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Obama/Hillary Ballot Petitions Were Faked

Some real life investigative journalism from Fox News:

Indiana Democratic Party Head Resigns as Fraud Probe Heats Up

By Eric Shawn
December 12, 2011

The chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party announced his resignation Monday, as investigators probe allegations of election fraud stemming from the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

Dan Parker, who served for seven years, did not cite the scandal as a reason for his decision. But the uproar over possible fraud in a race for the White House has already claimed the job of one county Democratic Chairman, who sources say was forced out because of the allegations.

Numerous signatures on petitions that placed then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the party’s primary ballot were allegedly forged and then certified by the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office in South Bend.

St. Joseph County Prosecutor Mike Dvorak has launched an investigation…

The alleged forgeries have raised the question whether the Obama campaign actually filed the necessary number of signatures, 500 from the county, to get on the state’s primary ballot. The 534 signatures that were certified to place Obama’s name in contention, were never challenged. 704 signatures were certified for Clinton, according to state elections officials.

An estimated 150 of the signatures on both petitions may be fakes, leaving open the possibility that, in at least President Obama’s case, the number of legal signatures that were required to get on the ballot was not reached.

Imagine being even more crooked than a Clinton.

Several voters told Fox News that they never signed nor gave their names that appeared on the Obama petitions.

"It’s scary," Charity Rorie said, adding that her signature and name, and those of her husband, were faked. "It’s shocking … it definitely is illegal.”

Reports have said that as many as seven people may have been involved in a conspiracy to fake the petitions, but no charges have yet been brought

Of course not. The locals are probably too busy fighting Voter ID.

But lest we forget, the young Barrack Obama gained his first political office, his Illinois Senate seat, by having his opponent and political mentor, Alice Palmer, thrown off the ballot for having fraudulent signatures on her petition.

As we have previously noted, this is a bit of Obama’s history even mentioned by his fans at the New Republic:

The Agitator

Barack Obama’s unlikely political education.

Ryan Lizza, The New Republic
Monday, March 19, 2007

Obama initially planned to inherit the seat of a much-admired incumbent named Alice Palmer, a fixture in South Side activist circles since the ’60s. Palmer had opted to run for Congress, clearing the way for Obama to replace her, but, when she lost the primary, she decided she wanted to keep her old Senate seat, after all.

Obama was faced with a decision: step aside and wait his turn or do everything he could to take down a popular incumbent. In one meeting, an old guard of black political leaders tried to force Obama to abandon the race, but he wouldn’t budge.

Instead of deferring to Palmer’s seniority, Obama challenged the very legitimacy of her petitions to get on the ballot, dispatching aides to the Chicago Board of Elections to scour Palmer’s filing papers, and, while they were at it, every other candidate’s, signature by signature. Many were fake. Obama won the challenge and cleared not just Palmer but all his potential rivals from the field

Notice that Obama got rid of all of his Democrat opponents in that state senate race by proving they had fake signatures on their petitions.

Mind you, this is the same man who worked for ACORN’s ‘Project Vote" in Chicago, which practically specialized in fake petitions and voter registrations.

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8 Responses to “Obama/Hillary Ballot Petitions Were Faked”

  1. mr_bill says:

    The Republicans should take note of this and spend their money on sending folks to examine and challenge signatures, instead of TV ads.

    It seems like about 99% of democrat party candidates can be removed from the ballot by simply challenging their fraudulent petition signatures.

    It’s been found in Wisconsin on the recall petitions that Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler’s names were on the petitions. If the fraud is this rampant in the initial petitions, it makes it pretty clear why democrats don’t want those pesky voter ID laws the Republicans have passed.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Exactly. If Republicans don’t observe and challenge everything the democrats do, they will continue to get away with this stuff.

      First thing is to make registering at the polls LEGIT! No illegal aliens, no college students voting in their college area AND voting in the home areas, no felons, no dead people, no multiple voters etc.

      But Republicans DON’T WANT TO DO THIS. Even though this would cripple the democrat fraud process, for some reason, they just don’t have the guts to get it done.

      So we get what we’ve always gotten, because we do what we have always done….

    • Petronius says:

      Mith: “First thing is to make registering at the polls LEGIT! No illegal aliens, etc….”

      Right. If it were up to me, I’d reinstate property qualifications. Or voting in proportion to taxes paid. And by the way, when an Occupier registers to vote, what home address does he/she/it use?

      • Tent #6, Zucotti Park.

      • Under the Big Azalea, McPherson Square.

      • De-lousing Shed, North Terminal, Port of Oakland.

      Just wondering. . . .

  2. River0 says:

    Obama himself won elections by challenging his party’s opponents in this very same way. He knows better than anybody the record of the Demonic Party regarding vote fraud. It goes as far back as Andrew Jackson at the party’s inception, continued during the Irish immigration, through the election of JFK. It’s a fundamental building block of the ‘progressive’ agenda and Saul Alinsky.

    It’s debatable that Demonic Party candidates would ever be able to win a truly honest national election.

  3. proreason says:

    “Imagine being even more crooked than a Clinton.”

    Yeh, the Clinton’s are essestially Lone Ranger political criminals. Of course, they have the love and adoration of libwits everywhere, but Bubba simply isn’t the type of animal to be a communist. He didn’t get into politics to overthrow anything, he wanted to join the EXISTING political miscreants so he could get laid with less effort. It must have been a horrible shock to him when he won the White House. Instead of having the entire Secret Service to arrange and coverup his liasons, like JFK had, he discovered that there was an army of prying eyes watching his every more. Sadly, he quickly had to stoop to groping middle aged visitors to the White House and soliciting bathroom blow jobs from overweight teenage groupies, not that he has ever cared that much about quality. Of course, the Hildabeast is a lot more politically hard-core than Bubba ever thought of being, but even for her, it’s a personal hunger, not a group solidarity thing; or at least, if it’s a group solidarity thing, she has disguised it a lot better than the current Cabal.

    Obamy, on the other hand, is a full bore marxist criminal. He’s directly out of the lenin school of government overthrow. If he could have a few rivals assasssinated and complete the coup in a month, he would certainly do so. The only thing that holds this cabal at bay are the hundreds of millions of firearms in private hands. But for those weapons, we would all be eating dirt today.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And he has flatly stated many times about his disdain for our government system. In a radio interview he expressed frustration about the powers of the Constitution telling you what you can’t do; To a group of school kids he said, “I wish I could just make it all happen and do what I want, but we have this thing called the Constitution”; And on many other occasions.

      He thinks that certain people should rule and other people should be ruled. When he was one of the serfs…or so he thought, he generally hated government. Now that he is the government, he’s fine with that…except he wishes his omniscient powers weren’t reigned in by that pesky system.

  4. wirenut says:

    The illegitimacy of this crowd, comes from their very soul. No morals, no ethics,and no bounderies…..Spit-take # ?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MfbYnz8ucc . Snake oil sales are down in these parts. Haw! Sure was a nice suit yer wearing Mr. O……

  5. The Redneck says:

    Notice that Obama got rid of all of his Democrat opponents in that state senate race by proving they had fake signatures on their petitions.

    The funny thing is not that he did this, but that he could do this. Keep in mind, this means every single Democrat candidate was there because of voter-fraud….

    No wonder they fight so hard against voter ID….

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