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Obama Will Not Accept Business Cycles

From his handmaidens at the Associated Press:

Obama calls latest job losses astounding

By Darlene Superville, Associated Press Writer

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Calling the latest job losses astounding, President Barack Obama said Friday he will not accept a future marked by a recurring cycle of Americans forced out of work due to economic woes.

Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to the $787 billion economic recovery bill he signed into law less than three weeks ago.

In a 12-minute speech, the president noted that 651,000 U.S. jobs were lost last month, bringing to "an astounding 4.4 million" the number lost in the current recession. The Columbus police recruits were about to join those ranks, he said, "a future that millions of Americans still face right now."

"Well, that is not a future I accept for the United States of America," Obama said. That’s why he signed the stimulus bill that Congress passed last month with minuscule help from Republicans, he said.

Obama noted the many critics of the package, but he said government leaders have a responsibility to act for future generations. The United States has met every challenge with bold action and big ideas, he said, and "that’s what fueled a shared and lasting prosperity." …

Meanwhile Friday, the Labor Department said it was making more than $3.5 billion available to states for education, training and re-employment services.

The Columbus police recruits are part of a class of 27 who were laid off in January by Mayor Michael Coleman, a Democrat, before they could even start walking the beat. Coleman blamed city budget problems at the time.

But Coleman announced last week that the Justice Department had informed the city that it would get $1.25 million in stimulus money to pay the officers’ salaries through the end of the year. Two of the recruits chose not to return.

When he signed the bill on Feb. 17, Obama cited saving the Ohio police recruit class as one use for stimulus money…

Obama’s chief spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said the president believes trips like the one to Columbus help demonstrate what the government is doing to try to turn around the economy. Friday’s trip also gives Obama a chance to inject some good news into a day dominated by the bleak unemployment report…

Columbus rehired the officers using money from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program. The stimulus bill set aside $2 billion for that program, which is being delivered to local departments by a predetermined formula.

But while stimulus money saved those jobs, it is only a temporary fix. The money will run out at year’s end, and the mayor has not said how he’ll pay the officers’ salaries after that.

"If anyone thinks this solves our long-term budget challenges, they’re going to be disappointed," Coleman’s spokesman, Dan Williamson, said Thursday

Mr. Obama is standing across economic history yelling “stop.”

It doesn’t work like that.

And giving token federal money to public employees doesn’t stimulate the economy.

By the way, according to the “stimulus” bill, pp 52 – 53 (a pdf file), there as $3 billion set aside for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice program, not a mere $2 billion:

Subtitle B—Justice

21 For an additional amount for ‘‘State and Local Law
22 Enforcement Assistance’’, $3,000,000,000, to be available
23 for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
24 Program as authorized by subpart 1 of part E of title I
25 of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of
1 1968…

But what’s another billion dollars?

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61 Responses to “Obama Will Not Accept Business Cycles”

  1. Landshark says:

    Typical AP water carrying.

  2. Right of the People says:

    “Well that problem’s solved,” stated the grinning Messiah. “Time to tackle health care, I’ve got a free minute before my next photo-op.”

    I feel so stimulated!


  3. bousquem says:

    I guess if they want to keep the goverment funded jobs coming, we need a new “stimulus” bill every year. I guess I should be prepared to fork over all of my paycheck in 10 years as what is considered rich is probably going to drop to anyone making more than 100K a year or so.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    “Obama said Friday he will not accept a future marked by a recurring cycle of Americans forced out of work due to economic woes”.

    Not Accept?! Here’s another Cecil B. DeMille Moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE5lXjEFbF8

    Welcome to “The O Zone”

    • Trogdor says:

      “will not accept” – translation: when everyone in American makes minimum wage, and we all work for the state, then Utopia will be what God, err, I have left as a legacy to America.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Mr. Obama is standing across economic history yelling “stop.”

    Typical behavior of a narcissist. And the blame will be placed on everyone but him. So we have given him the benefit of the doubt on the whole and allowed him to raid the treasury for a couple of trillion in order to help us out. But the problem is, he doesn’t get to do it again if this one doesn’t work. There is nothing left to raid. And he has squandered it on stuff that doesn’t add to the economy. Creating government jobs is the least efficient thing that could possibly be done with that money.

    Hey, Obama, build a coast to coast high-speed rail line designed to go from Bayonne New Jersey to Long Beach, California powered by nuclear generated electricity and designed for a speed of 100 miles per hour over the entire route and double tracked in both directions. Imagine the engineering work that would be required to get a heavy freight across the Rockies at 100mph! We are talking world class bridges and tunnels AND an upgrade of the electrical distribution network coast to coast. Then build one from Boston to Seattle, and finally another from Charleston to San Diego.

    Instead of sniping at the Democrats, I believe the Republicans would make more headway with the people if they proposed (and actively promoted) alternative ways to spend the money that WOULD put people to work AND add something to the economy. People are in the mood to accept something bold and imaginative and that actually improves things economically. FDR had the dam projects in the West and in the Tennessee Valley. FDR had the Rural Electrification Program that brought electricity to farms and small towns. All Obama has so far is the Bureaucracy Expansion Act and the Deadbeat Borrower Exoneration Act. Eisenhower had the Interstate Highway system. Kennedy had the space program. Reagan rebuilt the military, gave us Stealth and SDI. Obama has so far given us only more bureaucrats.

    • Trogdor says:

      ha, I realize the sarcasm, but we already have high speed transportation coast to coast, they’re called jets. We just need to make them nuclear powered.

    • crosspatch says:

      Trogdor, we need a reliable method of moving thousands of tons of freight across the country even if the oil is shut off. We don’t have enough planes to do that and we can ship freight by rail that we can’t ship by jet. How many jets would it take to ship a million tons of coal?

      But it does something even more important. Imagine if you lived in a farming area and there was a cannery the next county over. Now say you had the idea to start a business hauling vegetables from your area to that cannery. Now also imagine that to do that you had to build your own road. You would have to buy the right of way and maintain that road yourself. Now imagine someone wants to compete with you and get in that same business. Now they also have to build their own road. If UPS owned the Interstates would we have FedEx? If United Airlines owned the air corridors would we have other airlines? Now that other operator might be able to use your road if you let him but chances are that you are going to want priority for your traffic. That gives you a huge competitive advantage.

      What I am imagining are three routes east/west that connect the main ports on both coasts. Maybe even have transfer terminals for mode change where freight is moved from rail to barge or truck along the way. And the rails are owned by the public just like highways are and the traffic is controlled from a central dispatch. I am not talking about nationalizing the railroads, I am talking about building a set of high speed lines that all the private railroads can use. Now you can have operators get into the market that don’t have to maintain track and purchase right of way. They can buy rolling stock and start hauling freight. So you end up with a system that spurs competition, causes growth in rail freight, operates without fossil fuel, and puts thousands of people to work designing, building and maintaining the system. A company can get in the passenger rail business hauling people from New York to Los Angeles at 100mph without having to pull over and wait for freight traffic. Chicago is snowed in and the airport closed? No problem, United Airlines puts their passengers on a United train to Denver and they go on from there.

      It would put people to work, keep people working, add to the economic competitiveness of the country and give us a way to move people, freight, and troops from one side of the country to the other even if the oil were cut off.

      But anyway, the idea is to propose solutions and stop sitting on the sidelines criticizing. We need leadership to an alternative goal, not a list of nit-picking at the current leadership. Bold ideas that will actually improve things would get a lot of support, I believe, from the people of this country.

    • oldswimcoach says:

      Crosspatch, I like you thoughts conceptually, but the dam projects and the TVA are just not economically efficient. I suspect as unsexy as it is, water treatment and sewage upgrades for the nation’s 10 (or 20 or 100) cities and highway infrastructure (new or repair) would give us more bang for the buck, because once the government project(s) is complete, business and public use would justify the expenses by expanding markets and trade opportunities.

    • heykev says:

      I’m with you crosspatch. Way to much time has be spent bemoaning and sniping at Democratic policies. Where are the Republican’s BOLD PLANS that would rebuild the economy and put real people back to work in jobs that would pay taxes”

      Let’s build nuke plants, drill for oil offshore (especially off of California, this way they would be in the black instead of having a huge defect.) rebuild roads, modernize the air traffic system, modernize airports, finish building the Fence, suspend environmental regulations for this rebuilding program so were not spending years and untold $$ with make work environmental impact studies. Let’s make big bold plans, why not fusion… or at least better ways to harness solar, thermal, wind energies…stop the sniping and whining. We put men on the moon for crying out loud.

      Our vision is way to small.

    • proreason says:

      Not to throw water on a good discussion, but….

      The purpose of the Depression Stimulus bill is to pay off The Moron’s roters and expand government as one step in the process of dismantling capitalism, and handing total control of the country and our lives to the Moron and his criminal associates.

      It has nothing whatsoever to do with “stimulating” the economy.

      If it did, it would have in it some of the things mentioned by smart people like those in the thread.

    • heykev says:

      Actually, Pro I agree with you as well. I was thinking we could do this by providing tax credits to the municipalities that begin their “nuke every garage program” Why not offer $$ incentives to someone who will invent a way way to take hydrogen out of the atmosphere while driving to power your car – give them a billion $ instead of paying off BHO’s cronies. We as a people are at our best when we have big ideas and big goals to accomplish.

    • crosspatch says:

      “the dam projects and the TVA are just not economically efficient”

      Not by today’s standards in today’s context but at the time they were amazing. Those dams combined with the REA brought electricity to millions of people in one of the poorest parts of the country. Before those projects imagine tasks such as pumping water without any electric pumps. How many holes have you drilled in wood by hand with a brace and bit? Instead of a steam engine or tractor with power take off, a sawmill could now use an electric saw. In the context of the time, those projects changed the world of millions of people and were tremendously more efficient than what people had before.

      As for the notion that the purpose of the New Deal was to destroy capitalism, I am not so sure. One thing is certain, a huge part of economics is psychological. If you get people optimistic that things are improving (like electricity suddenly showing up at your house) and your family members are now employed building a dam and stringing wire, people start making plans, spending money, etc. When people are afraid, they hold tight to their money and that is what Roosevelt meant when he was saying that our biggest fear is fear itself. It drives people to stop investing, building, buying, and promotes a “wait and see” response. Trouble is, if everyone is in “wait and see” mode, no money gets spent and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      Example: People are afraid a major car manufacturer might go out of business. They need a new car but are afraid of buying one that they might not be able to get parts for 5 years from now. So they “wait and see”. As a result, nobody buys that company’s cars, they go bankrupt. Not due to a lack of need, but because people were afraid to part with their money caused the manufacturer to go under when it might have otherwise survived had people bought them.

      Want to reduce unemployment? Reduce the minimum wage. California went from a state with one of the lowest unemployment rates to one of the highest in a very short time. What changed? The minimum wage went, over a period of 13 months in two steps, from $6.75/hr to $8.00/hr. As a result, people aren’t hiring as much unskilled labor. When you have school districts such as Richmond and Oakland, California that specialize in producing labor with absolutely no skills at all, it tends to have a major impact.

      Roosevelt’s attempt to stack the Supreme Court is a better example of executive narcissism than the New Deal which was basically designed to get people turned around psychologically.

    • Yarddog1 says:

      Something “bold and imaginative that would improve things economically” would be permanent tax cuts, reduction in the size of government and their meddling into every aspect of our lives, and the many dead asses taking government handouts to get up off their duffs and do something meaningful with their lives. Obama’s current and planned programs reward irresponsibility and deadassedness and punishes those of us who get up, go to work and actually produce something. If the government keeps taking most of what people earn, people will just quit working. Then, as in all true socialist societies, the only way you will be able to get anyone to do anything will be with a gun. So much for “hope and change”.

    • retire05 says:

      If Crosspatch had a clue, which he doesn’t, he would know that Republicans offered an alternative bill to the Porkulus package that was half the cost and the CBO said would create more jobs.

      And Crosspatch doesn’t mention that FDRs Rural Electrification Program kicked 250,000 families off their land just for the TVA. It disposed families that had never been out of their own counties and forced them into the cities during a depression. Or he would tell you that Eisenhowers interstate highway system was designed for one purpose, the ability to move missiles across great expansions more quickly. Ever wonder why an interstate bridge has to be a certain height? So the missiles can pass under them. The interstate highway system was part of creating greater defense for this nation.

      Here’s a clue how to spur the economy; let Americans keep more of what they earn.

      Retire05’s Economic Recovery Plan:

      10% across the board federal income tax cuts
      repeal of the Earned Income Tax Credit
      Corporate tax rate 12%
      Increased import taxes (making them at least equal to corporate taxes)
      Illegals will be given on the very basics at any emergency room (can be done by a nurse unless it is life threatening)
      Removal of the 10% penalty on IRA withdrawals before 59 1/2
      School vouchers

      See how simple that was? And it didn’t take almost 1,200 pages of legal jargon.

  6. oldswimcoach says:

    “Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to the $787 billion economic recovery bill he signed into law less than three weeks ago.”

    I’m pretty sure police “recruits” (implies training at a police academy of 8-16 weeks in most cases) don’t owe their jobs to the economic recovery bill – since the money has not yet been appropriated. Some police will owe their jobs to this recovery bill, but not these officers – and probably no officers in the next 12-18 months either. The federal budget and apropriations process simply doesn’t work that fast (even for Obama!).

    • Barbie says:

      oldswimcoach, thanks for clarifying this – I didn’t think this money was supposed to be released for some time – over a year – so I was quite confused how Obama could claim the stimulus bill saved these jobs.

    • reefdiver says:

      Also,the money would only be there for one year, after that, the city pays.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Good catch coach! Another twist on this fairy dust story might be hidden in ..

      “The Columbus police recruits are part of a class of 27 who were laid off in January by Mayor Michael Coleman, a Democrat, before they could even start walking the beat. Coleman blamed city budget problems at the time.”

      Why were they hired at all if they were going to be laid off in January? How long is traing? Who’s watching the city? .. doing its’ forecasting?

      More political posturing .. smoke and mirrors.

  7. politicalcrave says:

    “government leaders have a responsibility to act for future generations.” yeah…that be true but not the responsibility to tax for future generationS!!!!

  8. A Mad Pole says:

    So what will Obama announce next, that he does not accept the seasons of the year and daylight/night cycle?

    What a megalomaniac.

    • proreason says:

      Only Godama can give and take away. You are correct. As Crosspatch and you say, this country has never had a person with such a grandiose self-image.

      He genuinely believes he is remaking the world into a better place….which just happens to fit the vision of his handlers.

      Slightly more dangerous people have lived in the last century….but they were defeated by the country we used to belong to.

      Who could have imagined a year ago that the greatest, most generous, most powerful country ever created could be 75% down the road to oblivion from the actions of one megalomaniac in just 45 days.

  9. BigOil says:

    The Soviet Union refused to accept business cycles – but they did embrace bread lines.

  10. echo says:

    i am so sick of Obama and his liberal brainless cult leaders…..i think if i hear his name in another sentence replacing “God”, or some sort of game, or whatever, i’m gonna end up losing my mind!!!! Is our country REALLY THIS IGNORANT AND BLATANTLY STUPID???? why can’t we just impeach him NOW..before it gets any worse…

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Echo .. as much as it would delight so many of us to see this phony gone .. impeachment simply isn’t likely to happen. Princess Pelossi wouldn’t let it see the light of day; nor would Reid and company act upon it if by some quirk it came up. We’ve GOT to retake a majority position in BOTH the House and Senate in 2010 (if we make it ’till then). Hang in there and God Bless ….

  11. catie says:

    Gee he seemed happier to see those folks than he did to see the Marines.
    Echo, yes, this country is this stupid. Today on my errand running I passed 12 cars with the obama/biden sticker proudly displayed on their bumper or back window. I yelled to one fool tooling around with her windows open “thanks for the hope and change”. She looked clueless just like all of the other obambi supporters do.

  12. james09 says:

    Today an announcement by Mr. Holder tells of the “$2,000,000,000” that will help so much …

    … this followed yesterday of the “recovery” money allocated for the Office on Violence Against Women here …

    I feel so much better knowing how much this will help our economy.

  13. GuppyNblue says:

    Obama refuses any business solutions but will tax them to finance unions and government programs. The growth of government doesn’t stimulate economies but it does give more power to the state. He’s not interested in the stock market because it’s a mechanism of the free market and not the state, not him. It’s where greedy men get rich while his “victims” toil.

    “Class war was meant to bring destruction and nothing else. It was to clear away the forces of tradition, both political and economic, to give scope to the revenge and dominion of the forces of the underworld.”

    If a bad first quarter follows and a bad fourth, we’re supposed to see the market’s bottom by mid-March. It will be interesting to see as I don’t think this is business a usual.

  14. gipper says:

    “President Barack Obama said Friday he will not accept a future marked by a recurring cycle of Americans forced out of work due to economic woes.”

    No, President Crisismaker is relishing this unemployment. It gives him the opportunity to push forth his agenda. Do not fall prey to his Jedi mind trick:


  15. curvyred says:

    Well since many of his policies will result in job losses – what is he going to do? Is he going to rescind the higher corporate taxes, the idea of discontinuing gasoline tax breaks and untold other “brilliant ideas” that will hurt us all? Rich and poor alike?

  16. Reality Bytes says:

    I dunno know, but by the photo, I thought Obama was congratulating recent hires at the Good Humor Ice Cream Company.

    You think they’d take my resume?

  17. Business..

    Not sure how many of you are in business, but my planning has already begun. I am considering taking my most conscientious employee, and cutting out the rest, as Obama’s plans for our existence move forward. THIS cycle will be retarded because any good businessman will plan to best deal with government. In my case it is reducing my exposure to GOVERNMENT influence by eliminating all but one worker..

    Those who I care about, yet cannot afford to keep BECAUSE of government will rejoin those who are searching for work in a state with a reported 11.6% unemployment rate, but one that is in reality closer to 15%.

    This is not idle speculation of what business MIGHT do, but the reality on the ground. Consider that with the passage of the Employee Freedom of Choice Act, the simple act of firing someone can be challenged as a “union busting” move, truth or not. Why would ANYONE want employees?


    • Barbie says:

      I think the threat posed by the EFCA is a lot of what’s behind these high unemployment numbers. Employers, especially small business owners, are not going to wait to have EFCA forced on them. Why would they? The EFCA is yet another Obama assault on business and I suspect this is partially behind the increasingly high unemployment stats. p.s. hey Obama voters, enjoy your prolonged unemployment.

    • catie says:

      Jason, my cousin has an auto repair shop in Mobile, AL, with 43 employees and he is of the same mind as you. He’s cutting down to 15 employees and he’s starting with those who have Obama bumper stickers on their cars. He did say they’re a pretty lazy bunch anyway so they won’t really be missed.

  18. GL0120 says:

    You ask how many jets it would take to ship a million tons of coal.
    That’s easy -none!
    TCO has stated that he plans to put the coal companies out of business, remember?
    No coal companies, no coal to ship, another problem solved by Barack The Messianic Negro!

  19. VMAN says:

    I heard the other day the the government was going to eliminate capital gains tax and drastically reduce corporate income tax. I also heard that they were going to create an environment favorable to business. Oh wait that was Communist China. Never mind.

  20. Barbie says:

    What would usually be a normal, albeit painful, contraction in the economy is going to be twisted into an economic diaaster, thanks to the extreme, self-serving, anti-business measures Obama is implementing (allegedly to help the economy). This may well be the end of any business cycle…

  21. jrmcdonald says:

    Perhaps he can stop the Sun in the Sky…

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Wait for the next lunar eclipse…Obama will be telling the people that conservatism and free speech are making the moon go away, and only he can save it, and turning in your neighbor for thought crimes will make it all better…..

  22. Colonel1961 says:

    The end of the business cycle, huh? Now that’s powerful! Can he make me younger, too? Help my golf swing? Make my, er, uh – nevermind…

    • A Mad Pole says:

      “Make my, er, uh-nevermind”

      Colonel, sir, do you REALLY want let the government into this part of your life?

      I thought we all here were for the government out of our lives as much as possible.

  23. MinnesotaRush says:

    If he can .. I’m next in line, Colonel .. send him over!

  24. canary says:

    If we see too much of this it might be bribing state police to become part of Obama’s new regine. Since 99.9 % of the jobs he said he’d create are in Federal govt. As he travels to each state and creates 25 jobs, 2 air force 1’s going (there are two air force 1’s for protection) and millions on these many trips he’s taking. Last night I figured out, that my state is getting approx. .15% of the 800, billions. Kind of like 1/10th of a penny? Then I surfed around and the states haven’t figured out statistics, and Obama wants the money spent the first 45 days. We have a task force to keep track of every penny. 1 1/2 billion of the 800 billion, and at 1.4 million a mile of road (hmmm. maybe roads in all the states will be military roads and connect at some point. So, much for our crummy public schools. Think since we’re a red state, he wants to keep us ignorant. And the democrat teachers union, funneled sooo much to his compaign, by buying his book, and books from contributers. And they aren’t getting anything. heh heh. So, the teacher’s unions got screwed. The USPS unions are getting screwed, cause Obama wants to lower their wages, and the USPS being a quasi agency under the executive branch he can do it in a heart beat. USPS already tracks money orders and saw this former FBI agent
    on the news and the USPS has been secretly tracking money orders of everyone who buys them there, an on the news and those machines that can read handwriting, the PO imput a name and address, and find a letter before it even get’s to it’s destination. Obama will probably give the mail men, guns, and they will be the postal branch of the new fallen eagle brigade of the new oOllaObama regine.

  25. Barbie says:

    ‘Barack Obama said Friday he will not accept a future marked by a recurring cycle of Americans forced out of work due to economic woes.’

    i don’t know if Obama is that powerful. But he’s the one who made the above statement so it sounds as if he at least thinks he is that powerful.

  26. brad says:

    This guy is not as smart as people claim he is.

    1st: Who would be dumb enough to go to a ceremony in which stimulus money would not be used to actually sustain and create money?

    2nd: Who would be dumb enough to demonstrate that expanding government with police would create more jobs and money in the economy? (preparing for food riots maybe?)

    3rd: Who would be dumb enough to boast about the obvious and un-necessary earmarks that were supposedly NOT supposed to be in the bill?

    4th: Who would be dumb enough to not realize that the economy rises and falls on a natural basis? And then fight this capitalist windmill with fake money and fake words?

    5th: And who would be dumb enough to complain about Bush’s unfunded government mandates, and then push another one off on the states?

    • canary says:

      Brad, not sure I can answer your questions. Because, the problem is they are dumb. But, they are compensating themselves for being dumb. They are good at conning dumb people.
      They are con-artists that haved conned their way into power.
      When Rush spoke at the CPAN, the part I didn’t like was when he accented what a gifted man oOllah was. I do believe Rush had tongue in cheek, and noticed a slight grin and pause, and I think people were suppose to laugh. Because, the only gift Obama has is changing the rules of English, to try and make sentences smooth, flowing, and understandable, to reconstructing sentences, so the beginning of a sentence won’t make sense until he get’s to the middle, or maybe the end of sentence. Then he adds a word, that no one uses. The listener at this point, the brain, pauses and focuses on a word that doesn’t sound familiar. By the time those seconds are gone, the listener misses the end of the sentence, and the niave are lost, and come to a conclusion…..”gosh, this guy is so smart. Wow, anyone this smart we need for president.” and then they don’t bother listening to him, because he was very difficult to understand when he was campaigning. He talks different now. And he’s laughing and high 5ing all the way to the bank. He has “bamboozled,oakie doked, hoodwinked” many. His very words.

    • brad says:

      Yeah, Rush was making a tongue in cheek compliment, but just enough to throw off the lib. media.

      Lawyers do not create jobs, or run businesses, or know anything about the military, or high finance, or farming, or medicine. BUT they do know how to manipulate the language into a foreign legal language in which we must pay them to figure it out. They also know how to sweet talk during elections.

      NO ONE should vote for these demons in suits.

      Also, your comment about smart talking is what liberals do on campus. Whenever they give a speech, they throw in as much confusion, nonsensical double-speak about multiculturalism/diversity, so that the person listening gets confused, then embarrassed, then claps in faux agreement. “Gee, they must be smart, I didn’t understand any of it!–Wow!”

      I would rather side with muslim terrorists than our own scumbag lawyers in America. At least you can reason with terrorists slightly better.

  27. BillK says:

    Obama is exactly right.

    When the Government owns and controls all means of production, there are no economic cycles.

    When all production, all buying is controlled, there are no booms and also no busts.

    Were there economic booms and busts under Soviet control? Of course not.

    That is what Obama plans to make sure is the way America operates.

  28. Lisa22 says:

    Okay, how come when I see this photo I think of Stalin?? Anybody?

  29. canary says:

    Obama said…
    “I know we did the right thing.” He suggested that critics talk to 25 police recruits in Ohio’s capital city who owe their jobs to stimulus spending and “talk to the teachers who are still able to teach our children because we passed this plan.”

    I’d like to talk to the 25, and ask why they didn’t smile in any photos. Will we hear if they get laid off in a few monthes.
    “talk” to what teachers? Wait till were are forced to have abortion like in China, and see how many teachers have jobs.

  30. Confucius says:

    “But while stimulus money saved those jobs, it is only a temporary fix. The money will run out at year’s end, and the mayor has not said how he’ll pay the officers’ salaries after that. ”

    Say, isn’t that a “cycle”?

  31. Confucius says:

    “That’s why he signed the stimulus bill that Congress passed last month with minuscule help from Republicans . . . .”

    So “miniscule” = Specter + Collins + Snowe.

    Although the descriptive is accurate (literally), these are the three votes that pushed the bill over the finish line.

    I wonder how Miniscule Specter, Minisculita Collins and Minisculette Snowe feel about Obama’s gratitude.

  32. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Next up:

    “President Obama REFUSES to allow hurricanes to come to US shores during his presidency”

    “President Obama REFUSES to allow traffic to stop in NYC”

    “President Obama REFUSES to allow rain to fall during picnics”

    Honestly, this guy is nuts. “It is so because I SAY it is so”. And his drooling doormats of yes-people agree that the sky is chartreuse. I swear, I would LOVE to have had this guy sit next to me in class at some point in my college career so I could kick him out of his chair and tell him what a flaming ignorant putz he is.

    I’ve watched a lot of TV in my time and many old sitcoms made fun of just this scenario, yet we see it, clear as day, occurring right in front of our very eyes. But there is no commercial break; No plot twist to make the character falter or fail.

    Sadly, this is real life and there are ACTUALLY real people who truly believe this guy, either because he’s a black guy who can say “arugula” or because they are actually just that stupid. We sit at work and shake our heads and wonder “this is like putting a bunch of teenagers in full pads and sending them out on Sunday Night Football and Al & John telling all of America that “this actually IS the Indianapolis Colts” and….half of America believing them.

    What did Chris Rock used to say? “Do you not HEAR the words coming out of my mouth?”

    And every day. Every…single….freakin’ DAY, some new thing pops up that redefines the margins of idiocy; From bailouts to nationalizing banks, to calling everything a “crisis” to “visiting all 57 states” and “The United States inventing the automobile”. OK, I’ll give him that since Algore invented the internet.

    I’ll bet we look like complete dorks in the eyes of other nations. Who needs a sitcom when we have Bo-Bo, Pelosi, Fwank and the rest of the cast? It’s the Carter years on steroids with the cast of that old favorite show…”The Clintons”.

    Well, I wish my rant made me feel better but in reality, the knot in my stomach just got worse.

  33. Barbie says:

    this is rather ot but, Okay I’ve just spent part of my morning listening to the Bulls and Bears on Fox – Michael Brown is Obama’s water carrying ‘lad’ this morning and must have repeated numerous times (for full brainwashing effect) – that this is a recession Obama INHEIRITED from evil GW and his evil tax cutting policies… Oh really? Let’s remember what tipped the recession – remember the incredibly high out of control oil prices – the $4.00 – $6.00 and higher per gallon for gas last year? It took several months for that to translate into impacting the economy as a whole, which is when quarterly GDP started slipping.

    Why did these oil prices spike? It’s because we were using so much oil and in competition with other countries like China – so prices soared. But underlying that is we did not have any energy independence – and who time and time again stopped any and all exploration or off shore drilling – it was the Dems stopping time and time again any effort to ever break away from dependence and it’s been their obstructionist policy for 40 years now. Every politician has let us down – but honestly, the Dems have obstructed, with pride, any attempt to get away from OPEC (so they could scam their stupid, inefficient wind and solar energy onto the country).

    SO the next time some bozo says Obama inheirited this recession, let’s remember what started the recession – obstructionist Dem policies ’cause they have to kiss the patooty of their far left envirnonmental nut job pals). And Obama inheirited this? It’s his type of philosophy which tipped these scales into a recession. LEt’s not forget one of his first acts was to rescind any grant for offshore drilling. So Obama stop your damn whining and quit the damn lying and quit the damn posturing how much you care about the economy – you’re using this crisis to force your socialist philosophy on us and we know it (anyone who pays attention knows it). Sorry for going off topic.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Barbie…you are actually ON topic! The MSM has done a magnificent job of obfuscating the real cause of this depression…namely the democrat party! Obama didnt inherit a four TRILLION dollar debt…he created it! He took the economy that kept me employed, and kept money in my 401K and squandered it all in less than a month! Obstructionist politics by the democrats and the purely evil leftists caused this entire mess….in spite of Bush’s attempts to fix it repeatedly during his time in office.

      We, meaning “they” actually, have been so horribly misguided and bamboozled by Obama and his ilk that it is no wonder that half the population is mesmerized by a smooth talking carnival barker, they dont know any better! The rest of us, seeing the train wreck in progress are seemingly helpless to do anything about it legally. It is one of the most monumental frustrations of my entire life….watching the decline and fall of a once great nation for nothing more than lining the pockets of the socialists who have worked tirelessly for the past four decades to create that class of drones who will do as they are told due to the fact that they have never learned the pitfalls of what is happening to us as I type.

      Obama didnt inherit Bush’s anything. He is merely continuing the pre conceived plan of the Marxists’ ideology like the puppet he is….he was a piece of wood before they decided to carve him into a world class Pinnochio, and now he is ruling a class of enthralled children who will blindly follow and support literally anything he says without question, and those of us who are now aging, are going to be regulated to the dungheap of obscurity due to the simple fact that he has stripped us of our jobs, our money, our houses, and our ability to fight back in a way that could remove him from power.

      As for me? I am out of options, and there is no way I am going to survive the next four months, much less the next four years. What is left for me to do? Demand that a weak, spineless business as usual Republican politician say something in my behalf? The conservatives of this nation have their backs against the wall, we are leaderless, ineffective in Congress, and there is little hope of that changing, because to field a true conservative candidate, our own Republicans would have to give up their tried and true “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” hypocrisy that is our government today.

      Something’s got to give, and I can only hope that when I discover some way to get back on my feet, and find a place to live where I can plug in my computer again and afford the internet access I am about to lose, that something will have been done. These bastards have left me with nothing as a reward for playing by the rules. So in about three months, I am going to stop playing by the rules, and show some of these parasites what happens when you leave a proud man with no options. I am fed up with this “nice guy” crap….my wife’s prescription medication that keeps her alive is going to cost me more than I could possibly earn….and we will never qualify for his vaunted “free health care” due to the very real fact that we have never played the system, we have always done the “right thing”, and oh yeah, we arent a minority class, and even if we tried, we dont “qualify” for any programs due to the aforementioned reasons.

      So yeah, Obama blathers about inheriting Bush’s failed policies…..but Bush didnt just spend trillions of dollars in spending programs that will benefit a select few….Obama did. But I inherited the fallout from an economy that he just willfully destroyed in his rush to socialize this country for his and his handler’s personal gain. I am out of gas. Literally. And I have nowhere to go but up. And I am not smiling, nor do I have anything clever or funny to say. But somehow, I am going to make an impact, because I am not going down peacefully…especially if someone I care about suffers because of these assclowns in Washington. I have simply had it.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It occurred to me this morning that what we really need in America is not so much a president who is “charming” or “articulate”, but an America that doesn’t believe in magic.

    • proreason says:


      Drug companies have plans that give medicine at sharply reduced prices to people in need. You should contact your manufacturer.

      Your wife’s doctor might also have free samples to help tide her over for a few months.

      Don’t give up.

      The country needs people like you, and this forum does too.

    • dulcimergrl says:

      You’re scaring me, SJ. Please hang on and remember we’re all in this together.

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