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Obama Church Did Pro-Hezbollah Article

Given the current news out of Lebanon it might be timely to point out that Mr. Obama’s church and his “spiritual advisor” the Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright were firmly on Hezbollah’s side during Israel’s limited incursion into Lebanon two summers ago.

From the July 30, 2006 edition (pdf file) of Trinity Church’s Trumpet newsletter:

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U.S. Must Stop Middle East Violence

The escalating Middle East violence and the continued bombing of Lebanon and Gaza is threatening regional stability. Though appeals have gone out from the religious community for the United States and other world leaders to intervene diplomatically, as of Wednesday when the TUCC bulletin is published, the U.S. refuses to call for a cease-fire. Instead, the U.S. is increasing arms shipments to Israel and Congress has passed resolutions declaring unconditional support for Israel’s devastating military campaigns.

Hezbollah’s opportunistic raid that captured Israeli soldiers and rocket attacks on Israel have been nearly universally condemned. However, the excessive force with which Israel is responding goes far beyond defense against Hezbollah and promises to destroy most of what has been rebuilt in Lebanon since its civil war 15 years ago. The disproportionate attack on Lebanon may backfire, strengthening Hezbollah,increasing sectarian strife, and weakening Lebanon’s democracy and security.

As Israeli troops drive further into southern Lebanon and the bombings continue, the U.S. State Department needs to shift direction radically and President Bush should call for an immediate cease-fire to stop the growing loss of civilian lives in Lebanon. In 14 days thus far, over 400 Lebanese and 54 Israelis have been killed. The critical humanitarian needs worsen every day.

It is urgent that Trinity members, visitors and videostream “members” contact their members of Congress and President Bush and ask them to work proactively, especially with the Israeli government, to restrain the use of military force and to reach a negotiated cease-fire in Lebanon and Gaza. Weakening Lebanon and threatening regional stability are against U.S. interests. Only U.S. cooperation in renewing comprehensive negotiations will bring a fair peace and lasting security to Israel and the region.

Click http://www.ucctakeaction.org/violence to send a message to the President and the Congress asking for their judicious diplomatic intervention in the region. You may also call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111.

Pastor Jeremiah A Wright, Jr

And in case the Reverend Doctor was being too subtle as to where the real blame lay for the Israeli-Hezbollah contretemps, he thoughtfully included a missive from the highly objective Archbishop Abuna Elias Chacour, a Palestinian who runs a number of Arab schools in northern Israel:

Mar Elias Educational Institutions

PO Box 102, Ibillin 30012, Galilee, Israel · Ph: +972 (0)4 8432105 Fax: 106 · Email: office@m-e-c.org

Summer – July 2006

Dear Beloved Friends,

We used to write newsletters about hope and development, but this time the circumstances have changed drastically. We used to think that Galilee was very safe—even the safest in the Middle East. This is true with regards to the past. Presently for the 10 past days, we have the experience that we live and survive. It is because of mere luck; nobody is any more safe from the rockets and the cachucha which rain everyday on the city of Haifa. They also fell in Nazareth, Akko, Nahariyah and almost all the cities, villages and settlements in the Galilee region. These rockets fall indiscriminately on anyone who happens to be at the place of there falling. Exactly as on the other side in Lebanon, no one is protected.

We find ourselves between the fires of hatred on both sides: the occupation and resistance. Both use the languages of hate and revenge and uncontrolled threats. They use the language of total destruction of the enemy.

The result is the systematic destruction of the civil infrastructure in Lebanon with thousands of people sacrificed in an absurd way. On the other side equally absurd, there is a smaller destruction inside Israel and destabilization of everything in the country. Add to that the tragedy and free hand to destroy whatever exists in Gaza and the West Bank.

Billions of dollars have been wasted on the altar of war, pride and arrogance. All sides are angry, all sides are bitter. Every side has its own claims…

The same answer comes out, a denial of responsibility. At the same time a justification of the violence of killing. Today the same situation in their anger. The political leaders, fearing for their pride, bring out their armies and the machines of destruction, started this time also in Galilee. No one is sheltered; the first rocket fell short 200 meters away from where I was while traveling to Haifa. Our message to you is a distressed one, many lives have been lost, many properties and real estate destroyed, many hopes were shattered. Again members of the Arab community in Galilee, and very specially the Christian community on the border with Lebanon, find themselves with no jobs, with no livelihood and no shelter, unlike the neighboring Jewish settlements.

Many among our community members were directly hit, mainly in the villages of: Jish, Rama, Eilaboun, Fasuta, Miilya and Tarsheeha, besides the several rockets that hit the heart of Nazareth and Haifa, not to exclude Ibillin. Thanks be to God that the students are at home on their summer holidays.

The reason for the conflagration is the conflict between the Lebanese resistance movement, the Hezbollah, and the Israeli government. Israel withdrew from South Lebanon keeping a piece of territory pretended by Israel to be Syrian territory, but for Lebanon and Syria, it is a Lebanese territory. One more reason is the thousands of Lebanese prisoners inside the Israeli jails. No way to get them free. Hezbollah kidnapped three Israeli soldiers, hoping to negotiate and exchange prisoners; but the pride of Israel on one side and the stereotyped image of Hezbollah as being a terrorist movement, blinded the authorities from negotiating.

Some say there was a pre-set agenda to find an excuse to invade Lebanon and destroy all the Hezbollah people. It appears that the Israelis were badly informed, and the Hezbollah is stronger than what they thought and it enjoys the sympathy of the major part of the Lebanese population as well as the Arab Moslems whom they have trained in guerrilla warfare; and it seems that Israel has been humiliated since its creation.

Instead of negotiating, they used all the weapons they received from overseas, especially from the United States, to destroy and create havoc in Lebanon. The outcome is contrary to what they expected; the Lebanese population is more determined to help the resistance, the re-destruction of Beirut is a stronger rebirth of violence.

Would it not have been better than an instantaneous reaction to wait some time, negotiate the liberation of the Israeli soldiers and save the population on both sides from that immense trouble and widespread destruction, and from the overwhelming fear, and the immense economic waste? We have now more reasons as Christians to voice out loud our mind and call for moderation and appeal to all sides to give up weapons and start negotiating…

Allow me to thank you for your concern, your prayers and those who send us some money to help affected families. Your friendship makes a difference in our life and you continue giving us hope that there is so much goodness in human beings. Please keep in touch and be sure we shall be representing you in the building of justice and integrity with the hope to obtain peace and security for all sides here in the Middle East.

Be assured bombs shall stop, jet fighters shall be crippled. Children shall be able to play once again on the streets of our villages; they shall go to school to learn that “Together and only together they are stronger than the storm.”

Abuna Elias Chacour

† Archbishop of Akka, Haifa, Nazareth and Galilee
President Mar Elias Educational Institutions

Note how the term “Hezbollah” never passes the holy man’s lips. Obviously Israel is totally to blame for all the troubles in Lebanon — and indeed the rest of the Middle East.

If only they would negotiate.

Oddly enough, plowing through the back issues of Trinity Church’s Trumpet magazine reveals that Mr. Wright and the other worthies associated with the congregation consistently comment on the news of the day.

And somehow they just as consistently take a view the polar opposite of US foreign policy.

Of course Mr. Obama, despite being a regular attendee for more than twenty years never noticed any of this.

Or maybe he never saw anything about which to object.

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