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Obama: Your Child Needs To Speak Spanish

From CNN, via YouTube:

"You know, I don’t understand when people are going around worrying about, "We need to have English- only." They want to pass a law, "We want English-only."

Now, I agree that immigrants should learn English. I agree with that. But understand this.

Instead of worrying whether immigrants can learn English — they’ll learn English — you need to make sure your kids can speak Spanish.

You should be thinking about how can your child become bi-lingual. We should have every child speaking more than one language.

You know, it’s embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. Then we go over to Europe and all we can say is merci beaucoup.


There he goes "shoulding us" again.

Keep talking, Barack!

By the way, how many languages do you speak? And how many languages do your children speak?

(Thanks to Jason for the heads up.)

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