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Obama’s Approval Lowest In History

From those poll spinners at Gallup:

After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47%

New low follows slight increase after announcement of Afghanistan policy

by Jeffrey M. Jones

December 7, 2009

PRINCETON, NJ — Barack Obama’s presidential job approval rating is 47% in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update, a new low for his administration to date. His approval rating has been below 50% for much of the time since mid-November, but briefly rose to 52% last week after he announced his new Afghanistan policy.

Any slight bump in support Obama received coincident with his new Afghanistan policy proved to be very short-lived, as his approval rating returned to below the majority level by the weekend, and slipped further to 47% in Dec. 4-6 polling…

Thus far in December, Obama has averaged 50% job approval. That is similar to the December averages for Ronald Reagan (49%) and Bill Clinton (53%), who also took office when the economy was struggling. All other recent presidents elected to their first terms had approval averages of 57% or above in their first December in office

Isn’t it funny how Gallup tries to accent the positive with their headline?

And isn’t it odd how they makes it sound like this downturn is due to Mr. Obama’s Afghanistan announcement, even though they also say it made his numbers tick upward, albeit briefly?

And isn’t it also peculiar that Gallup fails to note out that Mr. Obama’s job approval numbers are actually lower than any other President at this point in their administration since Gallup has been keeping track? (They started with FDR.)

Isn’t that newsworthy? Shouldn’t that at least be mentioned somewhere in their article?

Instead, Gallup tries to make it sound like Mr. Obama’s low approval is quite typical:

Thus far in December, Obama has averaged 50% job approval. That is similar to the December averages for Ronald Reagan (49%) and Bill Clinton (53%), who also took office when the economy was struggling.

And yet even after all Gallup’s effort to put a good face on this news, it still wasn’t good enough for Mr. Obama’s press secretary ‘Baghdad’ Bob Gibbs.

From the Politico:

Gibbs: Poll like a six-year-old

By CAROL E. LEE | 12/08/09

The White House lashed out at the Gallup Poll on Tuesday after the survey’s daily tracking numbers showed President Obama’s approval rating dropping to a new low of 47 percent.

Asked for a response to Monday’s tracking poll, which placed Obama’s approval numbers among the lowest of any recent president in December of his first year in office [actually, lower than any President on record], White House press secretary Robert Gibbs mocked the reliability of the widely respected polling firm.

"I tell you, if I was a heart patient and Gallup was my EKG, I’d visit my doctor," Gibbs said. "If you look back, I think five days ago, there was an 11-point spread, now there’s a 1-point spread. I mean, I’m sure a 6-year-old with a crayon could do something not unlike that. I don’t put a lot of stake in, never have, in the EKG that is the daily Gallup trend."

He added: "I don’t pay a lot of attention to the meaninglessness of it."

We suspect, as usual, there is a bit of projecting going on.

But Mr. Gibbs should know from "meaninglessness."

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13 Responses to “Obama’s Approval Lowest In History”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    So the poll is like a six year old Gibbs says. This from an administration that in 11 months has brought America to its knees. This is now Obama’s recession. After wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on the 1st stimulus package that proved nothing, they now want another one. These loons just can’t come to bear the thought of cutting taxes to small business’ in America to “kick start” the economy. It is against liberal policies. What a joke this administration is. What’s next on the agenda. Marxism for America!

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    You forgot Obama is scored on a curve. It’s all about fairness.

  3. artboyusa says:

    Jimmy Carter at 57% ??? What were we smoking? Oh… right.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Good to see you here again!

    • artboyusa says:

      Thanks, Lib. Nice to be back. Here’s a little something…As the cameras and flashbulbs of the watchdog media whirred and popped, as reporters, their underpants soaked with adoration, howled out their softball questions and affirmations of loyalty, Barack Obama, adoration junkie and President of the World, settled into the back seat of the limousine.

      Idly, he rubbed his elegant fingers over the rich Cordoban leather of the gleaming and spacious interior, with its fluffy carpeting, fully stocked minibar, color tv and overflowing ashtrays.

      “You used to have to be a pimp to get a car like this” he mused, lighting another Kool with practiced ease. “Sweet wheels”.

      Obama blew a heavy cloud of mentholated smoke into the face of his top aide, Rahm “The Raccoon” Emanuel.

      “Thank you Mr President” gagged Rahm. “The smoke (aak) smells so (urrgh) sweet when it (cough) issues from your lips. Like meadows of wildflowers on a summer’s day”.

      With a casual nod of his unusually narrow head Obama acknowledged Rahm’s servility. “So, how’s it going?” inquired the lanky Kenyan or Hawaiian or Chicagoan or whatever the hell he really is.

      “How’s what going, Mr President?”

      “It! How’s it going?”

      “It, sir?”

      “Yes, it! It! It! It! It! IT!” reiterated Obama, just like that time the teleprompter got stuck. “It!”

      “Um, I’m not with you Mr President. What is ‘it’?”

      “It’s the only thing that matters! My approval rating, that’s what ‘it’ is! How’s my approval rating?”

      “Um…well now. Yes. You understand, Mr President, that polling is an inexact science…more of an art form really” temporized the Raccoon. “We can’t put too much faith in these things, sir. So many, um… variables. Besides, a lot of those Americans are racists, you know”.

      “Hmmm. That bad huh? Bush 43 bad?”

      “NO SIR! Nothing could be that bad!”

      “Well, Allah be praised! So, how bad is it? Clinton bad? Nixon bad? Carter bad? ‘Godfather 3’ bad?”

      “I’d say somewhere between Nixon bad and ‘Blair Witch 2’ bad, sir”.

      “That’s not good, is it?”

      “No sir, it’s bad”.

      “I’m glad we cleared that up, Rahm but we still need some bigger and better approval numbers though, and we need them fast!”

      “Yes sir” concurred Rahm. “I’ve got a resume here from a senior professor at the Unit for Climate Change Evidence Fabrication at the University of East Anglia who may be able to help us. He’s available to start right away too”.

      “Excellent! Let’s get this Limey brainiac onboard and cooking the books for us pronto. Faking data on the greatest imaginary crisis we’ve ever faced will have to wait”.

      “I’ll get right on it, sir!”

      “Don’t let him send any emails though”.

      “No sir! Eyes only, Mr President”.

      “Good boy. You have pleased your president. Here, you can breathe some more of my cigarette smoke as a reward” exhaled Obama.

      “Thank you (gag) Mr President” coughed a grateful but semi-asphyxiated Raccoon from within a reeking kloud of Kool’s rich, satisfying flavor. “Thank (gasp) you”.

      “And help yourself to some food pellets too”.

      “Thanks again (strangle, gurgle) Mr President. You’re way too (splutter) generous…”

    • proreason says:

      Isn’t it supposed to be rich Corinthian Leather?

      Other than playing fast and loose with the cliches, Artboy, it’s another masterpiece.

  4. canary says:

    This is my point in Gibbs writing General Per-tray us’s recent statements using ‘double negatives’ and statements that made no sense, similar to some of Obama’s statements during the campaign, written by puppet string master Goo Goo baby Garble by Gibbs. And it explains the difficulty & headache in understanding Obama’s Audacity of Hope, Gibbs and several dozen aided Obama in writing. Gibbs is just rubbing in his recent treating of a reporter as a child, explaining that it is the same way he treats his children.

    “I’m sure a 6-year-old with a crayon could do something NOT UNLIKE that. I don’t put a lot of stake in, never have, in the EKG that is the daily Gallup trend.”

    And here is another statement Gibbs made days ago.

    “When I say nobody was involved in it, I don’t mean ‘everybody but people that know Senator Baucus.’ I mean nobody,” Gibbs said.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    He added: “I don’t pay a lot of attention to the meaninglessness of it.” …

    What that really means, folks is that Gibbs is watching it like a hawk and is very concerned about it. So concerned in fact that he’s panicking.

    In order to put this into perspective, if the poll numbers were up, Gibbs would be the FIRST to point that out. Since nobody likes bad news, they tend to dismiss it. The really funny part is that secretly behind closed doors, he’s agonizing over why the numbers are plummeting. And he’ll come up with a bunch of ad hoc arguments but the real truth is that it’s not “racist” America, or that “It’s all Bush’s fault” as they might like to believe.

    Jesse Jackson himself declared the glaring truth on Tavis Smiley’s show last night. Read Rush’s transcript here: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_120809/content/01125107.guest.html

    So the dike has burst and when Jackson comes out and flames the boy, and is using the same logic (roughly) that conservatives have been using all along…then maybe there is hope. This administration is on the verge of self-destruction and I don’t know how it will end…but I do know it will end badly. My guess is that like many misbegotten cabals like this there will be a lot of finger-pointing..as Obama is already accusing “his own” of “fiscal irresponsibility”. Well, that accusation not only is shared by about 150 democrats but it bounces off of them and land squarely in his own face.

    Therefore, the abandon ship horn is about to sound. This morning, Obama basically threw everyone under the bus, not just W. He threw everyone who voted for TARP in the rush-rush-do-it-now crisis right along with him. He denies responsibility for any of it and I think that not only are liberals starting to wake up but blacks who expected renegotiated mortgages and “help” in the form of some sort of reparations are actually doing far worse now than a year ago. Unemployment amongst blacks is astronomical.

    This doesn’t bode well for the boy and he’s gonna have to face the music sooner or later. In one sense, the US is like clockwork: The faster and higher they lift up a celebrity, the swifter they tend to fall and the landing is ever so hard. So, Humpty Dumpty is about to take a big fall. He has much to answer for…and Pelosi and Reid and Holder and Fwank will all cower and hide and point the finger at him. It’s the liberal way. It’s perfect.

  6. joeblough says:

    Obama’s Approval Now Lowest In History

    Evidence of intelligent life in America.

  7. Chuckk says:

    You can probably knock off a few more points if you discount the butt kissing relic media coverage

  8. Chop says:

    Obama is an undercover muslim, and a BAD liar to boot.

  9. pagar says:


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