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Obama Will Investigate Oil Price Fraud

From a giddy New York Times:

Obama Sets Up Team on Oil-Price Fraud

April 21, 2011

President Obama sought again to show his concern for high gasoline prices, announcing on Thursday at a public event in Reno that the Justice Department is forming a team to investigate possible fraud in oil markets.

Mr. Obama last month directed his attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., to probe any reports of price-gouging.

To which Mr. Holder replied: "I will get my people right on it." Meaning, of course, the Black Panthers.

Now, [Obama] said, “we’re going a step further,” setting up the team “to root out any cases of fraud or manipulation in the oil markets that might affect gas prices – and that includes the role of traders and speculators.”

Is this "team" a study group, or a blue ribbon panel? In any case, you can be sure that as in the case with all of Mr. Obama’s "teams" we will never hear back from them. And yet they will still manage to spend millions of dollars.

And never mind that the Democrats call for similar investigations every time gas prices go up. But we never hear about their results when they fail to uncover any wrong-doing. Never.

The president, speaking to more than 300 people at a clean-energy manufacturer, coupled his remarks on gas prices with his call to end tax breaks for oil and gas companies and instead subsidize clean-energy sources. That got applause and cheers from his audience, which included the roughly 45 employees, family members and guests of ElectraTherm Inc.

Imagine cheering at the news you are going to get millions in taxpayer subsidies. What a compelling speaker Mr. Obama is.

The company, which generates power from recycling low- and moderate-temperature waste heat, in September got nearly $1 million from the Energy Department to research and develop a new method to produce electricity, part of a $20 million federal initiative for geothermal technologies.

Meanwhile, it is boondoggles like this that the Department of Justice would be investigating in a better world.

The record profits of the oil companies have once again become a favorite target of Democrats as prices at the gas pump have risen to average about $4 a gallon nationwide

Why? Mr. Obama and his Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, have made it abundantly clear that they favor gas costing more than $4 a gallon. For instance, back in September 2008, Mr. Chu said: "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

“Instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy sources, let’s invest in tomorrow’s,” he said.

You see, GE, which just reported a $77 billion dollar tax free profit in the last quarter is not rich enough. Besides, the more money GE gets from the government, the more they can give Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign.

Mr. Obama’s appearance here was his third town hall-style event in as many days to promote his new message of “shared prosperity through shared responsibility” to reduce projected increases in the federal debt by $4 trillion in the next 10 to 12 years

Doesn’t that slogan sound like suspiciously like something out of one of China’s ‘Great Leaps Forward’? In fact, doesn’t Obama’s 12 year detail-free ‘budget’ sound just like the ‘Five Year Plans’ of Communist days gone by?

“But I’ll tell you what we’re not going to do — we’re not going to reduce our deficit by gutting our investment in clean energy and medical research and basic science,” Mr. Obama added to applause…

Thank Allah. We were worried that the skinflint GOP was going to put an end to all cancer research.

The questioners were friendly

Naturally. Mr. Obama will not appear before unfriendly – or even informed — audiences.

A young man complained that taxes had become a dirty word, even though the state and nation need more resources for such programs as education.

So a young man who does not pay taxes is demanding that he not have to pay one red cent for his education. What a perfect example of what Mr. Obama calls ‘shared sacrifice.’

Mr. Obama replied that to date, “We haven’t raised your taxes, we’ve lowered your taxes.” But he added that as the economy has recovered and deficits increased, it is time to acknowledge, “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

This from the man who is not only giving out free school lunches, but free breakfasts and free dinners – all year round. Which, of course, will all be served by his public sector union foot soldiers and the SEIU.

He said income tax rates must return to the rates in effect when President Bill Clinton was in office, and when both rich taxpayers and the economy were doing fine.

Fine. Let’s return the level of spending we had back in 1995, as well.

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23 Responses to “Obama Will Investigate Oil Price Fraud”

  1. BigOil says:

    How about a Congressional investigation into the role of both Congress and the Federal Reserve in high gas prices. Printing money to devalue the dollar is a major factor driving up the price of oil. Last time I checked, oil is still traded in dollars.

    Of course, every dictator the world over has to create villains to direct the masses ire away from themselves.

    Barry is fortunate to have an ample supply of schools and union halls to draw audiences of cheering sycophants. A Marxist clown transforming the land of opportunity into the land of shared sacrifice amidst crowds of boot-lickers. Sickening.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Those gold speculators are out of control too.

    And by them I mean – you know – like every central bank, business, and individual with any savings portfolio in the world who’re dumping their Dollars right now.

  3. Kaffeesatz says:

    This is typical leftist-onomics.

    The laws of supply and demand do not exist. Therefore, you can restrict supply as much as you wish through environmental laws, drilling moratoriums, arcance formulation rules, prohbiting the construction of new refineries, etc. This will not affect the price of gas.

    High prices are in fact due to evil capitalists screwing the average guy. This is pure greed, and not the result of the non-existent laws of supply and demand. Therefore, the proper role of government is to prevent this from happening by threatening and prosecuting people that try to charge market prices for valuable goods and services.

    The next step is to go after the excess profits being made due to the windfall of higher prices. We could call this a ‘windfall profits tax’. And, because people do not respond to taxes, we will really stick it to the man!

    If only we had thought of this earlier! Say, in the 70’s.


  4. proreason says:

    This is a microcosm of the plight of the United States.

    80% of the country is worried about the price of gasoline, and wants American companies to extract American oil from the world’s greatest reserves, with the world’s cleanest technology.

    But to Obama, this is just anoone more opportunity to lie about the causes of the problem, to demagogue solutions, to demonize his opponents, and to obstruct any action whatsoever.

    This man has to be stopped.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well I sure hope he finds out whose ass to kick and makes sure he puts a boot on their neck.

      Heaven forbid we ever have to drill for any oil here in the US. I recently got into a pi**ing contest with a guy over at PJM about electric cars vs. the internal combustion engine. He’s stuck on the spin and can’t do math, apparently and actually believes that electricity is that stuff which materializes out of the wall socket. His “energy” accounting only tallies how much more efficient electric motors are when compared to internal combustion engines. He didn’t account for where the electricity comes from and that dollar-for-dollar, it’s a losing game when compared side-by-side.

    • proreason says:

      I think I saw that exchange. And I’m stongly on your side. As somebody who is personally conservative, not just politically conservative, i have to see A LOT more evidence of the benefits of electic vehicles before I buy the spin. Indeed, I think the spin you hear from the greenies is the top of the iceberg. The real danger is the stuff they will never tell you and probably don’t even know themselves.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It’s just fundamentally flawed that a nation will automatically adopt a car that lacks in the versatility of the internal combustion engine that has had over 100 years to be perfected. And they continue to get better. My truck has ~300,000 miles on it. Half a (correction)-century-(not “decade”) ago, that kind of reliability would be marveled at. Nowadays, cars with 150,000 miles are still on the road and though they may look a sight, they are still running. Granted, most are Hondas, Mercedes, etc. But there are a fair number of high-end Fords and GMs too.

      The day of the electric car is not upon us and to that end, you can’t push a string. Cause and effect are very important and the electric car people willingly turn a blind eye to the reality. “I have an electric car and I pay nothing at the pump”. OK, so what’s your electric bill look like? Where did the electricity come from? Hydro, Nuke or *gasp* Coal? If you have a solar panel AND a windmill in your backyard, then my hat's off to you for being self sufficient, energy wise. But on those days that are perpetually cloudy and the air is still….sucks when you want to charge your car and can't go anyplace…least of all to go get food.


      Eventually we may end up having to have an electric vehicle, or a horse and buggy. Because thanks to the regulation of our energy resources and preventing anyone from going to get it, they are hogtying us into it. I happily am paying for gas at the pump and driving the same as I always do. My car gets about 20 mpg and I come up with reasons to drive around, simply in protest. I also have my truck that gets 16 mpg….More if I didn't have to burn corn with it….but it is what it is. So, when I need to take the trash to the dump, I happily fire up the truck…let it idle a while to get up to temperature and then drive around a bit to make sure things get lubricated well.

      I'm not changing my lifestyle because Obama's policies have resulted in higher fuel prices. I expect gas to peak at ~$5.30/gallon here in SC. Closer to $6 in LA, the home of liberalism. It will result in the ouster of chairman Obie.

      Seems that the greenies are looking for an effect by trying to manipulate the cause.

    • Right of the People says:


      I’m with you, my car gets 17-18 mpg for daily commuting which doesn’t include any highway and i drive it proudly. It’s got 99K and still going strong. I was going to trade it but the little cars that get good gas mileage can’t match its ride or comfort so I’ll drive it until the wheels fall off.

      If we were actually allowed to drill on our own land, problem solved. I’m hoping in 2012 we might get some adults in charge but I’m not holding my breath. 75 to 80% of the present clowns in congress and of course the butt pirate in the Oval Office need to go. If the adults get in maybe we can defund the EPA and Energy depts and get what we need.

  5. Tater Salad says:

    I wish Obama would sign those 276 drilling permits that have been sitting on his desk for over a year now. I’m getting damn tired of people buying all those greenie type, little bitty cars because when I run over one of them they get tangled up in my trucks drive shaft and rear axle. It has cost me big time because I have to now carry around an oxy-acetylene torch to cut this crap out from under the truck. The sides of the roads are now getting cluttered with this junk.

  6. wirenut says:

    The fact of the matter is, these “turd burglar’s” have fallen for their own hype. The “truth” is. Nothing can produce the power that we need, as oil does. Pound for pound or gallon fer gallon. Steam? Unquestionable power, but it went out when we found something better. OIL! Plus alot of trees and coal would have been sent to capitalist’s crematoriums had we not discovered, OIL! With No oil, No nukes, No coal, No wood, we live like pigs and forage for our next meal.
    NOT ON MY WATCH! The only thing we haven’t tried for running things is, incinerating Marxists. Right back at ya’, greenie! Haw!

  7. swee says:

    I had this fantasy that I saw Eric Holder at the gas pump, putting gas in his car. I ambush him with my iPhone, recording an interview with him. My questions, his dumb answers all end up on YouTube. The video goes viral…..anyhow, this is a long way to say that I think if gas goes much higher in the next few weeks, you will start to see protests outside the White House. Americans are not going to put up with this much longer not with unemployment as high as it is. The little disappearing disposable income they have is going to putting food on the table, and gas in the car.

  8. GetBackJack says:

    Rusty, Pro and others …. I LOVE big engines. I’ve got a 572c.i. Chevy big block on order (they can’t supply them right now) for a project car out in my Fun Barn and ranching takes big muscle, from the Peterbilt that hauls our cattle trailers to the new T8 New Holland tractor to the balers and hay haulers (one old old 1942 International flat bed that keeps on keeping on and a 1950 Chevy COE I adore), to the ATVs to get around the property to the seven pickup trucks (1/2 ton to 2 ton duallys) to all sorts of gasoline powered tools like chain saws.

    But …. BUT ….. I can read the writing the moving hand left on the wall and it is this – oil is going to continue to big such a headache and pain in the ass as it is used as political football that we’re through being pushed around. Out here we’re investigating every way we can (and with an informal network of ranchers and farmers) to be as independent energy-wise as we can get.

    Most of us are already powering our main houses with solar. Between the Rural Electric Administration finally dragging wire out this far and today our family has seen costs soar to levels that make us blink because, we used to raise beeves and crops without electricity. We can do it again. Used to drive the little bastards down to the railhead without trucks and trailers and we used to farm with mules. It was done then, it can be done again if need be.

    But we don’t want to. We can, but we don;t want to, but we also DAMN SURE are not going to be hostage to Washington Effing Up fuel prices to run us off this land, either.

    So we’re working to create an Army of Energy Davids. With the near constant winds out here we can spin a wind turbine efficiently and it makes a dandy amount of hydrogen when trickled into a barrel of water (that’s vastly oversimplified but remains true). I’ve been in contact with a gentleman in Arizona whose entire household AND HIS CARS run off hydrogen that a washing machine sized solar powered electrolizer converts. His cars were converted to run on hydrogen, efficient and proven technology in use since 1974. We’re within a hair’s breadth of doing the same.

    Talk all you want about energy comparisons, but in the end we … are not going to be held hostage.

    We have two 5,000 gallon underground fuel tanks, one gasoline, one diesel. The bill to fill those is staggering. If I can eliminate the gasoline fuel cost by converting to hydrogen in most of our vehicles and only have to use diesel in our tractors, the cost differential may well save us the ranch. I can depreciate and write off and eventually pay down the capital cost of converting electricity and gasoline to hydrogen and by then maybe one of my posse in this informal network will have figured out how to make our own fuels for the diesels. (and don’t tell me french fries … that’s no longer an oddity and thus mostly free. too many people got into reusing food grade oils and its conversion and now it’s neck and neck with fuel costs – besides the nearest McDonalds in 122 miles away).

    Point being, what I can do out here has ZERO effect on national policies, big oil companies, political thuggery and the costs that get passed on to me. Instead of shaking my fist in this well worn elk hide fencing glove, we’re taking action to be as independent of the bastards as we can. Not only is this being true to my roots, and being a Real American of Rugged Individuality, but I know this course of action to be the only sane path we can take. RELYING ON OTHERS is an almost certain road to either slavery or death. And Patrick Henry’s words are actually carved above lintel leading into my ranch office.

    Liberty is being able to tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite. Telling Washington to eff off. True conservative values strike me as being able to do for ourselves rather than being social parasites living off others in a mercantile-ist consumer economy (instead of a do-er economy) where our currency which once represented wealth now represents debts.

    I’m personally mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. We’re DOING something about it and what we’re doing is like writing code. We’re routing around the problem. We’re not standing by shouting how wrong it is. We’re flanking the enemy and going on.

    None of this is aimed at you guys as a scolding. Don’t go there.

    But do start thinking about how you’re not going to make this problem go away and start thinking about how you can get away … get away from the problem-set “they’ve” tried to box you into and route around it. Start thinking about how you can make a difference by Changing The Rules.

    Because oil is done. They’re never going to let you have cheap fuel again, I don;t care how much oil is deep in American soil. It’s not going to happen. That game plan is finished. I don’t understand it, but oil is old and busted. Done, Finis.

    I hope you hear my sincerity.


    • proreason says:

      I not only don’t disagree with you GBJ, I admire what you are doing.

      But as you know, you are in a very unique situation. Few people have circumstances where they can minimize dependencies, as you are doing.

      So we have to deal with the social/cultural/technical/political network that we live in. If I were 35 and had the start of the necessary skills and a family willing to take the risk and dramatically alter our lifestyle, doing what you are doing would be a possibility. But that isn’t my situation, nor the situation of about 99% of the population.

      And it’s a worry of mine, btw. Some people do what you’ve done in a less comrehensive way. It’s possible to convert vehicles to propane; you can buy food supplies that will last for years; it’s easy enough to weapon up; assets can be converted to gold; you can move to a more rural area; buy dogs that can protect the property; etc., etc.. But even that takes some money, and a family that wouldn’t revolt against it. There probably are few people willing to go that route either. In addition, you could do all of that and feel like a fool in 3 years when the economy is booming under President Trump (just kidding guy. it’s a joke, a joke) and everybody’s 401K is poised to double twice in 5 years.

      But it’s still a separate issue from having electic cars forced down our throats. I just can’t see that happening. There are just too many problems with getting there. I think the chances of a major shooting war where the West and China carve up the Middle East are greater. In addition, it seems inevitable that shale oil will be exploited and offshore as well. I have a hard time believing that Americans are going to allow themselves to become serfs under the thumb of idiot aristocrate, particularly when everybody knows the land we occupy has energy riches beyond compare.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Your scenario, Pro, transmogrifies into my mind as a nation where the socialists finally cave to exploiting our own oil reserves, but at a cost with penalties and “environmental fees” that will make gasoline a permanent $5/gallon (or higher)feature. Conservatives and especially republicans cannot seem to avoid allowing the socialists to have their way in some constricting, crippling manner. Just look at everything they have touched in just the last two years to further the socialist agenda and make the world “better”.

      But you know this, of course. I’m just saying that I agree that come hell or high water, we’re going to have to produce our own oil because chairman Obie has pissed off everyone in the world. It is becoming unlikely that the damage he has wrought in in the eggshell thin relations we (used to) have with the sand-people can be repaired. If chairman O’s goal was to make us “energy independent” and that he thinks the history books will write it as “the moment the nation went green” then he’s as naive as I think he is. Although “green” may just be cover for “red”.

      By intentionally ruining relations with the middle east, he is bringing about the mechanisms by which the US will be denied any oil. Therefore the result can arrive in two ways. 1) We are forced to adopt electric cars and solar panels and windmills, proven to be pathetic sources of energy, thus crippling the nation or 2) drill, baby, drill. Which, if we can get a government that listens to the people and lifts the ridiculous bans on oil production (thereby crippling yet another industry), we can get on with our lives and give raspberries to the sand-people. So in that respect, it’s a potentially good thing but would result in the nation having to suffer deeply for some time while production ramped up, hopefully using what remains of any “stimulus” money to actually stimulate the domestic oil industry.

      Like it or not, socialists, this nation was given a huge shot in the arm due to our ability to find and extract oil. The Saudis use all US-technology and they didn’t invest one sliver of gold towards oil exploration. Hell, they didn’t even have any banking or monetary system until the 1950’s. http://countrystudies.us/saudi-arabia/44.htm While the European nations had done so since Roman times. (sarc: “My how odd. That seems so….so…..backward“)

      Every oil-producing nation has utilized the Hughes drill bit for exploration. No, not that Hughes, but his father, who invented the bit that saved the oil industry in Texas.

      The bottom of the drill hole, as formed by the operation of the bit, was a perfect seat for a water-tight joint, preventing leakage after the casing had been set. The Hughes Two-Cone Drill Bit ushered in a new era of abundant, inexpensive fuel and laid the foundation for the automobile age.


      But, China would fill their financial void, with all that kind of commerce implies. They should get along fine.

      The question will not be, “should we extract our own oil?”; The question will be, “How difficult will our own socialists make it?”

    • proreason says:

      I would say that on the topic of oil, the Donald is a leading indicator.

      Rusty says: “The question will not be, “should we extract our own oil?”; The question will be, “How difficult will our own socialists make it?”

      I would modify that to say: “How insane does life in America have to get before the marxists are forceably removed from power”

  9. Liberals Demise says:

    Jesus…….another lie and focused like a laser on it.
    Summer of Recovery is just around the corner……….AGAIN!
    To Barry the Bungler I say, “Cram it clown!!” You are undoubtedly the biggest
    Bullshit artist I have ever witnessed.

  10. tranquil.night says:

    Another one for the “This is the Problem the Tea Party Faces in the GoP” folder:

    “This week, the president blamed speculators for the oil debacle, and he’s right. But what’s he going to do about it?” – Bill O’Reilly: ‘Can the Republicans Save President Obama?’ http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=43113

  11. GetBackJack says:

    Gentlemen, I appreciate that you heard me correctly. I get incensed when I get near a keyboard and sometimes it comes out like I’m scolding my companeros. T’ain;t so. I’m mad as a wet hen at the fools with their tentacles suckered into every dial and lever that controls the infrastructure of my Nation.

    But look, this is what I can do … change the Game and Change the Rules. Boys, let me tell you I fully appreciate and know all too well how blessed my kith and kin are to be where we are and how we live. Trust me on this, we know. That said, most Americans will never know nor understand the blood sweat and tears that have gone into this since the beginning, generations back. Fighting the government alone costs more than you can know. Several of my line have died running this place, and more than one of has been gravely injured keeping this patch of God’s earth going. There’s been a price required and while we generally have no doubt of paying it, sometimes sleeping in would be nice, or not having to go out in Spring blizzards to birth those stupid cows. I swear, they are so susceptible to Low Pressure fronts you wouldn’t believe it. Developing a grass allergy is lethal when you raise your own hay and grass.

    Anyway …

    I cannot see a good end to oil. I can’t see any way to overcome the 50%+ of America – who are voting age now – in order to vote in sensible people who will jump on Drill Now. Let alone the two generations coming out of the chutes who are even more propagandized than the voting public we suffer today! In fact, here’s the schematic as I see it. In order to get back to cheap energy we have to –

    1. Return the dollar to the world’s strongest currency
    2. Get rid of most our national debt
    3. Get rid of damn near every Democrat in office, federal and state
    4. Get rid of nearly every Democratic appointee in positions of patronage
    5. Get rid of Unions
    6. Get rid of several Federal departments, and unload all their sycophants
    7. Get rid of nearly every academic who preaches anti-oil
    8. Get rid of about 2,600 non-profits in “environmental causes”
    9. Replace the editorial staff and reporter pool of every major news outlet
    10. Get rid of every major wire service
    11. Defund the United Nations and banish it
    12. Fortify ourselves against the City of London in innumerable ways
    13. Put a nuclear umbrella over Israel, and mean it
    14. Undo and reorganize our entire primary and secondary education system
    15. Take over and reorganize every major oil company
    16. Take over and restructure every refinery and pipeline
    17. Build 10 – 20 new refineries within the guidelines of pro-American ownership
    18. Undo foreign ownership of countless oil/fuel distributors and retail outlets
    19. Delist about half of America’s litigating law firms
    20. Re-educate two generations of children inculcated with anti-oil and Hate America First

    And that’s only a partial list.

    I do not see this as possible, barring an alien invasion and the suspension of the Constitution in favor of the survival of the human race. Short of that, AND MAYBE NOT EVEN THEN, I do not see how even 1/10th of any of the above is possible. For whatever reason … hydraulic society politics, tyranny of resources, political madness, eco-politics, One Worlders whatever it is …. the days of reasonably priced inexpensive petroleum fuels is over. No matter how much they drill here, if the contracts are settled in dollars and those dollars have been debauched to the point of toilet paper, all the oil in North America isn’t going to mean low prices. No matter how much oil we have, if there isn’t political will to force the issue – which also means overcoming international politics as well as crafted and manipulated fear-pmongered social politics and environmental issues – we’ll never see cheap fuel again. Despite building our cities and sub-urban landscapes predicated on cheap and available fuel, the infrastructure demands are still not enough to overcome the above list.

    We’re at the fulcrum and those who can change this outrageous insanity are themselves apparently struck dumb.

    So I and mine are changing the Game and changing the Rules. I realize we’re uniquely positioned to do it, but if we can do it, maybe we can show the guy down the road how to and then he can show the guy down the road from him and then the guy down the road from him ….

    … after all, though Jesse James is a serial cheater and probably covered in STDs, the speed crazed fool did go 199.7 mph in a highly modified version of my aforementioned 572 cu in Chevy big block in a classic speed weeks Streamliner (which are modded out P-51/P-38 drop tanks). Hydrogen has plenty of oomph. And Man is just at the beginning of exploring this as a fuel source. Like solar electricity which, through advances in technology has greatly improved yield and through nano-technology promises to vastly advance it’s ability to substantially generate more bang for the buck.

    My bet has been on gold for a long time. I was right. I’ve been shorting the dollar for years. I was right. I’ve been buying into oil contracts when I can. And I was right. I’m always riht when it comes to predicting Government interference in the free market call and demand for my product, and none of this is Obama’s fault. He’s just the latest stooge in a 80 year history of screwing with the American public.

    I’m betting the ranch that we’ll be best served cutting almost all our ties to depending on the infrastructure of others. I’ll bet I’m right on that, too.

    • proreason says:

      The human race will survive but the realistic odds are they we are about to snap back to the method of civilization that was been in place for approximately 9,770 of the last 10,000 years…1/10th of 1% of the human race are infallible aristocrats who own everything, and 99.9% serfs own nothing. And every generation, there will be a war, famine, or pestilence that will wipe out 25% of the serfs and none of the aristocrats.

      And we are about to do it just so that 50.1% of the United States can thumb their noses at people who have marginably more stuff than they do. Despite the fact, as VDH says, the water in the poorest of the poor’s toilet flushes the same way as the richest of the rich, and they both get the same 790 channels on TV.


      Beyond insanity.

      To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for a few relative, and people like those who hang out at S&L, I would say the human race deserves what it’s about to get.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I have nothing much to add for you all have far greater wisdom on this and it’s a pleasure reading it. Jack, it is the stories of you and yours that keep my faith strong that the American Spirit will never be overcome. We will fight for what is right, and for that which we can’t control – there will be an answer, let it be. And should this government collapse, it will still be those who share your soul who triumph in the end.

      The Truth has a way of prevailing, even when logic and our very hearts say it isn’t so. I pray for its Resurrection. But we endeavor, ever humble, ever grateful.

      On that note, have a blessed Easter, my friends. As the storms grow stronger, we grow closer, and appreciate all the more that which truly matters.

      – Matt

  12. canary says:

    Tator, 150 permits denied in Utah & Montana alone. 12,000 jobs lost.
    How many permits has Obama’s global goons allowed?

    We’ve seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears Obama threaten fuel prices will skyrocket, and coal companies will go bankrupt.

    I hope we see poetic justice from Obama’s fraud.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Canary – absolutely. Look to Colorado and the Salazar Brothers and how they have crushed energy exploration throughout the State. All the jobs, economic impact and oil went north to North Dakota.

      BTW – Shell Oil has perfected, and demonstrated their unique technique of cooking shale in-situ, no cracking plant needed, up at their Vernal, UT facilities. And they can bring in light sweet crude from the shale, they claim, at around $20 a barrel at the well head.

      But you’ll never see a barrel of it. The game is rigged, The fix is in. Here’s how I know. The Naval Oil Field Reserves was a gigantic swath of federally owned oil shale land throughout the Piceance and Green River formations out here in the West. It was the military’s reserve oil supplies in case the unthinkable happened. On the second to last day of the Clinton Regime, Al Gore signed over those rights away from the Military and over to Getty Oil.

      The military would never have stood for that if they truly had forecast needing that oil in the future. This single act of patronage/crony capitalism signals to me that our military has other energy sources in mind and no longer needs to protect it’s supplies. This means, to me, that another energy source is coming, one we have not yet learned of. Otherwise, no one would have been able to pry the last line of oil defense out of the Military Command’s hands.

  13. wirenut says:

    If you look at Steve’s picture that’s “headlining” the top of this article, It kind of sez it all.
    The “Adorned Won” has a cap with a bull emblem on it, how fitting. The B.S. is under the cap. No cheap energy, till this brand of incompetence is out of office. If you disagree with this crowd, you get a front row seat to an inquisition.
    Any questions? Anyone?

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