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Navy Selling Obama Xmas Ornaments

From the Washington Whispers column of US News & World Report:

Obama Christmas Ornaments From the Navy?

November 16, 2009

By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

A lot of organizations have cashed in on the new president’s image with kitschy trinkets, so why not the Navy? The Navy Secretariat Staff Officers Recreation Association, a service group run by Navy personnel and civilians at the Pentagon, has produced Obama Christmas ornaments for $15 a pop, limited to two per person. The normal Navy image has been replaced for the first time with that of the president.

A gold frame surrounds a photo of Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as he takes the oath of office on Inauguration Day. Too much cheerleading? Some think so—and have said so. In fact, after Whispers asked questions, sales were frozen. Yvonne Peterson, one of those selling the ornaments at the Pentagon, says, "We were told to put a stop on sales. They sold out in about an hour’s time." The money raised funds for Navy morale, welfare, and recreation activities.

Maybe he is the Messiah, after all?

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22 Responses to “Navy Selling Obama Xmas Ornaments”

  1. catie says:

    Well, if my husband was around to buy one of these, he would have & then stomped on it. There may be others who have done the same. Of course my husband was part of a group of Officers who gave their then COL a dart board with Wesley Clark’s pic on it when they were in Kosovo. The other side was a regular dart board and it could be easily changed. Someone spent a lot of time on that thing. I wonder how many really sold out because people want this trash on their tree. I bet a lot of these ornaments will be “clay pigeons” for target practice.

  2. BillK says:

    I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am to see this&#133

  3. sheehanjihad says:

    Something that’s more slime ridden than an actual squid. Damn…. no wonder Hasan got as far as he did.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    How tacky is that – I can’t believe such a piece of crappola is sold anywhere other than a Family Dollar store – which to me is about as bottom of the barrel as you can go – even Dollar General has a great item worth wandering in for (M30, great stain remover – $3.00).

    Bet if they did sell it in a Family Dollar store – there would be a riotous stampede to be the ‘first’ to obtain such a wonderful tribute to Dear Leader.

    Reminds me of the days of the matching JFK & MLK pictures on the wall – I always wondered why people did that. It did not make sense to my young mind to idolize a single person to such an extent. Now decades later as I’ve seen such behavior in many ways for people I deem as despicable and dangerous (Che, Saddam, Mao for instance) – I see it is all a part of group think and dedication to the ‘state’ over anything else – good sheeple all.

    • Mae says:

      I remember my Grandpa’s wall with a photo of FDR and later of LBJ. It was very common in households around America to have a photo of the President on the wall. During W’s terms but before his stimulus debacle, I had a photo of him framed (a terrific shot showing the President smiling ear to ear upon hearing good news re the new Iraqi government). So don’t belittle the sentiment, please, just because we can’t stand Prissypants.

  5. proreason says:


    Now I know how to cover up that ugly calcium stain at the bottom of my toilet bowl.

    • GL0120 says:

      Great idea PR!
      It would also work extremely well in bars to keep drunks aim true, and for training of little boys.
      This could be a godsend, less cleanup of bathroom floors!

  6. caligirl9 says:

    Had TCO served with honor in the Navy, I’d sort of understand this. Sort of.

    What a nice way to cheapen the efforts of our men and women in the God-forsaken Middle East fighting an unwinnable war while the commander-in-chief bows to Japanese emperors and dithers in his decision-making process of how to proceed.

    What a crappy error in judgment! Tacky tacky tacky (and I know about 5 people who would kill for one! Fools!)

  7. Tater Salad says:

    Do they make these for use as dartboards??

  8. ptat says:

    Wait a minute–it actually says Christmas on it and not “Holiday”? (As in the Obama’s Holiday Tree) This couldn’t have been approved by the President then. Tac-KEY!

  9. Melly says:

    Do they have a limited edition ornament for Ramadan?

  10. Lt.JGB says:

    I understand traditions and I understand disgusting. This is disgusting. This man’s feelings and plans for America are contrary to the Navy’s mission.

  11. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Just for giggles, I looked up the atomic weight of 56, which, as luck would have it, is Barium. (Barry Obama….Barium….get it?)

    But then as I read further in the Wikipedia definition of Barium’s characteristics, I found myself laughing out loud.


    It is never found in nature in its pure form due to its reactivity with air.

    Metallic barium has few industrial uses, but has been historically used to scavenge air in vacuum tubes.

    Barium sulfate is used for its heaviness, insolubility, and X-ray opacity

    Soluble barium compounds are poisonous….and have been used as rodenticides.

    And, of course, they do mention the ever-popular barium enema.

  12. Chuckk says:

    Somehow I think the time and effort used to create these ornaments would have been better used finding ways to kill terrorists. Just a hunch.

    These ornaments sum up what is wrong with the military today.

  13. Confucius says:

    Just like coal. Only cheaper.

  14. wirenut says:

    Rusty,haw-ha ! Barry/barium,Haw-haw. This cat won’t make my brown-eye blue. If ya know what I mean? Looks to me as if “insecure” is in fashion for the U.S. Capitol this season. As far as fashions go, conservative fox from Alaska seems to be the trending. Barry’s icon would make a great gift for self loathing renters of bumper-cars without hood ornaments. No barrys on my tree this year,not one! Or the one.

  15. 11ten1775 says:

    This is ridiculous, but in some ways it doesn’t surprise me. Remember several months ago how appalled Admiral Mullen was at seeing photos of insurgents and Iraqi soldiers that our guys (shockingly) had the gall to rough up a bit during a WAR? (The photos went back to the time of the invasion into Iraq.) The Navy has some incredible guys (corpsmen), but overall it seems to be getting soft. Literally and figuratively.
    There are still plenty of real men in our military, but many are close to retiring. And, even though there are a lot of patriotic young men and women who still want to join the military, our educational system has twisted their perspectives so much that our military will probably never be the same. The amount of PC garbage being thrown at them all the time puts them on edge and weakens bonds. The fact that Hasan might have gotten called a rag head a few times is only going to exacerbate all that. And if Obama has his way, and they let gays serve openly, it’s over, because the military does everything 100%. They will essentially have to become pro-gay and promote gay tolerance as much as they rail against sexual harassment toward women. And technology is now a factor. You walk into any lounge area, and it’s almost silent – you see camouflage and laptops. Even a decade ago it wasn’t like that. Camaraderie has to be affected by it. They’re still brave as hell out there when they need to be, but things are changing. Obama ornaments for the Navy. What’s next?

    • GL0120 says:

      What’s next? I really hate to answer this, but this is what I see coming.
      Remember TCO’s speech at Georgetown, a Catholic university, where his staff demanded and got the school to cover all statues including the crucifix?
      I see his picture as the replacement for religious statues and icons.
      Why not, he’s touted in the national media as being the Messiah, right?
      It must be true since he’s able to create jobs in areas that don’t even exist, and he’s leading terrorists from their evil oppressors, just as the Jews were once led from theirs.

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