only is this healthcare law a big powergrab, it is also perhaps the largest single piece of wealth redistribution that’s visible in plain sight. By implementing this plan…those who have…will be forced to pay for those who have not. Yes, largely we do that now as the system stands because of manipulation by other socialists in the past, in a less robust effort to get the poor/illegal immigrant vote. But that can be repaired with proper legislation and perhaps have a hand in making it less desirable to illegally set up residence in the US. But also, the new law forces those who produce to pay for the 49-51% who don’t, which is what the socialists really want. Better to be all equal in misery through dictat than to have one do better than the other by their own hand, eh? Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that I must provide for my neighbor’s (or even my own brother’s) healthcare. As a thought experiment, I would love, once again, to have a time machine and bring this up for debate in a mixed setting in say, oh 1955. I think any group of people would resoundingly dismiss the notion of nationalized healthcare. So…what changed? (rhetorical)

  2. oldpuppydixie says:

    Well DUH!!! Of course this Marxist, would-be dictator will ignore the ruling. That’s the reason an injunction should have been issued IMMEDIATELY upon the ruling. It is a disgrace that conservative–that is, REAL–judges don’t have the guts of their leftist, activist counterparts. How can an unconstitutional activity not be STOPPED by the ruling judge??!!!

  3. BigOil says:

    Since ignoring a federal judge’s ruling on the drilling moratorium worked so well – why not do it again. Petty dictators are, after all, above the law.

    I believe there are 26 states, however, that may decide not to ignore the ruling.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      What was brought to my attention in the first paragraphs of Rush’s opening remarks today, is that if Obama goes ahead with this, he can be held in contempt. Even Nixon was aware of that in his experience in law. Apparently the big Zero is not, in spite of his “experience” in constitutional law. It would please me beyond the beyonds if Barry was held in contempt for ignoring the ruling of a federal judge.

      People, what we’re seeing is yet the highest example of his own single, solitary unbelievable arrogance on display. He can ignore it if he wants but the dam is burst now and he can’t undo it. If he defies this decision, he and his operatives are now held in check. They have to go through the process to get it reversed. And, that means the public sees the regime doing all it can to subvert the Constitution. The whole thing has been struck down on the commerce clause and the lack of a severability clause, rendering the whole thing illegal. It now has to go up the court system and could be overturned but it’s the DEMOCRATS who have to move it up and overrule. Their task is not easy. Sure, it could happen…but it’s now been unfolded to show it is an untenable law.

      Hopefully entrenched republicans won’t blow it as it goes to a liberal judge. It’s time to turn the heat up, not play “nice”.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Rush’s take is right on. If the regime is seriously going to ignore the ruling, their hubris is greater than that of Icarus and his wax wings, and their fall will be even faster. They’ll have to pursue the stay, which still plays to our advantage. DeMint rallying all 47 Senator’s for repeal was a encouraging move, but now is the time for decisive action. This is now a clearly unlawful breach of power and the media is trying to whitewash the fact that legally implementation of the law cannot continue now. If the fence-sitting Blue Dogs want any hope of holding their seats, they have to come to our side. The truth just needs a loud and aggressive defense.

      I agree with Pro as well in this regard. Discussing the merits of HealthCare reform are no longer relevant. This is about arresting and restraining an out of control leader and his corrupt, dictatorial political apparatus, the regime.

    • TerryAnne says:

      tranquil.night – that’s exactly what I said on Ken Cuccinelli’s Facebook page the other night. Everyone was cheering on how this latest ruling is the kicker. Me, being my usual cynical self, had to point out that this debate has been muddied by the liberals associating healthcare with health and, thus, the debate is quickly rendered ineffective because the liberals shout, “think of the children!” and people run and hide. I said that if we could get FOX News to run just one story on how this is the most blatant naked power grab in history, then we might actually win the debate. We’ve got to take the discussion away from the nuances – the cost of health care, the poor and illegals, etc – and call a spade a spade – that this system ensures a limited group of people have complete control over other’s lives and that they are doing so strictly to perpetuate the cycle of dependency…that once you break a person’s will to fight (what the media is doing), they will follow rules (what Obama and Friends want), and that biscuts can be dangled every so often to get the people to do what you want (how this bill has been almost exclusively pandered to the people who have never paid one red cent for their health care and have not a clue about insurance or the like, strictly so that those doing the pandering can get reelected). Furthermore, no one is calling out how the latest liberal media tactic is to parrot the socialist politician’s “warning” that eliminiating this bill will increase our debt…when the damn bill just started taking effect and that the whole load of money being sucked into the system as of now is strictly to set up the system that didn’t exist before! Why no one is pointing out that blatantly false comment is disgusting! There was no medical debt, per se, in our budget before, so how is it that it would suddenly appear in the wake of a bill that hasn’t fully been implemented and is only being funded to pay people’s salaries?!?!
      Another tactic is to point out that socialist/communist…heck, calling a spade a spade – our leader who wants to be a dictator is creating problems that did not exist previously strictly so that he has something to fix and will look like he is accomplishing something so as to keep power.
      Or how about Obama keeps touting this as his baby…but he didn’t have a single thing to do with writing it. The only time he’s taken any sort of liking to this bill was after it was passed and he could swing it around.

      Our tactics need to change now.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Well said, TA!!

    • TerryAnne says:

      Thanks, LD! :)

  4. proreason says:

    Given the intense interest in Health Care and Egypt the last few days, it seems like an appropriate time to list the problems the US faces. Everybody will differ, but here is proreason’s list, in order of importance:

    1. Internal subversion – Marxism, Obama, et al
    2. Big government (other than subversion) / government corruption / Constitutional subversion
    3. Federal spending / the deficit / the national debt
    4. The economy / energy (other than spending / deficit / debt)
    5. Attack on free enterprise (also see Internal subversion) / fascism
    6. Media bias (other than internal subversion)
    7. Breakdown of American values, particularly the destruction of the Black family
    8. Islamic Terrorism
    9. Abandonment of 65 years of American foreign policy
    10. Illegal Immigration
    11. Failure and cost of public education
    12. Failure of Social Security and Medicare
    13. Ability of money interests to influence political leaders and distort the economy
    14. The Middle East
    15. Union influence
    16. Pakistan
    17. State spending
    18. China
    19. Russia
    20. Health Care system and costs

    Things that don’t even make my list: social justice, military Spending, trade imbalance, infrastructure spending, stimulus spending, “safety net”, the environment, global warming, cap and tax, racism, political violence, auto industry.

    Now, you would probably place #20 in a different spot, but my god, after looking at this list, how on earth could a radical transformation of the American Health Care System have possibly been anybody’s #1 priority? Just kidding, rhetorical question.

    • Mae says:

      Great list, Proreason. May I use your post, with proper attribution, at another site?

    • proreason says:

      Mae, thanks. Feel free to use the list or modify it and use it as your own. I’m sure everybody’s list would be different, but fixing health care will be relatively low for anybody who can see what the real issues are (and also because it is so easy to make significant improvements in Health Care costs with a few changes that would be about 2 pages each).

      Somewhat similarly for the Middle East, although the exposiveness of that situation might cause a lot of rational people to move it up. My view, as often expressed is that even though terrorism and the Middle East are obviously dangerous situations, the danger is far less than what is happening in the US domestically.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      The rub is that we see these things as problems, the socialist democrats see them as solutions.

    • TerryAnne says:

      I, too, love the list. However, due to this naked power grab, Health Care is now number 2 on my list. I want the bill repealed…yesterday!

      I’d also tie your 2-4 together as one, since the liberals have muddied the ground between them and they all now trigger one another.

      My list would probably be something like:
      1. Reformation of election system and candidate process to ensure no possibility of anti-Democratic/anti-Republic persons can ascend to power
      2. Repeal Health Care bill as “passed” by Pelosi and minions. Institute tort reform and reinstate policy of insurance companies being allowed to deny coverage to certain preexisting conditions…within reason. Also reinstate policy that, upon graduation from college or the age of 23, which ever comes first, children will be removed from their parent’s insurance.
      3. Illegal immigration. Shut down the borders for 6 months, including allowing those seeking exile. Insitute a policy that personal citizens can turn in illegal citizens at $500/head, with the total not to exceed $5000/person. Immediately send all illegals back to their home of origin with the warning that if found in America again – legally or not – they will immedately be placed in prison for 10 years per offense. During this 6 months, activate the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona National Guards and those from other states who chose to help to build a wall topped with electrified barbed wire between our border with Mexico.
      4. Divide the remaining funds in the stimulus package per legal American residents and give them a tax credit or check for their portion. Introduce a bill to Congress to make any sort of future “stimulus packages” null and void.
      5. Pass a military budget. In addition, reform the military budge allotment process so that 30% is always set aside for procurement, 60% is salaries, and the remaining 10% for frivolous crap. Get rid of the idea that if you don’t spend your budget this year, you won’t get the same or more next year; that if military units and organizations have not spent their budgets on necessary stuff – which doesn’t include remodelling simply because the desks look ugly…if they function, they stay – then the remaining amount is returned with no punishment (the unit can apply for the same amount the next year and get it with no questions asked).
      6. Reform our intelligence agencies and system. Get rid of the DNI, first and foremost. Make sure all agencies stay within their baileywicks. Move them out of DC; modern technology does not require all to be within 20 miles of one another, which is a terrorist wet dream.
      6.5. Reform our policy against TERRORISM.
      7. Delete unnecessary government organizations such as the EPA, FDA, Board of Education, HHS, etc. Combine the FBI and DHS into one organization. Make all schools independent of the government and, thus, eliminating school taxes in addition to tuition for those who send their kids to private schools. Private schools will still charge tuition, but the ones who’d like to operate like public schools do now can operate on donations.
      8. Make Social Security optional.
      9. Get rid of any sort of public school test, such as the SOLs.
      10. Eliminate any and all equal opportunity things. Make is so that race, creed, sex, sexual preference, color, etc. are not included on any sort of employment or college or anything that requires an application. Also, all first names will be listed as the first initial and all forms must be electronically filled out. That way the system becomes completely blind to anything that would make any sort of discrimination possible. It would also eliminate the need for workplaces to spend their time each year saying how many blacks/hispanics/women/transsexuals they hired; they could focus on the fact that they hired the best.
      11. Eliminate government grants for any sort of controversial research. All grants applications will be presented at one time each year and all grants will be posted on the internet so that people can vote on which grants should receive their tax dollars. Sort of an American Idol of grants.
      12. Cap all monies spent and/or donated to political election campaigns at $1 million. That will force focus on material…not fluff.
      13. Make English the official language and pass a measure that states that companies should not feel it is necessary to print their labels and/or instructions in 3 million different languages unless they have a large enough export market and doing so is economical.
      14. Pull out of the UN and dissolve NATO. Let the world know that if we feel a war or skirmish is necessary, we will do it and that we do not need to have permission to do so.
      15. (in congruence with the above) Other countries will not be allowed to tell us how to fight wars, such as what is going on in Afghanistan.
      16. Completely revamp our policy with Middle Eastern and other Muslim countries.
      17. Revamp our policy with China, to include not allowing them (or any other country) to become involved in our economy.
      18. Bring back the gold standard.
      19. Reinstitute state’s rights for everything not specifically dictated by the Constitution as solely federal powers – including abortion (which will require overturning R v. W). Also abolish the whole interstate commerece clause.
      20. Make unions illegal.


    • proreason says:

      TerryAnne, I like your list as well. Yours is more a list of solutions than problems.

      And I agree that since ObamyScare has passed, Health Care has moved from a minor distraction to a huge problem…all because of the power grab.

      Everthing the marxists do causes problems that are infinitely worse than the status quo. That’s why I always say that getting rid of them is by far the most important thing the country must do. In fact, once they are driven back into their hidey holes, ALL of the other “problems” become nearly trivial (including terrorism, imho). The reason for that is they deliberately distort every issue to balkanize, demonize and propagandize their agenda to achieve total power. They let no crisis, problem or event go to waste.

      For example, here is a very short list of marxist tactics designed to make life difficult for the country: political correctness, scream racism, unionize to create divisions, demonize private enterprise, propagandize that citizens cannot survive without government, encourage homosexuality, radical feminism, secularaism, irresponsibility, rewrite history. Anybody can easily think of dozens or hundreds more. Throw all of that nonsense away, and every problem the country has becomes solvable with simple, common-sense solutions (i.e.: don’t overspend, punish criminals and enemies, don’t create unnecessary government overhead, encourage nuclear families, discourage destructive behavior, etc.)

    • TerryAnne says:

      Thanks, proreason! :)

      I guess I am more of a solutions-based person, though. There are tons more that could be added to this list and some tweaking done, but that’s pretty-much what I feel important right now. Given Barry’s propensity of dumb stuff, my opinions may change before next week, though. LOL!

  5. Right of the People says:

    “Still, it makes us wonder what Mr. Obama used to teach as a lecturer at the Chicago University law school.”

    How to be present since that is the only thing he knows.

    I just hope some judge with a big pair (and a lifetime appointment) rules that he is in contempt and makes it very public. Impeachment is still an option and we might even be able to get bumbling Joe on some charge. Terminal stupidity maybe? That means the next in line in Bohner. It might be the only thing that saves us.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    Update, Dailycaller via Instapundit: “A Republican measure to repeal the new health care law will be included as an amendment to the first bill the Senate plans to take up this year, a spokesman for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed Tuesday.”

  7. proreason says:

    Don’t homosexuals who contract aids shift the cost of their care to everybody else?

    What about overweight people, like thunderbutt?

    What about smokers, like the boy king?

    What about feminists who will eventually have abortions at government expense?

    What about blacks who commit the costly act of murder at 4x the rate of white people?

    All democrats and marxists (pardon the redundancy) need to immediately begin paying really big penalties and taxes so that society isn’t stuck with their future costs.

  8. canary says:

    Obama’s Health Care Bill that passed, includes “required civilian military service”.

    There may be a connection with he and Gates recent new proposals in the U.S. Military to do away with age, disability, etc. discrimination, as they work on women being forced into combat.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Don’t forget it also includes the hiring of 16,500 IRS agents – how does that have anything to do with healthcare – Oh yeah, to track down every American who does not have health insurance to ‘fine’ (remember it’s not a tax, even though it is originating with the IRS) them!

  9. untrainable says:

    Using the order of events leading up to today’s vote on HCR repeal in the senate, everyone who voted to uphold Obamacare has necessarily tossed their oath of office out the window. Stay with me.

    Obamacare is ruled unconstitutional and since there is no severability clause (the entire law must be considered as all or nothing) the law should be considered null and void. Then today the senate voted on repeal. Of course the vote was split on party lines, so all of the Dem senators voted against repeal.

    So, correct me if I’m wrong, but technically as of today every Democrat in the senate has openly violated his/her oath of office because they voted to support a law that is currently considered by the law to be unconstitutional. Couldn’t that single vote be used as a case for the removal of domestic enemies… people who vote for laws they know to be illegal? Aren’t they charged with “UPHOLDING” the Constitution? Do they not swear on the Bible to do so?

    Security! Here’s the list, check off all of the (D)s and quickly escort them out of DC.

  10. wardmama4 says:

    A judge in LA just ruled that the Obama Administration is in contempt for the drilling moratorium even though it was overruled – so does this mean Judge Vinson can hold the Obama Administration in contempt for plunging forward with Obamacare – even though he ruled and (hey Chuck Schumer – pay attention here) that by virtue of the his ruling, the Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2010 is null and void because it is un-Constitutional and he does not have to issue a separate injunction.

    It will be an interesting 2 years – most especially after Dec – when the Dems start campaigning to keep The Won in office.

    He is so juvenile and petulant – it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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