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Obama’s $500K Book Deal 2 Months Ago

From the Washington Times:

Obama’s $500,000 book bonanza

Jim McElhatton and Christina Bellantoni, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

As he empathized with recession-weary Americans, President Obama arranged in the days just before he took office to secure a $500,000 advance for a children’s book project, a disclosure report shows.

The terms of the book deal were disclosed in a Senate financial disclosure report filed Tuesday.

Analysts say there don’t appear to be any rules that would bar such transactions after a president takes office, but it’s unclear whether an incoming or sitting president has ever signed a book deal upon entering the White House.

"I don’t recall any sitting president entering into a book deal," said campaign finance lawyer Jan Baran, former general counsel to the Republican National Committee. "They all have historically done that after they leave office.

"I recall the only ones who did sign book deals while living there were first ladies, and my recollection is they gave it to charity."

Mr. Obama approved the $500,000 advance on Jan. 15. The advance is against royalties under a deal with Crown Publishing, a division of Random House. The project calls for an abridged version of his book "Dreams From My Father" for middle-school-aged children, according to the disclosure.

A White House aide said that the deal had been in the works for weeks and that the publisher will abridge the book. The aide, speaking on a condition of anonymity, said the publisher will get half of the money while Mr. Obama will sign off on the final version.

In addition, the financial disclosure showed Mr. Obama brokered an amendment to an existing book deal with Crown Publishing to put off writing a nonfiction book until after he leaves office…

Ken Gross, former associate general counsel at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and a campaign finance expert, said there doesn’t appear to be any rules that would prevent Mr. Obama from signing book deals while in the White House.

"There are members of Congress who have had deals and they get paid, I don’t know that he would have needed to sign that before January 20," Mr. Gross said…


What a lot of money to get for an abridged book.

It sounds a little a rich for such a simple deal.

(Thanks to Zeeshopper for the heads up.)

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13 Responses to “Obama’s $500K Book Deal 2 Months Ago”

  1. Steve says:

    Mr. Limbaugh is discussing this article as we type.

  2. proreason says:

    It’s a stimulus for Bill Ayers.

    And isn’t it amazing that these criminals have no shame whatsoever about grabbing the booty with both hands while they declare their moral superiority to the world.

    More evidence of The Moron’s utter utter lack of class.

    The ghetto comes to Washington.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    1) I’m amazed that it was even disclosed
    2) Who would dare to abridge the almighty?
    3) Won’t be on my “to get” list

  4. Barbie says:

    Must be why Obama’s going on Jay Leno tonight – he’s going on a book tour… (sarc).

  5. TwilightZoned says:

    “…President Obama arranged in the days just before he took office to secure a $500,000 advance for a children’s book project…”

    Oh, great. Another fictitious history book for our youngsters.

  6. Any actual books published wont even cover the advance.. Something else is going on here.

    • proreason says:

      The first book was written for The Moron as a means to funnel money to him in a way that appears legal while his handlers de-toxed him, fed him the right amount of cigarettes for the desired baritone, and taught him the lawyer tricks to turn any question into a discourse on the greatness of Obama.

      This payola, no doubt, is a “bonus” for reading the telepromter for 2 years and not committing any public debaucheries that couldn’t be covered up.

  7. canary says:

    MF er, he’s getting rich off his World Class Education. Tax payers got ripped in the last book McDougal, put in School, and now again. Abridged? Does that mean they will take out his drug use, joy at watching the chicken murdered? His problem lying all the time?

  8. canary says:

    Isn’t this taking kick-backs. Gives school money, then get’s some back in his pocket. He signed it right after his stimulous plan.

  9. Colonel1961 says:

    ‘The project calls for an abridged version of his book “Dreams From My Father” for middle-school-aged children, according to the disclosure.’

    Questions: is this an autohagiograhy? Or merely juvenile propaganda?

    • canary says:

      The middle schools across the country allready made Obama’s pockets rich, and helped his campaign by buying huge literature books with a chapter and one of his speech only monthes before the election. That’s the teacher’s union using your taxes. They bought enough for every child, but the few dinky McDougal grammer books, they can’t bring home, because they have to be used for each class. The dinky book is 45 dollars, so I wonder how much the lit books over 1000 pages cost. OH. And the assignement on Obama’s chapter, was never graded and given back. A recent required essay test was also given to the state and we can’t see them.

    • catie says:

      Well homeschooling is beginning to look better to me all the time. It is my husband’s desire that our son hopefully someday attend West Point. I saw that in the incoming class this year there were a handful of kids who had been homeschooled. I am not teaching now and probably will not do so again. I honestly don’t think I could stomach it. It was ridiculous during the Clinton administration, I can’t fathom what it’s like now.

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well, my daughter is in middle school and I dearly hope that I never hear of a reading assignment that forces her to read that fictional crapola. I’m still profoundly confused as to why this walking scum is alive and well and pretending to be the chief executive of the free world, as all the while, the past two months have shown us that freedom is under the biggest threat ever in this nation and many mechanisms are at work to achieve that result.

    Every action and inaction by this painted glass bottle of a president proves over and over and OVER that he’s a socialist, a dull-witted, teleprompte-reading, undereducated tar baby.

    At least Clinton was just an idiotic horny booze hound. In comparison, America can almost deal with that.

    O-blow-me is so transparently all about himself that eventually…..and hopefuly, the MSM will recognize his “skyrocket to stardom” was powered by dimwitted blacks who thought “hope and change” was the new theme song to “The Jeffersons”.



    Since “he won”, he sees no conflict of interest in grabbing as much cash as he can while making good use of the high-visibility of the office he holds. And besides, don’t autograph signings just look so damn cool?

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